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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Emerging Risks of Live Virus and Virus Vectored Vaccines

This is the first in a multi-part series of articles that will be published in The Vaccine Reaction containing updated information from a special report on vaccine strain virus infection, shedding and transmission originally published by NVIC in November 2014.

Part I—Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others?

Public health officials say that unvaccinated children pose a big danger to those around them and even threaten the health of fully vaccinated children and adults because vaccines can fail to prevent infection in vaccinated persons.1 2 3 4 Today, the most common argument used to justify “no exceptions” mandatory vaccination laws is that unvaccinated people pose a serious health threat to others who “cannot be vaccinated,” such as the immune-compromised.5 6

Some parents of unvaccinated children are asking the opposite question: Could my unvaccinated or immune compromised child get sick from coming in contact with a recently vaccinated person?

When it comes to live virus vaccines, the short answer is: Yes.

During a viral infection, live virus is shed in the body fluids of those who are infected for varying amounts of time and can be transmitted to others.7 8 9 Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others.10 11 12

Although public health officials maintain that live attenuated virus vaccines rarely cause complications in the vaccinated person and that vaccine strain viral shedding rarely causes disease in close contacts of the recently vaccinated,13 it is important to be aware that vaccine strain live virus infection can sometimes cause serious complications in vaccinated persons and vaccine strain live viruses can be shed and transmitted to others with serious or even fatal consequences.

Viruses: Microbes That Help, Harm and Evolve

Unlike bacteria, viruses are microbes that that cannot multiply on their own but need a human, animal or other living host to replicate. Viruses inject their genetic material into the cells of humans and other living hosts (including plants, insects and bacteria) in order to replicate.

Many viruses have developed various molecular mechanisms to evade the immune responses of their host. There is great diversity among viruses and they often mutate and recombine with other viruses while continually being shed and transmitted in body fluids and waste products of animals and humans.14

There is an ongoing debate among scientists about where viruses came from and how they evolved and are still evolving.15 One virologist observed that replicating and mutating viruses are the “world’s leading source of genetic innovation:”

The huge population of viruses, combined with their rapid rates of replication and mutation, makes them the world’s leading source of genetic innovation: they constantly ‘invent’ new genes. And unique genes of viral origin may travel, finding their way into other organisms and contributing to evolutionary change.16

Discussing the co-evolution of viruses with humans and other living organisms, another virologist wrote in 2012 that during epidemics viruses evolve. Genetic and environmental co-factors make some individuals more or less likely to die from or survive the infection, producing an increase of the numbers of resistant individuals in the population:

Viruses can become particularly dangerous when they evolve to acquire the possibility to infect new animal species. The defense systems of the new host may be generally unable to counteract the new pathogen and many individuals will die. In any epidemic, there are also individuals showing little sensitivity to or complete resistance to the particular pathogen. Both increased sensitivity and resistance to the infection are specified by the individual’s genetic makeup and various environmental factors. Accordingly, mass epidemics not only produce new virus variants but also alter the host population structure: highly sensitive individuals die, while the portion of resistant individuals in the population increases. Therefore, the coevolution of the virus and the host is a mutually dependent process.17

Viral Infections Both Trigger and Are Protective Against Autoimmunity

Most people fear and view viruses as dangerous microbes that only cause sickness and death. However, emerging evidence has revealed that viruses play an integral role in helping us stay well, too.18

Healthy infants experience many different kinds of wild-type viral infections and shed virus without showing any clinical symptoms of illness. In addition to the protection they receive from maternal antibodies, viruses help the infant’s immune system develop and gives them early protection against more serious viral infections in infancy and later in life.19 20 21

Depending upon individual genetic variability, viral infections have been associated with the triggering of autoimmune disorders like type 1 diabetes in some individuals; however, for many other people viral infections appear to be protective against development of autoimmunity.22

Public Health Policies & the Hygiene Hypothesis: According to scientists discussing the ‘hygiene hypothesis,’ increased sanitation and public health interventions in modern societies have reduced the diversity of early experiences with viral and bacterial infections among infants and children and one negative outcome has been an increase in autoimmune and allergic diseases.23 They suggest that some infectious microbes, especially those that have co-evolved with humans, protect against a wide spectrum of immune-related disorders.24 25

The next article in this TVR series will be The Human Microbiome: Viruses R Us.


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15 Responses

  1. I wonder just how many of these viruses can also inhibit or bind with p53, like SV40 does? Even the so called attenuated forms. The answer would be, nearly all of them! As long as vaccines contain active enzymes, which would be nigh impossible to remove, they are not safe, as there is no telling exactly where in the human body these enzymes will react, or with what!

  2. I’ve got an ongoing debate regarding how most scientists have long since cast away the scientific method, and are just tools to sell the next corporate product. For all the so called scientists out there, less than half of them have any real allegience to ethics in the first place. Without ethics, there can be no science. Who is foolish enough to actually believe that a ‘scientist’ employed by a major corporation, is actually given latitude to remain unbiased and ethical? Under the thumb, on the payroll, sold out, owned men and women, and the list of tried and true identifiers go on, for the scientific community. There should be a rule that major medical corporations should not be allowed to test the safety of their own products. There should be an additional rule that if the corporation wants someone to test the product on, they have to go first. The truth is we’ve got enough scientific and medical understanding at this point, that if money was not involved, we’d all be right as rain and healthy as a horse. Never trust the fox to tell you the hen house is safe.

  3. Where is the endnotes? I can see the text has been referenced but clicking on the number doesn’t do anything and there isn’t a list at the end. Could I please have a copy of the list of the articles referenced? Thanks!

    1. Just click on the word “References” at the bottom of the article, and the endnotes will appear.


    1. Live virus vaccines currently used in USA are Measles Mumps Rubella, nasal flu,shingles,rota virus and most of your veterinary shots. Distemper by itself is no longer manufactured. You must give 5 live virus shots at once to puppies and they usually give the rabies at the same time. Some breeders have hired a virologist that proved their litters died of parvo from the virus strain in the shot. In an effort to prevent the injection site fatal cancers seen in cats receiving aluminum based Rabies shots they are trying a new “attenuated” Rabies shot this year. [3X the price too]Watch out folks.
      The Sabin live oral polio vaccine is STILL being administered in 3rd world countries by the Gates Foundation to starving children. Nearly half a million in India are now paralyzed. Better they should spend the money on food & clean water,but that does not fit with their eugenics agenda.
      St.Jude’s children’s cancer hospital will allow no recently vaccinated visitors for the very reason that they may shed virus to the very vulnerable patients residing there.

  4. The whole religion of vaccination rests on two nonsensical ideas:
    1. the faulty folk myth of Edward Jenner: when one has had cowpox, one is protected against smallpox (two completely different viral entities!), and
    2. the germ theory of Louis Pasteur.
    Both beliefs are being academically parroted ad nauseam.
    Th reality of the polymorphism of microbial entities has been perfectly described by Pierre Antoine Béchamp, who was a true scientist, and not an empty head looking for fame, as Pasteur was — who stole some of Béchamp’s ideas and pretended they were his…

    The reality is that microbes are intelligent, exchange information, and are therefore dynamic!

  5. When my third child was 1 month old, I had my 2 and 4 year olds get their MMR booster. I had never been vaccinated because my Dad had been in army hospitals during WW2 and saw first hand some of the terrifying consequences of vaccinations. But my mother had been told she was blind in one eye because of having the measles (we later found out it was a lazy eye) and that my older sister had crossed eyes because of having the measles (we later learned crossed eyes run in our family among many of the kids who were unvaccinated and never had the measles). So she convinced me to “at least” have the measles shots.
    About 10 days after their booster my little baby was feverish and fussy and I started sneezing and my eyes were sensitive to the sunlight. When we went to the ER, guess what? We had the measles. Apparently other states, like Florida, would send mothers with toddlers and babies home with rubber gloves because you could contract measles from their body fluids. Michigan, however, never says a word.
    So I for one know very well that others being vaccinated can make someone else very sick.

    1. As I read more and more. I’m aware of how little we understand of nature.

      And as I think about this business of injecting newborns with the guesswork cocktail we call vaccines, I realize how dead wrong it is to vaccinate them. I just can’t understand how vaccination confers security. Yet it has become a religion, an article of faith among a sizable population.

      There will never be enough research to prove much at all with respect to vaccines and other pharmaceuticals; the infinite variety of human bodies precludes the possibility.

      There are systems of natural medicine and health that are thousands of years old. They work without the disastrous negative effects of drugs. Among them: Ayurveda, from India, which has been revived in its effectiveness fairly recently.

      In Ayurveda, diet is of utmost importance: “Without proper diet, medicines are of no use. With proper diet, medicines are of no need.”

      Today we must avoid GMOs, pesticides, non-food products. That means eating organic things and probably avoiding most restaurants. Those man-made things, along with vaccines and other drugs, surely have a wrong effect on our health.

  6. I believe that herpes is caused by the chicken pox vaccine, or is some way involved in the active virus infection. Just call it instinct. They’ve already said it’s responsible for the shingles infection so really there’s no doubt in my mind herpes infections are somehow affected. It seems a few years after the Varicella vaccine the child gets an outbreak usually by age 3 to 5.

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