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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Salk Polio Vaccine “Tragedy”

History is a powerful thing. If you accurately tell the story of an event that occurred, you get one picture, one understanding of it. Leave one tiny little detail out, however, and the whole picture changes. You can get thousands of details right, but get one wrong, or simply omit telling it, and an historical event can become so distorted that it becomes a lie. Take the story of the Salk inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). During the first half of the 1950s, Jonas Salk, MD developed the first injectable vaccine against polio containing inactivated, or “killed”, strains of the poliovirus.

As a dead, rather than live, virus vaccine, Dr. Salk’s IPV supposedly carried no risk of giving recipients “vaccine-associated polio paralysis.”1 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “IPV is produced from wild-type poliovirus strains of each serotype that have been inactivated (killed) with formalin.”2 

Here’s that little detail, though. The poliovirus that Dr. Salk killed with formalin, or formaldehyde, were not always killed; they sometimes only appeared to be killed.

Live poliovirus, which was put in an injectable vaccine, would appear to be inactivated right after it was made, but sometimes it would ‘resurrect’ in the vial… In essence, the formaldehyde did not kill off all the polioviruses in these vaccines, which led to live polio viruses being injected. As a result, more people developed paralysis from the vaccine in 1955 than would have developed it from a wild, normal natural poliovirus.3 


Field trials for the Salk vaccine were conducted on more than 1,800,000 children in the United States in 1954.4 Sponsored by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP), now known as the March of Dimes, “623,972 schoolchildren were injected with vaccine or placebo, and more than a million others participated as ‘observed’ controls.’5 

On April 12, 1955, Thomas Francis Jr., MD, director of the Poliomyelitis Vaccine Evaluation Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, announced to the world that the Salk vaccine was “safe, effective, and potent,”—that it was “up to 90%” effective in preventing paralytic polio. Dr. Francis had been one of Dr. Salk’s professors at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology where Salk did his postgraduate training.4

During mid-April of 1955, about 400,000 people—mostly schoolchildren—in the U.S. were vaccinated with the Salk vaccine manufactured by Cutter Laboratories.6 It turns out that more than 200,000 of these children, living in five western and midwestern states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico7), were injected with vaccines “in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective.” The Cutter-produced vaccines ended up causing 40,000 cases of polio. It severely paralyzed 200 children and killed 10.8

The first of these cases to be reported was that of a young girl named Susan Pierce, who had received the vaccine on April 18, 1955.7

Five days later, she developed fever and neck stiffness. Six days later, her left arm was paralyzed. Seven days later, she was placed in an iron lung, and nine days later, she was dead.7 

In his book The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis, Paul Offit, MD writes, “Seventy-five percent of Cutter’s victims were paralyzed for the rest of their lives.” A team led by epidemiologisit Alexander Langmuir of the Communicable Diseases Center (now the CDC) in Atlanta, GA determined that “the disease caused by Cutter’s vaccine was worse than the disease caused by natural polio virus,” adds Dr. Offit.7

Children given Cutter’s vaccine were more likely to be paralyzed in their arms, more likely to suffer severe and permanent paralysis, more likely to require breathing assistance in iron lungs, and more likely to die than children naturally infected with polio.7

The so-called “Cutter Incident” led to the recall of the Cutter vaccine and the eventual replacement of the Salk IPV with the attenuated (weakened) live oral polio vaccine (OPV) developed by Albert Sabin, MD and introduced in 1963. (A modified inactivated Salk vaccine was re-introduced in the 1990s after the only cases of polio occurring in the U.S. were vaccine strain polio cases because live OPV can cause vaccine strain polio in the recipient or a close contact of a recently vaccinated person shedding live vaccine strain polio virus in body fluids.)8 

But the fact that some improperly inactivated lots of the original polio vaccine paralyzed and killed American children was concealed from the public for a long time.

In their book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History, Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk write, “You may be wondering how this information was concealed from the public for nearly fifty years. Congressman Percy Priest ordered and chaired a full investigation of the vaccine controversy.”)9 According to them, Congressman Priest, who represented the 6th District of Tennessee, admitted in 1956 that,

… in the previous year (1955) many responsible persons had felt that the public should be spared the ordeal of ‘knowledge about controversy.’ If word ever got out that the Public Health Service had actually done something damaging to the health of the American people, the consequences would b terrible… We felt that no lasting good could come to science or the public if the Public Health Services were discredited.”9

Two key points to note here. First, the problem with the Cutter-produced vaccine should have come as a surprise to the scientists and public health officials who were familiar with the development of the Salk IPV. According to Dr. Humphries and Bystrianyk:

The Salk invention was an injectable, supposedly formaldehyde-inactivated version of poliovirus vaccine. There were serious problems with the viral inactivation process that were known by insiders from the outset of the vaccine’s development.9

Unfortunately, whenever scientists involved in the vaccine’s development raised concerns that poliovirus had not been fully killed, they were “rapidly subdued.”9

As a result of ignoring the warnings by highly qualified scientists who repeatedly and publicly explained why and how the inactivation process was flawed from the beginning, the vaccine virus needlessly infected, paralyzed, and killed children and their household contacts.9

Secondly, Cutter Laboratories was not the only manufacturer of the the Salk IPV. Wyeth Laboratories also produced a defective Salk vaccine that caused paralysis. Other pharmaceutical companies are believed to have done so, as well. But only Cutter’s vaccine was recalled. This means that, potentially, tens of millions of doses of improperly inactivated “live” Salk vaccine were sold and injected into children in the U.S. and around the world until the “inactivated” Salk vaccine was replaced by the live oral Sabin vaccine in the early-1960s.

This may help explain, at least partially, why the cases of polio in the U.S. increased by 50% from 1957 to 1958, and by 80% between 1958 and 1959.10 According to Bernard Greenberg, PhD, head of the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health:

In five New England states cases of polio roughly doubled after polio vaccine was introduced. Nevertheless in the midst of the polio panic of the 1950s, with pressure to find a magic bullet, statistics were manipulated by health authorities to give the quite the opposite impression.10

Keep in mind that these dramatic increases in polio following the introduction of the Salk IPV occurred shortly after the U.S. government had already significantly relaxed its guidelines for diagnosing polio. In 1954, the government redefined polio. I wrote about this other little detail of history that has been widely overlooked in my article “Polio Wasn’t Vanquished, It Was Redefined.”11 Dr. Greenberg explained this classic example of government sleight of hand…

In order to qualify for classification as paralytic poliomyelitis, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for at least 60 days after the onset of the disease. Prior to 1954, the patient had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for only 24 hours. Laboratory confirmation and the presence of residual paralysis were not required. After 1954, residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days and again 50 to 70 days after the onset of the disease. This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new disease, namely, paralytic poliomyelitis with a longer lasting paralysis.12

We can only imagine how much worse the official number of polio cases would have been during the second half of the 1950s had the same diagnosis standard continued to be followed, rather than arbitrarily changed in midstream. By any measure, the early Salk polio vaccine campaigns cannot be termed an unqualified “success.” Yet, since the story has been so repeatedly, utterly inaccurately told, our understanding of the history of the polio vaccine “miracle” is that it is one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time. And, as we have seen with the Sabin live oral polio vaccine that continues to cause vaccine strain polio cases around the world, there are big questions about how high the price has been—and will continue to be—for using that polio vaccine as well.

History is indeed a powerful thing. If you teach it wrong for more than half a century, it is hard to unteach, because a particular version of a story can become so ingrained in the public’s collective memory that few can accept that what we’ve come to believe to be an unquestioned scientific truth is, in fact, a myth.

And if that sacred cow is an illusion, then what else may we have gotten wrong along the way? Suddenly, mainstream vaccine science doesn’t feel so certain, so… scientific.


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16 Responses

  1. “Cutter Incident” led to the recall of the Cutter vaccine”

    Also the Cutter vaccine was recalled because Dr. Bernice Eddy discovered that the lab animals were not only developing Polio, they were also growing tumors. It was discovered that the Polio Vaccine was contaminated with a virus called Simian Virus 40 aka SV-40.
    -Dr. Bernice E. Eddy: http://www.whale(dot)to/vaccine/eddy_h.html
    -SV40 (polio vaccines):http://www.whale(dot)to/v/sv40.htm.
    -Extracts from Edward Shorter’s The Health Century about Dr. Bernice E. Eddy, whose lab tests found that the Cutter vaccine had been improperly inactivated and contained a cancer causing monkey virus–SV40: http://www.whale(dot)to/v/eddy.html.

    -Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines: http://www.naturalnews(dot)com/033584_dr_maurice_hilleman_sv40.html.

    Although I have not read every bit of information on the polio vaccine I don’t recall reading where other labs were discovering inactivated virus or SV-40. Dr. Eddy lost her lab and her position when she disclosed at a American Cancer Society meeting in New York in 1960 that the Polio vaccine was contaminated with a virus that caused cancer in lab animals. I’m sure congress knew this so the government and the pharmaceutical industry had increased motivation to keep this out of the public arena. This may not been so much about scaring the public, but about as always protecting corporate profits.

      1. The originaI crime is vivisection, and the HeII on earth the animaIs endure for this cIown show.

        It backfires on us time after time, despite what the criminal-owned media teIIs us. And we deserve it for condoning the torture as Iong as we think it wiII benefit us.

        Good never comes from eviI.

  2. HTLV 1,2,3 were thought to be the discovery of the HIV. You`re saying that the simian sarcoma virus and HIV were known before the early 80`s. In the 60`s?
    I had a student that was partially paralzed from a polio vaccine from the 60`s.
    There`s so much about pseudo-science for profit that the public is disavowed of and this is not news.
    Wonder if Jerry Lewis knew he was supporting the March of Dimes as cover up?

  3. I tried posting this under another topic on this site. I’ve lost a family member to complications of a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease…so it’s personal with me. We were lied to about the safety of vaccines. This is about control from the ever powerful CDC. The CDC’s agenda is for mandatory vaccines for every living person. We’ve entered into a zone where propaganda and intense coercion is the CDC’s method of operation. This is social construction and engineering by the CDC. Everyone ~must~ be immunized to be part of the community. No exceptions. This why there is an emerging trend of the vaccinated “terrified” of the unvaccinated/undervaccinated.

    Sadly, the science that shows the dangers and risks of vaccines is being suppressed. Scientists and researchers who don’t believe in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are being censored and labeled with the ad nuseum phrases of “quacks” and “cranks.” Physicians who ever dare to question and speak out against vaccines are being threatened with license revocation. State legislators are being fearmongered into introducing and passing bills that remove exemptions from school required immunization.

    The “science is settled” montra is imperiously and constantly forced on the public by the medical establishment. Paid pharma and CDC operatives pollute the internet attacking websites that question, and are skeptical of vaccines: No questioning the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. No scientific debate allowed. No questioning the industry-funded vaccine safety studies. No refusal of vaccines in the name of freedom and choice. No questioning the huge amounts of money being pipelined to the CDC & the NIH by Big Pharma. No believing in healthy nutrition, supplements & exercise in maintaining a healthy immune system perfectly capable of fighting off viruses & bacteria.

    The CDC is a powerful entity fully supported by Big Pharma. The same Big Pharma that laughs all the way to the bank drowning in their BILLIONS of dollars while some of us suffer the damaging & destructive effects of vaccines.

    A totalitarian society and medical tyranny all right here, right now.

  4. “Keep in mind that these dramatic increases in polio following the introduction of the Salk IPV occurred shortly after the U.S. government had already significantly relaxed its guidelines for diagnosing polio.”

    The term “relaxed” does not seem correct here.

    1. Sure it does. What they’re trying to point out is that if the powers that be hadn’t relaxed the diagnosis criteria, that the numbers of diagnosed polio cases would have been increased even beyond what they were. And the increase was significant even with those relaxed guidelines.

  5. Some of you are close but a little off. The first recorded HIV case was in 1956 in the Congo. Salik used chimpanzee kidney cultures that were infected with SIV.
    Albert Sabin used Green Monkeys because he had the better funding. Sabin used Green monkey cultures that were infected with SV-40 which caused Cancer, but also infected at the DNA level to were one would pass SV-40 virus to the next generation.
    I still have all the paper work from the CDC and National Health Board admitting these things until they took it down and tried to destroy the records. To late I already have them and have copies stored in different places.

    1. Thomas, I would like a copy of this paperwork you have, if possible, please. Let me know what I need to do in order to get them. Thank you.

  6. Thomas, is there a way you could email them to me? I also had all the proof and paperwork from the CDC site before they were taken down. My entire department at UCLA got sick from a “free” flu vaccine. I think we were guinea pigs. I was a bodybuilder at the time, and was taking a thermogenic, so I had a “fever” the day the stick was given, and didn’t receive it. Everyone got sick but me (very sick, some requiring hospitalization). I tried to show the disingenuous behavior of these vaccine makers, but the information had been stripped off the site. I would really like it to prove to babyboomer friends that we contain a ticking time bomb. I think this info needs to be published.

  7. I wouldn’t go off on vaccines per se, but demanding truth be told as concerns our health, and matters related, is an absolute must. Anyone else see how a mass hysteria could set in motion the destruction of an entire region here? Cause an increase a dreaded disease, such as measles say, and then readily have available “the cure” in the form of a vaccine which just happens to be destructive plant instead, inject the populace at large, and watch the resulting catastrophe develop. Scary stuff and more for a horror movie I would hope.

  8. Another risk of vaccines has been the use of mercury as a preservative (thimerosal), especially in bulk vaccines as used in schools. Apparently now replaced with aluminum considered to be safer? It is very hard to discuss vaccine problems openly after the latest measles hysteria.

  9. I was in H.S. when Dr. Jonas Salk “invented” the vaccine for polio. We were so amazed that he did it do fast. We were all immunized, and, that ws that. The disease left us and didn’t come back – at least not as bad as it was.
    Also remember, hearing about him developing it and then within weeks people were getting the vaccine. I remember the vaccine being readily available to kids very quickly. Nothing like waiting for treatments as we do now. Months, even years. Always wondered how it could appear on the market so quickly, compared to what we have to wait for them now. I’m sure there were mishaps, but Dr. Salk saved a world with his vaccine. I don’t recall any of my friends getting it, or even hearing of someone getting it. I’m thinking we were more than lucky. I remember getting my vaccine – and that was that. At least, to me, reading abut it and then getting it was a very short time limit. Maybe a couple months. NOTHING like it is today – trying to get meds that could cure you, but it wasn’t available. People died waiting – they may have invented something, but it is now such a waiting game. Jonas Salk will always be remembered as the Doctor who eradicated the killing disease – POLIO. Fascinating article.

  10. When I was a child of the 1950’s, children wearing leg calipers was a very common sight, which thankfully has long disappeared.

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