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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Elizabeth Hart Talks About Over-Vaccination of Pets And Kids

This year, one of my dogs got very ill a week after a vaccination. At that time, I didn’t make any connection. It was really out of the blue, and she had a sort of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, they called it… which I subsequently found out was the same as the symptoms of parvo, which is one of the diseases she was being vaccinated against. So she became very ill, and I was really really shocked by this. And they put her down a week later. So I was devastated and I had no idea what happened. And I was just talking to somebody and I said, I can’t understand what happened… and she had a vaccination a week beforehand. And then, boom, started looking on Dr. Google on the internet, and I just found out this over-vaccination was a really issue with dogs.

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  1. Same with cats. My indoor only cat is legally required in TN to have an annual rabies shot & my vet won’t accept her as a patient without it. Ridiculous.

    1. Don’t do it, you can find another veterinarian, maybe a homeopathic veterinarian bc they won’t push vaccines, quite the opposite. Good luck 👍🏽

  2. I’m going to have them do a titer on my cats blood to check for current antibodies. No sense in vaccinating with antibodies still present.

    1. I did the same with my unvaccinated dog. And surprise surprise, he has huge amounts of antibodies. Way above what’s requested.

      Follow Dr. Will Falconer, DVM. Found him through an interview Dr. Sherri Tenpenny did with him recently. Excellent advice and very knowledgeable!

  3. You left off the fact that Rupert Murdoch OWNS CSL Pharmaceutical & Vaccine & he paid to test the deadly H1N1 vaccine on pregnant women. Ever since then they have pushed for more & more vaccines while pregnantwhich now includes DTP, MMR, Flu and now Covid. Prior to 2009 it was unheard of for women to get vaccinated while pregnant. We are not even supposed to take an aspirin, cocktail or cigarette. Pfizer & CDC recommendations to take the Covid Jab have resulted in thousands of dead babies and even mothers dying during delivery. They KNEW this would happen and LIED to the public.
    As for the pets; same deal. My vet had started doing hair follicle tests on pets because he was concerned about the levels of aluminum & related illnesses he was seeing. I lost two dogs from “vaccines”. The parvo shot is notorious for causing death. I lost a dog and Pfizer insisted it was not due to the jab. Two wealthy families lost litters of expensive purebred puppies and when they got the same pablum from Pfizer; they hire a virologist to do autopsies and PROVED the parvo virus that killed their puppies was VACCINE derived NOT WILD VIRUS! I lost another robustly healthy chocolate lab from shots my vet was told not to give while I was boarding him. The kennel cough nasal vaccine contains TWO LIVE VIRUSES which can enter the brain. If you must board your pet and they require kennel cough protection insist on the singular injection –or just don’t board period.

  4. I believe the same thing happened when I received my COVID vax. They give you the illness you are trusting them to protecting yourself. It’s all evil!

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