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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Birth Rates Plummet in Countries Most Heavily Vaccinated Against COVID-19

thinking of giving birth

A team of European researchers have determined that birth rates in 19 European countries declined sharply toward the end of 2021 following peak COVID-19 vaccine uptake earlier that year in the spring. The research, compiled in August 2022, found that decreased birth rate patterns persisted all of the countries represented in the data, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Montenegro and Serbia.1

Switzerland experienced an especially extreme drop in birth rates that exceeded that of both World Wars, The Great Depression and the commencement of oral contraceptives.1

COVID Vaccine Effects on Reproductive Health Still Uncertain

The long-term effects of the COVID vaccines on reproductive health are still largely unknown. Public health professionals stated in 2021 that doctors were still learning how the vaccine affected reproductive health and that there was “no denying that evidence is very limited,” also citing that reproductive concerns were a leading concern among people who were hesitant to get vaccinated for COVID.2 3

Studies showing vaccine safety in pregnant women surfaced years after widespread COVID vaccination began. An October 2022 systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated that “COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy was not associated with increased risks of peripartum adverse outcomes, including preterm birth, small size for gestational age, low Apgar score at five minutes, cesarean delivery, postpartum hemorrhage and chorioamnionitis.”4

The same report, however, also stated that “pooled evidence from large studies regarding neonatal and maternal outcomes of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy is scarce.”4

Global Study Shows Effects of COVID Vaccines on Menstrual Cycles

A regular menstrual cycle is a hallmark of reproductive and overall health in women, yet a copious amount of women’s concerns around major changes in their menstrual cycles following COVID vaccination were dismissed or written off as conspiracy. But a global study eventually confirmed a link between COVID vaccination and irregular menstrual cycles.5

Alison Edelman, ​​MD, MPH, the study’s lead investigator and professor of obstetrics and gynecology and division director of Complex Complex Family Planning at the OHSU School of Medicine said of the study findings:

Menstruation is woefully understudied, which is troubling considering it is a key indicator of fertility and overall health.6

Birth Rates Decline as Immunization Schedule Grows

While the average woman had five children just 70 years ago, today that number has been halved, leading to speculation about what may be causing the decline in birth rates around the world. After Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, the number of vaccines added to the CDC recommended childhood vaccine nearly tripled, which meant that most states added those recommended vaccines to vaccine mandates for children to attend daycare and school.7

The 1986 Act gave vaccine manufacturers partial liability protection for failure to warn, but not for product design defect, which was eliminated by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011 in a split decision in Bruesewitz v Wyeth.8

Birth rates are continuing on a downward trend in conjunction with increased routine vaccinations administered to babies and adults alike. There have been no large, long term studies to investigate whether or not the federally recommended child and adult vaccination schedules are impairing fertility. The DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) vaccine insert, for example, states, “INFANRIX has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or for impairment to fertility.”9

Pfizer did include pregnant women in their limited mRNA COVID vaccine clinical trials and safety monitoring before the FDA granted the company an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to distribute the vaccine in the U.S., including to pregnant women. However, of the pregnant women involved in a small study, 270 reported a vaccine injury. Pfizer only followed 32 of the women, and of those cases, 28 unborn babies died. Pregnant women were not included in the phase 3 trials of messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID shots that were approved in the United States and the European Union. 1 4

Despite a lack of safety studies to prove the safety of the mRNA COVID shots for pregnant women or those trying to conceive, doctors and public health officials continue to reassure the public that these pharmaceutical products are indeed safe, including for those women.

To date, the manufacturer’s insert for FDA-approved COVID shots explicitly states  that it has not been tested for the potential to impair male fertility. In one-third of couples experiencing infertility challenges, the problem is with the man, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Updated statistics on infertility in America, namely following widespread COVID vaccination, are unavailable.10

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  1. Damn, if I pushed a food product to market that killed or harmed even one in a hundred people, they’d shut down my business and stack me with a lifetime of liability. Vaccine manufacturers do the same thing and even worse, no problem, forget about it.

    How much more evidence do you need? Repeat after me; safe AND effective. Keep on reporting statistics in a never ending circular holding pattern where no corrective actions ever actually happen. It’s like some Phizer exec approves all these articles. Where is the call for prosecution and a country wide boycott? These are well organized polished cartels, and we should detain investigate and prosecute everyone involved. They never tell on each other because not a single one of them ever faces justice in a court room. Otherwise thousands of these criminal participators would sing like birds.

  2. Geez all they have to do is look at VAERS and multiply by 100. They don’t know because they don’t want to know. This bio weapon is meant to disable and kill not cure.

  3. This can only be hugely beneficial, in view of the overpopulation of planet Earth. What can be more damaging, both socially and environmentally, that an ever-expanding population? Are living conditions not more important than family size? This is a clear case where both options are mutually exclusive: as David Attenborough remarked several years ago “we have overrun the planet”. Only the assorted superstitions (religions) stand to benefit by mindless breeding, because all such brands of indoctrination inevitably expect the followers to indoctrinate the hapless offspring in the parents mindless beliefs. The producers and promoters of these so-called ‘vaccines’ deserve Nobel prizes for curbing the planet’s headlong rush to self-destruction. Remember how the Australians solved the problem of being overrun by rabbits?

    1. I could not disagree more. Healthy people might prove very able to come up with methods of providing for themselves despite there being many of them. The “godlike” arrogance of thinking one can determine the course of humanity to such an extent that you are able to conduct a depopulation scheme and it be helpful is damnable hubris. Your eagerness to discard belief in God and to dismiss it as superstition is telling. I could easily guess that many sharing your mindset cherish the thought that you can become “gods” yourselves and that it is okay to do so by any means necessary, completely ignoring the possibility that you are not achieving your goal but rather discarding the very design of the Creator who made man in His image.

    2. Step right up! You and your family are first in line — volunteers to begin the depopulation program you espouse.

      Mindlessly spouting “Too Crowded,” doesn’t make it so. Ever gone through these United States?! Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming? Nah… probably stuck in traffic (or the subway), going to your high-density big city. Then, stuck in traffic, again, on the way home. Get out in the countryside. Take a walk… for you, I recommend Death Valley, mid-summer, at noon. Then tell me about overcrowding.

      We “superstitious” types recognize that we all have a right to Life, and that we were Created by God. And… YOU AIN’T HIM. No man has the right to indiscriminately declare “Too many people! Some of y’all gotta go!”

      Regarding your “…. indoctrinate the hapless offspring, in the mindless parents’ beliefs…” I can only add that, OK, if some folks Have to Die from your vaunted CoVax (DeathShot), better it be you idiot Leftist freaks, who think you’re better than everyone else, while not even grasping the concept that you have fallen for the PsyOp, you trusted the wrong people, you willingly participate in this Experiment —not to see how well it works— but rather, to calibrate the dosage, to figure out how much’vax’ for the Slow-Kill, vs how much for the Drop-Dead, AND, ensuring that Your family tree ends, at your current descendants, because if they don’t die from the ‘vax,’ they certainly won’t be having any offspring themselves (infertility), and/or their very DNA has been altered so that they (and You😁) have become an entirely new species, Borg.

      You keep on pushing that DeathVax onto all of your Lefty brethren. We’ll start depopulating, by thinning out the braindead sheep herd. YOU FIRST, doctor

      1. Go Mark, it’s your birthday. Hey! Go! Hey!

        It’s nice to see someone standing up intelligently to the indoctrination campaign. Dr Davidson is a quintessential example of late stage capitalism. His hedonistic take can only be developed and nurtured from within a decadent position on high, having long since embraced cognitive dissonance. Otherwise regular humans refer to depopulation campaigns as war and violence to wipe them off the map, imminent threats which deserve and justify severe retribution alongside defensive measures. Refer to your perverse ideologies however you want Dr John, we call your language that of war, that of evil, aggression.

        We could have exported education. We could have exported sound money principals. We could have exported truth justice and the American way. Instead we exported greed, corruption, and empire. The entire body of Europe can fit within the footprint of the single state of Texas. Talk to me about supply chain and transportation logistics. We are told how to be better stewards of the land, by people whom literally never set foot on the actual soil of this earth. We are told about over population, from a disorganized world which can’t even balance a budget, managed by bureaucrats whom find themselves incapable of stating simple truths regarding basic subject matter. Yet we are expected to believe without speculation, their statements on population figures around the globe. It’s not over populated here, in my nice suburban home with big third acre yard and organic garden, truck, tools, resources. Miss me with that g** s***. If you think the world is over populated, take another vaccine. The vaccine was brought to market for this exact purpose, so in that regard, we agree.

    1. If you would like more resource expenditure from NVIC into these articles Andrea, we expect you to become a yearly donor at a $100 or greater level. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to put in the leg work yourself. These are articles sourced broadly from external sources. It’s not all internally developed material. And if the material is internally developed, they’re probably volunteer written pieces.

  4. The most disturbing aspects of the current situation are that we (Americans) cannot seem to have dispassionate discussions about vaccines. This is particularly true of COVID’s Mrna vaccine. Personally, I started reading at a very young age and the books available to me were mostly my dad and mom’s medical texts. I was taught to reason and analyze whatever was presented to me and collect data until I was satisfied enough to decide. We need to STOP the control of the narratives by the pharma companies. I suspect that we will be horrified in a couple more years when the outcome of this rush to vaccinate with a lightly-tested new technology.

    1. Gina, we’ve long since been dispassionate about the issue, in our personal journies of detailed data gathering and investigation. We watched vaxxed 1 & 2. We watched dozens of other documentaries. We read the books, participated in activist sights, signed petitions, watched vaccine injured populace exponentially increase, followed all the people, observed a never ending stream of censorship and propaganda. We argued, we informed, we educated. And we’re angry about the scale of corruption of these systems. If you want a warm safe place, this ain’t that place sweetheart. Perhaps consider a round of adult booster shots. There is solid evidence this will take the edge off your intellectual capacity as well as your ability to even be emotional in the first place. If it’s all too much for you, the pharmasuetical industrial complex has your specific cure. If you’re not angry and upset by the scale of this corruption, you do not yet fully grasp the magnitude of problem. Repeat after me; Safe AND Effective.

  5. As far as my concern goes, I wanted to point out a couple of things:

    Are Covid vaccines safe and effective? NO, they are NOT safe and effective!!!

    Risks far outweigh benefits!!

    Those who are vaccinated and boosted still get Covid!!!

    Not enough studies are being done on pregnant women, children, infants to my best of knowledge.

    Wake up America. Do the research!!! Be FULLY INFORMED. Don’t take the word from the news media or even politicians. You CANNOT just rely on news media as a source of information.

    1. Good thing this is not ‘news media’. Rather this is the sister publication to the NVIC National Vaccine Information Center. Some people quite literally don’t know where they have landed on the internet. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come by more often. Every free thinking individual needs a break from syndicated fake news media. Fake news does terrible things to the mind.

  6. The eugenics movement financed the founding of the School of Public Health at Carnegie Mellon. The MPH Mantra – Sacrifice Some for the Good of the Whole – underpins the epidemiology of. our vaccination program.

    Epidemiological analysis of the Francis Field Trial of the Salk Inactivated Polio vaccine proved the Salk Vaccine absolutely safe. The only reported reaction came in the so called Cutter Incident and all arose within 14 days of vaccination of recipients and weeks later in their contacts…. The epidemiological analysis of IPV in the Francis Field Trial excluded all cases of polio that arose within 14 days of administration to recipients and counted later cases in Placebo injectees as being caused by wild Polio.

    Problematically the placebos were injected with trypsin a pancreatic chemical the allows Polio virus to infect non-neural cells. Retrospective analysis shows that the Cutter Incident and Francis Field Trials had the same rate of reaction due to Salk vaccine. All recipient cases of polio in the Cutter incident and Francis Field Trial arose within 14 days in recipients and subsequently spread to and paralyzed close personal contacts. This is expected since the Cutter vaccine was actually produced by Lilly – one of the two producers of the Francis Field Trial vaccine. The other vaccine maker for the Francis Field Trial – Parke Davis – started epidemics in Boston, New Hampshire and Wisconsin in the summer of 1955.

    Current Salk vaccine is injected with synthetic tripsin (M199) to make it more effective…but you will never get an epidemiologist to acknowledge the Acute Ascending Flaccid Myelitis (the classic definition of polio) is being caused by the current Salk vaccine.

    Jonas Salk testified before Senator Kennedy in regards to the Vaccine Compensation Act that there had been no reactions to his vaccine in 450 million doses administered. Salk lied. Kennedy. a Massachusetts Senator knew better…in 1955 the Massachusetts Medical Board withdrew it’s recommendation for vaccination with Salk vaccine….AFM virus EV-68D is 80% identical to Type 1polio virus in Salk vaccine. The Salk Type 1virus was the most virulent Salk could find and the M199 synthetic trypsin has the ability to split or cleave the strands of polio.

    So if Salk vaccine is not absolutely safe as advertised – then none of the vaccines are risk free.

    An oversight Agency such as the NTSB is to FAA needs to be formed to oversee the Childhood Immunization program in the United States and unlike the FDA and CDC should not be controlled through the Walter Reed Army Institution of Research as was Salk. Francis. Sabin and Alexander Langmuir whom CDC anointed as the Father of Epidemiology.

    1. Walter, there is also an interesting conspiracy theory to go alongside that story. Have you ever heard the one that the polio vaccine was sent to market, as the fall guy or cover story, because all the DDT spraying on beaches parks and public areas was making people get severely ill, lifetime injuries and all? That’s the theory anyways. I do not claim to know, I was not even born at the time. Yet this theory persists in the nether; That the polio vaccine was simply installed to cover up the disastrous public health policy of spraying DDT directly on citizens, and in citizen public spaces with high traffic frequencies. Then, treatment turned out to be profitable. The eugenics model merged with care for imposed chronic illness, and that’s all she wrote. Most vaccine injuries are intentional in this regard. That’s what some say on the internet at least. You are the quarterback, you make the call. As they say; All one accomplishes by taking a vaccine, is proving to themselves they can be poisoned and still survive. They’ve got the science all wrong with the ‘immune response’ measurement. A properly managed immune system will grab a toxin, encapsulate, purge, and from within microbial fragments remaining, or even a yet not fully understood mechanism of hydro based memory within our cells, then desposit a lasting immunization memory in deep tissue such as bone marrow. People are so provincial with the way they think to understand the immune system, with simple measurement metrics. As if we can actually count within a vaccine schedule, all the pathogenic risks of this world. Please, not even close. They just have enough identifications to sell a maximal range of products to capitalize on the care and subsequent treatment for the care side effects. Yet the truth is we go through daily life always being exposed to mutant variants, becoming immune to them, and never even are aware such events occurred. Recent studies on the science of memory of water and transmittable disease via wavelength frequency, as well as healing by wavelength frequency re modulation, are real game changers. Besides, being a germaphobe is for nerds and people with obsessive compulsion disorders. Normal well balanced people do not wear masks, embrace excessive hygiene principals, or go about life scared of every little thing. I’ll tell you, being a smoker with a chronic cough in 2020-2022 was really not a good time for that. But I did it anyways! I drank heavily too. And you know what, I’m fine. We ate well, we played baseball, we went out with masks. It was amazing, we had the roads and stores all to ourselves. Instead of people bothering us, they ran away from us. The world was our oyster. A world full of hypochondriacs. Quite remarkable really. The real virus was in peoples minds. A disease was concocted. A cure for profit was provided. It’s not rocket science. Repeat after me; Better living without chemicals.

      1. We went out without masks. Type correction for very end of that post. We went out without masks, and it was great.

  7. I’m a medical professional. I am NOT against vaccines that are safe and effective. The problem is that our FDA isn’t doing its job making sure that drugs are thoroughly tested for safety before turning them loose on the public.
    People don’t know that Big Pharma pays the FDA budget. They are compromised. The foxes are running the hen house.
    We all suffer because of it.

    1. “Only the government could screw something up that badly.”

      What’s worse; dime store snake oil salesmen putting opiods in everything, ,yet people bought anyways, knowing full well they were just buying opium based products. (The reason FDA institute was developed in the first place.) Or big pharmaceuticals which maim kill and harm beyond recognition, whom monopolized the medical market, promoted prohibition against low cost non patentable medicines and substances, operating with no accountability to the people? Or as we like to say; ‘The very last place we turn to for product safety advisement is the government.’

      Free ebook; Opium for the masses.

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