Thursday, June 13, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Inside Australia COVID Internment Camp

Since the COVID pandemic hit, we’ve all got to know another side of Australia. With some of the longest and most stringent lockdowns and travel restrictions in the world, it’s become a case study of what happens when a government will do anything to keep COVID numbers low. Their latest policy is to build special camps—COVID internment camps—to which infected and suspected infected people are moved. The biggest of these camps is called Howard Springs. It houses up to 2,000 inmates… surrounded by tall fences and carefully policed against attempts to escape. It’s been described as the gold standard of such camps and it’s being replicated across Australia.

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8 Responses

  1. I think all the people involved in helping the government and law officials carry out this pathetic, phony, enforcement of these covid camps, should be locked up and get a taste of their own medicine. These idiots should pay the price of their …. EXTREME STUPIDITY! Actually believing what they were told to do seemed right? Seeing nothing wrong with what they were told to do was beyond imbecilic. Where were there logic, reasoning, DAMN COMMON SENSE!!! No they chose to help the stupid ass government and law officials committ inhumane tyranny on the citizens. I think anyone …. in this world that still can’t now see what was really going on with this covid CRAP! That it was nothing but about money, power and to rid the world of as many people as these dumb ass global elites could, is really dumb as doornails. How can you not see and realize the s### these people are doing? Yet these brainless twits are helping them to get away with it. All their asses, when this is over, deserves …. PRISON TIME!

  2. This is just a glimpse of what will occur if the WEF is allowed to take over it will be much much worse because it won’t be two weeks but the rest of your life with even more rules, time to face this head on now or forever live in fear and under tyranny.

  3. Deborah Broach’s comment on 3-15 @ 2:02 sound so much like me,
    so I will just honor her post with !!!!!!! X 10 Only I would add at the end. While in Prison they get vaxxcinated with the latest experiment daily !

  4. @Darrell. Truth
    And it IS Truly Terrifying , just How many ppl in charge went along. There Must have some Seriously FAT PAYOFFS for these son’s to treat others this way. Hope it was worth it and may them and their children forever Choke on that money, may nothing else work for them, EVER ! I Pray to JESUS that it be So!

  5. Since there is no real covid in existence (Sars-1/2) or any vaccine that works (CDC,WHO,CDA evidence) then why is the obsession with vaccines other than the fact they contain chemicals or adverse side effects that are dangerous for us. There are no masks that work or rapid tests that are accurate which was also proven to be the case. Even tap water will make them show a false positive which means that a NWO mandate has taken over our governments who have now become infected with the Gates/ Fauci ilk and their eugenics plan. Time to rise up folks, Steve Vasseur.

  6. How long will they keep this up?
    Quaritening the healthy.
    What are they waiting for?:
    COVID eradification?
    Reliable tests?
    Hurd immunization?
    Effective treatment?
    Public rebels?

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