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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Kaiser Permanente Staff Fired for Refusing COVID Shot Asked to Return

Kaiser Permanente hallway

Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in America, is reaching out to health care professionals who were terminated for failing to comply with its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. The company is asking former employees to apply to come back, now that it no longer requires employees to receive COVID shots as a condition of employment.1

In October 2021, Kaiser suspended over 2,000 employees who refused to get COVID shots. The company said the suspended employees were required to comply with the mandatory policy before Dec. 1, 2021 or they would be fired. At the time, Kaiser stated:

More than 92 percent of our employees have been vaccinated—and the number continues to grow. As of October 4, just over 2,200 have not responded to our vaccine requirement and have been put on unpaid administrative leave across the country.2

It is unclear exactly how many Kaiser employees lost their jobs for refusing to comply with the deadline to get the COVID shots.

Kaiser Drops Its COVID Vaccine Mandate

In a letter dated May 17, 2024, Kaiser Permanente wrote to previously terminated employees explaining that, due to changes in the federal, state and local vaccine requirements and for other reasons, the company’s mandatory COVID shot policy had been revised effective Feb. 1, 2024. The letter stated that COVID shots were no longer required as a requirement of employment and, although it is not a requirement for working at Kaiser Permanente, employees would still be required to verify their COVID vaccination status annually.3

The letter further stated:

We understand that your employment may have ended at Kaiser Permanente because of your non-compliance with the Vaccine Policy. Given the revision to the Vaccine Policy, we wanted to inform you that you are eligible for rehire with Kaiser Permanente for open and available positions for which you are qualified if you chose to reapply (unless you are ineligible for rehire for other reasons unrelated to the non-compliance with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate). You may search for open and available positions here. We appreciate your prior service to Kaiser Permanente and its members and patients, and we encourage you to apply for open positions.4

Tens of Thousands of Kaiser Employees Strike Due to Staffing Shortages

In October 2023, exactly two years after the 2,000 Kaiser Permanente employees were suspended for refusing to comply with the COVID shot requirement, 75,000 employees of the company picketed outside their local health care facilities coast to coast for three days in a collective effort to express frustration over staffing shortages and how it is negatively affecting current employees and the quality of patient care. The strike included a wide range of health care workers, including nurses, ultrasound sonographers, respiratory therapists, emergency department technicians, and housekeepers.5

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions said that the strike was the “largest work stoppage of health care workers in U.S. history.” Lorena Jackson, a Kaiser employee who works in as a scheduler in primary care said:

We’re short-staffed and patients have to wait more than a month to be seen. By then, you’re either feeling better, dead, or you have to pay more money out-of-pocket to visit urgent care.6

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11 Responses

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind “reapply” when we all know the next mandate is just around the corner, If Kaiser fell for it once, is there any guarantee they won’t do it again when they’re making decisions about their bottom line?

    1. Exactly- they have already shown:
      1. Kaiser understands ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, about science, medical risks, or even what true vaccines are, vs. DNA-editing, human genetic experiments.

      2. They show they do not care one minutia about their employees, their health, or loyalty to them. Now Kaiser pathetically is begging them to come back.

    2. They will also need the unjabbed to come back- as those who foolish took the Trojan Horse Bioweapon POISONED shots, are dropping left and right from heart attacks, cancer, nerve and brain damage, and more…

  2. Really? Covid mandatory is a big time joke. Kaiser Permanente is now asking former employees to re-apply more than 2 years later.

  3. Kaiser’s letter states “We understand that your employment may have ended at Kaiser Permanente because of your non-compliance with the Vaccine Policy.” It should read that “your employment ended because of our greed for government kickback money and the employees’ steadfast commitment to their rights to bodily sovereignty.” When Kaiser Permanente takes responsibility and acknowledges how asinine the toxic injection mandates were then maybe there is some hope of them not repeating the same mistake in the future.

  4. The number of staff shortages related to the covid vaccine mandate is under stated. Probably because more than ten times that amount walked away voluntarily from not just Kaiser, but any company or corporation whom took the hardline stance which rejected the concept of voluntary participation. And then that many additional people also never bothered to apply after the fact.

    The letter to management was incomplete; What about the peoples pensions and benefits? Do they start all over or do they get those back? Well at least there is a little good news out there. The imposition of a vaccine mandate changed many peoples lives and not for the better. A substantial portion of people in societies around the world are now completely off track in just about every way possible and are unlikely to ever fully financially or emotionally recover from the damage the covid mandate caused, and all the other similar mandates at lessor scales which are still imposed to this day. Well intentioned or not, departure from the concepts of voluntary participation always does more harm than good.

  5. A shout out to those who were able to stand against a mandatory jab that was untested, not a covid vaccine and was unsafe.
    Hope they found better jobs with better companies.

  6. Kaiser has shown it understands ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, about science, medicine, or health, in COERCING it’s own employees to take a highly dangerous, highly experimental DNA-editing shot, while falsely calling it a “vaccine”.

    It also shows it can never be trusted again.

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