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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Switzerland No Longer Recommends COVID Shot for All Citizens

by Carolyn Hendler, JD
Swiss flags
The government of Switzerland has stopped recommending COVID-19 vaccinations for its citizens, including those who fall in the high-risk category, such as ...

India High Court Halts Mandatory Measles-Rubella Vaccinations for Children

by TVR Staff
a syringe and a girl in a yellow dress
The Delhi government in India issued a notice on Dec. 19, 2018 making the measles and rubella (MR) vaccine mandatory ...

Italy’s Health Minister Opposes Coercive Vaccine Policies

by TVR Staff
Italian flag
On Dec. 4, 2018, Italy's Minister of Health, physician Giulia Grillo, dismissed all 30 members of the Italian Ministry of ...

Chinese Vaccine Maker Fined a Record $1.3 Billion

by TVR Staff
Chinese currency
The Chinese government has imposed a fine of more than $1.3 billion on a Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co. Ltd. of ...

Children in Italy Now Can Attend School Without Proof of Vaccination

by Barbara Loe Fisher
Italian couple waving flag
Families who marched in the streets for “Libera” (Freedom) last year, which helped elect a new government in Italy this ...

Thousands March in Poland Against Forced Vaccination

by TVR Staff
polish flag
Thousands of people in Warsaw, Poland marched in protest to forced vaccinations of children earlier this month in observation of ...

European Countries Move to Expand, Enforce Vaccine Mandates

by Ariana Rawls Fine and Barbara Loe Fisher
European justice
A number of countries—namely Italy, France and Romania—have passed legislation to expand vaccine mandates and punish families refusing to comply ...

Forced Vaccination Judged Unconstitutional in Colombia

by TVR Staff
Forced Vaccination Judged Unconstitutional in Colombia
The Constitutional Court in Colombia recently ruled that mandating the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is unconstitutional. However, the precedent-setting judicial ...

Italy Passes Mandatory Vaccination Law

by TVR Staff
Italy Passes Mandatory Vaccination Law
Following a hotly contested public debate, the Italian parliament has given final approval to a law mandating full compliance with ...

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