Sunday, July 21, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Why Vaccinated Biden Got a Breakthrough Infection

The President has been fully vaccinated. He had two booster shots. He was doing everything by precaution, more than most he’d been wearing the mask, of course prior to this. But it was an issue I raised with Dr. Anthony Fauci about why this keeps happening… people who get cases, sometimes repeat cases, in a world where we’re told we’re over this thing. Everyone know someone who’s gotten it again, and sometimes again after that, and they’re beginning to wonder about the regimen for treating it… whether you get two vaccination shots, whether you get a booster, another booster. They just don’t know. What do you tell them?

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8 Responses

  1. Hmm…my data suggest this is all BS. I have numerous unvaccinated friends and family who got one of these variants and it was nothing worse than a bad cold. Please stop promoting this vaccine…….more people are harmed by the vaccine than the variant Covid virus. Yes, some people die from bad colds and flu…but that’s nothing new.

  2. I totally agree. This vacination was an experiment on the whole world to see if people would “FALL IN LINE AND TAKE ORDERS FROM THE GOVERNMENT!”
    This vacinne was for population control as well. I am the government and I am here to help you is B/S. If God ,who created all beings, wanted us to be vaccinated he would of put a port in our arm for them. I am 63 and I will not ever get vaccinated. I was so blessed to learn about vaccines before my child was born and I also saved my granddaughter from being vaccinated as well. Also, we definetly need change, but climate control is not the change we need. The world is not going anywhere if we don’t climat control. Read your Bible people.

  3. No one close to me is vaxxed. My mom currently is 86, unvaxxed and had less symptoms than I did. No one has been even close to the hospital let alone death. Covid= CON

  4. Tell the truth.
    COVID vaccine ineffective.
    Will not stop infection or transaction.

    I herd from the husband of someone that works at the hospital.
    ‘ people that get boost vaccine are worse off than didn’t get boost vaccine’

    Also my brother and wife got same strain of COVID. The younger one got ?? yet had same symptoms and severity.

    STOP COVID vaccine.!
    And all mandates.

    Only the people that die ⚰️from ??☣️ are immune.

  5. Vaccines make them sicker than those without vaccines as far as my concern goes. Dr. Fauci words turned out to be a lot of hot air. ?I don’t care about him, and he ought to be fired much earlier. I don’t trust the director of CDC either.

    What is the motivation of vaccines? It’s all about profits. Healthy people don’t profit pharmaceutical industries. It’s just very logic. Yes, they have died from Covid. I agree it’s real. But how many people really did die from Covid??? Where is the actual data? I believe cdc has manipulated the data to pressure us to get vaccinated.

  6. What is interesting is that he admitted that Biden was infectious for several days BEFORE testing positive. For a year now they have been saying that this is a disease of the unvaccinated and they are the ones spreading the disease. For a year they have said that the vaccine would protect you from getting the vaccine. They have also covered up the deaths and bad side effects from the vaccinations. In the movie “A Witness for the Prosecution,” the lawyer shouted at Christine on the witness stand, “You are a HABITUAL LIAR!!! That is all I can say about any and all people who are Democrats in power. They are habitual LIARS!

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