Thursday, July 25, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dr. Scott Atlas and Jesse Waters Discuss CDC Covering Up Data

What if you realized your family doctor’s been lying to you? … Giving you shots you don’t need, prescribing you unnecessary prescriptions, not telling  you about the possible side effects. Clearly, not giving you all the information you need. Would you ever trust him again? Of course not. You’d run for the hills and get a new doctor and tell everybody he’s a quack. That quack doctor is the CDC. We told you earlier this week about the bombshell New York Times report that exposed the CDC for not telling us the truth about vaccines and for hiding COVID data from us.

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7 Responses

  1. The CDC and the Medical Doctor community have been hoodwinking Americans for years. Natural Immunity worked for me and I’m 79. My parents used a Naturopathic Doctor for me and my 3 siblings. I had a measles party, a mumps party, and was exposed to chickenpox as a child. I have natural immunity to all of those illnesses. The CDC and Medical Docs don’t want you to know about this because they’re all in the pocket of the Drug purveyors and Vaccine companies. Even the Flu shot is a scam. Don’t get it, just use the advice of Homeopaths and take vitamins specific to fighting those viruses. I use a Copper device to kill viruses in my nose before they turn into a cold or other airborne virus. It’s called CopperZap and it works. If more people knew about these things we wouldn’t need meds, drugs, anti-viral drugs etc.

  2. IF people would have done their own homework/research, they would have discovered the many inconsistencies and telling signs of COVERUP! I’ve been sharing with friends and family the deceptions and what appeared to be outright lies for the past 2 years!!!! I REFUSED to buy into all their BIG government and BIG pharma hype and mandates! NO needles… and I’m still here to type this as are several others I know. All those that I known who refused the experimental injections are doing just fine, with no lingering issues; tho I do know that is very real. It’s been utterly ridiculous that the medias are in with all the coverups as well — a sad state of affairs that leaves all too many with no way to know about all the MISINFORMATION and outright LIES by big government, big pharma, and most sadly all too many doctors as well!

  3. I said from the beginning Dec 2020.
    Don’t get the 2 nd ?. There is no data showing that ?? is more effective than ?.

    I have not found any data showing the best time between first and 2nd ?.
    In eather effective or risk.

    If you under 50 years or healthy.
    Don’t get the 2nd ?!

    Over 50 and unhealthy wait 4 months to 40 years.

    US is the only country that I know that gave ?? before their were enough ? for all unhealthy old people.

  4. I am a 77 year old female and the last time I saw a doctor was in 1994. I take homeopathic
    remedies when needed and the last time I got a shot, I was 10 years old and it was the polio
    shot which was required by my school. I would not even think about harming my natural immune system. It has taken very good care of me all these years and I know it will continue.
    Don’t take any of those shots and give your immune system a chance to do what it was intended to do. The human body is a miracle worker if you give it a chance.

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