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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Psychotic Disorders Reported After mRNA COVID Shots

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Nearly two years after the global distribution of messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 shots, it is now known that these biologics cause mild side effects that include pain at the injection site, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, and diarrhea, and they also can cause severe adverse effects such as anaphylaxis, heart inflammation (myocarditis/pericarditis), thrombosis (blood clots), and neurological and gastrointestinal disorders.1 2 3 4 5 6

Recent case studies published in the medical literature reveal that patients, who had no personal or family history of mental illness, also developed psychotic disorders following mRNA COVID shots. Although these reports give evidence for a correlation, researchers have expressed concern about asserting a causal association between the shots and psychotic disorders and are calling for further studies to be conducted.7

Insomnia, Anxiety, Tremors, Suicide Attempt After Second COVID mRNA Shot

In the first case study, a 45-year-old Caucasian male without past medical and psychiatric history received the second dose of a mRNA COVID shot. He immediately developed insomnia, severe anxiety and tremors. He contacted his family doctor, who prescribed sleeping and neuro-psychotropic drugs. However, the treatment was not successful. A month later, he visited an outpatient psychiatric clinic accompanied by his parents because of abnormal behavior and an attempted suicide earlier in the day.8

After a second suicide attempt, the patient was again admitted to the hospital. A psychometric psychological assessment revealed signs of a type of brain disorder affecting the thinking process that is characterized as concrete, abstract reasoning based on insignificant facts. Different psychiatric drugs were prescribed and the acute psychotic symptoms gradually resolved within four weeks. The patient was discharged from the hospital on the same medication regime.9

The authors of this case study state that the case indicates a strong correlation between the mRNA COVID shot and the onset of psychosis. Some case reports highlight the possible association of organic etiology, autoimmune encephalitis and the onset of schizophrenia.10

Headache, Anxiety, Parathesia, Hallucinations After Second mRNA COVID Shot

In another case study, a 41-year-old male patient developed symptoms of anxiety during the COVID pandemic for which he did not seek psychiatric assistance. Five days following the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty mRNA COVID shot, he began to experience headaches, pain in the left intercostal space, paresthesias (numbness, tingling) on the left side of his body and paranoia and severe anxiety.

Psychiatric examination showed a depressed, irritable mood and olfactory hallucinations. After drug treatments, there was a complete remission of his psychotic symptoms.11

Depression, Headache, Parathesia, Delusions After First mRNA COVID Shot

Another case study involved a 35-year-old male patient who developed mild depressive symptoms during the COVID pandemic. Three days after receiving the first dose of Comirnaty, the patient began to have headaches and paraesthesia in his legs. Two weeks later he visited the psychiatric emergency room twice because of persecutory delusions and delusions of reference.

After a month of hospitalization, the patient was discharged with partial remission of his psychotic symptoms.12

Psychosis After mRNA COVID Shots Happened Without Personal or Family History of Mental Illness

All the case study reports involved patients with no personal or family history of mental illness. The psychotic symptoms began immediately or a few days after administration of a mRNA COVID shot.

Authors reporting the case studies of psychotic symptoms following mRNA COVID shots stated:

Future systematic studies should be conducted with adequate control of confounding variables to establish coincidence, association or causality between reported psychotic symptoms and the COVID-19 vaccine.13

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16 Responses

  1. Although not vaxxed and unaware if infected with the Covid bioweapon, I too am experiencing newfound symptoms, such as, pressure headaches, tinnitus, multi body areas of inflammation and right sided feelings as though I am wearing a rubber band on that side of my body. Iron and ferritin levels are now slightly below normal for the first time in my life.

    It is my belief even those of us unvaxxed can still be affected by the shedding of the bioweapon and/or the vax itself. The symptoms for both are very similar.

    1. Shedding is a real thing. It’s more important than ever to clean up your diet so you can better resist the prions the covid vaxxed are sharing, mostly via physical contact but also aeresol, as recently proven by the CSU researchers.

      Don’t lose sleep over it though, we’ve all been getting shed on by the vaccinated our entire lives, it’s been a thing long since discounted yet inevitably always persistent. You’re probably developing electrosensitivity and are dealing with starlink device radiation which now encompass a substantial portion of all spaces on this planet. Your smart meter and smart devices, even if you made no changes, have all started generating more powerful frequencies as the IOT grid is ramped up to a more energetic state; aka; the 5g grid is going live with higher energy output all over the world. Most locations had only low frequency for years but since 2020 and beyond, they’ve began really ramping up the frequency of these systems. This is how major corporations absolve themselves of obvious liability, because they’re all pushing something harmful to human health, we can’t nail any one of them down individually as being fully responsible and hence liable for damages. Find the Cell Phone Task Force group website to learn more. Thank you.

    2. Put your trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Read the King James Bible. All the things that have been happening have been prophesied about in the KJB.
      Just watch out for the “new” versions…they are corrupted by the adversary.

  2. “cause mild side effects” you claim.
    Was it a mild death to those who perished from these shots?
    Was it a mild heart attack and could’ve been worse without the Vax?
    Was it a mild ……. never mind ……

  3. I believe that the increase in street violence is attributed to the vaccine. All prisoners were vaccinated. The way people use their bodies as weapons these days, with no regard to pain or injury, is in itself psychotic.

    1. Well, sort of. Read up on ‘mass formation psychosis’. Banned (dot) video, website has a few several hour long interviews with esteemed researched psychologists and social evolutionary philosophers on the matter.

      “The world went crazy all at once. And one at a time we’re bringing them back to reality.”

  4. Thank you for this article. Personally, I do not think these reported cases are psychosis I think these individuals were “hacked” by the vaccines contents (nanoparticles and self assembling graphite etc). This happened to me following the second jab of Astra-Zeneca when I was also living in a new 5G zone.
    I started hearing voices that were repetitive and attempted to change my identity – name, birth place that caused me confusion. Attempts were also made to shame, anger, frighten and blame me for things I had not done i.e. that I had committed crimes. Seemingly my life was suggested to be under threat; my bank accounts; phone numbers, log in passwords and private details were being made public. And a system of voting was canvassed from the public to “save” ; “kill”; “blame” me plus some ten words in total to chose from.
    I went to three police stations in two different countries asking if I was wanted and, if not, that I wished to report a crime. In the last instance I was taken to a UK psychiatric hospital for assessment by the police. I was seen by a psychiatrist and found to be normal – in fact, oriented & highly functional. I was sent for a CT scan that came back normal too (I was told). Yet I had cerebellar symptoms, I had micro bleeding (raised D-Dimer), POTs, low BP, an erratic heart rate and I had to self medicate using cayenne pepper to survive threatened heart failure several times.
    A Yellow Card report was submitted and I was sent the number along with an International Vaccine Injury no. – yet I was denied exemption by the NHS from taking further boosters and I have had to work to restore my own health. Thankfully, I have been successful.

    1. The targeted harassment and digital stalking theory. As regailed to you by someone whom goes straight to the established authorities to find answers. Hogwash. Take that back to BIN and SHTF. Disinformation to cause conative dissonance and personal doubt, as the story is duplicitous and illogical to itself. ‘Wear a hat that’s foil lined, in case an alien is inclined, to probe your butt or read your mind.’

    2. Sorry Hilary about the reply from Colorado. They do not know (or maybe they’re ‘seed media’) the mechanisms behind the nanobots and nanotechnology behind the shot. People can read on about people who have taken the shots are emitting “codes” that can be picked up on certain blackberry devices. The admittedly incredibly advanced nanotechnology robots were already talked about in early 2000’s in a book by Texe Marrs, I think it was Conspiracy World.

      Sadly, most people will stick their heads in the sand because they can’t fathom the fact that yes, mind control IS HERE and it DOES WORK. They can and have harassed people using microwaves to put messages and even ‘visions’ into peoples’ heads to get them to think they’re crazy. Radio signals that humans emit can be picked up and “read” from distances. People don’t consider the fact that almost every square mile has “cellphone towers”, yet reception still sucks in many areas.

      There was even a lawsuit from a former (NSA?) employee against either the CIA or NSA. It’s in a book about HAARP, it’s called HAARP the Weapon of the Conspiracy. One of the last chapters, I believe.

  5. Donna
    You are so correct in saying those of us unvaxxed can be adversely affected by being in contact with those who have been vaxxed. That has happened to me 4 times now since 4/2021. The second time it went on for 4 months as those in my household repeatedly received shots. I ended up suffering a stroke, after months of diarrhea, headaches, and intense body pain.

  6. Try low dose nicotine gum or lozenges for possible long term covid symptoms like tinnitus, headaches, loss of taste. Use only one piece per day. If it helps, it will within a few days. The theory is from Italy. Nicotine competes with the peptide toxins for the same receptors. Don’t use too much at once or the release of toxins could make you sicker.

    1. Thank you Beverly. I am chewing 2mg of nicotine gum, 4x/day now (same gum tablet). It brings back the old song “Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bed post overnight”. Lol

  7. I have been taking Cellcore ViradChem Binder twice a day to prevent acquiring any shedding from anyone. It has helped tremendously with any side effects I was initially feeling from having COVID and through shedding of others.

  8. You have to be almost psychotic to take the shot in the first place.

    Do the researchers take into account that psychiatric meds themselves can cause suicidal ideation and suicide/homicide attempts?

    Dr. Peter Breggin wrote extensively on this.

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