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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC Colluded with Big Tech to Censor COVID Vaccine Information, Evidence Shows

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America First Legal (AFL), a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to defend American citizens from unconstitutional government overreach, released documents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealing evidence of collusion between the CDC and major social media corporations to censor free speech on the COVID-19 pandemic and promote a COVID narrative set forth by federal government agencies.1 2

White House Admitted To Working With Facebook to Limit “Misinformation” in 2021

In 2021, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the Biden administration was working in collaboration with Facebook to limit misinformation on COVID vaccines.3 Psaki stated:

So we’re regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives, dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media. And we work to engage with them to better understand the enforcement of social media platform policies.4

Psaki also said that if a user is banned for spreading “misinformation” on one social media platform, they should be banned from all other social media platforms as well.5 She noted that the federal government does not directly get involved in controlling information on social media sites but that social media companies make those decisions. Psaki said:

We don’t take anything down. We don’t block anything, Facebook, and any private sector company makes decisions about what information should be on their platform. Our point is that there is information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine.6

America First Legal Sues CDC to Release Records on Censorship

Following Psaki’s press conference in 2021, AFL submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for documents, records and communications relating to the Biden administration decision to direct social media companies to censor speech pertaining to the COVID pandemic on their platforms.7

Stephen Miller, President of AFL stated:

Jen Psaki has unwittingly confirmed a shocking truth: the White House is using massive Big Tech companies as a censorship arm of the federal government. If true, this means that Big Tech censorship is state censorship and thus facially unconstitutional. There is no dividing line between government and big tech—it is an incestuous union, and you cannot tell where one ends and one begins… AFL is filing these urgent FOIA requests so the full scope of this earth-shaking scandal will be revealed—and so that, in turn, this unconstitutional behavior can be ended.8

The FOIA requests were delayed, after which AFL took further action and filed a lawsuit against the CDC on Apr. 8, 2022 to the release all information in order to assess CDC’s collaboration with social media companies in determining what it deemed as COVID “misinformation”.9

Gene Hamilton, Vice President and General Counsel of AFL said:

What is surprising is that it took litigation to pry these records loose from the federal government, and that the Administration apparently has no qualms about violating the First Amendment in pursuit of its ideological goals. The federal government is not the arbiter of truth for the American people.10

High Level Coordination Between CDC and Social Media Corps to Censor COVID Information

After filing the lawsuit, AFL was able to obtain 286 pages of documents revealing communications between federal agencies and social media companies on how to censor information on COVID on their platforms. The documents can be found here.11

The documents reveal that CDC worked very closely with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google to control information about COVID. An e-mail between CDC and Todd O’Boyle, Senior Manager of Public Policy at Twitter and other Twitter officials showed a chart of tweets deemed to be “misinformation”. The same email mentions regular BOLO (Be On the Look Out) meetings where CDC would share what they categorized as “misinformation” with various social media companies.12

In another e-mail, CDC stated to Twitter officials that any contextual information should be added to posts about Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) such as “VAERS accepts reports from anyone, including patients, family members, healthcare providers and vaccine manufacturers. VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event. A report to VAERS does not mean the vaccine caused the event.”13

Facebook Offered DHHS Millions in Free Ads to Promote COVID Vaccines, Social Distancing

The CDC also emailed a list of links to Facebook officials to flag as “misinformation.” The agency said that it observed considerable “misinformation” on topics relating to COVID vaccine shedding and microchips that they wanted to censor.14 The documents also show an e-mail in which Facebook officials offered $15 million worth of Facebook advertisement credits as a “non-monetary gift” to HHS and CDC for messages relating to vaccines, social distancing and travel.15

In another e-mail, the CDC asked Google officials to promote their new website on COVID vaccines to appear first on their search engine. In another e-mail, the CDC requested Google to post an advertisement for a job position at the CDC.16

Request for Investigation Into CDC & Big Tech’s “Covert Propaganda” Campaign

On Aug. 2, 2022, AFL wrote a letter to Christi A. Grimm, Inspector General of HHS requesting an investigation into the collaboration between the CDC and social media companies. The letter states:

Accordingly, we now write to request that your office investigate the U.S. Department of Health Human Services (“Department”) to determine whether the Department, through its agency the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), has colluded with social media companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and digital marketing firms, including Reingold, to unlawfully disseminate covert propaganda.17

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16 Responses

  1. Slowly the truth is coming out. As the bible states “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Americans and the world have been in bondage to main stream media for the past 2 years regarding Covid-19. They have censored board certified and highly respected physicians who dared to speak the truth regarding their scientific findings; all at the expense of American lives and health. The vaccine was the only way to protect against Covid-19; no other narrative was permitted. Big Pharma was the only savior for America. Even early treatment was being discredited. The truth was censored by medical journals in order not to offend Big Pharma who pays 80% of their expenses through propaganda in these journals. My wife and I had covid and it was a mild cold. Almost everybody I know who is vaccinated go covid – I guess the vaccine is not effective; just a big money grab by Big Pharma. The CDC, FDA and NIH are all in collusion not doing their job in protecting Americans. I hope the truth comes out and people go to jail for putting Americans’ lives and health at risk.

    Thank you for doing what you are doing. Big Pharm should be held accountable for medical adverse effects in the US and not protected by the government.

  2. Thank you for reporting this. Everyone who reads the above article should write to the CDC and to the President, letting them know that we know. The best disinfectant is sunshine and the sun sure needs to shine on this. The President needs to replace CDC head, Wolensky with someone with integrity, intelligence, and independence – if he’s capable of finding such a person.

  3. The censorship started before ☣️? and data was released.

    The CDC knew that people won’t want ?? . Because of the danger.

    We knew mRNA was never safe.
    All the small mamels that took mRNA died earlier.

  4. Yes indeed, the truth is coming out! This is as close as we should ever want to be to Orwell’s 1984.
    We should always be suspect of one person being the ‘face’ of integrity in anything….usually, we are sorely disappointed because we are all flawed.

  5. This has been going on for many years and before that it has been going on by censoring/controlling the pre-Internet media. This is the only way that big pharma and the FDA/CDC can get people to use these horrible drugs, vaccines and mRNA gene therapy injections. The truth will always be buried by big pharma.

  6. People don’t care about you when they lie to you. Flip-flopping Fauci is supposed to be a doctor. Even he can’t seem to get his stories straight when he’s supposed to be telling the truth every time he comments. Everyone who has lied about covid, treatments, other viruses, diseases, etc, causing unnecessary suffering and deaths have blood on their hands.

  7. I’m one who has been vaccine injured and have seen numerous doctors who pass me on to another. Is there any physician in St Louis area who has accepted the fact that vaccine injured is indeed a real thing and is working with those vaccine injured in trying to give them some level of comfort?

    1. Please look at the FLCCC website. Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance. The doctors there have developed various protocols for treating COVID infections, long COVID, as well as to treat the vaccine injured. They can help you.

  8. I just received my copy of “Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation” by Dr. Richard M. Fleming, PhD, MD, JD. Skyhorse Publishing, 2021. It is a small book and it has plenty of source data and endnotes. I always like to see sources that I can go to and review as well. Dr. Mercola says it is a “powerful, well-documented expose of those criminally responsible for the bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2” I look forward to finding out what else has been covered up or distorted by CDC et al. You can get a used copy of that book from Amazon. I do hope that the truth will, indeed, set us free.

  9. Personally, the revolving door between the industry and government agencies like the CDC is so blatantly abused, that I doubt any charge of collusion involving the CDC could succeed as the industry can influence government policy through its army of trained, lobbyist lawyers.

  10. y, any possible doubts, whether
    or not well founded, about the safety of
    the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist
    in view of the need to assure that the
    vaccine will continue to be used to the
    maximum extent consistent with the
    nation’s public health objectives.
    Accordingly, because of the importance
    of the vaccine and of maintaining public
    confidence in the immunization program
    that depends on it, good cause emsts to
    issue these amendments as a final rule
    effective immediately.

    Federal Register / Vol. 49, No. 107 / Friday, June 1. 1984 / Rules and Regulations

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