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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Woman in Japan Dies 90 Minutes After Getting Pfizer mRNA COVID Shot

Japanese doctor with vaccine

A 42-year-old woman in Aisai City (Aichi Prefecture), Japan died on Nov. 5, 2022, about 90 minutes after receiving a fourth dose of a COVID-19 biologic. The dose was from Pfizer/BioNTech’s experimental Comirnaty bivalent mRNA COVID shot tailored for the BA.5 subvariant of the Omicron virus.1 2 3

Ayano Iioka, received the shot at a mass vaccination site in the Aisai and began having an anaphylactic reaction and collapsed suddenly within five minutes of the vaccination. She developed difficulty breathing and complained of feeling like she was “suffocating.”1 2 3

A doctor administered oxygen to Iioka and attempted to give her a shot of epinephrine (adrenaline)—a drug that relaxes the muscles in the airways and tightens the blood vessels—but gave up after being unable to locate a vein for the injection.1 2 3 4

Iioka became nauseous and began vomiting a “blood-like foam.” All anaphylactic treatment was halted when the doctor discovered blood in the woman’s vomit, leading the doctor to suspect there may be “abnormalities” in her lungs. The doctor was reported to have said, “I thought it was bleeding from the lungs because there was blood.”1 2 3

Iioka was subsequently transported by ambulance to a local hospital where she died less than two hours later.1 2 3

The Aichi Medical Association said it will investigate the case, specifically the medical staff’s response, as the death was reported to it as a case of medical malpractice.1 According to an article in The Japan Times:

The group suspects her death may have been a result of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, with her family alleging that medical staff failed to provide proper treatment despite her showing symptoms of an allergic response.1

Iioka was reported to have pre-existing conditions, so a spokesperson for the Aisai government said it is unclear if the woman’s death was due to the vaccination.1

Moderna and Pfizer Bivalent COVID Shots Approved in Japan

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan earlier this month granted fast-track approval of Moderna’s experimental bivalent formulation of its Spikevax mRNA COVID shot for the BA.5 Omicron subvariant. In October, the Ministry granted fast-track approval the Comirnaty bivalent mRNA COVID shot for the BA.5.5 6

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5 Responses

  1. The problem is, as long as it’s not them, the majority of people don’t care about others dying and the adverse effects these drugs are causing. If they did, the streets would be filled with outraged people.

  2. Obviously the author of this article does not know what they are talking about. Epinephrine is administered in the thigh and can be given right through clothing. I cannot imagine other countries do it differently. Melinda MSN RN CNS

  3. “It is unclear if the womans death was due to vaccination.”

    10 trillion dollar signs can certainly obscure peoples perceptions. Along with their cognitive dissonance which would entail admitting they’ve made the most irresponsible wreckless decision of their entire lives, as well as facing up to the fact their government leaders and medical establishment advisors are empty vessels, puppets for the for profit pharma industry, devoid of reason and discernment. When people can’t recognize what is literally right in front of them… Too bad people did not understand the genetic modification arguments over the past 20 years. If they had taken the time to educate themselves, they’d have stayed as far away from everything GMO as humanly possible, from food to medicine. rnma is literally genetic modification. Moderna’s existence is literally from the start to research genetic modification.

    “Died suddenly.” free documentary video.

  4. I’m not shocked by this report, but it certainly is sad. A thought inevitably came to mind. Japan, like most, if not all present country governments, is not free of corruptible politicians and many other members of government. It seems obvious to me. How about you? How convenient for the deceivers that most people, including children, in at least the United States now have one or more pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies just love to see those words, pre-existing conditions, especially if the patient failed to list each and every such “pre-existing condition.” The companies lobbied for laws allowing loopholes for those companies, and they were often successful. Profits, after all….

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