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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


U.S. Colleges, Companies Reinstate COVID Mask and Vaccine Mandates

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Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. government declared an end to the COVID-19 public health emergency in May 2023, some colleges and companies in the United States have announced they will be reinstating mandates to force people to wear masks and get COVID shots as a condition of getting a college education or holding a job. This new policy is in response to the reported circulation of a new strain of SARS-COV-2 and a slight increase in hospitalizations associated with COVID cases across the country.1 2 3

On Aug. 20, 2023, Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia announced that it would reinstate its COVID mask mandate for two weeks as a result of positive cases at the Atlanta University Center. The mandate stipulates that all students and employees must be wearing face masks and comply with physical distancing, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation, body temperature checks and other efforts to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus among the campus population.4

Students at Atlanta University Center’s had mix feelings about the new mask mandate. “I per se don’t want to wear a mask again,” said Daveon Parks, a student at the center.5

This announcement came after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data showing that, although hospital admissions for COVID increased by 12.5 percent nationwide, they remain significantly below levels reported during the peak of the pandemic.6

Sixty Colleges Still Require Students to Get COVID Shots

According to No College Mandates, a website formed by a group of parents, doctors, nurses, professors, students and other college stakeholders that tracks COVID related mandates on college campuses, there are over 60 universities that require students to be vaccinated for COVID in order to attend, including Harvard University, Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University.7

Harvard University’s website states:

Harvard requires all students who will be on campus to have primary vaccination for COVID-19. As we work to continue the high levels of vaccination needed to protect our community, Harvard highly recommends being up-to-date per the CDC definition for all Harvard community members, including faculty, students, staff, and researchers, who will have any on-campus presence.8

New Jersey state Senator Declan O’Scanlon criticized Rutgers University ongoing COVID vaccine mandate, stating:

It’s baffling to see that from what should be a leading voice of science-based rationality, comes arbitrary garbage. We now know for an absolute fact that the COVID vaccine protects no one except the recipient of the vaccine. Broad-based policies like this should only be enacted with the goal of protecting individuals from someone else’s action or inaction. It’s not the job of Rutgers, or Governor Murphy, or anyone else to enact a policy to protect me from myself and my own decisions or from some perceived protection of my own self due to my own decisions.9

He added:

We are all very likely being exposed to COVID on a regular basis, in some form, just by virtue of interacting with people. It is extremely probable that no one who has been out and about in society in any way over the course of the last 3 years hasn’t been exposed to COVID—and doesn’t have some level of natural immunity. Evidence of how ludicrous this policy is just keeps piling on.10

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation Reinstates Mask Mandate

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, a major Hollywood studio in California, has also reinstated its mask mandate for its employees on the third and fifth floor of it’s of the five-story building at the company’s flagship office in Santa Monica.11 Sommer McElroy, response manager for Lions Gate, said:

Employees must wear a medical grade face covering (surgical mask, KN95 or N95) when indoors except when alone in an office with the door closed, actively eating, actively drinking at their desk or workstation, or if they are the only individual present in a large open workspace.12

All employees are required to perform a self-screening before arriving at work every day and must notify the employer and remain at home if they exhibit any symptoms or have traveled internationally in the prior ten days. The company also said that it will provide at-home COVID tests and perform contact tracing.13

In response to reinstating mask mandates, Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, MD stated:

It’s just a normal cycle of this respiratory virus that should not necessitate a return to widespread mask mandates. Anyone who is immune-compromised, or if you work with people who are immune-compromised, those are the people in appropriate settings [that] should consider wearing a high-quality mask, like an N-95, not a single layer of cloth or surgical mask. But to actually say, you know, to wear masks again in the house and just being in public spaces, we have to move on.14

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24 Responses

  1. A week or two after I finally stopped wearing a mask in public I got COVID. Dammit. I got a 103 fever and aches and pains etc. I’m better now but this nagging cough is scary. It’s been almost a month since I first started having symptoms and my voice is still gravelly and a nagging itching in my throat making me cough. My doctor is confident it will go away after a while but what happens if I catch COVID a second time? A third time? What if there’s a bad strain? I’ve heard several people I know personally who have been infected twice. I don’t want long-term COVID symptoms.

    Despite the clickbait scare-headlines on this website I know masks do indeed reduce the severity of infection. When your mask becomes slightly damp over time that means it’s working. Masks aren’t that much of a burden; they really aren’t. By the way I just read about VOCs released by masks. Like anything else made from plastic fibers let it out-gas for a day or two before you put it on. Just a tip.

    Of course like I’ve written before, if you’re against vaccines you should be pro-mask; masking reduces the intensity of infection and therefore reduces the need for vaccines. Also, it’s nice to have a compromise of choosing masking in place of vaccines for public health concerns.

    There are other people on the planet besides yourself.

    1. So … you claim you got covid when you stopped wearing a mask. By your “logic” then, you should keep wearing it since you believe it protects you … wear 5 while you’re at it and leave the rest of us alone to live our lives as we so choose. Masks are nothing more than metaphorical muzzles.

    2. Just because that was your experience does not mean it is a universal truth. I am a flight attendant and after the mask mandates were finally lifted, there were crew members who chose to mask. On one such trip, a crew member masked 24/7, even on her layover, whereas the rest of us did not. 5 days later, the crew member that was masked, emailed us and said she had Covid.
      I believe it’s not whether you are masked or not, but the health of your immune system. I didn’t mask unless required to at work, I’m unvaccinated and I had the D variant of Covid. It’s the only time I had it, and I’ve never had it again even though I’ve been exposed directly several times because I now have a natural immunity and I make an effort to keep a strong immune system.

    3. As you may be aware Aaron C. There are other ways to protect one’s self from covid and other pathogens besides taking vaccines or depriving their lungs of fresh air. Giving the body what it needs in the area of antioxidants (clean sources of Vitamins C, D3 and zinc to name a few), are more beneficial to human health than masks or vaccines can or ever will be. There is nothing I know of that contributes to good health and healing better than good nutrition. For those who choose to euthanize themselves with the help of big government and big pharma. And/or choose to deprive their lungs of fresh air. By all means that is their choice. For those of us who follow the advice of doctors that keeps us healthy, covid free and out of the hospitals and emergency rooms. We truly don’t need any advice or mandates from the covid cults since we’ve seen and heard what happens to people who follow the covid and other fascist, erroneous medical protocols.

    4. For some of us, masking IS a burden. Having something over our faces, especially nose and mouth, makes us claustrophobic and panicky and feeling desperate for air.

    5. What’s the size of particles filtered by your mask? 10 microns, 5 microns, 1 micron? According to several mainstream medical outlets, the COVID particle size is roughly 0.3 microns, meaning the best mask out there won’t filter out the virus particles. For everyone pushing N95 masks, look at the paperwork with the mask. It should tell what particle size the 95% filtering efficiency covers. This means it’s 95% efficient at filtering a specific size particle or larger. If the particle size isn’t there, it’s useless.
      If you feel safer wearing a mask, go ahead. If you’re wearing a mask isn’t that enough protection for yourself? Yes there are other people on the planet, so don’t force everyone else to mask up to make yourself feel safer.

    6. My gosh Aaron C read something besides watching CNN. The cv jab which has been around for over two years now is not protecting anyone and neither is your mask 😷. You’re living your life through fear and it isn’t helping your health to breath your own germs over and over all day as well as less oxygen. It simply isn’t natural. You’re harming yourself for an illness that would’ve been long gone if we hadn’t jabbed everyone with something that only kept the illness going.

    7. How does a mask work when your eyes provide a rich mucus membrane environment for viruses and small particulates to enter?

    8. The CDC has quielty approved ivermectin for covid recovery. Zinc and vit D is also great along with a whole list of supplements.
      But Fear is a #1 indicator of long term and reinfection of covid.
      Your emotional state is just as, and even more, important than your immune support.

  2. I would not comply! Take online classes or find another college! Although retired, during the last scamdemic, I told my employer that if you force vaccinations and masks, I’ll retire today! They backed down! Tell these clowns to go F themselves!

    1. I share your sentiments Lee. The people who have and are suffering the most are the ones who listen to people who lie about everything. I’m wondering if people who never had to leave home for any reason would be left alone in this crazy environment.

  3. The first step is always to create an atmosphere of fear which the leads to irrational behaviors. People more willing to give up critical thinking in the fog of fear. Easier to get fearful people to line up for the next series of injections. Masking creates the proper illusion that we should be afraid. While Senator Declan O’Scanlon is correct that no one should make policy to protect one from oneself, he is incorrect that the covid vaccine protects the recipient. The covid vaccine protects no one, not even the recipient. Even the Pfizer trial data showed that quite clearly. That they still promote the lie is the height of criminality.

  4. Here is the report from the CDC (a private for profit corporation not in any way part of th U.S. (another corporation).
    Page 40 second paragraph, second sentence: Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 n-Cov were available to the CDC at the time the test was developed and this study conducted…..

    So when the PCR Test was developed the CDC didn’t have a sample LOL. WTF did they use to test it?

  5. We are under full nazi/commie/NWO rule by tyrants.

    COERCING people to take medical experiments, such as the BIOWEAPON POISONED GENETIC ENGINEERING FRANKENSHOTS is against the Geneva Convention, Nuremburg Code, designed after WWII for the nazi demonic concentration camp scientists who tortured people.

    .. yet here we are again, and nothing with real effects is being done to stop them.

    Every single organization, company, or individual who COERCED these shots is guilty of war crimes, the penalty of, if convicted, is death by hanging.

  6. The same things that prolonged this agony are being brought back to the table again. Einstein gave us an excellent definition of insanity. The people running this ponzi scheme don’t want covid to end. They never did. That’s why they push for everything that keeps covid circulating. And lie about everything that could have ended covid 2 years ago. There are people who are avoiding and beating the covid plague by following the advice of doctors and researchers who know how to prevent or handle this weaponized coronavirus and other diseases. And together we are doing a fine job without any interventions from world governments or their pharmaceutical campaign donor corporations.

  7. What a coordinated attack on our brightest kids, getting into these Universities by submitting to injecting a proven bioweapon, complete with self-assembling nanotechnology. Intelligence is linked to rational trust, so research is really important. Shortcuts can be fatal.

    Society has learned blanket trust is inappropriate for Priests, teachers, Scout Masters, Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Policeman, FBI, DOJ, Presidents and Residents, and certainly now these decision makers ( or predatory interlopers) in our ‘higher’ learning institutions.

    The saying: If you don’t take care of yourself, where will you live, is relevant here.
    Rebreathing Carbon Dioxide reduces oxygen levels, immunity, testicular function, etc,
    Who manufactures these masks that don’t prevent viral transmission and what colorless, odorless poison may finish you off as junk science and submission is adhered to in wearing these masks?
    Blind trust is no different than the pack of Lemmings that end up over the cliff.

    The US is in a Pre-War state. Is it 30 food processing plants destroyed, how many million crossing the border, direct evidence of DEW weapons from satellites and drones in multiple fires, Chemtrails dumping fire-causing chemicals, new aerial bio weapons like Lyme, billions of Gate’s GMO mosquitoes causing Malaria and Dengue Fever, add drug and human trafficking and an unresponsive Police State. War is about overwhelming your enemy, taking over media, crippling family units, acquiring land, resources and poisoning the well.

    Masks are a psychological warfare tool, moving the lemmings toward lockstep submission and the inevitable crescendo of access to your lifespan and health via poisonous vaccines. In this case, taking over your cell’s nucleus to produce deadly spike proteins, shedding to others, etc,

    Remember the red flags of reason: 75 years to access Pfizer’s “Safety Studies”, with hundreds of known harms and death. What agency has not been captured? Listen to Naomi Wolf expose how trusted OB/GYN’s betrayed their pregnant patients after their Medical Mafia Board offered incentives and punishments of loss of licensure for encouraging vaccination. The death toll can’t be argued with.

  8. My initial comment was censored and deleted. I then received an email from Microsoft of Agreements for Use. In the Code of Conduct section, we read: “or sharing content that is intentionally deceptive, manipulating the Services to increase play count, or affect rankings, ratings, or comments).”

    Who determines what is true, false,deceptive, etc.? Blackrock, Vanguard, Money from critters like Soros and Gates with their agendas? This is the US last time I checked. Hold the line.

    Below is reference to 170 studies of the harm and ineffectiveness of masks.

    Comparing problems available, post mRNA injection…

    And Mask Discussion:

    Over 170 comparative studies on the harm and ineffectiveness of masks…,above

  9. If you don’t RESIST this now (and back then), this will never go away.


  10. Harvard has an online school which requires no masks or shots – because it’s online and you’re at home. Check out Harvard Extension School. The professors teach there and at the actual campus, same school, same classes, same degree and same degree of difficulty, just online.

    As far as K-12 grades go, think about home schooling, I did for my 3 and one is now at Harvard Extension for her BA. It works.

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