Natural Immunity Wins Again

Natural Immunity Wins Again

A new study in The Lancet has confirmed that natural immunity from COVID infection is at least as protective and durable against severe complications as vaccination.

Yet again, another COVID “conspiracy theory” has become today’s “The Science™.”

Natural immunity has long been a well known and accepted part of immunology, despite rabid, frenzied attempts to discredit it. Anthony Fauci himself publicly discussed the importance of infection-conferred immunity.

It may seem impossible to believe that basic immunology could be described as a dangerous “theory,” but that’s exactly what certain media outlets claimed during the pandemic.

Mother Jones, which describes itself as “A voice of reason,” and “a daily dose of sanity,” was one such example. In May 2020, they headlined a story, “Anti-Vaxxers Have a Dangerous Theory Called ‘Natural Immunity.’ Now It’s Going Mainstream.”

Of course, Dr. Fauci contributed mightily to the misinformation. In May 2021, Business Insider explained how Fauci viewed natural immunity. Spoiler alert: he maintained that the COVID vaccines were better.

Dr. Fauci explains why COVID-19 vaccines work much better than natural immunity to protect you from the coronavirus

The article begins with another declarative statement from the country’s leading medical expert.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is calling it: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can provide people with better protection against new viral variants than a prior coronavirus infection alone can.

“Vaccines, actually, at least with regard to SARS-CoV-2 [the coronavirus] can do better than nature,” stated Fauci, America’s leading infectious disease expert. “You had interesting increased protection against the variants of concern.”

Even so-called “experts” from Johns Hopkins were patronizingly dismissive of natural immunity. The Mother Jones story quoted an epidemiologist shrugging off the importance of infection-conferred protection.

“This is the coronavirus edition of their pervasive belief in ‘natural immunity,’ said Rupali Limaye, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist. “We have heard from those that are concerned about vaccines the argument that they prefer to allow their immune system to be naturally exposed to a specific pathogen to gain immunity.”

New information emerged recently confirming that a group of government experts also worked together to publicly dismiss the importance of natural immunity.

Unsurprisingly, former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx consistently dismissed natural immunity.

Repeatedly, “fact-checkers” labeled posts as “misleading” for claiming that natural immunity was highly effective and could provide similar protection as vaccination.

Except they’ve all been proven wrong.

The Lancet study examined 65 studies from 19 different countries to determine the level of protection from infection against severe illness from COVID.

And they found that natural immunity was extremely protective against further complications, even for newer variants.

The study’s summary reads, “Protection against severe disease remained high for all variants, with 90·2 percent (69·7–97·5) for ancestral, alpha, and delta variants, and 88·9 percent (84·7–90·9) for omicron BA.1 at 40 weeks.”

Not exactly a “dangerous theory,” is it?

COVID Vaccines Less Effective

Even more importantly, the study found that natural immunity was “at least” as protective as vaccination against all variants. And frequently more so.

“Past COVID-19 infection against re-infection, symptomatic disease, and severe disease for ancestral, alpha, delta, or omicron BA.1 variants, appears to be at least as protective as two-dose vaccination with the mRNA vaccines for all vaccines and outcomes,” their results explain.

And it gets better.

Beyond being as least as protective, natural immunity was potentially longer lasting than protection from vaccination.

“Furthermore, although protection from past infection wanes over time, the level of protection against re-infection, symptomatic disease, and severe disease appears to be at least as durable, if not more so, than that provided by two-dose vaccination with the mRNA vaccines for ancestral, alpha, delta, and omicron BA.1 variants,” the study says.

Figures from the study show that previous infection was significantly more protective in all aspects of protection against all variants, for a substantially longer period of time than vaccination.

The most profound and important graphic is the comparison for Omicron immunization.

Against the currently dominant variant, past infection thoroughly outperformed Moderna and Pfizer’s mRNA vaccination in both re-infection and symptomatic disease.

It’s almost impossible to be more wrong than Fauci, Birx, Mother Jones, dismissive “experts” and “fact-checkers” have been over the past few years.

With regards to masks, vaccine passports, school closures, lockdowns and natural immunity, for every single pandemic question the ‘experts’ formulated the wrong answer.

Vaccine Mandates Ignored Natural Immunity

As abhorrent, unacceptable vaccine mandates proliferated throughout society, a common, unfortunate feature took hold among U.S. organizations: to ignore natural immunity

The CDC and Biden Administration still refuse to accept natural immunity for international travelers entering the country.

Novak Djokovic, who was recently allowed to compete in COVID-authoritarian Australia, is still not allowed into the U.S. despite having previously contracted the disease.

Even other pandemic extremist countries like Canada have relented, accepting the protection it provides.

The U.S. remains staunchly committed to ignoring science in favor of promoting endless booster doses. Booster doses that don’t actually work particularly well.

Even this study’s authors admit that the U.S. is an international outlier in ignoring natural immunity.

“Second, restrictions of movement and access to venues based on immune status and vaccine mandates for workers should take into account immunity conferred by vaccination and that provided by natural infection,” they write.

Huge numbers of people were coerced into compliance with vaccine mandates. Many others were fired or denied opportunities because they refused to comply. All based on the lie that natural immunity was a “conspiracy theory,” or less protective than vaccination.

Yet other documents such as the Great Barrington Declaration pointed out the importance of natural infection to build up immunity. Only to be summarily ignored.

“The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.”

Fauci, the public health class, and major institutions subsequently unleashed a ferocious, relentless, fanatical campaign demanding that everyone be vaccinated. And then boosted. Then boosted again. And then boosted with a targeted, bivalent dose.

They ignored natural immunity because it conflicted with the behavior they wanted to compel. They’ve once again been proven wrong.

But if you were hoping this would lead to a permanent discrediting of these institutions and “experts,” don’t hold your breath.

One of the most consistent features of the COVID era has been “experts” lying to the public, while steadfastly refusing to ever admit they were wrong.

This article was originally published by the Brownstone Institute. Ian Miller is the author of “Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates.” His work has been featured on national television broadcasts, national and international news publications and referenced in multiple best selling books covering the pandemic. He writes a Substack newsletter, also titled “Unmasked.”

Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


8 Responses to "Natural Immunity Wins Again"

  1. ktuffm   February 27, 2023 at 3:55 pm

    You’re talking past each other. You’re ignoring the context of short-term vs long-term.

    COVID vaccines have the SHORT-TERM benefit of preventing mass death and curbing the intensity of exposure in the public.

    LONG-TERM, of course natural immunity wins.

    You’re BOTH RIGHT at the same time.

  2. Phyllis   February 27, 2023 at 5:01 pm

    Early treatment was also
    discredited and doctors lost their jobs for prescribing hydrochloroquin and Ivermectin which have saved many thousands of lives. NO VACCINE WAS NEEDED. WE HAVE BEEN scammed!

  3. Data Decetive   February 27, 2023 at 8:56 pm

    the COVID vaccine didn’t curb death or slow transmission.
    The study’s were fraud.
    more people died with and without COVID in 2021 than in 2020.
    2021 hospital emergency room increase do to COVID vaccine.
    vaccinated people died quicker than no vaccinated people, of the same age and condition.

  4. Judith   February 28, 2023 at 12:19 am

    And you are publishing only half of this study. Getting Covid is a risk. And if vaccinations help provide some benefit from getting it (as many studies show it does), then vaccinations are still recommended.

  5. Ann   February 28, 2023 at 8:57 am

    Hello ktuffm. The context is automatically implied. Anyone who knows the truth about this and ALL vaccines, know there is absolutely no benefit, SHORT or LONG term. They attack the natural ability to combat foreign agents.
    NIH can explain this in better detail for you in their Jun 22 release
    ‘Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs’ LINK:

  6. Fowell the $   March 3, 2023 at 7:02 pm

    only 1 side.
    1. the vaccine cause people do die quicker.

    2. The study were lies. The vaccine only helped 2 weeks to 4 months. before and after , vaccinated people got more COVID.

    3. Government gave pharma $$$ to give us bad medicine.

    4. our work force is crippled causing labor shortage.

    5. government gave $$ to media and local government to promote COVID

    6. COVID and vaccine was created to reduce human population.

  7. ktuffm   March 4, 2023 at 2:49 pm

    There are people commenting here who don’t care about the vaccine issue. They are here only to denigrate trust in American government and institutions.

    • Marco Caceres   March 4, 2023 at 11:44 pm

      That is precisely the beauty of living in a country where freedom of speech is highly valued. People are free to criticize and dissent on issues and policies, as well as object to those responsible for highlighting those issues and making those policies. We welcome all views and opinions, so long as they are expressed in a civil and, preferably, thoughtful manner. The idea is to look at everything from all sides.


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