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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Italy Passes Mandatory Vaccination Law

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The mandates were first proposed following a measles outbreak that prompted a travel warning by the U.S. and amid a public scandal involving a nurse who had claimed to be vaccinating children for years but had not.

Following a hotly contested public debate, the Italian parliament has given final approval to a law mandating full compliance with government-sanctioned vaccines for all school children in Italy up to 16 years of age.

Under the new ruling, small children without the proper documentation will be denied access to preschool, and parents of children legally required to attend school could face fines of up to €500 (about $590).1 Before the law was passed, there were reports the fines could reach approximately €7,094 ($8,380) and that repeat offenders may face the possibility of losing custody of their children.2 

The vaccine mandates, which were signed into law on July 28, 2017 by a vote of 296 to 92, include requirements for vaccination against measles, rubella, chickenpox, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, and hepatitis B and are expected to be implemented beginning in September 2017.3 The original list included 12 vaccines, but meningococcal B and meningococcal C were dropped from the final law.4 

According to Italian government reports, the ruling is meant to offset what it calls “misinformation about vaccines,” which government sources say has led to a decline in Italy’s vaccination rate in the 20 years since the repeal of school vaccination mandates. The current vaccine mandates were first proposed following a measles outbreak that prompted a travel warning by the U.S. and amid a public scandal involving a nurse who had claimed to be vaccinating children for years but had not.5 

Many people in Italy strongly disagree with the new law and an intense public debate has ensued, with tens of thousands of Italians taking to the streets in cities throughout the country to protest what they believe is government overreach and a violation of their informed consent rights.6 


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9 Responses

    1. Since Italy passed this law( an insane act) there is nothing you can do except leave Italy.
      Italy has always been a basket case and an international failure and burden on others. Like the German Jews in 1933 who did not leave when there was time to do so, you can continue to try to change this law but it will not happen. Craziness has taken over the country as it collapses everywhre you look beneath the surface.

  1. This is just CRAZY. Even if the proponents of this law feel justified in forcing vaccination on the basis that the unvaccinated present a public health risk to others, that argument cannot be made for the inactivated polio vaccine, which has been demonstrated to NOT prevent asymptomatic infections and the spreading of wild polio in the event that there is a case. It only has a theoretical benefit to the individual who has been vaccinated — there is no belief that it contributes to herd immunity!
    Likewise — The tetanus vaccine also has NO theoretical basis for being protective to others who come into contact with the vaccinated individual, so again no argument can be made to that FORCING This vaccine upon someone is about protecting the community around them.
    There is however evidence that someone recently vaccinated for chickenpox, may prevent a public health risk to immunocompromised individuals who may come into contact with them while they are shedding this live-virus vaccine. There is also evidence that widespread chickenpox vaccination has actually increased cases of shingles in the community.

    At the very least the mandate should be challenged with respect to these three vaccines.

  2. I certainly hope this (seemingly illegal) law is challenged in Italy’s “Supreme Court.” This is a travesty against human rights and liberties.

  3. There is not a person on this planet who can look me in the eye and explain the health benfits of mailining mercury, aliminum, formaldehyde, m.s.g., etc. Add that to the fact that the vaccine inserts state there is a danger for all kinds of additional illnesses including autism and death and hat you are left with is a gross physical assault on humanity. The epitome of insanity. If the people continue to let this type of irresponsible behavior continue to go unchecked then we as a species are doomed to oblivion. The people espousing these insane practices should be brought to justice and made to pay for their ruining of so many innocent, trusting and defenseless lives, that of our own children!

  4. Shingles,whooping cough,flu spray,are all live vaccines and shed for 2 weeks.That is why the nasal flu spray was discontinued.When you get a shingles vaccine you spread chicken pox.When a whooping cough vaccine is injected you spread whooping cough.It’s amazing the uptick in whooping cough in elementary school.Did you ever see those slick commercials on tv to put you in fear.That is what is happening all over.Put you in a state where you will volunteer to inject yourself with poison never knowing how badly you have been manipulated.The ad for the whooping cough vaccine shows a wolf holding a baby.The wolf representing grandma and how her grandchild will get whooping cough if grandma is not vaccinated.At the end of the TV ad in fine print on the bottom it says stay away from children and immune compromised after injection.

  5. looks like NAZI ism is alive and well…. and moved to Italy!!! God save our children!!! Hepatitis B is a disease for gay men, IV drug users and career fields with needles, and scaples!!! Why oh why do our infants need this????? Tetanus is not even contagious!!! We have 5 cases a year in america, and ALL are adults in career fields like farming, construction, gardening!!!!! AND it is bacterial, and can NOW be treated by antibiotics if it is contracted!!!!! Diptheria has 2 reported cases in america 2004 and 2015!!!! AND this too is bacterial and treatable!!!!! For heavens sake!!!!!

  6. I was planning on going to Italy, but …. not any more. Maybe the Italian government is afraid of all the diseases that Italians may get from illegal immigrants.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Italy for taking to the streets in protest of mandatory vaccines for their children! Amazing! I feel hopeful the american people will wake up and take to the streets on behalf of our children here, rather than simply complying as we have. How wonderful to see how much they’re willing to defend the well-being of their children from the state.

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