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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC Gives More Than $3 Billion to Local and State Health Departments

CDC headquarters building

Officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they are distributing $3.2 billion to state, local, and territorial health departments across the United States in what they describe as an attempt to “strengthen” public health initiatives. CDC director Rochelle Walensky, MD said the money will give local agencies critical funding to help “reinforce the nation’s public health workforce and infrastructure.”1

The three major strategies of the grant program are designed to…

  • Recruit and train public health workers
  • Strengthen the foundation of public health systems by improving organization and processes
  • Create a more efficient data infrastructure, including data sharing1

The CDC website states that the agency’s vision is to “create a world where people in the United States and around the world live healthier, safer, and longer lives” while reducing morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Money to Be Used for Recruiting Epidemiologists and Contact Tracers

Of the total $3.2 billion in funds allocated, $3 billion will come from the Biden-Harris Administration American Rescue Plan enacted in May 2021. This plan designated a massive $7.4 billion as an ongoing COVID-19 response effort to recruit public health workers to respond to the pandemic and “prepare for future public health challenges.”2 A large portion of the money will also be used to recruit epidemiologists, contact tracers, data analysts, and community health workers.

Public trust in the medical community and public health agencies continues to decline and has dipped below pre-pandemic levels according to a Pew Research survey earlier this year. In March 2020, 79 percent of Americans said public health officials were doing an adequate job responding to the pandemic. By May 2022, that number dropped to 52 percent.1

CDC Director Says CDC in Need of an Overhaul to Rehabilitate Reputation

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the CDC has also been under scrutiny for lack of transparency in distributing real-time health data and issuing shifting guidance on quarantine, masks, and COVID vaccine use . In August of this year, Dr. Walensky said that an overhaul of the CDC was needed to modernize the agency and rehabilitate its reputation.3

“For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations,” Dr. Walensky said. “As a longtime admirer of this agency and a champion for public health, I want us all to do better.”3

As part of this reform, Dr. Walensky is seeking more authority from Congress for the CDC to mandate data collection from states, move money appropriations faster during emergencies, and offer more competitive salaries for recruiting.3

Federal funding is also going toward reorganization of a division within the Health and Human Services Department known as the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response ,which will coordinate future federal responses to health emergencies, including vaccine distribution.4

CDC Continues to Ignore Health Education

With a $7 billion plan dedicated to strengthening public health infrastructure and $4.3 billion for local communities, the White House and government health agencies persistently refuse to address foundational ways to improve health that do not involve use of pharmaceutical products. Neither of the multi-billion-dollar plans make a single mention of funding efforts to educate the American people about good nutrition and healthy lifestyles or addressing other modifiable risk factors for preventing SARS-CoV-2 and infectious disease complications. There are no plans to promote regular physical activity, controlling high blood pressure, quitting smoking and vaping, and reducing obesity.5

In fact, the CDC had to expand its BMI charts for children last week to now include measurements to cover “severe obesity” to better track and assess obesity rates. The CDC’s plan does not address what actions will be taken to help lessen the burden of obesity among children.6

CDC’s Sole Emphasis is More Vaccination

With more than 4.5 million children falling into the “severe obesity” category, the focus for public health remains solely on improving childhood vaccination rates. In fact, Dr. Walensky said that “vaccine misinformation is among the biggest threats” we are facing in public health.7

Walensky’s comments come on the heels of a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, which found that found that 28 percent of adults are now against vaccination requirements for kindergarten entry (up from 16 percent in 2019). The survey revealed that 35 percent of parents surveyed said parents should have the freedom to decide whether or not their children get vaccinated (up from 23 percent in 2019).7

With single minded focus on getting all children injected with the COVID vaccine, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently expanded eligibility for updated booster shots to children as young as six months old. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), by the end of August 2022, only about five percent of children up to age four had received a COVID shot.8

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16 Responses

  1. bribery – communist style medical tyranny and setting up for the next wave of tyranny. If they follow CDC’s recommendations (the scam) they get $$$ and lots of it. Millions of karens stripping us of informed consent and medical freedom of choice. Pure evil. Anyone who plays along is guilty of treason and murder for all who will die at the hands of the medical complex.
    If you look at China, it looks like plandemic 2 is kicking in, likely to coincide with the orchestrated shutdown and reboot of the new socialist economy. The dollar is also set to implode whenever they want.

  2. CDC criminals trying to have a tyrannical authority to data collect , mandate and rob people of constitutional rights abd bodily autonomy. Vote out any congress member that approves the CDC proposal.

  3. The CDC stands for the “Center for Destruction and Criminal activity” . One thing is guaranteed: they will all have to stand before the Lord one day!

  4. What do billions get you? A 52% rating. It should be close to zero. FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS… regulatory capture. We can never forgive them for pushing these vaccines. The evidence of harm is overwhelming but yet, they continue to push them…

  5. There is no rebuilding any of these agencies. Putting lipstick on a pig is all this is. We need breakaway societies rebuild family and community. From their new medical treatment facilities can be formed.

  6. Abolish the pharma controlled PR entity, the Center for Disease Continuation.
    Abolish the pharma controlled FDA, the Fraud and Death Agency.
    Abolish ALL mandated vaccines, forever.
    Abolish pharmas criminal lack of liability for its fraudulent, unnecessary, worthless, unsafe shots.
    In my opinion, ALL vaccines should be abolished and banned, forever.
    They do nothing but harm, while provided zero protection from ANYTHING.
    Pharma has co-opted our entire govt, and together they are trying to enslave us to their poisonous products.
    Vaccine passports are the nail in our coffin, if we allow this to happen.

  7. We need better better trained public health care workers. Our public health care workers are making dangerous wrong decisions. Especially Rochell Walenski!
    Vaccine ☣️? misinformation is a huge threat,. Public officials , and media are giving deadly ☠️ misleading information about ☣️?, causing many people to be injured.

    We need better data analysis and data sharing, not censorship. We need to find out what is causing such a increase of death☠️ in 2021, and increase in autism, drugs ?, development delays, and cancer. ?! US is dieing quickly.
    Most can be prevented.

    Our public health system is kaput!

  8. CDC Head, Dr Walensky said “vaccine misinformation is among the biggest threats we are facing in public health.” What she failed to say is that the CDC is producing the misinformation.

  9. Throwing money at a broken system will not work. It will only make the hospitals dependent on the federal government and more responsive to their dictates, further alienating the patient from their doctor. I want to see doctors once again be independent of hospitals instead of being under their thumb, subject to their dictates.

  10. Hahaha “ Dr “ Walensky ? Show everyone how come she’s actually a Dr “ ? that along should be the end of this crap story, but when people actually do something about it and stop or at least put a real fight to stop tyrants and cronies of big pharma and government like this crazy b?tch things may change hopefully “
    And when people actually realize that corruption is made legal “ in this country ?? and it’s been like it for a long time ? those people who are standing up against the tyrants hopefully be a lot a lot more than they are and once and for all people really take control and never let this happen again.

  11. CDC = Pseudo-Scientists & Psychopaths whom work for BigPharma (plain & simple), This Alphabet Soup & it’s ilk need to be dismantled since they’ve clearly INTENTIONALLY failed their Mandates, committed Crimes Against Humanity, violated the Nuremberg Codes and all Medical Ethics Guidelines.
    The CDC/FDA/NIH/ACIP/NVPO/HHS/etc. are utter FAILURES and a disgrace to the Human Race…it’s as if their intentional all along was to Hurt Humanity, that’s what their Actions & lack of Actions demonstrate.
    Peace All & keep Critically Thinking

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