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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Origins of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine

Did scientists inadvertently cause the AIDS epidemic? An experimental oral polio vaccine that was prepared, I believe, in chimpanzee kidneys and chimpanzee blood, and which was fed to over a million Africans correlates so precisely with the first appearances of AIDS. Could it have been the polio vaccine, and why are scientists so ready to dismiss the possibility?

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9 Responses

  1. This is unfortunately just as wrong as the official narrative. AIDS, like Covid are both manufactured in the minds and computers of those who make a living finding “cures”. The tainted chimpanzee meat theory is nonsense. The polio vaccine is just another in the never ending parade of toxic soup injections that need no virus to cause ill effects. Put garbage into someone’s bloodstream or mouth and don’t be surprised when they get ill. AIDS was the result of destructive lifestyles–excessive drug usage, horrible nutrition, bad treatments like AZT and a few other things. No virus need apply.

  2. This concept fails to explain the epidemiology of AIDS onset in Africa and Asia. Sabin Type-2 polio seed strain was extracted from the stool of a chimpanzee that he fed a virus obtained in Africa during World War 2. The outbreak in Francophone Africa, France, Haiti and US Men who had Sex with Men (MSM) correlates to dermatologist usage of Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine for treatment of recurrent outbreaks of Simian Agent 8 (SA-8) in MSM in the US and Francophone Africa. Simian Agent 8 is genetically identical to HSV-1 and HSV-2 oral and genital herpes combined…and contaminated the African green monkey used to manufacture Sabin polio vaccine in the US and France. The African green monkey harbors the original of all primate immunodeficiency viruses and Lederle Laboratories admitted discovery of AGM Simian immunodeficiency viruses in released lots of Sabin oral polio vaccine.
    Oral polio vaccine is excreted in the stool along with mutant forms and any other Simian virus undetectable at the time of production if them known to be useful to man…FDA knew the US polio vaccines were contaminated with Retroviruses in the late 1970s but released them anyway since there was no proof they were harmful to man.
    40 million deaths later we have the proof but then Fauci was responsible for covering that leak at NIAID via Repaski who fudged the lab data.

  3. If you want to know what caused AIDS, Polio, and all the other “viral diseases” read “Virus Mania” 3rd Edition. Then “What Really Makes You Ill”. You will learn that vaccines are poisonous and cannot possibly protect you in any way. This pertains to both “anti viral” and “anti bacterial” vaccines. No virus has ever been truly purified and isolated in spite of the fact that their proposed diameter is around 100 nanometers so could easily slip through the pores of a sub-micron filter medium leaving much larger bacteria, cells and cell debris stranded above the filter medium as residue. Or they could use ultracentrifuge procedures. But they choose not to! Why? because they don’t find any pathogenic material fitting their fairy tale descriptions! They resort to uncontrolled culture experiments producing a complex soup from which they extract DNA of uncertain origin and claim they have found a viral sequence without first isolating and imaging with an electron microscope. These are actually “assemblies” of tiny fragments NOT true sequences & they often resemble animal, human and bacterial tissue!

  4. It was interesting back when I was in chiropractic school in the early 1990s. There was an actual article in the San Francisco Sun newspaper, making the claim that the aids epidemic was caused by, don’t quote me, the rhesus monkey cells being used in what I believe, was the polio vaccine. The claim was that the vaccines were “known bad“ and sent with missionaries to Africa, so as not to waste the vaccines as they were not going to be used here in America quite a few times since then, I have tried to find that article. I have not been successful . Anyone of investigative means that wishes to do this and find it. Please share it with me. I would love to read the article again.

  5. Amazing investigative research from Edward Hooper, and great introduction documentary… but what is missing here is the rest of the story, which involves a lot of other aspect from the end of colonization of Congo and everything that came after which explains how something that could have been more or less isolated (and I am extremely saddened and angry that the population of this part of Africa was the first to suffer from the ego trip of a scientist) became a global problem. I am also very saddened with some of the earlier replies to this report especially on this forum.

  6. I get amazed (and disgusted) that many so-called “conspiracy theories” we read about decades ago about various things, now seem to be actual truths, but were covered up years ago!

  7. Absolut monsters those who are interfering with nature like this way for the love of power, disgusting. Another reason to stop experiments on animals and people, Frankenstein psychotic scientist SALE OUTS need to be penalised for crimes against ALL LIFE once and for all!

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