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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Embalmer Richard Hirschman on Finding Abnormal Fibrous Blood Clots in the Blood Starting in 2021

The things that I’ve been seeing in the last couple of years pretty much has to do with I’ve noticed there’s something that’s changed with people’s blood. Back when 2020 was coming along and towards the fall, we started noticing an increase in deaths and, of course, everything at that time was being attributed to COVID. When January [of 2021] came around and they started putting out these shots, everything was still being labeled COVID so it seemed like the numbers of deaths shot through the roof and, of course, the clotting issue became worse. And it continued to get worse and worse, and by around May of 2021 I started noticing this white fibrous material when I was embalming that were in these clots that were unique and very strange.

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  1. How long will we be in the ‘prove it with data’ phase? Forever to infinity I suppose. That’s how criminal cartels work, give everyone the run around forever. Does anyone have a pitchfork I can borrow? The covid vaccine in the end turns out to be an intelligence test, and most people failed. Although the thought of a severely disrupted society with starkly reduced population is not something I ever wanted or looked forward to, this is the reality of what we are facing. And it’s only going to be more dangerous and corrupted as we move forward from here. Covid protein spikes is just the start of it and one day in the not too distant future we’ll observe the offspring of rnma manipulated genetically modified humans combining into something new. This person had the covid, the next person had the next invention which is soon to come. They will pass it through genetics to their children if they’re even able to still have children which most will not. Or if there are positive trait changes, they will be over rode by the mysterious factors of not knowing whom had the damaging trait changes, unwitting and unknowing passing on. Over time all will become intermingled despite best efforts of the rare humans whom ideologically disagree with the concept of genetic modification. But we are so few in number, we are bound to lose the battle at this pace. We have already lost in fact, that many people rushed to modify themselves of late. Fools rush in. And it will never end as long as people remain hypnotized and fixated on causality and proof. They sold it. People bought it. And in turn they have compromised the entire human existence and human experience from this point forward forever more. As people now are more than ever conditioned to accept rather than reject genetic modification technology. This is truly a sad state of affairs for the human race. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is for everyone whom accepted genetic modification tech to simply perish and allow the remaining people to learn from their mistakes. If you think what’s happened to this point was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What more proof do you people need? More than is physically possible I suppose. Nobody goes to jail. People still consume the product. Corrupt institutions continue to impose their presence. They still pay respect to the purveyors and creators of these substances. And that’s why we are losing both battle and war for the future of humanity.

    1. YEP!!! The powers that be already know what was going to happen. They been knowing that these corrupted human and animal cells and heavy metals cause severe damage to the cellular makeup…They don’t care. The folks that trusted these people would have NEVER dreamed that they would be experimented on like this on a GLOBAL SCALE. It WILL end but it is gonna take a SUPERNATURAL event to end it. Or what many call a “paranormal event” world wide.

  2. I forget the name of the undertaker in the UK, but during his interview he specifically states that these white coloured “clots”
    Have been assessed in a lab he knows and there is absolutely no correlation to blood with these things. There is zero blood matter in these white “clots”. According to data from the lab that he sent them to.

  3. Thank you Richard and Daniel for standing up for the truth! We appreciate people like you. Keep it up, we are behind you! We are passing it on to others to spread the word. Educate, resist evil, and plea for mercy to the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ our Lord for mercy.

  4. My wife and I NEITHER TOOK the vaccine and should have natural immunity since we both had Covid the rough way! I had a reaction from a flu vaccine years ago and have transverse myelitis so vaccines do not set well with us.

    Your statements are in agreement with our experiences. I wish I had known then (14) years ago what I know now!

    Best wishes to you …

  5. Neither my wife nor I took the vaccine. We have been taking Serrapeptase for over 10 years and our vascular system is wide open. Serrapeptase, is proteolytic enzyme that eats blood clots and scar tissue, dissolving them and passing the remains out of the body as urine. Comes from the silkworm. First used in Japan and then in Germany very successfully by Dr. Napier who stopped having to amputate his patients’ extremities because of the increased and renewed blood flow. Check it out and pass the word.

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