Monday, September 25, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on the CDC, FDA and COVID Vaccines

During the pandemic, the Biden administration was repeatedly claiming that it was following the science, listening to the experts. But looking back, it’s clear that they really got a lot of things wrong, and it doesn’t look like they were following the science… maybe science fiction. They ignored the data. And in fact, there’s now evidence emerging continually that they kept data out of the public eye that did not meet their narrative. But now the Biden administration is looking to bring back masks, jabs, as the election variant of COVID is now emerging, even though we know all these things were ineffective and unnecessary.

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10 Responses

  1. They make unsupported assertions as if they were fact, misrepresent data with self-serving conclusions, and turn exceptions into generalizations.

    The facts are:

    1) Masks work. Period. How do we know this? COVID is transmitted via tiny particles of liquid when you cough and sneeze, so if your mask gets slightly damp over time THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING which any sub-intelligent person can understand. The less COVID particles that are floating around mean the intensity of infection is reduced which means vaccines WILL BE NEEDED LESS. Mandatory masking is a fair, low-burden compromise that helps our cause of reducing the need for vaccines.

    2) Vaccines work. Period. At the very least at the level of innate immunity. Of course there’s pros and cons to injecting a vaccine BUT THE FACT IS THEY DO WORK; especially for the elderly and immuno-compromised. Our cause is not to bad-mouth and misrepresent vaccines but to encourage freedom of choice.

    Clearly the smarmy duo in the video by equating the independent CDC policy and recommendations with the Biden administration have a partisan agenda. After everything we’ve seen since Trump turned the Republican party into blind, hate-filled extremists, anyone who actually promotes the destructive Republican agenda is an enemy of America (actively promoting policies that spread disease, taking away abortion rights, burning library books, taking away voting rights, engaging in extremist, scorched-earth, divisive politics to tear down government and institutions for personal gain, and selling out to our enemy Russia among many others..) Simply put, Republicans have gone TOO FAR, their views have no place in legitimate discourse, and it’s time once and for all for their tribe to be utterly outlawed.

    The editors of TVR really shouldn’t promote partisan disinformation videos like this so I request you take it down immediately.

    1. Phizer never tested for transmission or safety for pregnant women, fact. Biden knew this and still said take it to protect others, fact. VAERS data shows the jabs are unsafe and kill/main thousands, fact. VSafe data shows over 700,000 thousands jabbed indviduals required emergency room care, hospitalization, or doctor visits, fact. Data shows healthy children do not die from Covid, fact.

      1. “Biden knew this”. With an asinine statement like that why should I bother to read the rest of your post? Biden accepts CDC recommendations. He believes in vaccines like we all did at one point or another. He doesn’t analyze medical recommendations. He’s a president not a doctor, nor is he a family member of a vaccine-injured child. He’s simply ignorant and well-meaning as you were at one point, as I was, as we all were. It’s our job and our goal to EDUCATE him and reform CDC policies so the President gets better recommendations. It is NOT our job to selfishly and divisively exploit the vaccine issue only to tear down the President. You show respect to the American President (most especially Democrats because Republicans are the enemy of America). Remember this post for the rest of your life. The same goes for the rest of the insulting, hate-filled, prevaricators that have responded to my original post I have no time nor inclination to take each of you to task as you each deserve.

    2. you have gone a paid troll to spout such nonsense.fortunately the law of natural selection works and if you took the vax and it was not a placebo you will eventually change your tune or become a VAERS statistic

    3. Wow, you’ve demonstrated your ignorance by these comments. Masks DON’T work, the vaccines DONT work, and Dr. Bhattacharya demonstrated it. Instead of advocating censorship of views opposed to yours, why don’t you stop and think. Maybe you’ll realize that you live in a free Republic where free debate is a constitutional right, and its a lot better system than authoritarian regimes where one viewpoint is alllowed.

    4. Covid release doesn’t require coughing or sneezing. Fauci admitted masks don’t work and emphasized that on his website. Then all of a sudden one day he –all of a sudden– changed his mind. And then lied about it. Certain vaccines–particularly live attenuated ones (3 in particular) work. Experimental gene therapies that don’t pass trials and fudge stats do not. Besides this therapy should never have been approved–at least across the board–it should have been pulled no later than day 1.

  2. Those people are not experts™. What has transpired over the past several years was not science™. Finally more people are catching up to what alternative news readers have known this entire time. Better late than never. Personally, I would suggest abandoning fake news syndicated corporate media, as your first line of defense for the next time around. As they say; There is no greater objection than absence. Or as I like to say; The very last place we turn to for trust worthy information is the government. Ending the pandemic™, is as easy as ignoring those whom continue to promote such. Their greatest fear; to be cast back to irrelevance, where they rightfully belong. Lessons learned, hopefully… The choice is ultimately yours and yours alone to make, who controls your mind, whom influences your decisions. If you are reading this message, you are the resistance.

  3. It is amazing that some, and in reality many, are still drinking the kool-aid and can’t think for themselves and would prefer to keep wearing their blinders.

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