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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Pretty Much Everyone is Getting Heart Damage from the COVID Vaccines

We all know that mRNA vaccines are associated with myocarditis. It’s rare, but it’s an important safety signal. It’s more likely to affect men than women, and it’s more likely to affect people in a certain age range. And that range is about 16 to 24. That’s the peak demographic. And it’s still important from 24 to 40. It’s still important from 12 to 16. It’s still probably important in 10 and 11. But it is most important… 16, 17, 18, 19 20… That’s the core group with the absolute highest risk.

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23 Responses

  1. People are getting “sudden death” too. Just do a search for that one.
    It’s a slippery slope towards hell.
    Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late!

  2. It seems in the Covidian’s minds adverse effects and unexpected cardiac arrests caused by the shots are acceptable because “the shots prevent me from dying of the scarier Covid”.

  3. Young women are getting autoimmune diseases at a higher rate. Several years ago lost friends to raging Lupus after they got jabs in order to be around new grandbabies. These experimental jabs are dangerous and no one seems to care.

  4. Why can’t we get to the bottom of this issue? The problem here is that this MD individual is concurring in his demeanor that there is such a thing called COVID. He is actually one of the accomplices in this evil. There is no space in his assertion for the theory that there was NO such thing in the first place – that it was all made up – that there is no such thing as a virus that is so deadly. And if there is such a thing that is so deadly, it must be man-made and created in a lab by evil men and women. So we need to arrest these criminals and bring them to justice. Please bear in mind that a virus is not a living thing like bacteria or fungi or parasites. It is ostensibly a piece of DNA particle. This hysteria of criminals in the medical industry who colluded with-governments all over the world to inflict this lie upon nations of people is what should be discussed. This is about money and greed on the part of pharmaceutical companies and status and money on the part of the medical professionals. How about we go back to square 1. This was all a scam. There was no need for this hysteria. This hysteria was built up due to self-propagation of fear upon itself and self-fulfilling prophecy due to perception that there was a thing called COVID. This fear built on itself because people are afraid of dying. It’s time to stop the madness. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to take responsibility for your health.

  5. No bace line?
    They need to re do.
    Take 2 samples before ☣️?.
    1 day before ?.
    & 2 weeks before ?.
    Then compare with after ?.
    Then we can tell if it increase, decrease, or just fluctuating.
    When their are any other adverse effects we can run additional tests on original samples.
    Very important to know initial conditions!

    This ? has Manny reports of suspended adverse effects!

  6. There is no virus. Do some research. Seems like you are capable. This is about population control. Don’t be stupid.

  7. I get the impression that Prasad is playing both sides of he fence. I can’t get a grip on his stand for or against the SHOT. It is without a doubt the most poisonous injection that America has ever forced upon her people and it doesn’t matter what the age of the person, IT IS still dangerous. The entire dog and pony show was an experiment in control and fear. Guess what, America fell for it. I personally will never trust the “medical profession” again.

  8. This is such a well presented report, I really appreciate Prasad’s work, and his tone of voice (minimally dramatic).
    He lays out a very clear way that these effects could be studied with more certainty.
    Thanks to NVIC for making this available to us.

  9. I suspect young healthy appear to be higher risk just because it is much easier to “diagnose” myocarditis in that otherwise low risk age group. I suggest many of the older population with newly diagnosed A-Fib & CHF, developed myocarditis first after receiving the vaccine. Their heart function was compromised due to myocarditis but nobody associated those “after the fact” conditions with the vaccine since CHF & A-Fib typically affect the elderly.

    I remember back in the 1990s there was an epidemic of elderly people developing CHF. I was a new RN in an emergency room and exacerbated CHF patients were a daily occurrence.To this day, heart failure clinics stay busy but they got their start 30 years ago. I suggest whatever adjuvant in the flu vaccine in the 1990s causing the exacerbation of CHF then, is currently being included in the covid concoction.

    1. The adjuvant “MF59” is being added to the flu shot today and targeted to the elderly. My Father received the flu shot in Oct 2021 that included the word “adjuvant”. When I asked his VA PCP what this adjuvant MF59 was, I was sent the CDC paper claiming it was safe. After further research, I found out MF59 was added to some unknowing Gulf War soldier’s anthrax vaccines experimentally and was the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome. The creator of MF59 said it was cruel to even give it to animals.

      1. Great job at researching! It is really sad for the minority of humans who can critically think that the majority of herd is unable to reason their way out of a wet paper sack. Their Ignorance, apathy, stupidity and unquestioning compliance have enabled “those born to rule” the ability to rule with an iron fist.

        Most people remain clueless that the vaccine/pharmaceutical research has ALWAYS been conducted using alchemy type methodology rather than the scientific method. Meaning that they just create their concoctions by mixing substances together then test the results on unsuspecting sheople…. then call their perverted statistics concerning safety & efficacy “Science”

        1. One more point to the MF59 “safety” methodology saga; the CDC used a study conducted in an Italian nursing home where the adverse effects (autoimmune, fatigue, etc.) during the study were attributed to old age rather than the drug they were studying. That is how they were able to proclaim “nothing to see here” and MF59 as being “safe”.

          This is how our government is treating our elderly veterans who sacrificed themselves in order for this government to remain in power. It’s criminal.

    2. Lost a vaccinated 50+ yo son-in-law in May, post MI, no cardiac history.
      Lost a vaccinated 90+ yo brother in October, post MI, no cardiac history.
      I will never know and always wonder.

  10. Karen Stewart, I could not have said it better! Wow!!! Well done!!! I cannot agree more!

    Sadly, I lost my brother 3 days after he received his booster and his flu shots at the same time. Three days is all it took. He died in his sleep of a massive heart attack. He was found by his youngest daughter on the sofa with his ever loyal dog curled up by his side. Horrific loss. Absolutely traumatic for my family.

  11. It’s sad, and my best friend has been jabbed repeatedly. He recently suffered a heart attack, followed a few days later by another one. He’s stable now, but I would issue a life insurance policy on him.

    For me, the silver lining is that soon I will have a lot fewer people competing for resources, jobs, etc. as more and more start dying off. I think of it as natural selection; I was smart enough to avoid it, and those who weren’t – well, they’re simply helping to clean the gene pool. The survivors will be on average more intelligent, tougher, and more independent.

    1. Glad to hear you are okay. Hopefully you’ve not experienced “shedding” of the vax onto you from your best friend and others you may have been in close proximity to you who received the shots.

  12. They kicked out Marion Gruber and Phil Krause of the FDA and they’re left with (the, the worst decision making I’ve ever seen). The recent ACIP panel at CDC can compete with the FDA gang. ACIP just voted for putting the shot (mRNA) into the child immunization schedule.

  13. The problem with saline solution control group is that at current THERE IS NO saline solution, they all contain nanotechnology/graphene

    This also shows Pfizer never had a placebo group, because their saline solution – Hospira contains “nano”

    HOSPIRA is the saline solution used by Pfizer:

    IV saline in bags manufactured by both Hospira and Baxter contained 1600-8000 microparticles/mL and 4-73 × 10⁶ nanoparticles/mL in solution. When IV immunoglobulin was diluted into the IV saline, 3700-23,000 microparticles/mL and 18-240 × 10⁶ nanoparticles/mL were detected. During processing of the solution through the IV system, in-line filters removed most microparticles. However, there were still 1-21 × 10⁶ nanoparticles/mL in IV saline and 7-83 × 10⁶ nanoparticles/mL in IV immunoglobulin diluted in saline.

  14. “Maximum effective , minimal harm”
    since when did CDC fowell that?

    Now it is ” maximum ???? ,maximum $”

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