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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Fallacy of False Balance

Meryl Dorey
Meryl Dorey

As you probably know, thousands of Australians marched in every capital city in Australia on June 21st to protest against the Abbott government’s planned “No Jab, No Pay” legislation.

The only reason you would know this is because you read about it on Facebook, or on this blog or another website since NONE of the Australian media actually attended or covered these marches. Some independent outlets such as and Fair Dinkum Radio did, but the majority of Australians who will be affected by this new legislation are totally unaware of the potential implications of these tyrannical government moves or of the efforts to oppose them.

The reason for this news blackout is a policy that has government and ‘scientific community’ approval called False Balance.

According to False Balance, there are some issues that are so widely accepted, it would be wrong to report on them except from the point of view of the mainstream.

Climate change is one of these issues and I personally have very little knowledge of those who oppose climate change, but the fact is that those who oppose the government view have had their concerns suppressed and denigrated by mainstream media.

The dangers of fluoride is another such issue and has been for decades, despite mountains of scientific proof that fluoride does not improve the risk of dental caries and can cause significant harm to the health of the population.

Information on vaccination risks and ineffectiveness, however, is the single issue which the media, the government and the medical community have been trying with all their might to completely obliterate. To the point of censorship. To the point of criminalising those who even ask reasonable scientific questions. To the point of destroying the careers of scientists and researchers who have done studies pointing to valid concerns about the harms vaccines can and do cause and the obvious corruption involved in pharmaceutically-sponsored vaccine ‘studies’.

The excuse for this suppression and censorship is False Balance.

Now, I truly believe that the Australian (and world) population is intelligent and discerning enough to view both sides of any scientific issue–as long as they are given information in order to become educated about it. That is what I have always believed but apparently, neither our elected government nor the media agree with that viewpoint.

Because they say that allowing Australians to hear both sides of the vaccination debate is False Balance. That the scientific data proving that–for a percentage of those who receive vaccines–the outcomes can be fatal or life-changing and/or the vaccines themselves may not work to prevent disease or make the person healthy will ‘confuse’ us; that we are not capable of understanding or making our own decisions and as a result, we need the government to tell us what to do with our children’s and our own bodies.

The only excuse for exercising censorship in the name of False Balance is an incorrect assumption that Australians are too stupid to read or view information and understand how that information relates to their own lives.

False Balance is the reason why every single doctor, medical authority, scientist and health minister has said no when challenged to present their information on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to a live audience. In fact, even when the magazine I used to publish, Informed Choice, asked for an article on the benefits of vaccination, that request was declined by everyone who was asked.

Using False Balance, the government and the medical community can continue to hide behind their lies about vaccination. They can persist in making claims that are completely unsupported by evidence (such as the claims that vaccines don’t cause reactions or deaths; and that vaccines will only work if everyone takes them).

There is no such thing as false balance–there is only freedom of information and the ability to make decisions without fear of bullying, financial penalties or other forms of duress.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at nocompulsoryvaccination.

4 Responses

  1. I hope that even if believed that one of my children had been injured by a vaccination, I would continued to support vaccination in general knowing that it saves 10 million lives per year! It is understandable that someone with an ill child will look for a reason and someone to blame. It is necessary to see the bigger picture and think of the good of the human race, rather than try to undermine one of the greatest advances in prevention if disease and death in the history of mankind.

  2. Joanna,
    I hate to burst your bubble.
    I am a health care provider. I have studied the FACTS and the real science behind vaccination. I have read the available books written that dispute clearly the touted effectiveness of vaccination.
    Unfortunately for yourself and billions of people like you, you have been horribly lied to. Today we see an epidemic of the cancers that are clearly proven to be caused by the oral polio vaccine, via the retrovirus sv40. When that vaccine was developed the dangers were known. But, due to the economic investment by the pharmaceutical company who knew these facts, as well as the US government, the vaccine was permitted to be given to many millions of unsuspecting and frightened people.
    The polio epidemic has essentially run its course by the time the vaccine appeared. Tnere was no reason to bring the vaccine to market at that point. The fact that it was allowed to be taken to market is proof positive of the vile and disgusting collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and western governments.
    Come on folks, you need to buy the books available explaining these facts. Do not be lazy. Do not ever accept as fact what your western trained healthcare providers tell you. Havy “grown my teeth” in that system I can say with absolute certainty that the pharmaceutical indusrty drives the fallacy behind what western health care providers believe.
    A strong immune system should be the focus for all……good foods, good hygeine, good sleep, and good social connevtions. Canyou imagine what would happen to the health of the world’s people if all the money spent on pharma were instead spent on the above things I mention??

  3. Thank you for a truly intelligent article. My only criticism is the tendency in human nature to resist facts when they oppose one’s belief system. People not only resist change when challenged with facts but they tend to become even more rigid in their views. We could all learn logic and critical thinking. Above all, we need to have an open mind.

  4. Joanna,
    You seem to have missed the point of the article. Or are you saying that if you had a child injured by a vaccine, you would be okay with going along with the media and pretending that it never happened, for “the good of the human race”?

    Protesting the slow stripping of a parent’s right to make the best possible medical decision for his or her child does not mean that you do not support the vaccine program.

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