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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Officials at Federal Gov’t Agencies, White House Sued for Censoring COVID Information

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Sixty-seven U.S. federal government agencies and officials, including senior officials in the White House, have been accused of engaging in a widespread campaign of pressuring and colluding with social media platforms to censor users in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Former Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry, brought the lawsuit, Missouri v Biden, in an attempt to expose government officials and the coordinated efforts of Big Tech companies such as Twitter, Meta, YouTube and Facebook to censor information related to COVID-19, COVID countermeasures and election integrity.1 2

Defendants include the White House press secretaries; Dr. Anthony Fauci, former White House senior COVID advisor and chief medical advisor to the president; FBI special agents; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); the State Department and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.3 4

The lawsuit filed in federal court in the Western District of Louisiana on May 5, 2022 alleges that the defendants not only violated the First Amendment, but that the Biden administration officials acted illegally and exceeded their authority in their communications with Big Tech companies and that DHS and HHS violated the Administrative Procedures Act. Included in the allegations are that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD specifically ordered Big Tech platforms to take expanded actions to combat information posted online that White House officials judged to be misinformation.6 7 8

Former Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt stated:

In direct contravention to the First Amendment and freedom of speech, the Biden Administration has been engaged in a pernicious campaign to both pressure social media giants to censor and suppress speech and work directly with those platforms to achieve that censorship in a misguided and Orwellian campaign against ‘misinformation.’9

The lawsuit takes issue with the  creation of a Disinformation Governance Board by DHS for the purpose of combating what DHS officials believed was “misinformation” posted online. Critics have claimed that this includes silencing speech that may be critical of the Biden administration’s policies.10 11 The case also calls out YouTube’s silencing of discussions by U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis about whether wearing cloth masks was effective in preventing infection with and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.12

Attorney General Landry explained:

Big Tech has become an extension of Biden’s Big Government, and neither are protecting the freedoms of Americans; rather, they are suppressing truth and demonizing those who think differently. Ripped from the playbook of Stalin and his ilk, Biden has been colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech and propagandize the masses. We are fighting back to ensure the rule of law and prevent the government from unconstitutional banning, chilling, and stifling of speech.13

Plaintiffs Recently Submitted Evidence in Support of a Preliminary Injunction

In March 2023, plaintiffs filed a Brief in support of their Motion for a Preliminary Injunction against the U.S. government arguing that they are entitled to a Preliminary Injunction because they are likely to succeed on the merits of the case. Plaintiffs assert that by colluding with private companies, the government is responsible for what amounts to private conduct and that their social media censorship violated the First Amendment. They point out that equitable factors such as “a substantial threat of irreparable injury” exists and is greater than any harms should the injunction be denied and that granting the injunction, “will not disserve the public interest.”

Plaintiffs also request that granting a class-wide injunctive relief under Rule 23(b)(2) is warranted as the U.S. government’s “large-scale civil-rights violations targeting entire classes of people.”14

In support of their Motion for Preliminary Injunctive relief, plaintiffs cite more than 1,400 pieces of information gleamed from internal government documents.

A press release from current Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey reads:

The motion for preliminary injunction highlights 1,432 facts showing that top officials in the federal government are coercing and colluding with big tech social media companies to censor free speech… This case is the most important free speech lawsuit in a generation, as we highlight more than 1,400 facts showing the Biden Administration’s blatant coercion and collusion with Big Tech social media companies to suppress speech it disagrees with. I will not rest until the court blocks unelected bureaucrats from violating our constitutional right to free and open debate.15

FOIA Requests Reveal Government Officials Pressured Big Tech to Censor Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests reveal that government officials pressured Facebook and Instagram to censor information and on-line posts. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) went as far as pointing out specific posts that they considered misinformation to social media companies. An e-mail disclosed that a White House official pressured Facebook to take action against not only information they considered misinformation or disinformation but any content that could induce hesitancy among the public. In response, Facebook not only complied with requests to the remove posts, it also removed groups pertaining to COVID vaccine injuries.16

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said that certain pressure tactics were “punitive or vengeful” such as… “I want you to do this thing, and if you don’t, then I’m going to make your life difficult in a lot of ways.”

Government and Big Tech’s Coordinated Efforts to Censor Information Has Far-Reaching Consequences

The outcome of Missouri v. Biden has significant implications that extend far beyond COVID and the 2020 election. Writing about the government and private partnership that has resulted in factual information being deemed fake news or censored from the internet altogether, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) warned in 2018:

An electronic wall is being built to block you from getting information you want so you only get information someone else decides you need. An electronic burning of the books has begun, and the people are being silently herded into a virtual Dark Age. While this censorship is starting with conversations about health and vaccination, it will not end there.

Those who have bought and control the Internet now have the power to restrict or block any kind of information they do not want you to see or talk about with your family, friends and others you connect with online.17

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  1. They should have been sued continuously for doing any of this nonsense over the past three years with a fake disease and a supposed “cure” that kills.

  2. There was never any debate about letting the virus spread freely to weaken it or slowing its spread for `flattening the curve’ with mandatory masks and lockdowns.

  3. FINALLY!! All the “theories and nay sayers” are being heard and bringing attention to the facts and being heard. But, I do feel that it probably will not go far, because this administration is so corrupt and there are too many of them in the right places to make this get “held up in the judicial system” for years and years. I have lost all faith in our federal government and health system. It truly is up to each individual to take control of their own bodies, family and property.

  4. They not only should be Sued for Everything that the own, but put behind bars for the rest of their lives!! These Bastards have been complacent in he deaths of millions!! They made Millions of Dollars for the deaths of Millions. Suing is just NOT Enough!!

  5. It needs to be noted that the last quote by Barbara Loe Fisher is from 2018 during a different administration. So all those jabs at the Biden administration by the AG’s are political in nature. Truth is, we’ve been ruled by bureaucracy ever since Reconstruction and rule by military force.

  6. There will never be any trust in the cdc, nih ,fda and others until the leaders of these agencies are charged with genocide and sent to prison..What could possibly be their defense for the hundreds of thousands dead,disabled and injured. The crime of genocide is twenty years in prison….I hope they don’t use the Nazis excuse at the Nuremberg trials…”WE WERE FOLLOWING ORDERS “

  7. I’m one of those who ‘signed up’ to join the lawsuit. Meta kicked me off twice. As I see it, RFK Jr. is our last hope. He is running as a Democrat, but they are terrified of him and refuse to debate. He can’t be bought and refuses to be a puppet. They will be gunning for him.

  8. There is one person who was interviewed by Epoch Times who was a retired pharmaceutical executive when COVID began–Sasha Latypova. She’s been censored and removed on every platform, of course, but she details all of her findings that began with recognizing the governments false claims about hydroxichloroquine, which she was very familiar with. Her research uncovered that all of the regulations that any pharmaceutical company and its contractors have to follow and all of the checks and balances for consumer product safety within the FDA and the CDC were completely side-stepped with the COVID vaccine, the technology of which Sasha was also aware of which was originally considered based on a risk -benefit profile for cancer treatment because of its high toxicity. She couldn’t believe that this drug was going to be given to everyone regardless of their medical history or age. She uncovered how the government managed to pull this off, the facts of which are available for confirmation. They used the military and special law to commandeer pharmaceutical companies to produce the COVID drug without the regulatory protections. She further revealed that the data on VAERS which she and other colleagues analyzed shows that there is a pattern of toxicity for certain batches, which normally would have been flagged and pulled and researched but instead thousands and thousands were used—as if–and this was my conclusion–they were testing the drug, which intentionally altered in certain batches–on the public, with some batches almost acting as a placebo, while others had high toxicity and thus high rates of adverse reaction. All of the people involved are covered and protected from liability under the particular laws they utilized. That’s why this drug is so sketchy and so dangerous and yet why none of our government agencies flagged it or pulled it or questioned it. They lied outright.

  9. those of us who chose not to get the covid vaccine have been treated like lepers, lost jobs and denied access to stores and events!

  10. Humanity is at a crossroads. We were just herded through a very troubling time. It is the biggest open field medical experiment in history. It also represents the first time a single entity has taken over the entire planet. It was temporary but they are not through. The E.U. Parliament has conspired with the W.H.O. to bring on mandatory Vaccine Passports. The ultimate coups de’tats.
    But be aware, we have been fore warned by none other than one of the grand organizers of the horrors of the past several years, Mr. Bill Gates himself.
    He recently gave an interview where he commended humanity on having…… “dodged a bullet this time. This virus did not turn out any where near as dangerous as we originally expected it to be. (Aw shucks). But NEXT time it WILL be much WORSE!!” Who better to know about those details than the man himself who put together Event 201 just one month before Covid was officially announced. Many events before 201 set the stage for international response to a global pandemic along the lines of ……..oh say, something like a SARS CoV2 virus, for example!?!?
    Seriously? If we don’t put a stop to these madmen now then humanity deserves whatever cruelties are unleashed upon it. Just remember. We let it happen, because we were too apathetic to do anything about it.

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