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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Research Linked to Leading Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease May Have Been Fabricated

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For nearly two decades, Alzheimer’s disease research, research funding, and prescribed drugs have been centered around a 2006 research paper hypothesizing that the cognitive decline causing the debilitating disease is due to buildup in the brain of a protein called the amyloid beta (Aβ) protein. But a recent investigation is questioning whether the data in the study was fabricated—threatening one of the most cited and influential Alzheimer’s studies of all time.1

Millions of Dollars Funneled Into Alzheimer’s Research

The amyloid beta protein research was conducted by neuroscientist Sulvain Lesné, PhD, MSci, of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. His 2006 paper proposed that the Aβ protein caused dementia in rats. In years following, Dr. Lesné won academic prizes and received a five-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to continue his research. His research has been cited nearly 2,300 times and the NIH may have provided as much as $280 million in research funding based upon his theory. His work was also aggressively promoted by the Alzheimer’s Association and several drugs trials were executed based upon his research.1

A six-month investigation by award winning reporter Charles Piller published in Science broke the news of the claimed fabrications.2 Piller’s work was aided by Matthew Schrag who has long criticized the approval of the Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm (aducanumab) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Aduhelm was approved despite 10 of 11 FDA panel members voting against its approval due to Aβ drugs failing to show any benefit.3 Schrag’s own research also contradicted the research behind another Aβ protein-targeting drug known as Simufilam.

In August 2021, Schrag was hired by attorneys to investigate patient benefit claims behind Simufilam. The attorney’s clients, two prominent neuroscientists, believed some of the research behind Simufilam to have been “fraudulent.”2 This led Schrag to Dr. Lesné’s research.

Piller writes that Schrag avoids the word “fraud” in his critiques and doesn’t claim to prove any misconduct—which would require access to original, unpublished images and raw numerical data.

“I focused on what we can see in the published images, and describe them as red flags, not final conclusions. The data should speak for itself,” Schrag stated.2

“Shockingly Blatant” Examples of Image Tampering Found

In his investigative work, Piller found that after 15 years of publications, scientists have been unable to replicate Dr. Lesné’s research findings, and few have been able to even detect the protein in human tissue.1 The Science investigation also found strong support for Schrag’s suspicions, including several top Alzheimer’s researchers reviewing Schrag’s findings and what looked like “shockingly blatant” examples of image tampering.2

According to molecular biologist and forensic image consultant Elisabeth Bik, PhD, the authors of the study “appeared to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from different experiments. The obtained experimental results might not have been the desired results, and that data might have been changed to… better fit a hypothesis.”2

The tampered photos being referenced are blot images used in Dr. Lesne’s research to differentiate Aβ proteins in mouse brain tissue. Several bands seem to be duplicated which was brought to Dr. Lesne’s attention by PubPeer— a website where scientists can flag possible errors in published papers. Throughout the investigation, more than 20 suspect papers were identified by Schrag or Dr. Bik.

Harvard University’s Dennis Selkoe, MD, who was a strong proponent of Dr. Lesne’s Aβ theory examined Schrag’s critiques and stated:

“There are certainly at least 12 or 15 images where I would agree that there is no other explanation” than manipulation.2

Schrag has since filed a whistleblower report to the NIH regarding Dr. Lesne’s research. He also contacted several journals which published Dr. Lesne’s work. Scrag provided his findings to Science in an attempt to speed up the process of investigation and retractions, despite knowing there may be personal consequences in doing so.

You Can’t Cheat to Cure a Disease

Schrag stated he felt an urgent need to go public about the 16 years of misdirected Alzheimer’s research. He said:

You can cheat to get a paper. You can cheat to get a degree. You can cheat to get a grant. You can’t cheat to cure a disease. Biology doesn’t care.”2

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  1. Not only appalling, it happens to totally fit into our times. And that is an appalling testimony against the sc*mbags that are our hidden rulers.

  2. Actually, Schrag is wrong. You CAN cheat to cure a disease. You declare the dead and injured of a disease as victims of something else and continue to pretend that your “cure” saves people and produces good results. Vaccine injured declared as Covid victims? Welcome to 1984 on steroids that we live in. The few that talk real truth are swept aside by the juggernaut of fake.

  3. This is the reason I never give to any of the mainstream health organizations such as the Cancer Institute, American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s, etc.

  4. But you can use photo shop to get $280 million in grant monies! Less your kickback gratuity expenses and hush money.

    Your tax dollars, hard at work.

    Anyone dare to acknowledge the elephant in the room, or should I say the skies? What in the world are they spraying up there? Hint; It’s far more bio toxic than what they spray on the plants from ground level.

    1. I left the states so I am curious about “spraying in the skies”. I recall contrails comments years ago and dismissed them but then learned they were spraying aluminium to reflect the suns heat away from earth. I didn’t believe that either. But when I found that Monsanto had a patent for seeds that could grow in aluminium laced soil, then I had that ‘aha’ moment. Aluminium kills plants. If you go into the patent site, you can see it there. So I ask, are they still spraying aluminium over you? If so, not where I moved to. Our skies are such clear and beautiful blue. Aluminium is a neural toxin and is associated with Alzheimer’s.

      1. When I was a child in Minnesota 60 years ago, I would find silver strips of metallic like metal on the ground. The answer then was the nearby airbase was dropping them, but I forget for what reason.

  5. Corrupt Alzheimer’s research, corrupt Covid research, corrupt approval, corrupt officials. This is nothing less than institutional murder. People ignore the fact that we will all stand before the Judge of All the Earth to answer for what we have done.

  6. well, isn’t it just more proof of college learning is horse-hockey, and/or somebody in the Medical Industrial (CONgressional) Complex (BigPig Pharma) pushed another hoax onto willing-Leftist mainstream and social media?
    Or maybe also the investment bankers bought more companies and forced them to make more money faster no matter what it took or whom it hurt? It’s long been about wealth, Not Health–and computers and lawmaker-bribes have allowed it to be done much faster.
    WE JUST WENT THROUGH the vast vaccine-sales hoax of G.M. SARS-2 (“Co-Vid-19”) calling all deaths CoVid and stopping all autopsies and putting CONgressjacks on monthly stipends from BigPig, AND SELLING MILLIONS OF DOSAGES—so that top murderer Pfizer had a record $68 Billion net profit for 2021.
    ALL VACCINES EVER MADE KILLED ‘only’ 9K or more, while the mRNA vaccines Bill Gates personally made a video promoting (with a big plastic colorful DNA strand to show how humans would be mutated) HAVE JUST KILLED OVER 30k AND INJURED OVER 1.3M. (They never could find a virus that would jump species barrier worth a darn, so they bought something very contagious, from Chinamanlandiana’s BSL4 Lab the French built.) Shhhh. Whoops, you may already BE dead or injured.
    _ In arguing with Fauci, Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Mullis explained running the PCR Test too fast would give a bucket of false positives–but, that’s just what Fauci wanted to hear. Virologists and Executive Branch alphabet-Agency gov-union bureaucrats didn’t make much money, 1980s-1990s & 2014 killing folks w/AIDS drugs & ebola; but the CoVid trick has been the most profitable, ever.

  7. Christopher Exley has been studying and researching aluminum and it’s effects on the brain for many years. He lost all of his funding and his job as a professor because he has always stated that aluminum is the cause for most if not all neurological issues ie: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, etc. Detox often, take natural forms of silica, one of the few ways to detox your brain from aluminum.

  8. What’s that saying…?

    Oh yeah:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (- former CIA Director, Bill Casey)

    The popular opinion is just plain stupid. On purpose.

    & If you think that’s bad, prepare yourself:

    Time will tell. It always does.

    Keep fighting the good fight and speaking the truth!

    One Love

  9. “Schrag has since filed a whistleblower report to the NIH”…buuuut are there any gatekeepers within the agencies that would actually hold people accountable rather than work overtime to cover their own hides? The seat of corruption is at the top!

  10. Maybe they should be looking at aluminum like Dr. Christopher Exley and Dr. Chris Shaw and maybe a few others …

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