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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Off-Narrative COVID Doctor Sentenced to 60 days in Prison for Jan. 6 Participation

Dr. Simone Gold

Opinion | America’s Frontline Doctors’ founder Simone Gold was sentenced to serve 60 days in prison and ordered to pay a $9,500 fine for her involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021 event. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper in Washington, DC also sentenced Dr. Simone Gold to 12 months of supervised release after her 60-day prison term is served.

The following is a statement released by America’s Frontline Doctors prior to the sentencing on June 16, 2022.

Six months after America’s Frontline Doctors’ viral video of their press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court on July 27, 2020, Founder Dr. Simone Gold traveled to a free speech rally in Washington, DC, to speak on January 6, 2021.

In the months between the press conference and January 6th, Dr. Gold was asked to present publicly on numerous occasions about physicians’ free speech and her experience of being fired for prescribing early treatment to COVID-19 patients.

By this time, she had also founded America’s Frontline Doctors, a division of the Free Speech Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Dr. Gold was scheduled to speak on January 6th alongside numerous other presenters after President Trump’s appearance at the rally, which had a government approved permit.

At her expected start time, Dr. Gold was then told all speeches were suddenly canceled without explanation. Upon hearing this, Dr. Gold was amongst thousands swept into the Capitol building when the doors were opened from the inside, with law enforcement officers ushering people in. While there, Dr. Gold realized it was the only remaining moment to deliver her message to those who came to hear it, and so she gave her remarks there.

When an officer instructed her to move towards an exit, she complied, and shortly after when asked to leave the building entirely, she did so. The media coverage after January 6th showed carefully selected edits of violent scenes, but that was not Dr. Gold’s observation of the day.

Subsequently, Dr. Gold was arrested and prosecuted along with hundreds of other non-violent citizens for being present at the Capitol. Dr. Gold reached a plea agreement for entering a restricted building. Her sentencing is scheduled today, June 16, 2022.

Dr. Gold did express regret for being involved in a situation that later became unpredictable, but what she is facing are the consequences of exercising free speech in today’s America. Like most January 6th defendants, she is a victim of selective prosecution—a defining feature of corrupted governments, and a direct violation of the equal protection guarantee of the US Constitution.

For example, consider that there were hundreds of arrests for violent protests in association with President Trump’s Inauguration in 2017. The government subsequently dropped all of those charges, including charges against people who were actually disrupting Congress from inside the Congressional gallery while Congress was in session. But with the January 6th arrests, the government has not only failed to drop any charges against nonviolent persons in public spaces, such as Dr. Gold, it has instead aggressively violated defendants’ civil rights at nearly every turn.

There are innumerable well-documented instances of January 6th defendants not receiving due process noted in the book January 6 authored by Julie Kelly. For instance, some defendants have been held in prison for nearly 18 months pretrial.

In Dr. Gold’s case, she peacefully gave a speech on medical freedom and Constitutional rights in the public Rotunda. This resulted in the government violently arresting her in a surprise raid, breaking the front door of her home, using over a dozen FBI and law enforcement officers with assault weapons pointed at her from two feet away. The intent to terrorize her with this tactical assault suited to a raid on a violent drug cartel was unmistakable; she suffers from PTSD to this day.

Dr. Gold’s peaceful exercise of her 1st Amendment rights also resulted in numerous restrictions of her personal civil liberties and severe interference with her ability to serve the millions who look to America’s Frontline Doctors for life- saving information and civil rights support. This continued for over a year before any adjudication.

Such inequitable treatment based upon political preference shows the collapse of the rule of law. For people interested in learning the truth about the January 6th event, please watch Capitol Punishment. In addition, the government has aggressively refrained from arresting or prosecuting certain highly visible individuals seen on videotape who waived people into the building.

The government has aggressively withheld 14,000 hours of closed-circuit security footage. The government has not disclosed how many FBI agents and assets were in the crowd. And the media lied when it stated five officers were killed—exactly zero officers were killed that day. The only person who was killed, Ashli Babbitt, a petite unarmed 35-year-old female military veteran posing no lethal danger, was gunned down by Michael Byrd, a Capitol police officer, who in a prior incident of severe negligence left a loaded gun with no safety in a public restroom. Byrd was never charged for Babbitt’s murder.

Dr. Gold remains committed to her advocacy for physicians’ free speech. In quoting George Washington, she said: “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” For over two years now, We The People have been under attack. Our Constitutional rights have been increasingly trampled and eroded. The First Amendment has been annihilated. This is unprecedented in our lifetimes.

A concerted effort has been undertaken to “cancel” physicians who do not follow the mainstream narrative. Dr. Gold has been targeted by these attacks since the White Coat Summit in July 2020 when she shared the news of lifesaving medications alongside many esteemed colleagues, now numbering in the tens of thousands.

The California Medical Board subsequently threatened Dr. Gold’s license with an unfounded claim she was sharing “dangerous disinformation.” Meanwhile, data continues to grow in overwhelming support of her positions with every passing week.

The attempted silencing of this one doctor was just a preamble for what is to come throughout the nation. California AB 2098, an official government censorship bill, has just been passed through the CA State Assembly. This outrageous bill puts a gag order on doctors in exchange for a California medical license. Without a license, a doctor cannot practice medicine. When a doctor has a license revoked in any state, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for that doctor to obtain a license in another state. This is career-ending. Further, AB 2098 proposes to violate the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship and create a new category of “unprofessional conduct” against doctors who provide education and early treatment for COVID-19. AFLDS has prepared a comprehensive Issue Brief on AB 2098.

Issue Brief – CA AB 2098 | America’s Frontline Doctors (

As we consider the results of Dr. Gold’s sentencing, one thing is clear. We are still far from the change that is needed. The Constitution is crumbling before us, and we must continue to stand for what is right. We will never cower to government threats and harassment. Dr. Gold risked her career when she stood against the mainstream narrative to save lives. Now, she still stands, risking her freedom, to choose what is right over what is comfortable. We must learn to be so bold and continue to stand together against the growing tyranny we face.

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11 Responses

  1. What a horrible thing our government has done to a brilliant, honest and caring doctor! How can we stop this?

  2. The damn government is an insult to integrity, justice, respect and morality. If ever there was a time to be embarrassed, ashamed, angry and full of disgust, of an organization, it is now in this current time of the history of our country.

  3. I don’t even know where to start on this Article. This was a total Inserection on our Capitol – violent people trying to overturn our Election. Even Vice President Pence was in 40ft. of being caught by thugs. If this Dr. was there to give a speech on Freedom of Speech../ Vaccination….she should’ve known better by the Angry Mob. “Media Coverage carefully selected- Edits Violent Scenes”? Who/ Where are you coming from? Someone is trying to Charge $9.00 to watch a Video of Violence on this Site/ Forum…..Really? I’m so disappointed by this article….it is truly misleading. There are plenty of places that this Dr. could’ve given her speech – rather than a day of Violence on our Capitol and everyone there. The Lives that have been threatened/ damaged by this day are there to see and here. Let’s – Vaccine Reaction get back to the Reality of Vaccines – Not this phony stuff.

  4. This Dr did nothing wrong. Mayer Marene, you are misinformed. You must be watching Mainstream media to believe there was a insurrection at the capital. There is an obvious double standard. Those who rioted in cities across our nation, violently injuring people and destroying property were not held accountable and Democrat politicians encouraged them to continue and even bailed them out. The protest at the capital turned violent from insiders, capital police and FBI stiring up trouble. There’s video proof this was an inside job. They wanted this to happen so they could make an example of those who dare stand up to the swamp.

  5. Mayer Marene, I’m not going to attack you, but there is no such thing as ‘should have known better’. She had the same right to be there as those that were there to support the election. Sure, there were people there that didn’t support it too. Trump is not the enemy. I scour he dark web for video and evidence about Jan 6th, just like those in the government that get their information from other people like me. I can tell you with great certainty, that what happened Jan 6th is not what it appears to be and most certainly not what the commission is telling you it was. There are two sides to every story. Every story. And I have witnessed enough video from the White House security itself to prove people were let in by Capitol Police. Yesterday, I watched nearly 14 minutes of continuous footage of this. Dr. Simone Gold is an angel of mercy. Ask yourself…do you really believe this doctor has done ANYTHING that warrants this kind of targeting except that she is a name that is known by all of us. They’re trying to make an example out of her. She won’t be stopped. She’s a warrior and she’ll continue to do what she’s always done. Save lives. In this country with this media, though, there are so many that sit at home on the internet and in front of a tv and think that just because someone was arrested, it means they are guilty. So many misguided. Pretend you don’t support this administration and search out the other side of the story. It’s there.

  6. Mixing up health freedom with a justification of insurrection and whitewashing Jan. 6 is a vile disservice to those of us who want a balanced, science based, largely nature based approach to health. Do not assume we therefore want a biased, non-factual, artificially construed government.

  7. 100% agree with Mayer Marene. “….thousands swept into the Capitol building” as if they had no control of what they were doing? Let’s be serious. January 6 was a low point in our country’s history, as detrimental to our democracy and freedoms as the horrible covid / vaccine policy that both Biden and Trump have implemented

  8. Well you can look January 6 in one of two ways:

    1. It was an insurrection/attack on our capital fueled by Trump and/or Trump sympathizers with the objective of trying to overturn the election results.


    2. A total false flag engineered by the deep state as an excuse round up and silence dissenting voices

    Simone Golds arrest has tipped me more in the direction of #2

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