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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Thimerosal Monkey Study Fuels Media Smugfest Despite Unanswered Questions

Newsweek magazine published a lengthy article on October 2, 2015 titled “Anti-Vaxxers Accidentally Fund a Study Showing No Link Between Autism and Vaccines,” written by Jessica Firger.1 It’s about a study funded by SafeMinds, a 501(c)3 non-profit “grassroots organization comprised of parents, self-advocates, scientists, clinicians, government relations specialists, communications professionals and non-profit experts.” Its focus is to help resolve the autism epidemic and working to “prevent new cases and improve the lives of those who have autism today.”2

The Newsweek story was subsequently picked up by numerous other publications and websites. There was Forbes with its “No More Monkeying Around About Vaccines And Autism.”3 Medical Daily with “Anti-Vaxxers Ironically Fund Study That Finds No Link Between Vaccines And Autism.”4 The Daily Good magazine with “Anti-Vaxxer Group Funds Study That Finds Vaccinations to Be Safe.”5 The Blemish with “Anti-Vaxx Group Funds Vaccine Study, but It Doesn’t Go as Planned.”6 Something called alphr with “Anti-vaxxers are WRONG, says anti-vaxxer-funded report.”7 The Examiner with “Anti-vaccine group funds study to prove autism link, it backfires terrifically.”8

Over the next few weeks, there will probably be more articles about the study in newspapers and magazines, with similar headlines, and they will likely all be spin-offs of the Newsweek piece. They will either quote directly from Firger’s story or paraphrase from it. The crux of the piece is that during 2003-2013, SafeMinds, along with another organization, provided about $250,000 to several research institutions, including the University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine, the University of Washington, and the Johnson Center for Child Health & Development to “conduct a long-term investigation evaluating behavioral and brain changes of baby rhesus macaques that were administered a standard course of childhood vaccines.”1

In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researcher who conducted the study concluded that the administration of thimerosal-containing vaccines to infant rhesus macaques does not result in autism-like behavior or neuropathology.9 In fact, that’s the title of their paper. According to Firger:

The full study involved 79 infant male macaques, aged 12 to 18 months, broken into six groups. Two groups received thimerosal-containing vaccines for a child’s complete vaccine schedule; two were given the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine without TCVs; and two received saline injections as a control group. In each case, the monkeys were further split into subgroups: Half were on an accelerated vaccination schedule recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the 1990s, and half were on the recommended schedule from 2008.1

Firger continues:

The researchers then put the monkeys together in cages to see if they exhibited any new autistic-like social behaviors, such as fear, withdrawal, rocking, self-clasping and stereotypy (repetitive behavior). They reported that the monkeys’ behaviors remained unchanged.1

Then, after the monkeys had been euthanized, the researchers analyzed the condition of their brains. According to Firger:

The team looked for brain abnormalities, including those in the volume and density of the cerebellum, amygdala and hippocampus regions, all of which have been shown to have some variations in children with autism. They also looked at the numbers and size of certain types of brain cells, known as Purkinje cells; some studies have shown there are fewer Purkinje cells in the brains of children with autism. The researchers say they didn’t find any marked differences in the brains of monkeys in the vaccine groups compared with those in the control group.1

Firger, who interviewed SafeMinds president Sallie Bernard and vice-president Lyn Redwood by phone, noted that they said the study’s findings “contradict both an earlier pilot study and interim progress reports the organization received from the researchers.”1

In her piece, Firger points out that Bernard and Redwood believe that the researcher “may have cherry-picked their data.”1 Firger writes:

SafeMinds Director Lyn Redwood, a registered nurse, says she received an email in 2013 from the researchers reporting a ‘statistically significant’ 11 percent reduction in certain types of hippocampal cells in the vaccine groups. But she says the authors did not include these findings in the new paper.1

It’s an interesting point, particularly given ongoing allegations by whistleblower Dr. William Thompson of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the CDC purposely destroyed data from an epidemiological study linking the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine with higher rates of autism in African American boys, thereby manipulating the results of the study to show no correlation.10

On October 5, Redwood published a response to the Newsweek article on the SafeMinds website. She noted that the study was actually the second phase of a broader study that began in 2003. She writes:

Earlier findings of phase one of this study, which SafeMinds has been funding since 2003, were published in 2010 in Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis and the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Researchers then reported that the infant primates exposed to the vaccines displayed a different pattern of maturational changes in the brain and also evidence of greater total brain volume compared to the control group. And in the second publication that a single dose of hepatitis B vaccine routinely administered to human infants at birth resulted in significant delays in the development of root, snout, and suck reflexes compared to unexposed animals.11

Redwood continues:

In 2008 SafeMinds was approached to help support a second phase of the ongoing study. The researchers felt so certain about the connection between vaccines and brain abnormalities at that time that they were also planning to include a Phase 3 of research, which was to test treatments to help the primates recover from neurological damage.11

Then a few years later in 2012 SafeMinds was approached again to provide funding for an additional arm of the study that would expose the primates to the 1990s vaccine schedule that was not accelerated to account for difference between human babies and monkey infants. At that time the researchers reported a significant decrease in Purkinje cell number and CA1 hippocampal cell size in monkeys given the 1990s vaccination schedule at an accelerated rate based upon much more rapid brain development of the monkeys vs. human. They said they wanted to be sure the findings that “parallel those observed in post‐mortem autism brains” were not due to the accelerated schedule of vaccine administration (and to satisfy any reviewer concerns at publication).11

Redwood notes that “the part of the study that SafeMinds specifically was asked to fund was never conducted. The scientists chose not to look at the brains of the primates from this arm of the study.”11 According to Redwood, the researchers have been reluctant to explain the reason for this, and she was informed that they are not allowed to talk about the study’s findings or the “discrepancies” in what was reported to SafeMinds and what was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The insinuation here is that not all of the brains of the monkeys were examined.

Expanding on this point, Marcella Piper-Terry, founder of VaxTruth, writes:

In the final analysis of the brains of the sacrificed monkeys, there are a lot of missing subjects. One of the analyses compares two groups of only five subjects. In other analyses, 50% of control subjects are missing and 33% of those in the 2008 schedule group are missing.12

Given the unanswered questions about the study and the degree of seriousness of the autism epidemic, you would think the headlines would be measured and cautious sounding—at least until the full story is carefully constructed. Unfortunately, this has not been the approach taken by the media, which has opted instead for the dismissive, the mocking, and the bombastic.

The CDC has estimated that 1 in 50 children between 6 and 17 years of age has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).13 There are projections that, by 2025, half of American children will have autism.14 We’re not talking about a few cases of Disneyland measles. This is a real national crisis, and editors and reporters throughout the country, guided by their boardroom higher-ups who dictate editorial content, still seem oblivious.


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28 Responses

  1. There is also an analysis at the website Autism Raw Data by David Foster:

    Gadad, B., Li, W., Yazdani, U., Grady, S., Johnson, T., Hammond, J… & German, D. (2015). Administration of thimerosal-containing vaccines to infant rhesus macaques does not result in autism-like behavior or neuropathology. PNAS. Retrieved from

    The critique is about 11 page but this is the conclusion:
    In Conclusion:
    The authors did not discuss the disparity seen in the behavioral graphical data. The monkeys that were vaccinated using the 1990 recommended schedule had clear variations, which were ignored. The authors measured the total volume of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum rather than the known previous findings that the disparity of variation would only be visualized in focal areas. Further the Purkinje cells were then averaged together making it impossible to discern if one monkey out of the weak numbered cohort had a skewed result showing findings of autism. You can see that the variance was wide showing that the group had a wide spread. The authors are refusing to show their dataset or explain contradictions between the results and the conclusions of the article.

    The website owner, Heather White noted this that I found interesting:

    The Johnson Center (research site) is headed by a woman who is related to Johnson and Johnson. Bad decision to give money to a bunch of psychiatrists and people who are linked to Johnson and Johnson. What a waste of money by SafeMinds. Wakefield used to work for Jane Johnson and apparently Jane Johnson was pressured to get rid of him. The used to be called Thoughtful House when Wakefield was there but then once Jane kicked him to the curb it became the Johnson Center. Sadly psychiatrist main goal is to prove that autism is a psychiatric disorder with no biomedical cause that way the only treatment option is there various behavior therapies. Of course there are some psychiatrist that are not like this but not many. Thoughtful house was of course picked on by the Texas Medical Board and was about to be investigated by other governmental authorities but a republican who was appointed by Perry to the Autism Board in Texas met with these officials and convinced them not to do it. Shortly thereafter Wakefield was gotten rid of and it became the Johnson Center. Jane Johnson also got rid of Defeat Autism Now (DAN) which used to be the biggest conference related to treating autism with biomedical intervention. There used to be a list of DAN doctors that parents could consult to find doctors who could treat autism biomedically. That has been replaced by AutismOne and MAPS etc.

  2. So the rate of autism is 1 in 68, I believe, but less than 68 monkeys received vaccines in this study… Doesn’t prove anything….

    1. Why should she have to? If you read the analysis of the study by independent researchers it’s clear the study authors cherry picked the data.

      David Foster:

      Newest Macaque Study on Vaccines and Autism is Bunk

      “the part of the study that SafeMinds specifically was asked to fund was never conducted.” Safeminds

      That’s the question that needs to be answered.

      Have you notice how quickly the media celebration has died down? I don’t think the CDC expected the push back from people who actually took the time to read the information. This will blow over just like the Lewin and Rand studies that the CDC juiced up.

  3. I don’t doubt that the study was (intentionally) flawed, but I don’t have a scientific background, and I’m not always inclined to take other people’s word for it. It would go a long way–for me–to see the referenced email since it would be an obvious contradiction / omission to the study that was published. Why not publish it? (maybe there is some legal reason not to?)

    Also, “the part of the study that SafeMinds specifically was asked to fund was never conducted.” I assume there was a contract–could that be released? I support Safe Minds and am thankful for their work. I hate to see them and our community in this sort of situation.

    1. Also not asked by the media: why were the “unfavorable” results of this study published, when drug companies are allowed to voluntarily publish and selectively ignore/bury the results of the studies they fund?

  4. No wonder the head editor at Lancet – (most prestigious medical journal in the world) states that half the studies are worthless.
    Bad study designs, conclusions beyond the support of the study data, cherry picking statistics, etc.

  5. Now that I know SafeMinds supports animal testing I certainly won’t support their charity . Nothing is gained by such torment. What did they think would be accomplished by such a small group, anyway? The pro-vax people have their superstitions firmly entrenched and no studies like this would ever make a difference.

  6. The study did not use newborns. It used monkeys starting at 12 months. My son who was born in 1997 that is on the spectrum and received all the shots that contained Mercury was vaccinated within hours of birth. I am sure my sons outcome would be different today had I started his vaccines with mercury in them starting at 12 months rather than day one of his life. By 12 months most of the damage was apparent including delayed milestones, impacted bowels, eczema, chronic illness and boarder line failure to thrive. I am so tired of everyone being so in denial about the autism mercy connection. We are talking about children who will never have a chance for the life they should have had. The life he was suppose to have was stolen along with hundreds of thousands of other people and very few even care. If you don’t want your vaccinated baby to catch something from an unvaccinated child stay home. I see people in the malls with their new born babies on their shoulders walking around because they have to get out of the house. If I had it to do over again I would not start vaccinations until much later and I would just stay home. You cannot undo a brain damaged child from mercy tainted vaccines. From birth to 5 the brain is growing at such a rapid rate.

    1. Dear Lisa, my heart goes out to you and all families who suffer with a child (or adult) that has been vaccine injured. I’m 58, and my children are 36 and 28 years. I feel grateful that they haven’t appeared to suffer from the vaccinations they received as infants and children. But, that was during a time when there were considerably fewer and not started so young, nor so many all at one time. My worry today is of the many vaccinations they receive/have received as required because they are both active duty military. They have never been allowed to say no. History has shown that the military has no qualms about experimenting on their own. There are few veterans I know of, whether retired or active duty, that aren’t suffering from some illness or other. Many haven’t even seen battle. My nephew, at only 40 and still active duty, suffers with chronic back pain and advanced arthritis. My brother, 49 and retired, has almost 100% disability as he has advanced arthritis throughout his body and other disorders. No matter how you look at it, there is no denying that vaccines contain toxic substances that should not be injected into living beings, young or old. I just want to say that I care, my heart aches for your chid and all those who are suffering. I pray that we, as a nation, stand united and stop this insanity of forced vaccination. There is NO science that can justify it, and there is plenty of valid science that exposes forced vaccines as nothing more than a crime against humanity.

  7. Re vaccine study. The search for a link between MMR and autism has become a red herring that diverts us from broader question of overall vaccine safety and side effects. MMR-autism is just a subset of the vaccine safety question, and a narrow one at that.

    Not sure what Safeminds was after, perhaps foolishly seeking a PR home run (or foolishly getting duped by unscrupulous researchers), but they have played into the hands of those vaccine advocates who wish to avoid the more important questions of long-term consequences and of severe adverse reactions – which are a non-zero risk of vaccination, a fact that is buried but not actually in dispute. Some children receive vaccines and then die, or suffer severe reactions including brain damage and a long list of horrific outcomes; this is not in dispute, it’s right there on the product labels. Currently, medical science has little idea – and apparently little interest in learning – who will or why they succumb to these reactions.

    Aside apparently failing to establish a direct autism causal link (no indisputable blinking neon “smoking gun”), this study and other studies actually point to possibilities of differences in neurology and development due to vaccines – a subtler but ultimately more damning finding. But that troubling tidbit was lost in the crowing about disproving an autism link. The headline could just have easily read: “studies show that vaccinated brains are altered, and develop more slowly.”

  8. “No wonder the head editor at Lancet – (most prestigious medical journal in the world) states that half the studies are worthless.”

    Brad, I hardly consider the Lancet as the most prestigious medical journal in the world. After the way they treated Dr. Wakefield, who work has now been replicated by over 20 studies, I consider them a bunch of deceitful sheep following the pharmaceutical agenda. I know it’s just politics, but they have no credibility in my mind. You also might get an argument from other major medical journals like JAMA and BMJ and others. I do agree with Lancet that most studies are worthless.

  9. This whole article is disturbing on so many levels. Why do we as humans, think we can capture and experiment on other beings on this planet? It is completely immoral and it also is not accurate. Just as every human responds differently to vaccines so would every primate. The whole idea of infecting any being with toxic substances whether human or non human seems so very archaic.

  10. I read the first few sentences from the abstract and knew this was a flawed study from the get go. Too small a sample size. 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism. That is a ratio based on hundreds and thousands of children. Yet you only use 79 monkeys in the study? Not that I advocate euthanizing more primates. Secondly, the ages of the monkeys. One year old and over. Can someone remind me when children begin to get vaccinated? How many so they receive before the age of one? Sounds like the researchers used a DELAYED vaccine schedule, which many pediatricians are implementing now anyway. Sure, monkeys develop differently than humans. Then what is the point of using them as a model comparison in the first place. Too easy. Try again media.

  11. Smoking gun. If you have not read this, you certainly must read this. Snopes and many other mirror style cover up sites have tried to distract and discredit this. But all of them, strangely enough, refuse to mention or answer the question, if GcMAF was a related study. You can smell this cover up a mile away, because of how many articles and discredit stories, purposefully focus on every detail, except the detail that matters; GcMAF was supposedly curing autism, and is in fact; the smoking gun link between autism and vaccines. Read it yourself, and spread it around. Remember though; the media has put forth 10x cover stories to bury this, and you can tell they are cover stories, by the glaring omission of reference to GcMAF. All parents of autistic children should know about this. Requesting NVIC perform some serious investigation, and track down the living children supposedly cured of autism by a few of these doctors. A cover up Snopes story is not convincing me that this is not true information, especially considering Snopes could write a 5 page discredit article, and fail to mention GcMAF even one time. Please investigate, this might be the smoking gun! / Anon /

  12. I have yet to see a study that simply take those with autism and when and what vaccinations they have had and compare that with those with autism who have not had any shots. I do not understand why a simple spreadsheet of data is not available. I can certainly crush the data for any correlation myself.

  13. All I can think of when I read about vaccines and ‘studies’ relating to vaccines is what an imbecilic species we have become. To think that millions of dollars are spent conducting horrific (often flawed or, worse, manipulated) ‘studies’ on helpless animal victims by biased ‘scientists’ paid by greedy corporations in order to convince the unsuspecting masses that the toxic cocktails they call ‘vaccines’ are perfectly fine for the human body.

    We KNOW that ‘vaccines’ contain animal dna (cow, pig, chicken, etc), human fetal cell dna, formaldehyde (to preserve the animal dna), thimerosal, aluminium, etc, etc. The CDC lists the ingredients on its site – as do countless other sites that care about disseminating information.

    So, how is it that any reasoned person can even begin to accept that vaccines being injected into babies and children at an alarming rate are not harmful? What am I missing here? It is not rocket science to accept that injecting foreign dna of other living creatures into a human body is necessarily going to alter the dna of the ‘host’.

    Moreover, we KNOW that heavy metals are dangerous. Yet, we are somehow led to believe that injecting them into a child is also perfectly fine. This nonsense about mercury and aluminum being of ‘nominal’ amount is nonsense. The human body cannot rid itself naturally of heavy metals; so, it stays (and accumulates) in the body and increases with each vaccine. Does any parent even bother to understand the ramifications of mercury AND aluminum poisoning? Lead in paint is a heavy metal, and we all accept that it is really bad for children to ingest it. So, why can’t parents accept that it is equally bad for children to be forcibly injected with other heavy metals?

    I’m just so tired of people accepting and then regurgitating the BS they fed without even bothering to make the effort to understand for themselves. Folks, there’s a reason why the doctor sends you home with a flyer informing you of “possible side effects” AFTER you have your child vaccinated.

    Honestly, I’m beginning to think there is no hope for our species. Too many have lost all sense of reason and have become willing participants of their own slaughter.

  14. so what vaccine did they use, a human fetal cell vaccine or a monkey fetal cell vaccine? look at the data and see that autism cases have increased exponentially with the introduction of fetal cell vaccines – that is, HUMAN cells being injected into humans. what good is a study like this if they don’t reproduce conditions based on all and like components. OR what good is a study like this trying to compare humans with animals that are not 100% comparable. That is why human tests are done after animal testing, and in the case of vaccines, with the admission and publications of side effects and the admission of injury and death and the creation of the vaccine injury compensation fund… that says it all! Vaccines are NOT proven safe and are a medical russian roulette!

  15. Not only was there a poor sample size (ALL health “science” studies seem to forget to use a statistically significant sample)but a 12 month old monkey is OLDER than a 12 month old human because their lifespan is less. Human baby vaccine schedules are started at BIRTH.
    I am also disgusted by the animal testing. But I will say that ALL OF OUR MEDICINES and “health research” is developed through such testing. Honestly, I wish more people would understand this and think about it before they pop all those (unnecessary) pill. (I’m an RN)
    And yes, the significance to this outcome is indeed that there are actually neurological changes, regardless of an autism diagnosis.
    It really doesn’t matter what they say, the immune system just isn’t made to react to adjuvant irritants and to bypass the cellular response. Period. Autism is an autoimmune brain disease, autoimmune diseases are on the rise and vaccination causes an inflammatory response (remember that fever they always warn about?). Therefore, I don’t need a “study” to tell me that there is a causal link between vaccines and systemic inflammation, which can lead to disorders and death, depending on the amount and the susceptibility of the individual.

  16. A monkey/vaccine study was already conducted by Beth Hewitson at the University of Pittsburgh, and it showed that yes, the monkeys developed autism.

    As Samuel Clemens once said, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics. I am guessing that in the third phase of the study, the researchers were threatened by the baddies (Pharmaceutical company goons) to not examine the animal’s brains.

    Also, Rockefeller interests own most if not all of the shill publications that were cited above saying that the monkey/autism study proved that vaccines don’t cause autism. It’s sad, but they want to control the worlds population. What better way to do that than to cause damage to children? Check out the book “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, and “The Rockefeller File”, then look into what the ‘commandments’ are on the Georgia Guidestones, where they want to decrease the world population to 500 million. What better way to do it than make babies and children sick (or kill them with vaccines/SIDS/etc)?

  17. Unfortunate decision that SafeMinds partnered with institutions that have a vested interest in showing no link between vaccines and autism. You could have predicted the outcome of that one.

  18. I have a question to all of those who are questioning the study’s use of animals rather than focusings on how the study had been manipulated to show a favorable result to the vaccine makers. The question is:
    How many of the commenters think that the polio vaccine eliminated polio and that it was and is a good thing?

    Just curious.

  19. When I started to vaccinate my children nearly 15 years ago, I had NO idea of what was in the vaccines and just took the drs at their word believing they knew best. Over time, I started to not like how much my kids were being vaccinated and started using the alternate vaccination schedule on my next child. Using that schedule helped me to see that the DTaP vaccine was causing distress in my children — under the “normal” listings…as of my latest child (I have a large family), I have decided to stop vaccinating my children. I have found out more of what is in vaccines and seriously question the “good” of it. Seriously–we can’t have mercury thermometers because it is dangerous for our bodies to absorb the mercury if it breaks but we can have mercury in vaccines (and light bulbs for that matter!)–which is directly injected into our blood streams!! We are told to avoid as much mercury as possible when we are pregnant but we can get vaccines with mercury in it–esp babies who are still developing!! And that is just the mercury…how many times have we been told that we shouldn’t have aluminum in our foods because our bodies cannot deal with it…and yet, it is in our vaccines! And let’s talk about the Rotovirus vaccine–ALL of my kids have had stomach related illnesses (at least bouts of diarrhea each) which could be Rotovirus (didn’t have them tested for it)…and that is the ones that were fully vaccinated…am I missing something here??? I just found out about the foreign DNA in live viruses (animal and human)…really?! People reject organs during organ donations because their bodies recognize that it is not theirs and yet we don’t expect reactions from babies when they are injected with foreign DNA? Tomorrow, my 2 year old goes for his well-visit and I will be telling my pediatrician that I am no longer vaccinating. I am not looking forward to any confrontation or being told to find a new dr (even though I have been going to this one for nearly 15 years and have a great relationship with them)…but my children’s health is dependent on it. I am expecting again and intend to not have ANY vaccines for her. I just can’t justify doing it any more.

  20. I just want to ask you guys one thing:

    Say that nothing hand changed with regards to the study but one of those monkeys had developed whatever the monkey-equivalent of Autism is…would you have accepted the study as valid then?

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