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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dr. Malhotra on Calling for Vaccine Data Transparency

What was reported in the mainstream news as being 95 percent effective against infection was in fact relative risk reduction, not absolute risk reduction from the double blind randomized controlled trial that took place during the more lethal circulating post-Wuhan ancestral strain of the virus. The specific NEJM paper which underpinned the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine actually revealed an absolute risk reduction of 0.84 percent. In other words, for every 119 individuals vaccinated, one person would be protected from being infected.

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  1. re: “effective against infection” –got any proof yet that there was any infectious agent in the first place? How could there be the slightest value in a double-blinded RCT during the “more lethal circulating post-Wuhan ancestral strain of the virus” when nobody yet has isolated that virus from the rest of creation? My point being that there IS no infectious virus out there, there never has been one, and if you can prove me wrong, you can take your proof to Germany and make rather a lot of money fast.

  2. Dear Doctor Malhotra, My son age 54, dump truck driver, went down at work with terrible stomach pain. He spent 2 1/2 months in IC unit. He had extreme pancreatitis. He was recovering amazingly half way thru his stay there, then the bottom fell out and he died. He had the Pfizer covid shot earlier in the year. I ask the embalmer if he found those white stringy things in his blood when he embalmed my son. He said yes, a few that had blood clots on the ends of them. I know beyond any doubt the covid shot caused my son’s death. Just to let you know. My older son was also a truck driver, over the road for Fed X. He got covid and was hospitalized in Kansas City, MO., which we were not allowed to go visit him. He died there on a ventilator. I ask them to give him Ivermectin and they refused. They said their treatment for covid is rendesivir. I know it was beyond scary, my son in a hospital far from home and he couldn’t speak for himself. God help us. I just wanted to tell you this if it can help with your investigations. Sincerely, a heart broken Indiana mom.

  3. In most ? they don’t report actually risk reduction, or number needed to vaccinate.
    With chicken pox the actual risk reduction is high about 0.8
    With influenza ARR= 0.014
    It takes 71 people ? to prevent 1 Influenza.
    With US polio ARR is near 0.000
    It takes over 1 millions people ? to prevent 1 polio .
    CDC claims that ? are important yet they don’t report actually risk reduction.
    Not even NVIC report actually risk reduction for most ?.
    Ask your doctor or pharmacy that promote ?, what are the chance ? will prevent me from getting sick?
    What are the chance ? will make me sick?

  4. Thank you Aseem for all points succinctly made. Thank you GBNews for this interview. Another layer to consider: Phizer ROI had reduced from 10% to 2% over the previous decade. Heading for the “red zone” of bankruptcy. With 50k employees this particular product was the magic silver bullet train to return to profitability. Switching the ARR and RRR around and holding onto the data was known 18 months ago. With so much money being thrown at Pfizer to attempt perform the impossible in such a short timeframe it was no surprise to me that they took this unethical path. Swapping lies became normalised.


    here are some more references.

    Canada front line doctor found fraud in Pfizer COVID trial
    1. not tested parcepents with COVID symptoms.
    2. dismissed illness as not related.

    The 95% effective was based on the last 45 average days depending on when precentents started.
    They didn’t have ARR actually risk reduction because FDA market before FDA knew how long the effective would last.
    Also different dosage or timing were not tested.
    FDA also authorized use in people that were not allowed in trial do to medical reasons. ( pregnancy, immunity compromised, previous COVID-19, recent illness…)
    and during the trial the vaccine group was sicker than the no vaccine group.

    Than after FDA found that vaccine was dangerous and loosening effective in 4 to 6 months. FDA grant final approval,
    CDC recommended, & officials require ☣️?.

    Gross misconduct.

    1. Yeah. Just watch infowars more often. The regulatory agency fired three different advisement boards before they found enough yes men to push the continued covid vax approvals through to younger persons. And they did so in the exact same moment in history that other less corrupted countries pulled back and stopped allowing this for younger people. Infowars, tomorrows news today. It’s really sad to hear how so many people are not aware of valid and factual information which has already broke years ago. Sad to hear them still in the data discovery phase when for us, that phase has long since been accomplished. We warned you these were possibilities, and kept warning. What makes infowars great is not the people whom work there, it is the unending unyielding flow of uncensored guests and professionals just talking openly and candidly about whatever issue they care to describe. Whatever with syndicated television doctors, the real independent medical professionals have all had interviews on infowars. That’s the plain truth.

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