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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Autism Can Be a Growth Market

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The title of this article should make everyone cringe. It is borrowed from an even more cringeworthy title of an article by David Feshbach that recently appeared in Barron’s financial magazine… “Autism Can Be a Growth Market, if Investors Help Scale It Up.” Clearly, there is an expectation that the autism epidemic of the past 30-plus years will continue to grow and, consequently, so will the opportunities for businesses that provide treatments (mostly drugs) for those affected by this neurological disorder.1 2

According to a market analysis and forecast published in March 2022 in Fortune Business Insights, the global autism spectrum disorder (ASD) treatment market was valued at $1.85 billion in 2021. This market is projected to grow from $1.93 billion in 2022 to $3.17 billion by 2029, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4 percent over the next 7-8 years.1 2 3

Despite the considerable size of the ASD market, Feshbach, who is CEO of an autism technologies nonprofit, believes the market is “still in its infancy.” He adds:

It hasn’t yet reached anywhere near its full potential, nor the scale needed to help the millions of families living with autism. Currently, one in 100 children around the world is diagnosed with autism. In the U.S., about one in 30 was diagnosed in 2020—a 50% increase from 2017 and a dramatic rise from the one in 300 when my son was diagnosed [in the 1992].1 2

What Feshbach is talking about when he mentions market “potential” is the value of services to aid in dealing with autism, along with the research needed to develop technologies and medical interventions to “improve the quality of life” for autism families and, ultimately, the production and deployment of those technologies and interventions.

The study in Fortune Business Insights notes some of the technologies and medical interventions to which Feshbach may be referring… “antipsychotic drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, stimulants, sleep medications, and others.” Essentially drugs, therapies.

Calls for More Investment in Autism Industry

Feshbach believes there is a need for greater investment in companies working on innovative treatments for autism. But he points out that the “good news” is that “investors are, at last, recognizing that autism is a growth market.”1 2 He writes:

New start-ups and companies are, at last, starting to find the answers. Innovations in diagnostics and big data are on the verge of allowing families to discover the condition earlier, with companies such as BioRosa working to develop a blood test and biomarker for autism. Floreo and other platforms are tapping the power of virtual reality to teach important communication and interpersonal skills, while start-up like Daivergent and Mentra are linking individuals with autism to employers and providing them with support in the workplace. Impruvon Health is offering medication management devices and Advasys is creating tools to help identify sexual abuse.1 2

The “bad news,” Feshbach says, is that much of the investment is going to develop services and treatments that cannot be produced and marketed on a large scale and so, consequently, they may not be sufficiently profitable. The demand for services and treatments is diverse and complex, making it hard to judge where best to make investments.1 2

“In many ways, the complexity of the autism market reflects the disorder itself,” Feshbach says. “It is an immensely complex condition, consisting of countless overlying subtypes and a wide range of obstacles. It’s not autism we are all working to address, but many forms of autism.”1 2

But Why Did My Child Develop Autism?

Feshbach notes, “Even with our growing understanding of the condition, families remain haunted by four questions: What type of autism does my child have? Why can’t my child communicate? How can my child get a job? Who will care for my child after I pass?”1 2

But there is a more fundamental question that many parents of autistic children ask, and that is, “How did my child get autism?” More specifically, “How was my child completely normal and healthy one moment and then, suddenly, autistic?” The fact that Feshbach neglected to list this question is interesting but not surprising, because there are no good answers for it and, thus, no services or treatments to invest in.

Part of the problem is that the question is often phrased like this:

My child was healthy and normal and after getting his shots he became very, very physically and mentally ill.4

In her groundbreaking 1985 book DPT: A Shot in the Dark, which she co-authored with medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), wrote:

Mothers, who know and observe their children far more carefully than any doctors ever will, have reported for decades that their healthy babies become sick and sometimes die shortly after the doctor has given them a vaccination. But doctors have rejected, and continue to reject, their conclusions.5

Fisher gave the following experience by a mother as being a typical one:

I have always felt it was the shot, because her convulsion came just one hour after it. But no doctor would admit it. I would go to a hospital, and she would be having something wrong, and I would tell them her story, and they would look at me like I was crazy. They kept tell me she would have gotten seizures anyway, that it was just coincidental that the seizures happened so close to the shot.5

More than 35 years ago, she and Dr. Coulter were the first to make the connection between autism and vaccine reactions, describing in their book cases of previously healthy children, who developed brain inflammation and encephalopathy after DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccinations and were left with various types of brain and immune system dysfunction, including symptoms doctors diagnose as “autism.”

Vaccine-Autism Link Still Dismissed

There can never be credible scientific investigations that find answers for why children develop autism so long as most scientists and medical professionals refuse to seriously consider all possibilities. Citing some epidemiological studies that suggest vaccines do not cause autism, most doctors and public health officials have closed the book on the vaccine-autism connection and declared the science to be settled on that topic, despite the fact that there have been other biological mechanism and epidemiological studies that suggested a link.6 7

Curiously, most doctors and public health officials have largely dismissed the weight of countless clinical observations that suggest a link. Fisher rightly asks, “How can the medical establishment evaluate vaccine reactions if no one is willing to sit down and observe them?” She adds:

For two thousand years, clinical observation and description of disease has been the raw material of medical science. But this raw material is apparently not to the taste of vaccine policymakers who dismiss as ‘anecdotal’ the stories of mothers and fathers who came forward with their vaccine-injured children.5

So what we’re left with is… We don’t know what causes autism, but rest assured we’re going to invest lots of money to deal with it. In other words, we’re going to create an even bigger autism industry than we already have while ignoring potential causes of the disorder that drives it.

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18 Responses

  1. AUGUST 21, 2020 Autism—The Most Glaring Aspect of the Deterioration of Health Among Our Kids?

    The numbers: We’ve watched the numbers explode with no end in sight. Over the last 20 years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have routinely updated the autism rate: 2001: one in 250
    2004: one in 166
    2007: one in 150
    2009: one in 110
    2012: one in 88
    2014: one in 68
    2018: one in 59
    2020: one in 54

  2. This is the distinct purpose of big pharma drugs and vaccines in concert with the medical mafia. To create alternative markets for even more drugs.

  3. They are not doing this to help families with autistic children. They are doing this to continue creating more and more autistic children in order for them to make more and more money. How come, if they were so concerned, they don’t spend their money finding out what is causing autism? They don’t look at what is causing autism because they already know. Vaccines are causing SIDS and autism and they know it. It is all about money. Making people sick in order to make tons of money. If parents would STOP shooting their kids up with vaccines SIDS and autism would disappear. Ask yourself, how many 70 year old autistics do you know? EVERYONE I ask this question replies NONE. But when you ask them how many children currently they know with autism everyone knows at least one child affected. The huge increase in the number of childhood vaccines in 1989 coincides with the large rise in autism as well. It is not rocket science.

  4. My perspective on this is to keep our faith in God. I do believe according to Bible Prophesy, we are living in the end times. I pray the Good Lord will come soon and gather us believers and get us out of this mess we are living in. Prayer and faith folks. God Bless. I know Jesus has all these evil doers that are forcing their evil ways on us right up front in his mind. I’ll let him deal with them.

  5. I would gladly give up my therapy practice where I treat people with autism on a daily basis in exchange for identifying the cause and eradicating this horrible condition which is destroying lives of children’s and families throughout the world. It is devastating to know that a vaccine link is consistently dismissed. At the age of 3, my nephew lost all speech and descended into autistic behaviors within days following a five-in-one vaccine, which he was told he HAD to get because of a congenital heart condition. This needs to stop.

  6. Great! Companies are making bank on our kids misfortune, while parents are carrying the guilt for our ignorance and blind trust in the medical system and vaccine program that harmed our children, along with the huge financial burden that comes with our healthy babies being injured and becoming disabled because vaccine makers can’t be held financially liable for the side effects of their product. My kid was compensated through NVICP and I’m still dealing with doctors and other professionals who refuse to acknowledge his vaccine injury and “coincidental” autism diagnosis that followed.

  7. The evidence is building up that it is the Tylenol (acetaminophen) that is often given after vaccination (to manage pain and fever) that causes autism. Vaccination may be a factor too, but acetaminophen is a bigger factor. There are already at least 19 lawsuits in the pipeline against makers of Tylenol etc. for causing autism and ADHD.

    This recent review of studies linking acetaminophen with autism lists 17 different lines of evidence that implicate acetaminophen beyond reasonable doubt (note that acetaminophen is called paracetamol outside the US).

    1. Is it, or is it a red herring to divert attention away from the ‘Vaccine’ manufacturers who are EXEMPT from liability and thus place blame with another Big Pharma operation that doesn’t have the Get out of jail free card?

      I believe it just may be the latter. The ‘vaccine’ industry has been receiving a lot of heat as of late; as it should but they’d hate to see their cash cow get sacrificed on the alter only to lose their money train.

  8. Ill just say: as a mother of 3 autistic now grownups, I AGREE.
    Tired of this subject already. All talked out. Worn to a frazzle.
    Now, 2 of them on disability and living with me STILL.

  9. Some people who received no childhood vaccines are also autistic. More research is required to help us better understand autism causes including vaccine schedules, dosage, age of injections, and vaccine type.

    Additionally, the relationship between human health and plastics, chemicals and other toxic environmental exposures need further review.

    If our population is now full of endocrine disrupters, petrochemicals and more, produced by industry, corporations must be held monetarily responsible for their actions and our care.

    1. Ask yourself how many of these children had mothers taking antidepressants throughout gestation and nursing.This stuff also crosses placenta & milk. Glyphosate ;which is now in everything from air food, water, soil AND every single vaccine tested by two leading scientists on this chemical using 3 different labs and different techniques to cross reference in 2016. Reported to FDA,CDC,NIH,NIAID,WHO,AND CONGRESS WITH NO ACTION TAKEN. Pharma is so powerful even though they are serial convicted felons . Guess which vaccine had the MOST Glyphosate [5X all the others] ? The MMR shot. This shot never had mercury but 3 live viruses and lots of other contaminants. There are 7 shots that do still contain Hg. The rest have had double doses of aluminum [brain toxin] added. Go to and read the Vaccine Exipients Summary for the list of other disgusting toxins put in these shots that are synergistic and cumulative and carte blanche approved by FDA ; with no liability what so ever even for lying about safety or efficacy risk or filthy factories. Follow the money. WARP SPEED COVID shots are now causing Sudden ADULT death syndrome [SAD] along with many many serious permanent immune disorders and aggressive cancers. All suppressed in the media and a financial boon for Big Pharma.

  10. Cerebral palsy (CP) in full term babies (I us”full term” as a qualifier because I was born full term) used to be much more common then a autism. However now it is the other way around. In a way CP is like earthquakes. The magnitude 9 poster child for CP is strapped into a power wheel chair and is almost completely incapacitated. However less severe cases are more common just as less severe earthquakes are more more common. However there is a major difference. Sensitive instruments make it possible to detect even the mildest earthquakes. However mild to moderate cases of CP often go undiagnosed or get misdiagnosed as a different condition. I have received the labels psychosomatic illness, minimum brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and dyslexia with attention deficit disorder, before finally being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

    CP is a motor impairment caused by damage to motor control centers in the brain. Other parts of the brain my or may not be damaged. I have often wondered if motor control centers in the brain are more easily injured by trauma or oxygen deprivation then other parts parts of the brain.

    In school my best grades were on multiple choice tests. I did poorly on essay tests because I can’t write more then two or three words a minute for more than a few minutes. The problem was probably made worse by attempting to switch me from being left handed to right handed. In physical education I was always the last person chosen when teams were chosen.

    After my mother mentioned that she had no recollection me being born, I asked her if she remembered my siblings being born and she said that she did (I’m the third of five children). I thought that she was given a general anesthetic, however I now think that it is more likely that she was given a combination of scopolamine and morphine which induces amnesia and twilight sleep (apparently a common practice in the mid twentieth century).

    She also said that she noticed a forceps mark on my forehead (not my temples) after I was born. Every illustration of forceps deliveries that I have seen shows the forceps being applied to the temples. My mother was 5’1” and she had narrow hips and I was an 8 pound baby so cephlopelvic disporportion was probably a factor.

    There is some overlap be CP and autism which causes me to wonder if someone with disabilities similar to mine born in the early 21 century would be diagnosed as autistic.

  11. I propose 5000 family volunteer to have their newborns not vaccinated until age 5 and monitor and see what the autism rate is amongst the group after 5 years. Simple to do and I am sure you can find families to do this, at least this can help to see if or how much they can effect the rate of autism. Then further studies can follow.

  12. I propose 5000 family volunteer to have their newborns not vaccinated until age 5 and monitor and see what the autism rate is amongst the group after 5 years. Simple to do and I am sure you can find families to do this, at least this can help to see if or how much vaccines can effect the rate of autism. Then further studies can follow.

  13. After my own adverse vaccine event in 2013 I started doing my own research. My conclusion is that vaccines are one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on mankind.

  14. Please supply a link to share this article on social media. Of course the link between vaccines and autism is irrefutable, especially to Big Pharma and parents whose child/children became autistic after vaccine injections.

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