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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


A Gratitude Script for the COVID Vaccinated But Infected

memorizing a script

“I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19. I am thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and I am feeling well while experiencing very mild symptoms. I am isolating and have started a course of Paxlovid.” These were the words of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Aug. 15, 2022 shortly after discovering he had tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and developed symptoms of COVID-19.1 2

“I guess you heard, this morning I tested positive for COVID. But I’ve been double vaccinated, double boosted. Symptoms are mild and I really appreciate your inquires and concerns. But I’m doing well, getting a lot of work done. Going to continue to get it done and in the meantime, thanks for your concern and keep the faith. It’s gonna be OK.” These were President Biden’s words on July 21, 2022 soon after testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 and showing COVID symptoms.3

President Biden was prescribed Pfizer’s antiviral therapy Paxlovid, which is advertised as reducing the risk of hospitalization and death. After completion of the five-day regimen of Paxlovid, he tested positive again for SARS-CoV-2 several times and experienced a recurrence of COVID symptoms—a phenomenon known as “COVID-19 rebound” (or “Paxlovid rebound”).4 5 6

On June 15, 2022, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a news release stating that Anthony Fauci, MD, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief medical advisor to President Biden, had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and developed symptoms of COVID.7 According to the release:

He is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice. He is currently experiencing mild symptoms. Dr. Fauci will isolate and continue to work from his home.7

Dr. Fauci went on to take Paxlovid. He experienced COVID-19 rebound and subsequently took a second round of Paxlovid before eventually testing negative for SARS-CoV-2.8

A lot of people still do not know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only required the vaccine manufacturers to demonstrate that COVID shots were at least 50 percent effective in preventing severe symptoms of disease, hospitalization and death, rather than preventing infection and transmission, which has always been the purpose of vaccination.9

Stoking the public’s belief that getting a COVID shot would protect against getting infected with SARS-CoV-2, President Biden confidently stated during a July 2021 CNN town hall meeting that, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”10

The Irony of Getting Four Shots and Still Getting COVID

It is ironic that all three of these high-profile, influential players in the COVID saga—Bourla, Biden and Fauci, who have consistently been promoting COVID vaccinations and have each gotten four shots—have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and come down with COVID. But what is perhaps most interesting is how each of them has gone out their way to put a positive spin on their common experience.

Rather than express a sense of frustration that, despite all those shots, they still managed to get infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and develop COVID, all three of these individuals actually emphasized the fact that they were fully vaccinated and boosted and doing well, implying that their wellness was directly due to all those shots. “Mild symptoms” being the operative phrase.

But how do they know the mildness of their symptoms was attributable to the shots they got? After all, there are vaccinated people who have suffered from severe COVID symptoms and been hospitalized, and even died. And there have been unvaccinated people who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 but never developed any COVID symptoms or only mild ones.

In the case of Bourla, the symptoms were “very mild.” In the case of President Biden, the symptoms were so mild that he was “getting a lot of work done.” No need to stay in bed and rest. The symptoms for Dr. Fauci were also so mild and the spin was that he would “continue to work from his home.” No need to do what sick people normally do and take it easy.

Taking Paxlovid to Prevent Serious COVID Illness?

It’s also interesting to note that all three of these individuals opted to take Paxlovid. Twice, in Dr. Fauci’s case. But why? Isn’t the primary selling point of the COVID shots that they protect against serious COVID illness, hospitalization and death? Some might say that prescribing Paxlovid indicated a lack of confidence in the shots. Others might argue that the antiviral drug simply provides an added measure of insurance against a really bad outcome from the “breakthrough” infection. Others might just call it overkill, an act of desperation.

The Thankfulness Refrain from the COVID Vaxxed

While there are similarities in the statements by Bourla, Biden and Fauci confirming their coronavirus infections and COVID conditions, they pale in comparison to the statements of other well-known Americans who were fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID. For example, here’s the statement from former President Barack Obama:

I just tested positive for COVID. I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise. Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, and she has tested negative. It’s a reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t already, even as cases go down.11

The following is the statement from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts:

I regularly test for COVID & while I tested negative earlier this week, today I tested positive with a breakthrough case. Thankfully, I am only experiencing mild symptoms & am grateful for the protection provided against serious illness that comes from being vaccinated & boosted.12

Here’s the statement from former First Lady and former U.S. Senator from New York Hillary Clinton:

Well, I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’ve got some mild cold symptoms but am feeling fine. I’m more grateful than ever for the protection vaccines can provide against serious illness. Please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already!13

The statement from U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia reads:

Late this afternoon after a routine test, I tested positive for COVID-19. I’m so thankful to be both vaccinated & boosted, and at the advice of the Attending Physician I plan to isolate. If you haven’t gotten your shot yet, I encourage you to do so.14

I could go on and on. There is no scarcity of nearly identical remarks from members of Congress, members of President Biden’s Cabinet, foreign government officials, TV celebrities and professional athletes. But for the sake of not beating a dead horse… just one more. This one from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut:

Unfortunately, I’ve tested positive for COVID. So this week, I’ll be working remotely. I’m not experiencing symptoms & am thankful to be fully vaccinated & boosted. If you haven’t gotten your shot or booster yet, make an appointment today!15

The commonality is striking. It’s almost as if they were auditioning for a role in a Broadway show and reading from the same script. Despite being fully vaccinated, fully boosted and fully infected, they were all doing fine and thankful to have gotten the shots. All but one of them felt the need to market COVID products.

A mere coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe there is a script.

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36 Responses

  1. How is it possible to prove 50% of the population would have gotten severely ill without the vax? Did they employ a crystal ball to prove the required efficacy?

    1. Donnie, I don’t know, but I do know a girl that got two of the mRNA gene therapy shots and got deathly ill, can’t breathe hardly, high fever, etc. I don’t think she’s too “grateful” for getting jabbed 2 X and getting very sick.

      I don’t believe these politicians and pharma big wigs even GOT the real shots, probably saline shots only for them.

  2. what absolute BS, as if any of these murderers have taken the real injection, they would run screaming for the hills if they or their family was ever given the death shot.

    1. It is questionable if any of these public figures promoting the jab really did get it, and the narrative follows to reduce the fear of reported side effects in order to encourage 100% compliance.

      1. Infowars already relayed news that many in congress was taking ivermectin the entire time, while playing along with drumming up public hysteria for the unnecessary jab. There were also dozens of stories with visual evidence of fake needles, placebo’s being used instead, etc. The most alarming disclosure was that some batches of the substance contained high levels of dangerous substances which also correlated with much higher vaccine injury and side effects. There seems to be evidence pointing to conservative states having had such deliveries in higher frequencies. There is data out there on side effects per individual tracked batch number.

        And there certainly must have been monumental paperwork forgery and such happening. Every one within the medical community could have worked with co workers to have fictitious records of vaccination, or even done that themselves, at many a hospital outlet. Cards sitting on counters. Additionally one could go through the process of getting a replacement card, then claimed they had the jab at a pop up clinic which is now no longer in place. Paperwork was flying and often even absent. I spoke to many people whom said they received the shot without even giving their name. The illusion of control as they simultaneously rolled out the digital passport net much like the iron curtain falling. Sign up voluntarily to be tracked tested and traced, I don’t frigging think so. Not one single time. We did not get tested, traced, or tracked one single damned time. We said no from the start and we meant it.

  3. The ones that said “I got ???? and still got COVID.
    ???? Failed!
    And my contacts ?? got just as sick as I did. ”
    When I went to my doctor he said we see many ? ?failures.
    Got cencered.
    We could not hear them.

  4. It is definately scripted! All of mainstream media is also scripted to
    say the same things too..same with
    most doctors and’s as if
    someone is standing over their shoulder saying..say this, or else!

  5. Exactly!! They just PUSH another DRUG for BIG PHARMA! They should be outraged as most American’s who allowed an EXPERIMENTAL jab to be put in their bodies and STILL contracted COVID! The vaccines don’t work!! I’m not vaccinated and know many who aren’t, including my 82 year old Mom with many so called “co-morbidities and, we too ALL had “mild” symptoms with out the experimental jab!! It’s all about the MONEY anything to push making more and more!!

  6. Of course there is a (common) Script. It is literally the same phrases and themes repeated over and over and over…pure Goebbels/Nazi propaganda conditioning. ANYTHING that proceeds from the mouth of a leftist or RINO–be they government bureaucrat, politician, newsreader or useful idiot–is nothing more than the same agenda driven, outcome-based lies and parroting.

    1. How anybody can still believe what politicians and mainstream media say is beyond my comprehension. They have done nothing but lie for 2 1/2 years.

  7. Excellent article. Missing is a list of those vaccinated who did not issue their thankfulness because the side effects permanently prevented them to do so.

  8. If you have 1 minute spare time, go to your favorite web search engine and enter ANY human ailment with covid vaccine side effect. See if you can find any ailment a person can suffer from that hasn’t been reported as a side effect after getting the jab.

  9. Oh! How I love these enlightened comments!! Exactly so.. While these suited up mobsters and fraudsters are busy trying to kill us – good intelligent folks need to be exposing them to the MAX. Will some good men pleeez go and arrest them??
    Have nothing to do with them – they are grotesque freaks and clowns and we’ve all been watching a bizarre 2yrs plus horror show with dirty politicians as superheroes. Why do we put with it?
    They should be hanging from the end of a noose and that would be waaay too good for them.
    I don’t even believe in germ/ virus theory anymore. It’s all just the poisoned body trying to detox from being polluted. So at least I’ve learned a few things during all this ridiculous theater and made some pretty cool like minded friends along the way.

    1. Well Jules, they were all paid handsomely. Every single vaccine produced, regardless if it sat on the shelf without consumer acceptance or demand, brought in roughly $280 dollars to the pharmaceutical companies. They profited on the production side with gross speculation to product development, with ‘warp speed’ overtime bonuses. They profited wildly during product delivery, gross over estimations of consumer demand and need. They profited again on the repeat delivery, overstating what we now know to have been fictitious false figures regarding per capita of public whom willingly took the vaccine. This was a weak point with the scamdemic management, as it was becoming apparent that no additional deliveries were necessary as the product expired on the shelf, and interesting things happened like in African and India locals pilfered the jabs and burned them in the streets. They charged to the taxpayers billions of dollars.

      I recommend the Infowars DVD series: Covid land. There are three installments of this vital truthful documentary series, and you will absolutely only find this product at the infowars store. The movie is a collaboration of many of the top people we all know and subscribe to, many outside of the infowars network. So it’s worth your time to purchase watch and share. Today there is another vital documentary just released, which accompanies 2000 Mules, it’s called ‘Selection Code’. We know how they steal votes with mail in ballots, and now we know how they steal votes with digital voting machines. Several top military people are also now talking about completely inadequate technical security on voting machines nationwide.

      So you see, it’s one big club, and you and I are not in it. We are not in the big club. They steal the vote, have selected people in positions of power. We have not had actual elections in years in many parts of this country, and people are finally figuring this out. It is how politicians and their corporate masters act so brazen and bold, they’re not actually worried about losing anything themselves. New marketing strategy; Force Them. These big pharma people running these tested positive nonsense scripts are just in place to perpetuate the illusion that this was ever worth our attention in the first place, which it certainly was not. We’d all have been better off if the government did nothing at all, absolutely nothing. Every single action performed was completely unnecessary. Poisonous protectionism. We are from the government and are here to help.

  10. All false to the bone. First off, there is no test for covid that is worth 2 cents. And secondly, this bum would never take his own poisons. This is a ruse that tries to twist and turn the truth into something that looks positive for the use of mRNA injections and paxlovid. They all tell the same lies because they are PAID handsomely to do so.

  11. I stopped reading the propaganda reiterations here. Of course it is a script. To get ones to take the harmful shot (despite the bad evidence) and jump to another harmful drug for profit.”Look he did it”. The technique is called “bandwagoning”.
    Very Good and a relief to see commenters calling out an article as this that also might want one to believe anything else. (or maybe just clueless)
    Stay smart People.

  12. The people issuing these statements have absolutely no grasp on reality, just spewing the party line.

  13. Fiduciary responsibility. It has never been fully disclosed what deal the trump administration made with Prizer, Moderna etc to ram these shots thru to the market. Full disclosure of the contract will provide some insights as to why the government continues to promote this poison. For example, 2 of Pfizer’s investors are Black Rock & State Street. There are probably more but those are the 2 most powerful in the world. If Pfizer promised, it’s investors a specific profit that whatever deal they cut with the government must be enough to satisfy their investors. There is a former wall street investor, Edward Down, wo was on tweeter but was kicked off because he was posting the happening on wall street in regard to how investors were nervous about the shots and not getting their money back because people were getting sick & dying so and people weren’t taking them. He speculated this was why there was a push to give it to children despite their low risk. Based on how parents responded to getting their children shots on the children’s vax schedule the government figured the parents would be lining up for mRNA’s for the kids. So now, investors are waiting it out.

    This has never been about health. We know that because lots of people made ridiculous amounts of money on this con. Some governments were so terrorized by the propaganda that they made insane agreements with the drug companies to get those shots.
    Ex; Officials from Argentina and the other Latin American country, which cannot be named as it has signed a confidentiality agreement with Pfizer, said the company’s negotiators demanded more than the usual indemnity against civil claims filed by citizens who suffer serious adverse events after being inoculated. They said Pfizer also insisted the governments cover the potential costs of civil cases brought as a result of Pfizer’s own acts of negligence, fraud, or malice. In Argentina and Brazil, Pfizer asked for sovereign assets to be put up as collateral for any future legal costs.

    So, what’s in the contract between the US and Pfizer? I did read months ago that the US could change the conditions of the contract BUT Pfizer would have to agree to the change. I’m sure that will work out well if tried.

  14. The “out” being used for the vax not preventing Covid is that it prevented serious illness and death. How do you prove a negative? How do you prove I would have been hospitalized or died without taking this drug? What I do know is I am unvaxxed and still here, while others who were vaxxed are not so lucky.

  15. It’s not a vaccine. Vaccines prevent illnesses, they are giving out flu shots and sometimes people still get sick when given a flu shot. They could have prevented all these deaths if they had treated them properly.

  16. I’m a 55 year old overweight woman whose very grateful I did not get any of the shots. I have not had COVID despite never wearing a mask (unless forced to at a grocery store or Dr appt and then refused to put it over my nose). I traveled to Mexico during peak COVID and their country allowed choice of mask wearing (their country also passed out ivermectin in a care package to people) I have two teenage daughters who went to school throughout COVID (forced limited days), both got sick, one with a bad cold, one tested positive for SarsCoV2 (because that’s what those tests test for- there’s no test for “COVID19”-the pcr is not a reliable test, from the inventor’s own words) she had a fever for a day and half, and I work with the public at home and gave them a choice of mask wearing. Of about 20 people only one opted to wear one. So I’m grateful to have the common sense that we didn’t buy into this “malarkey.” I have a best friend who got all her shots, same age, did everything her president asked of her and is now rewarded with cancer. Her son got autism after his MMR shot. It seems the shots cause more harm than good. I’m grateful that some fortunate people are waking up to the risk versus health/safety. Start reading your inserts. We read labels when we shop, why not for something going in our bloodstream? No insert? Then is there something to hide? There should always be an insert telling all about the product and tests done on it. Providing they don’t start messing with that. I have ivermectin on hand in case I need it. I really wiished they had put a count of flu deaths right next to the COVID deaths and everyone would see how almost identical they are. The government’s EUA was more important than our country’s health. Most of those deaths could have been treated early with offl-label prescriptions. Truly a crime, and the coercion-goes against the Nuremberg code! Please don’t let our rights whittle away. I’m grateful there are many smart people not falling for the media hype.

  17. I look to this as Autism. I know of a hospital that jab a hep B in a 2 day old baby, Without consent!

    A shot that a baby does not need or have!

  18. Do you really believe that Covid exists even though the virus has never been isolated? I would think that you would be the last people in the country to believe in the Covid scam. Those people did not have Covid, they were sick from the vaccine. Then they took drugs to make them sicker. That the reality of the situation.

  19. Remember, all these elites believe in Globalism and population control through vaccines, so don’t believe a word of their lies!

  20. I’m so thankful God gave me the brains to not take the jab and the powerful natural immunity to keep me well. I just turned 70 and will never take the jab or Paxlovid or Remdesivir or the PCR test.

  21. These people are INSANE. Roughly 99.7% of infected people have mild symptoms and don’t go to the hospital or die, vaccinated or not. MOST of those who do go are fully vaccinated and MOST of those infected are fully vaccinated. Just in my own little world the only people getting sick have had 3 or 4 shots. The CDC and MSM are lying thru their teeth.

  22. My neighbor owns a duplex. Her daughter lives in one unit with her child, fiancé and his kids, my friend lives in the other. The daughter and 9 year old are not vaccinated. Everyone else in the house is. A couple wees ago they all got COVID. None of them got it worse than a bad cold. Even the unvaccinated.
    This virus has mutated to non fatal for the majority and yet the vaccine industry is still pushing the vaccine as if there is still a danger.
    And now the monkeypox vaccine push is on regardless monkeypox is not fatal for the average person.

    Vaccines change human DNA per my friends brother who is now a retired pediatrician. This is getting insane.

  23. It’s like they’ve all been hypnotized. Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, August 12, 2022: “I routinely test for COVID-19 every day, and today I tested positive. My symptoms are mild, and I am following my physician’s directions…..As I am fully vaccinated and ‘boosted,’ my physician expects my symptoms to be mild and my recovery swift, and I am grateful for that. Vaccines work, and I continue to encourage everyone eligible for a booster shot to get one.”

  24. Yeah right. All these guys who didn’t take the vaccine through the whole fake pandemic because they knew it was designed to kill people. Now that they’re busted for mass murdering millions of people worldwide, they’re acting like they’re taking the vaccine and it works. I also remember the media saying Pfizer wasn’t requiring its employees to take the vaccine and the head of Pfizer didn’t take it either. If it was really “safe and effective” and they’re the ones saying that. They all, including the congress & the Supreme Court (who were exempt) should have taken it first to show everybody how really safe and effective it is.

  25. What about all the people who got COVID, were never vaxed and had mild symptoms, my son included. We don’t hear from them. Fact is this virus is 99.9% survivable according to the W.H.O. COVID website, which I have checked that since Sep. 2020 and has never changed. In fact, in America only about .11% become critical and only 1% – 2% die.

    I want to make very clear that these percentages don’t diminish the fact that over 1 million Americans died either with or from COVID. It would be nice to know how many truly died FROM COVID.

  26. They died, many many died due to MURDER! Being forcibly intubated and Trump-hating woke doctors REFUSED Ivermectin. They did not just die from Covid. They were isolated and then refused what could have saved them. Maybe not all, but many could have still been alive today. It was murder.

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