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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Biggest Coverup in the History of Science | Rand Paul

We still don’t know where [the SARS-CoV-2 virus] came from. We deserve to know that. That should not be a political pursuit. And Dr. Fauci has made it so. He has turned into a political operative, and he has done so much damage to this country. Now, another answer you’ve been trying to elicit from him, and he’s been very slippery on this, and this is also a glaring conflict of interest… there are people who sit on those vaccine committees who decide what the rules are for all of us and decide where we can and cannot go, could they be getting royalties and could they be enriched from the vaccines that they are forcing into people’s bodies?

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7 Responses

  1. I think we all know exactly where C19 came from and who became wealthy due to the vaccines and Remdesivir. People lost loved ones, loved ones who were forced to die alone with no family surrounding them. What a travesty. We also know who else lost, small businesses lost, having to shut down and some never recovered. Rand Paul seems to be the only one who actually cares, and wants those involved held accountable. Dr Fauxci lied, Dr. Birx liked and many died due to Remdesivir and the vaccine, that is not a vaccine at all. These people are horrible.

  2. SO, Mr. Senator, dear, why don’t you STOP him? Why don’t you have Fauci arrested for lying to Congress? Why don’t you end appropriations for NIAID, or even end the agency? HEALTHCARE should not be a political pursuit; but as long as it exists primarily for private profit–and this has ALWAYS been the case in the U.S.–it will be.

    Oh, and one picky point: nobody yet has proved that a SARS-CoV-2 virus exists, much less is contagious or harmful. Over 200 governmental agencies around the world admit as much:

  3. Thank you truth seekers! We still have freedom of speech. We are grateful to so many including Dr Rand Paul whosee’s through the smoke and mirrors.

  4. Listen, if you can predict a virus is going to happen 2 years before it does you are 100% in on it! I watched him predict it as well as millions of other have. He failed to make his money on “The Swine Flu” and really made up for it on this one! They said his net worth is 10 million but once they do a full investigation and really dig you will see the real money is offshore! I will bet my net worth on that one!! He’s a slime ball that should be in jail for allowing this to happen to the world! Things have changed and will never be the same! It’s hilarious that people think this virus was a natural occurrence, I lost my sense of smell and taste for 4 months and can no longer eat cucumbers, watermelon and peppers cause they taste absolutely horrible! These are not side effects of a naturally occuring virus, it was man made 100%. I also remember seeing video footage of Obama predicting the virus as well..what a coincidence right??

  5. The military also protects Fauci/Medical Industrial Complex, to hide from USA public (We The Poor People) AND NON-ALLIED COUNTRIES.
    _ SURE– GOV CROOKS SHOULD ALWAYS BE JAILED—-yet with HHS’ $1.63 Trillion budget, even without BigPig Pharma bribes, HHS could still bribe CONgressjacks (monthly).
    Gov bureaucrats are unelected, gov-union, and twisted. The Donald T-Rump should have said “You’re Fired.” Gov jackals will NEVER put in term-limit laws, as then they’d have to get a real job.

  6. First “ a Thankyou to Rand Paul for not backing down on investigation scum bag fauci!!!! I agree with Frank how they called the virus before it happened. Hmmmm? And don’t forget about the other scum bag gates. How does someone in technology get involved with science and a virus. There is footage of him predicting this virus. It was definitely man made and all for money and power!!! So sad!

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