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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Some Children Suffered Seizures Following mRNA COVID Shots

child suffering a seizure

A 2023 analysis published by researchers from Kaiser Permanente and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the journal Pediatrics compared vaccine adverse outcomes following administration of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 shot and Moderna/NIAID’s Spikevax mRNA COVID-19 shot among recipients under five years old for a period of 1-21 days post-vaccination, compared to outcomes among those vaccinated 22-42 days post-vaccination. The authors reported that 104 children under the age of five suffered seizures after receiving an mRNA COVID shot.1

Although the study authors said that safety surveillance of more than 245,000 mRNA COVID shot doses over a period of nine months did not detect a safety signal for any outcome during the 21 days after vaccination, the data did show many adverse outcomes in absolute terms.2 3

Researchers leading the study used a process known as Rapid Cycle Analysis (RCA) to examine adverse vaccine outcomes of mRNA COVID shots on children under the age of five.4 RCA methods used in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) were developed to conduct population-based monitoring of potential outcomes associated with a vaccine in near real-time by examining outcome rates in recent vaccine recipients during risk intervals in relation to rates during comparison intervals. Any associations between a vaccine and adverse outcomes produced by this approach are considered statistical signals that indicate the need for further investigation into the safety of a vaccine.5

The first period of 1-21 days, known as the “primary risk interval,” is believed to be the time-period that vaccinated people are more likely to experience adverse events. The period from 22-42 days is known as a comparison interval.6 Even though it is an assumption that adverse events that occur more than 21 days after vaccination are not associated with the vaccine received, according to William Schaffner, MD, a professor of preventative medicine at Vanderbilt University, said:

The idea for the events that occur in the latter period is that ‘it’s too late for them to be associated with a vaccine.’7

The analysis examined specific events that fit one or more of 23 specified outcomes, including seizures, myocarditis, appendicitis, Bell’s palsy, encephalitis, etc. following mRNA COVID shots.8

The analysis examined data available from June 18, 2022 to Mar. 18, 2023. 135,005 doses of Comirnaty were given to children six months to four years of age and 112,006 doses of Spikevax were given to children six months to five years of age in the VSD population.9

Study Finds Severe Adverse Outcomes in Children Following COVID Vaccination

One hundred and four children under six years of age suffered a seizure within 42 days of an mRNA COVID shot. In the first 21 days, 38 recipients of Comirnaty shots suffered seizures and 23 recipients of Spikevax shots experienced seizures. In the second period of 22-42 days following vaccination, 24 Comirnaty shot recipients suffered seizures and 19 Spikevax shot recipients experienced seizures.10

Appendicitis, Bell’s palsy, encephalitis, myelitis, or encephalomyelitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), immune thrombocytopenia, Kawasaki disease, pulmonary embolism, hemorrhagic stroke, transverse myelitis and venous thromboembolism were detected in at least one child 1-42 days following mRNA COVID vaccination.11

Downplaying the significance of the serious immune and neurological disorders reported in children after mRNA COVID shots, Dr. Schaffner said:

We know that if you follow a half million children over the period of the year, some bad stuff is going to happen to some of those children.12

NVIC Calls For Vaccine Safety Studies by Independent Researchers

Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), said that independent researchers should be conducting safety studies to compare outcomes from vaccinated and unvaccinated people. She stated:

The VSD is a government-maintained database that cannot be viewed by the public and is not easily accessible to independent researchers for oversight on or replication of study findings.13

Fisher added:

Where are the independent, methodologically sound COVID vaccine studies conducted by researchers who are not paid by government or industry that evaluate all morbidity and mortality outcomes in young children who do and do not receive mRNA COVID vaccines? That’s the study parents want to see done.

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6 Responses

  1. Seizures among teenage individuals and even older individuals after the Covid Injection is easily explained by the immunoexcitotoxicity hypothesis. This has been shown to happen with immune stimulation of any systemic immune activation, such as a vaccine. In such a situation, the systemic immune system rapidly primes the brain’s microglia, which then secrete inflammatory cytokines and high levels of excitotoxins. The excitotoxoins triggers the seizures. This has been well demonstrated many times. These people are evil satanic monsters.

  2. I find it shocking anyone would give this poison shot to children…not even adults should take this experimental shot! I have not read any studies or data that has shown this covid shot to help people at all. On the contrary it has killed and maimed thousands. Not to mention all the still births and spontaneous abortions from pregnant women given this poison shot. How can any country keep using this experimental shot?!!
    They have said it helped keep those who have covid out of the hospital and or keep them alive. How can that even be tested? Who says these sick people would not have had to go to the hospital or die in the first place? And there were people who were vaccinated and went to the hospital and some died! So that was all a lie that the shot kept covid infected people out of the hospital.
    This is the worst poison given to people in my lifetime…population control at it’s finest.

  3. Consider a nuanced position. There’s a middle ground; advocate for the titrated exposure of COVID to healthy kids for lifelong naturally-acquired immunity instead of risky vaccines. Masking and lockdown mandates help to titrate COVID exposure to kids. Titrated exposure reduces the intensity of COVID infection making vaccines less necessary. We should support masking and lockdown mandates because our agenda is the prevention of vaccine injury. Our agenda is not to wantonly spread a deadly gain-of-function disease in the name of freedumb nor is it to tear down the institutions of healthcare and government because of a corrupt vaccine policy.

    Smearing the CDC is like burning down a house because you don’t like the wallpaper. CHANGE the wallpaper. CHANGE the vaccine policy. Don’t be a sucker for russian propagandists who want you to “tear it all down”. Consider nuance and wisdom before you blindly lash out like a brainless reactionary paramecium for the benefit of our enemies; russians and those who support the russian agenda of tearing down trust in our institutions.

    1. Holy Smokes AaronC, you’re really good at parroting fake news propaganda. Impressive. We said NO to martial law, impositions upon our liberty, and other lockdown nonsense. And we meant it. We said NO to government having total control over our lives. And we meant it. We said NO to corrupted government agencies whom use rubber stamp pay to play policies via the revolving door system ripe with conflict of interests. And we meant it. We said NO to vaccine mandates a very very long time ago. And we meant it.

      Coercion is not consent. Causal relationships is good enough to warrant absolute skepticism. We don’t need anyone’s permission to opt out of anything. We’re free Americans. We go where we want. We say what we want. We think how we choose. Take your nuanced form of watered down tyranny away forevermore. May the chains rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget you were ever our countryman.

      Besides, your ‘titrated exposure’ theory is beyond flawed. That can not apply to an entire populace during viral outbreak. If we would have kept the kids in school, they would have caused a faster spread and faster dilution of the most dangerous strains, as has been proven to occur with all transmittable viruses which humans are capable of developing immunity from for the past ten thousand years. The children are the most resilient and should have been exposed on purpose, thereby protecting the adult population better, as well as instilling naturally acquired immunity in youth, which can by way of normal shedding process, then benefit adults. Double win. Every single major viral event in history has eventually scaled down, specifically due to resilient youth exposure which causes a down mutation in viral strains faster than happens with adults. By pulling children apart and isolating the general populace, we experienced more than a double loss instead.

      By seeking to contain the spread in this manner of using lockdowns and other immune compromising activities like forcing masks, we accomplished nothing other than inhibiting natural selection and natural mutation which prolonged the most dangerous window of viral exposure, for about two years longer than necessary. If society would not have gone full psychotic hypochondriac over a germ with a far less than 1% kill rate, covid would have came and went like a normal summer flue. NIH policies killed all those people in hospitals, as most only died in hospitals. All those petri dishes often referred to as masks, worn day in and day out, accentuated the virus and exponentialized it’s ability to maintain aerosol transmission with full potency. Withholding children from society as well as social distancing nonsense, caused viral strains to stay more potent, otherwise every time a child was effected, strains would have become less potent. For every child we could have let be exposed, there would have been one less severe case associated with an adult. The accurate term for how the bozos at government around the world handled covid is; irreconcilable incompetence.

      Or, you know, whatever the fake news pundits and for profit medical establishment shills said on the mind control box, believe that instead. You’re the quarterback, you make the call! Take your nuanced position inference back to the troll farm. We do not compromise on liberty, ever. Liberty, too big to fail. Central planning never works, as evident by the historical instance of the new world orders first real life instance of coordinated implementation of civil liberties reductions worldwide. Those idiots, we never listened to their recommendations in the first place. Our entire family acquired natural immunity early on. We never stayed at home, we refused the vaccines, we did not wear masks. People like us were vital to recovering liberties which would have otherwise been lost forever, as well as assisting with viral mutation which downgraded the viral risk factors for the entire population. Success, with no vaccine required.

      The CDC deserves not just smearing, but a full on criminal investigation for racketeering, violations of the RICO act, insider trading, and a great many other on the books violations of statutes. So does just about every company and person whom blindly supported their tyrannical edicts. What they did and how they lied was criminal. Their use of coercion on the populace to create an illusion of consent was beyond immoral, absolutely unforgivable. There is a complete and absolute confidence loss in every business and every person whom supported mandated vaccines, lockdowns, forced mask wearing, erroneous notions of vaccine passports and tiered society segregation. Such is a well deserved result of their actions, a total loss of trust and confidence by the public at large.

      The moving goal post still moves today. That’s why you find yourself confused, because you have failed to grasp the monumental scale of the ongoing conspiracy, the depths of their collusion. Special interests patented covid and covid relief products before it was ever supposedly in the wild. There is provable documentation this was developed for the express purpose of selling vaccines and changing governmental structures. Don’t be naive and fail to recognize the non coincidences such as every world leader whom resisted being suddenly assassinated, the failure of the medical community at large to adopt provable low cost low risk solutions, the need for broadly disseminated censorship policies to maintain an ignorant and compliant population base, or the monumental fraud and wealth transfer which occurred as a result. In the great words of CatTurd; It’s the jab, stupid. There is a propaganda campaign at play, that is true. But it’s not the Russians. Brought to you by Phizer.

  4. More deaths. More money for hospitals and sick doctors that go along with this craziness to keep their licenses. To them their license is worth more than someone’s life. Plus if the patient/customer doesn’t die, he’s just created a customer for life, however long that may be.

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