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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Why Nazarin Believes the COVID-19 Vaccine is Unsafe

My friend Katrina, she is 28 years old. She was perfectly healthy before. She only had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Five days later, she was beginning to experience brain fog. Now she’s had a stroke. She’s had three suspected heart attacks. … I think the one question I would ask is how can you be sure that that was the vaccine and not something that would’ve happened anyway? If you’ve been completely healthy before, that one thing changed and then days later you’re suddenly experiencing all these things you’ve never had before, like paralysis and seizures, the chance of that happening to someone so young… I would say, not possible.

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13 Responses

    1. Your are correct. Our government wants a sickly nation. Then we are easy to control. What is so sad is our stupid society either doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it.

  1. Who is that doctor? She really thinks she knows why Math and Science exist? Has nothing to do we God? Oh really? ? She’s brilliant, no?!

  2. I would respond back to the interviewer with- to discount that the jab is not the cause of the woman’s health issues is not being very prudent or giving caution to error- that it very well could be a likely possibility. First do no harm. To say that it is not is “willful blindness” in my opinion. The interviewer may say you cannot say the jab actually caused these issues where I would reply back and say – you cannot say that they didn’t and because we don’t know let’s be very careful as to what we recommend and mandate for people to do. Talk about a bias advertisement by MSM and pharma all under the guise of science and being able to take the emotion out of it. It’s insulting. But I no longer watch the BBC anymore, for this exact reason.

  3. The burden of proof should land squarely on the shoulders of the government agencies that have sworn to protect the people. Instead they refuse to explore, research these cases, these individuals whose life has taken a most unfortunate turn for the worse. Employees who reveal the REAL statistics get fired and discredited …. we the people should be given the absolute TRUTH about the possible side effects, based on real research, after the experimental vaccines has now been in play for three years – where’s the data. Did someone forget to make note of it. As an individual I am the only one who can decide what. kind of risk to my health I am willing to take. For some 1 in 5 and other 1 in 500 or 1 in 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 – individual human beings get to decide if they want to be part of an experiment. These arguments are so old, “you can’t know for sure it was the vaccine?” …. “Either can they know it wasn’t!”

  4. When the jabs began I decided to wait until more info was available on the biologic. As I did more research and dug into the injuries occurring after the jab, it was clear to me that I would rather take my chances with the infection. I have not had Covid and will never get any ‘vaccine’ or booster. I’m 70 yo, in good health and due to blood type have the lowest risk for contracting the virus. If this woman is a doc she is not well informed or just plaving Devil’s advocate. I can’t tell. Good health to all 🙂

  5. Yes, because it’s SO common for a 28 old to get a stroke and 3 cardiac events. ‘Would have happened anyway!’ The blinders on the medical professionals and others wrapped up in the church of scientism is actually the ‘belief’ on display here. The obvious objective reality is the shots injure and all available data shows exactly that. No belief required, just look at VAERS data.

  6. She’s right it was the vaccines. Duh. I would ask the interviewer if she had been dropped on her head as a child. As in, how can you be so daft to not know it was the needle?

  7. I’m like Linda above, except for one thing…I wouldn’t have gotten the poison shot if they paid me, even before I saw all the shot injuries. I’m 70 also, in good health, and will not even get a flu shot anymore because of it causing a health injury to my husband. He is doing well now thankfully. I could see something was terribly off with this “pandemic” when the “dictators” said you need a mask, then you need to stay home, and now you all need a shot! Nope on all 3!
    We need a major overhaul in the health and government institutions!

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