Saturday, April 13, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


‘Shot in the Dark’ Bioweapon With Barbara Loe Fisher

I was predicting many years ago that we would come to the day where you would not be able to function in society unless you had gotten every federally recommended vaccine—that you wouldn’t be able to hold a job, you wouldn’t be able to travel, get into a hotel, get on a plane… be able to function, basically, in society. But the Great Reset, the destruction of the economy… I didn’t see that part. And I didn’t see the measures to which they are going and have gone and, obviously, are planning to go.

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6 Responses

  1. Is there a way for me to purchase a ‘Shot in the Dark’ Bioweapon With Barbara Loe Fisher? Thank you, Susie

  2. Go on and research Covid and the Great Reset and a million other topics in the news, health, and nutrition. I listen to and read and research on this site weekly if not daily and stay off prime-time or MSM news shows and papers. I knew a lot about what was coming over 15-30 years ago. I just didn’t know when.

  3. Likewise, WEF boasts about enslavement to Fear – Big Pharma and spell out exactly what they are doing and what plans they have for the future. I’ll join from now on.

  4. What too many call conspiracy is reality, happening right before our eyes; COVID19 was but a small piece of what is coming. This was merely a test run on how the people will react, how much will they take before they push back and we failed as a world miserably. Too many jumped in line for shots that were known to cause death in all test animals because they actually trust government bureaucracy. The next virus they release will be far worse as they are already on to the next one, Bill Gates used H1N1 and the bird flu via GOF research to create a new bird flu transmissible to humans. Don’t forget these are the same people that want to take away our protein sources, they have killed record numbers of birds due to the “bird flu” and are already discussing giving the deer population COVID vaccinations. Fertilizer is scarce, limiting crops and the food source for livestock. These power elites are creating global famine, so they can swoop in save us all and in turn control us all. What could possibly go wrong? /s I hope enough people are waking up to what is happening before it is too late to stop it.

  5. Speaking of having to comply with the latest vaccine hypocrisies, this continues unabated. As an example, Biden just called a Lt in the Coast Guard and congratulated him and others for their bravery in rescuing people during this recent Florida catastrophe after Hurricane Ian. That same Lt refused the Covid vaccinations. He asked for a religious exemption and was denied. He appealed and was again denied. That hero will be asked to leave the Coast Guard if he does not comply with the vaccination orders within sixty days. There are well over 10,000 other military (and police officers, etc.) personnel who will be removed from service because of failure to comply with the vaccine mandates. The government says if you don’t comply with all military orders, you disrupt the order. This vaccine was experimental and did not undergo rigorous testing. Even when we now know the vaccine does not stop the spread, stop you from getting the virus, and in many cases, does little after you get the virus, we find the mandates for service people. Our Supreme Court fails to protect our freedom of right to choose what goes into our bodies. We are in peril. What solid, and legal, ways can we fight this? I am so frustrated by what I see in media but can only try to vote the fools out, of office or stand up and say I will not be a guinea pig for your experimental drugs.

  6. I know two people who got 2 covid shots each…and got “covid” REALLY BAD! Thankfully they survived, but the one said they would not get another one ever again! I was “exposed” to them before they got “sick” and nothing happened to me! But then again, I didn’t get the shot to get Covid either.

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