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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


“Needle-Free” Vaccines Pushed by Gates Foundation, U.S. Government

microarray vaccine patch

The pharmaceutical industry is continuing to receive funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. government to develop vaccines that can be administered without using a syringe. Last month, the Gates Foundation awarded a $23.6 million grant to Micron Biomedical, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia to manufacture needle-free vaccines. This was followed by two separate $3 million grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Orlance, Inc. of Seattle, Washington to create needle-free vaccine delivery systems, and a $5.5 million grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to Lumen Bioscience, Inc. of Seattle to make needle-free shots.1 2 3 4 5 6 7

A Child Can Be Vaccinated “Within Minutes” Using Needle-Free Technology

The grant to Micron Biomedical is for the mass production of dissolvable microneedles attached to the skin on a “patchlike device” that would make it more efficient to transport, store and administer vaccines than use of traditional syringes to inject vaccines. According to the company, its dissolvable “microarray technology” will be applied specifically to measles-rubella (MR) vaccine and “reduces the need for a cold chain and allows a community health worker to vaccinate a child within minutes by applying the technology to the skin and pressing a button that confirms administration.”1 2 3

Micron Biomedical notes that another advantage to its product is that it makes the process of vaccination “virtually pain-free” and can be self-administered. The “peal and stick” microneedle patch essentially works like a Band-Aid.2 8 9

Gates Foundation Awards Millions to Speed Up Development of Needle-Free Vaccines

The Gates Foundation has previously given money to Micron Biomedical to develop its needle-free vaccine technology. On June 1, 2017, the organization gave Micron $2.2 million to fund the first clinical trial of its new vaccine delivery technology on children. Micron received another $900,000 from the Gates Foundation in 2022 to design manufacturing facilities to make needle-free vaccines.2 10 11

In recent years, the Gates Foundation has awarded millions of dollars to other pharmaceutical companies to develop needle-free vaccines, including Vaxess Technologies, Inc. of Boston, SK bioscience Co. Ltd. of South Korea and Vaxxas Pty. Ltd. of Australia.12 13 14

NIH Awards Grants to Drug Companies to Manufacture Microparticle “Gene Gun” Vaccine Delivery Systems

NIH has also given millions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies for development of needle-free vaccines. The two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants to Orlance on Nov. 28 were to help advance development aned production of a microparticle “gene gun” technology for a universal influenza vaccine and a vaccine against melanoma. The vaccines would deliver DNA or RNA vaccine-coated microparticles directly into cells of the outer layer of the skin (epidermis).4 5

Last year, NIH awarded a grant worth more than $800,000 to PharmaJet, Inc. of Golden, Colorado to evaluate needle-free delivery system for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. NIH has also been working closely with PharmaJet for several years on a needle-free Zika vaccine.15 16 17

DoD Awards Grants to Drug Companies to Make Needle-Free Malaria, Anthrax and Encephalitis Vaccines

DoD’s grant to Lumen Bioscience on Nov. 29 was to support development of a Module Dual Scaffolded Adjuvent (MoDuSA) needle-free vaccine technology which builds on Lumen research that is creating an intranasal malaria vaccine against. “This new technology could expand access and ease vaccine production, storage and administration in future public health emergencies,” said Nhi Khuong, vice president of preclinical development at Lumen.6 7 18

In the past, DoD has awarded a grant of $943,856 to Iomai Corp. of Gaithersburg, Maryland to help develop a needle-free anthrax vaccine. DoD has also been working with PharmaJet on development of a needle-free DNA Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) vaccine. On Mar. 17, 2020, PharmaJet received a $9.6 million multi-year contract from the Joint Science and Technology Office of the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for work on the VEE vaccine.19 20 According to a PharmaJet press release:

DTRA, through the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC), is funding the use of needle-free technology to further progress promising nucleic acid vaccines, while also funding the development of PharmaJet’s next generation needle-free devices.21

COVID Pandemic Fuels Research to Fast Track Creation of Needle-Free Vaccines

For several decades, scientists have been developing needle-free vaccines, specifically microarray patches (MAPs) that are applied to the skin, but it appears now that the COVID-19 pandemic has given this effort more urgency. Needle free vaccine research is on a fast track, fueled at least in part by government public health policies promoting mass use of new vaccines that support the strategic business interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Officials at the public-private business partnership known as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance believe that the COVID pandemic experience has “reinvigorated interest and investment in the [MAP] technology.” It is anticipated that the first pre-licensure clinical studies for vaccine MAPs could begin by 2026 and that the first of these needle free biological products could be made available for public distribution by 2028.22

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12 Responses

  1. Medical autonomy is doomed. A complete breakdown of the mechanisms related to sound checks and balances in the way government monies are distributed, to accountability, to even reasonable goals, is utterly compromised. If these companies want to research these products, they should pay for it themselves! Taxation without representation is the new mainstay of this rouge runaway tyrannical government. I guess we can speculate where some of that missing pentagon money went to, this vaccine nonsense.

    This is money laundering and embezzlement on a truly epic scale. None of this is legitimate and everyone involved is corrupt as all hell can be. But you people keep buying it, keep subscribing, and continue to promote these companies… Be careful what you wish for and when it comes to testing out this new technology, you first.

    This article absolutely fails to hit the mark because the author does not even bother to frame one iota of this as either irresponsible or unnecessary spending. If you believe in these issues so dearly, get your wallet out and pay for this yourself, stop pilfering taxpayer funds to promote these private interest companies whom clearly are not concerned with the ethical or moral implications of this mad science technology. With every step they take, there is one more vaccine hesitant person. And rightfully so, the vaccine industry is shedding it’s tentative grasp on the narrative and soon even more people will understand how criminal and negligent the entire vaccination related industry has become.

    You know what else can penetrate the skin by a simple touch? Finely ground glass. It’s actually one of the most hazardous conditions for a human because then the substances fail to decompose and shred vascular systems all the way through to destroying the liver on the way out, if you are lucky enough to purge them and they don’t get caught up in deep muscle tissue and brain matter. These alleged researchers can use fancy words like micro array technology and dissolvable this and that, which is just more product fraud. Dissolving glass, yeah that sounds like something I’d like to have in my body… Or how about a special single strand plastic or rubber polymer which mimics the nature of ground glass but also can carry a payload within the strand. This is a naked effort clearly meant to humanize and desensitize people to the brutal act of violating peoples sovereign right to say no, and subsequently cause grave harm with unnecessary medical procedures as well as genetic and biological alterations to their internal systems. All with a little patch and ‘the touch of a button.’ Who’s still buying this? The only reason to create a product like this is to force peoples compliance even if they resist, because otherwise, they’d just wait in line to get a needle shot. This kind of technology will spell the end to all arguments revolving around medical sovereignty and the ethics behind voluntary engagement. Be careful what you wish for.

  2. I’ve heard of mRNA being injected into the meat we eat. However, animals already have mRNA in their systems for growth, and cellular repair. The naturally occurring mRNA in the cells of animals we eat, begins dying as the individual cells die when circulation ceases. It only gets worse when it’s frozen, and when it’s cooked. Then it’s further “destroyed” by the pounding it takes in our digestive systems. Wouldn’t the same things happen to any mRNA injected into our meat?

    1. The mRNA that is in our cells naturally is messenger RNA. The mRNA in the vaccines is modified RNA. Not the same.

      1. Ok, but does that mean it survives with no blood flow, being in a freezer, being cooked, and being digested? I figured the mRNA was not identical to naturally occurring mRNA, but how could it survive all of the above, and still be able to interact with DNA in our cells? I’m not saying there’s no threat, but the above obstacle course is a lot tougher road to hoe than a direct injection into our blood stream would be.
        Just to be clear, I’m not in favor of any vaccines, no matter how they’re administered. Especially now, when someone goes to get a vaccine, and gets a vaccine mix instead. Generally, that means three vaccines cruising through their system instead of one. One they know of, and two of who knows what?

  3. Thank you, “The Vacccine” organization, for posting this information on your website. Commenting as ‘Colorado’ I think you are completely spot-on, thank you for such a concise, thoughtful reply!

  4. “Micron Biomedical notes that another advantage to its product is that it makes the process of vaccination “virtually pain-free” and can be SELF-ADMINISTERED.”
    Yeah… nothing could possibly go wrong with that… SMH

    1. This sounds interesting from a hypothetical perspective of a drug user. No more annoying needles and spoons. When any technology exists, it’s very presence means the genie is out of the bottle. Nobody will care about patents or proprietary access. Somewhere out there, someone will use this technology to create easy to conceal effective heroine or similar drug delivery systems. Dudes are one day not to far from now going to be slanging needle free fix up kits on the corner downtown. Has the potential for government funding too, as this could eliminate the need for needle centers like where they give out fix kits to addicts in outreach efforts, then the public complains about used needles everywhere. Be careful what you wish for.

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