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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


COVID-19 Positive Even After Five Vaccinations!

I’ve had not only five vaccines, I’ve had the protective antibodies and the virus got me anyway for the one event I attended in two and a half years. One event. Everyone had been vaccinated. I got it and a bunch of other people got it. Five vaccines and protective antibodies. Virus went right through it. This is not an ordinary virus. Nor is it seasonal. Is this the winter where we’re talking about? No, we’re talking about summer.

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  1. How were you diagnosed?? The PCR test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes according to its inventor, Kary Mullis. Yet it has been used and continues to be used. I doubt the accuracy of these other home tests though I can’t back that up.

    Learn about the PCR test…

  2. It is the other way around. This is not an ordinary vaccine. How is it that this person still does not realize the jabs do not protect against infection, sickness, hospitalization, or death? How blind can you be ?

    1. Indeed, that is the real question isn’t it; at what point does one figure out these shots do not work.

  3. I called covid the all season flu about 2 years ago. It’s like it lingers around from New Years Day to New Years Eve. I’m glad the gentlemen in the video appears to be doing as well as he appeared to be.

  4. You’ve ruined your immune system. Ridiculous. I’ve been going to events for 2 years, unvaccinated, and never sick.

    1. Me, too
      There is something wrong with these people who haven’t realized by now that thy screwed up. I think some of us them know but they are embarrassed to admit it.

  5. And of course you won’t even consider the fact that the virus is driven by the non-sterilizing VAX. The vax is destroying your immune system and producing the virus inside your body. And I guess you haven’t seen the information that’s been out there for at least six months now that Paxlovid causes a rebound Covid case within 5 to 9 days of taking it.
    Look up Dr Paul Alexander to start your re-education. His data from around the word will scare you.
    Which makes me wonder, why doesn’t NVIC present data from Dr. Paul Alexander or Dr. David Martin. Just so name a couple of the thousands of people out there trying to save those too brainwashed to know they need saving.

  6. If you want to protect yourself from covid infection,follow FLCCC protocol. It’s much safer and effective. Pfizer said right from the beginning this vaccine does not prevent infection but to reduce the severity of the illness. Now it’s know that after some period of time you get negative protection. That means you are more likely to be infected. Stop getting any more covid vaccine so that your overall immune system go farther down. Good luck!

    1. He can stop the taking the shots but its not going to reverse what he’s been injecting himself with. The spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles to name a few. Dr. Sherry Tepenny said that, that you cannot unvaccinate yourself.

      1. I wonder if homeopathy can reverse those health effects from Covid vaccine??? Dr. Tepenny may be right. Spike proteins are a big concern for sure I’ve heard of lipid nano particles but don’t know much about them.

  7. Count yourself very lucky or you have a very strong immune system. The vaccine is designed to wreak havoc on your immune system depending on which version you got, will range from Zero (from the saline injection), to a relatively quick death in the souped up version (if you’ve noticed people dropping dead after they get the shot). The medium one, you get to live a bit longer until it ravages your immune system (varies with the quality of your imunne system and forms huge clots in various organs and veins).

    At the end of the Davois (in Switzerland) gathering a little while ago of leaders who subscribe to Klaus Schwab’s plan for the future, I saw (it was televised) the Pfizer CEO go on stage, walk over to the microphone, grab it and walk around a little while saying that he was going to KILL 3 BILLION people by 2023.

    And, that’s what we get to look forward to…more of the same unless we fight and refuse to take it.

  8. Why in the name of Almighty God would you accept FIVE vaccinations?

    Whether this is a vaccination or whether it is not, I still do NOT want it.

    Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
    His Truth is Marching on!

    Praise Almighty God from whom all good things flow!


  9. How about they are getting the virus FROM the shots, not from someone who may have it around them. Far too many people who have 1, 2, 3 jabs are “getting it” and it is just too coincidental. Of course, honestly, many people who know who have gone to #3 are experiencing life altering issues which they never experienced in the past. Quickly, and rapidly worsening. Very factual! People never ill, are now very ill requiring repeated ER visits and some multiple hospitalizations debilitating them when they were perfectly ambulatory, active, healthy.

    It does not all add up at all! Now they want to put this questionable stuff into healthy babies and children. Where are the test results with a true regulated testing protocol? Unlike the adult jab where they TOLD the people who got saline, and gave them the option to be jabbed for real…and wiped out their entire study. How coincidental.

    1. Who would willing do that to their Own body and expect to NOT get sick — and boast about it? He’s devastating his immune system. Can’t believe he made it this long with that much of an onslaught. Poor guy. Can’t help but feel sorry for him and millions of others for looking so normal and yet being so desperately ignorant.

    2. The covid virus is in the vax, it’s the vaxed that are getting covid..and dying from it, plus all the other 1300 shocking side effects, vaxed deaths are through the roof..

  10. This *is* an ordinary Corona virus. It is *not* an ordinary “vaccine” because it makes the “vaccinated” more likely to be infected. Has the “vaccine” caused neuro-degeneration to the point where the “vaccinated” still believe that getting another shot will protect them?

  11. Since the jab destroys the immune system, the more jabs people get, the more likely they will get sick, whether it’s from Covid or another disease.

  12. He said he is seeing it reoccur every six months. Well duh…that’s probably how often he is getting the next jab! Wake up! Honestly I’m surprised this man is still even alive after FIVE jabs! His immune system must have originally been fantastic to be able to withstand so many jabs. At least if he continues with the boosters he won’t have to worry about reoccurring Covid. Because one of them will kill him eventually.

  13. I have never been jabbed and not been sick but people all around me have been more this ear than ever. Can they not understand that the covid jab is making them sick

  14. Never vaccinated, got sick my immune system handled it well. I didn’t tamper with my God given immune system and am able to handle a little flu. No extraordinary virus! You damaged your immune system ! Your fear of illness is your true sickness!

    1. Yes, yes- your fear of illness is your sickness. Very sad but true. I wish I was never been vaccinated as a child and a college student. Vaccinations aren’t the answer. The more vaccines they get, the sicker they become. Wake up and do the research.

    2. My wife and I got sick 3 weeks ago. We take a lot of supplements including zinc. The only thing I used medically was cough syrup and aspirin. 5 days later all was well.

  15. The vax was not advertised to prevent infection. The purpose of the vax is to destroy the immune system, and ultimately weed out the preponderant mass of fools.

    This also proves that eugenicists are ultimately cognitively defective in their own right. In the end, they will have eliminated a great mass of the mentally deficient gene-pool, and they will be left to face a world populated by invincible, intelligent critical thinkers.

  16. Unfortunately it’s become an absolute demand of hospital staff, first responders and military personnel to mention a few. Unless and until these mandates are removed and ALL so-called vaccines removed from use this will get worse and worse. I’ve had a flu of some sort 3 times this year and no vaccine just exposure to those who got them! I have a ton of questions I need answered on that issue.

  17. Exactly. There is nothing at all to say to these people, because when they come out with number 6…they will still take it!!

  18. The jabs are what is creating & spreading the variants, and they are destroying your immune system. Go get tested for HIV, or VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Stop getting tested and jabbed!!

  19. Maybe it’s not the virus, it’s the shots. They are absolutely useless. Vaccines stop transmission, this is not a vaccine. The PCR is garbage, ran at way too high of cycles. Please relax, take care of yourself, and stop taking these shots that do nothing but harm the immune system. Praying for you.

  20. People need to stop calling this a vaccine. It is a murderous bio weapon. Also, wake up and realize “something” is being drifted down upon us in aerosol form. Unbelievable that people do not even realize what is going on around them. Now, there are reports of gardeners and farmers being in danger due to contaminants in the soil. Truth is being spoken. People are too lazy to seek truth from reliable sources.

    1. You are spot on, it is being sprayed by aerosol from military drones…in jan 2020,when covud was just in the news, some dying, I saw an unusual video on my FB page,it was not like a YouTube one, I wondered if i opened it it might be a virus, later I went back to it, just had to check it out, I almost shut it straight down again, it was infra red, with black writing, never seen anything like it before, but I noticed a long message in the centre, and it was from a Chinese military officer, he said he wanted to warn the world, that the government were lying, it was not covid, and that it was so complicated no one would ever work it out, he knew because he was part of it , that it was made to spray from military drones, over the people of Hong Kong and, it would be mind changing, mind controlling, they would be happy when the takeover of Hong Kong happened, be happy, think it was for their own good, and not protestt about it…he said it escaped the lab in what, he said the military were given special masks, that other masks do not work, he said his wife was in the other room crying as their little son was dying…as he was…he said if he gets cought after doing this he will be shot…….there was more in the letter about what was happening to people in China,the hospitals etc…

  21. Glad to see this gentleman is doing well. However, he’s proof vax doesn’t work. Now what about the immense risks?

  22. No surprises here! With a supressed immune system due to the jabs, you will get everything that comes along! Your immune system has irreversible damage! Some of the folks I know that have been jabbed are sick with “Covid”. NONE of my large circle of unvaccinated friends have been sick and we are out in public, unmasked, daily.

  23. There’s more wisdom in the comments than in the video 😀

    So great to see people are informed and able to resist the propaganda.

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