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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Glyphosate and Other Harmful Contaminants Found in School Lunches

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Moms Across America (MAA), an organization dedicated to creating healthy communities and families, has discovered that 95.3 percent of school lunch items contain glyphosate, which is classified as a carcinogen and an endocrine disrupter. That surprising finding came from toxicity testing on samples of food from the national school lunch program.1

Eighteen Moms Across America supporters’ children bought a school lunch and brought it home in an unused plastic bag. Each parent signed a form confirming the sample was untouched and uncontaminated. Each sample was frozen and sent by one-to-two-day shipping directly to Health Research Institute Laboratories in Fairfield, Iowa, where the toxicity testing was performed. Since the school lunch samples were collected from a national school lunch program, Moms Across America chose not to disclose the school location.2

Toxicity Testing Reveals National School Lunches Are Unsafe

The food toxicity testing project included analysis of 43 school lunches gathered from public schools in 15 U.S. states, a project funded by Moms Across America and Children’s Health Defense (CHD). The samples were tested for glyphosate and 220 other pesticides, veterinary drugs, hormones, and heavy metals.3

The results showed that, not only did 95.3 percent of the lunches contain glyphosate, but 74 percent of the samples contained at least one of 29 harmful pesticides, and four veterinary drugs and hormones were found in nine school lunches samples at levels up to 130.76 ng/g. All of the school lunch samples—100 percent— contained heavy metals at levels up to 6,293 X higher than the EPA’s maximum levels allowed in drinking water and the majority of samples were very low in nutritional value.4

Many lunch items contained very high levels of glyphosate—above 25 ng/g—which are levels that have been proven to be harmful in animal studies. The highest level of glyphosate was found in a beef taco with soft tortilla at 286.77 ng/g and in pizza at 156.14 ng/g.5

The results also showed that 27.9 percent of the lunch samples contained the fungicide thiabendazole, which is known to suppress the immune system. Piperonal butoxide, a toxin that causes birth defects and neurodevelopmental problems, was detected in 41 percent of the samples.6

It is known that 30 million genetically modified school meals are served daily in America to children every day. Zen Honeycutt, director of Moms Across America, stated:

These test results of the school lunches show us that we have a national crisis on our hands. Our government is allowing our children to be poisoned with a shocking number of toxins that contribute to various health, behavioral, and learning issues. In addition, the nutrient density of the food is almost completely deficient, leaving our children’s bodies starving for nutrients, unable to develop properly, and lacking nutrients that their brains need to learn and make sound decisions. If our government cares about America remaining a superpower and a prosperous nation, it must immediately take action to supply organically grown, nutrient-dense food to our nation’s children.7

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13 Responses

  1. This is only the 2nd time I have seen this story. Mainstream news just isn’t telling it. Now that we have proof that the industry is feeding is feeding garbage to our vulnerable; what will be done about it? 30 years ago I got the PTA at my kids school to fund national level water testing in the cafeteria. It failed on five counts including high amounts of unidentified bacteria [ie not e-coli ] . Area was surrounded by dairy farms and cotton fields; but because the water met more lenient state standards the claim was they could do nothing about it. There had been an serious outbreak of vomiting & diarrhea that kept kids out and special forms had to be filed to continue federal funding despite all the absences. I raised hell and made them remove the Culligan system from the teachers room unless they installed one in every class and threatened to go to media if they did not allow kids to bring bottled water to school.
    In 2016 Anthony Samsell PHD and Stephanie Seneff PHD ran tests on ALL vaccines in 3 different labs and found all but one [yellow fever] to be contaminated with glyphosate with the MMR having FIVE TIMES the levels of all the others. They reported this to FDA,NIH,CDC,WHO, EPA, NIAID,AND CONGRESS and NOTHING has been done about it.

  2. The results, while terrible, are not surprising at all. The school lunches are built from government subsidized products, and the government is owned by big corps, including ag and pharma. I really feel compassion for parents that feel like they have no choice but to use the government schooling. Between the poor and biased education, and the chemically laden and nutritionally devoid “food”, the poor kids are who pay the price. Fortunately, while my kids were in public school, they mostly ate packed lunches and took their own water. My last school ager is homeschooled. I hope we soon see an even larger exodus to homeschooling and health promoting lifestyles. Our kids are still, and always, our future.

  3. First, a disclaimer. I am an organic gardener and I try to eat only organic foods. Can’t say I always can eat that way, but I try. I was also a garden writer who was blessed over the years to be able to talk to many experts in all areas of horticulture, agriculture and science. I learned a great deal. What I learned later made me spend years trying to get people to go organic. Some listened, others just had the same story of it being too hard or did not give them perfection. And I have heard this glyphosate story go around in many forms for years now. It is NOT new. And every time I hear it and dwell on all the horrors these chemicals cause it makes me physically ill thinking about our dear children and grandchildren who pay the price for what we sow. I am one fed-up grandmother now who wants to know why people can’t stop being cowards when it comes to the perfect lawn syndrome that afflicts much of this country.

    You can thank Monsanto and all the other chemical companies who sell RoundUp and all the other crap people think they need to keep putting on their “perfect green, weedless lawns” for at least part of this problem. These companies have had farmers hooked on these chemicals for a long time as well. The part they omit is that these very chemicals insects ingest, the more resistant they become to the poisons. Wow, you just create more superbugs. Same with plants. The resistance levels for RoundUp ready crops has skyrocketed. Just ask the farmers who are not afraid to speak up. Every time I read this kind of story it just makes me wonder even more what parents are thinking when they allow chemical companies to spray their yards and then the kids play on the poisons. I have banned all chemicals from my property for over 25 years. Those chemicals scare the crap out of me. Organic means you just don’t do dangerous things, even if you have to live with imperfection. You get weeds and you mow them down. I pretty much get in the faces of neighbors who spray this poison near or into my yard perimeter. They know I will report any lawncare company that lets those chemicals drift into my yard. Sadly, most just ignore it; you know they MUST have that perfect lawn. Have not made a lot of friends these days. But I have healthy plants and lots of honeybees and butterflies flock to my safe yard–in the midst of a desert of poisons. I can safely pick and eat my dandelions. Can you say that about your yard?
    Sorry, I am on this tirade now as I have seen this scenario play out all across my own area and nothing changes. It is always the problem of someone else–never the person who let companies come in and spray this trash. We allow towns to spray this garbage on play areas and school grounds. Okay, so ask yourselves this? what is more important to you all–perfect lawns and kids getting sick with cancers, or just letting nature alone and mowing the damn weeds down once a week? The studies that actually see the light of day have already shown these chemicals are killers. TV stations play lots of attorney sponsored ads telling those who have come into contact and gotten a plethora of cancers with RoundUp and other chemicals to call so they can sue for damages. The reason mainstream media won’t tell you is because they get far too much money from all these chemical giants. They get dollars from every single one of the people who buy these chemicals or allow those chemical companies to spray your yards. Tell Costco, Home Depot, Lowes and all the other stores that sell RoundUp and the glyphosates to stop helping to kill our kids and destroy the food supply, waterways, and soil. You get the bad when you allow the bad to prosper. If everyone who said they cared about the health of their kids would also halt all spraying on their landscapes, perhaps we would see a difference. But I bet most are cowering away at the idea of weeds ruining their lawns, making them look sloppy, and oh my heavens, lowering their house resale value. I dare you to stop spraying poisons on your yards and making all our kids pay the ultimate price. I will say it again, I DARE YOU.

  4. Planned Murderhood via the Democrat Communist Party is slaughtering our children with taxpayer dollars! The same DCP is poisoning our children via the school lunch program! The DCP via the CDC, FDA, NIH is injecting Deadly Murderous Toxins into our children’s blood streams! Anyone who votes for a Democrat Communist Party candidate is voting for the slaughter of their own children! When are the Parents going to get together and rise up against our Democrat Communist Run Government and tell them to STAY the hell away from our children? It’s past time to tell these communist bastards NO MORE attacking and murdering our children via Democrat Communist Party policies and agendas to kill our children! Wake the hell up!!!

    1. Vote with your wallet. Vote with your feet. What’s in your kitchen? Most people are blissfully unaware they willingly consume dangerous big ag products. Schools are just price focused, which is where the most dangers in food lies. Quality organic non gmo foods are expensive. Get to know labels, what hydrolized salts are, what msg analogs are, why there is no such thing as safe preservatives outside of natural process like smoking and drying and such. If only it was as easy as blaming the red side or the blue side. When your chicken sandwich can literally kill you, it ceases to be a red or blue issue.

      Join the Cornicopia Institute today, and tap into their helpful resources to identify safe food brands, from the myriad of fraud food brands. This is the organic eaters most important resource.

  5. It’s time to take my state of Pennsylvania back from the satanic government of Wolf and these other communists running the Democrat party! We need a great RED Tsunami of in-person voting on November 8th and God-willing we can stop the FDA, CDC and others from mandating what shots we get, what food we eat and bring back our Republic in PA and all the states in the USA! Enough of the communist control in PA and elsewhere! Let’s send a message these evil communist democrats will hear loud and clear on November 8. They all need military tribunals along with prison time for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

  6. This reply is to “Pam”
    This article is about POISONED SCHOOL LUNCHES. It is NOT about the parents, most all of whom are now poor, spraying their “perfectly sculpted yards” or “gardens” with pesticides. I don’t know where you live, but where I come from, the majority of folks can barely afford gas for their push mowers and absolutely NO ONE has a perfectly landscaped yard, much less the time, money or energy to grow a garden. This is about Congress and State Legislatures being OWNED by and PAID OFF by Corporations and Special Interest Groups, and NOT EVEN REMOTELY REPRESENTING THOSE WHO PAY FOR THEIR SALARIES, HEALTH INSURANCE, OFFICES, and LIFETIME PENSIONS WITH THEIR LABOR. That is, IF they still have jobs after the controlled demolition of the labor market disguised as COVID-19, which could not have been possible without the full cooperation, mandates, and orders of our Federal and State Governments. This is about these governmental entities NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT OUR KIDS at the level of ALLOWING THEM TO BE FED LITERAL POISON for lunch while attending their government managed public schools which are ALSO PAID FOR WITH OUR LABOR. These same governments enact laws REQUIRING MULTITUDES OF VACCINATIONS on our children which also contain the same POISONS, TOXINS, and HEAVY METALS as the school lunches all of which are carcinogens and immune system destroyers. NO LAWS ARE EVER ENACTED TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS AND THE CHILDREN FROM THE HARM, DEATH, MAYHEM, and DESTRUCTION caused and created by The Corporations, The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries, The “Food” Suppliers, or the Military Industrial Complex. But MANY LAWS ARE ENACTED ON BEHALF OF THESE BEHEMOTH INSTITUTIONS, ALWAYS TO OUR DETRIMENT. Your comment is not relevant here as you mostly seem to be scolding regular people or farmers about spraying their lawns and gardens with Roundup which SHOULD NOT EVEN BE AN OPTION FOR ANYONE TO USE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The fact that this product continues to be on the market should tell ANYONE with half a brain cell that it is a product used heavily by ALL OF THE ABOVE INSTITUTIONS, legally and much to the DETRIMENT of The People as it has been PROVEN TO CAUSE CANCER and severe illness otherwise to humans and animals because IT IS POISON.

  7. This is in reply to MM. I thank you for all your comments. It is vital we hear from everyone in order to see clearly and act in the best interest of our children. All of your points deserve respect and consideration. I hear you clearly, especially how our government allows all this poisoning to occur. I know the article was about school lunches and the chemicals found within them. Sometimes going off topic for a cause is not a bad thing, or is it? Those who did not find my topic of interest can rightly ignore it or comment. That is a good thing. I have read other articles on this topic and the more deeply researched often point to what I had “scolded,” to some degree because these chemicals do migrate in so many ways into our foods–the very foods you discuss that our kids are forced to eat. The chemicals we ingest or receive via vaccinations or prescription drugs also migrate into the sewers and water treatment plants. Read up on that if you like; it is very disturbing to know our “clean drinking water” is full of chemo-drugs, toxins etc. My own drinking water in my area has failed several chemical tests for over 3 years now–the government here keeps saying it is working on the problem. . Nothing is free of poisons anymore. Many farmers barely survive and the chemicals they use are sometimes used as last resort to save a crop. But Mega-farms and Big Agra supported farmers are not without culpability. They sell you the food that government uses in school lunches. I guess I become very emotional about that topic as I am basically powerless to even get people in my own area to stop putting poisons where I must live. Can we at least allow the idea that treated lawns (city playgrounds, school grounds,etc.) are played upon by children who get it on their hands and ingest this as kids so often put their hands in their mouths. If your kids go to parks or schools, I bet they have gotten a dose of those chemicals. How many children whose parents do not use lawn products still get it from other sources? They are also the victims here. It may seem small and trivial but it is not since all these chemicals are cumulative within the body, especially in our fatty tissues. I agree it is a crime to treat our kids or anyone this way. The chemicals from landscapes, farms, and anywhere those chemicals are applied are making its way into everything; poisoned food has to come from somewhere. I realize many do not have lawncare services, it was not my wish to downplay the horrible inflation and daily life issues faced. I had thought I was speaking to those who use lawn care services. I had thought I made that clear but I apologize for not being so. FYI, I Iive in MA. I just took a survey of my own neighborhood. On this one street alone, there are 15 houses. Of these, only 5 do not apply chemicals throughout the entire growing season. I see ChemLawn and a myriad of other poison trucks come and liberally spray their crap. I agree these homeowners have way too much discretionary spending that allows them to think Nature is theirs to control and destroy. And these people who use the services are part of the population who need to hear about the poisoning of our foods. These are not benign chemicals and we live in an area where the runoff goes directly to water drains that feed into a water area. FYI a few people here, like myself, have vegetable gardens because they want healthy food and cannot afford the high cost of vegetables that stores are selling. Growing a vegetable garden is not necessarily a luxury. That is the reality I see here. It is the one I am most familiar with and the one I try to address. It may not be the reality of your area. I see the same lawn care poisons in my relative’s neighborhoods in CT as well. It gets into their well water. But those who use those chemicals are harming all of you who do not. I still dare those who have the financial security that allows them to poison our landscapes to stop. To get the corporations you speak about to stop the “harm, death and mayhem” means we all have to act as if the God in all things matters. If I can say nothing that matters to those who read my comments here, I hope you will at least understand that I am a grandmother who loves all the kids–your children are as dear. Poisons, no matter where they come from or how they are used, are harming us all. Perhaps it is time for me to stop commenting on the lawncare issues, which I have fought for so many years to address by going to lawmakers, voting, writing letters, boycotting stores that carry those products, and commenting on boards like this one. It is indeed tiring and seems futile in many ways. This newsletter is named Vaccine Reaction. Yet it addresses many other issues that spin off from it. That is a good thing. MM, continue to speak your truth to power. We are all better when you stand up for what you believe. Let us always be open to full discussion and respect for ideas. That is your point, is
    it not–that governments do not want us to hear the truth(s), so we should endeavor even harder to be honest, truthful, and fight for what we believe? May those who are younger and stronger be the voices that save our planet and its children.

  8. ‘The general assembly declares all Illinois citizens are entitled to lead healthy lives. The state board of health is composed of 20 person appointed by the governor …’

    We should add nutritionists, Toxicologist, and natural holistic doctor to be on state board of health.

    1. But…. Those humble professions don’t have fat wallets to give lots of money to politicians, lol.

      It’s the consumer that is ultimately in charge, and we need to better educate people on the dangers of these products. Vote with your wallet, vote with your feet. Like I tell people, sorry, I can’t opt out twice. We have long since removed glyphosate from most of our food products.


      Please adopt this new slogan; Better living WITHOUT chemicals.

      I find it entertaining that people get so personally invested in one issue, while remaining blissfully ignorant of equally as important issues. Toxic environments are not limited to just chemicals. Read up and better educate yourself. (Hint; if you are reading this on a cellular device, you are doing it wrong.)

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