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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dr. Robert Malone Discusses the COVID Vaccine’s Effect on Reproduction

These alterations in menstruation were believed to represent hysterical women. The CDC is now acknowledging it. The thing is that the ovary drives menstruation. Hormonally, the ovary drives menstruation. When we’re seeing altered menstrual cycles, we’re seeing the phenomena of post-menopausal woman starting to bleed. That’s a hallmark that something’s going on in the ovaries. And we know that these lipids are going to the ovaries. We know that these are synthetic, abnormal […] that insert into membranes and change the charge of cell surfaces. That’s all true. So all we have is this trail of breadcrumbs and, unfortunately, apparently, the FDA made a determination that they would treat these products using their standard checklist approach for a standard vaccine, and they did not use the checklist that they would use for gene therapy. And, furthermore, they didn’t make any special accommodation for the novel nature of this technology.

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3 Responses

  1. Requesting information on the possibility of spontaneous transmutagenic sharing to biological entities which have not purposefully taken the covid rnma resequensing concoctions. Or to put that simply; Can our unvaccinated children be around vaccinated people and be assured they will not take in shedded pathogens and prions which could uptake into their bodies and cause a similar response? The fear is that the vaccinated shed to the unvaccinated and could cause similar problems as the vaccinated deal with where all they need is to uptake one of the covid prions and it could self replicate in their bodies. We need answers on this NOW please. We fought the mask issue but now still can’t send our children back to school despite the release of the mask mandates because this is a far greater concern than forcing masks. Am I taking this in when I’m around vaccinated people and in turn possibly shedding this to my children, when all of us in this house are unvaccinated? Need attention to this immediately please.

  2. Here is another scary thing to think about.
    If an unvaccinated woman has unprotected intercourse with a vaccinated man, there is a likelihood that his sperm and seminal fluid contains the modified spike protein that can travel anywhere in the body and real havoc on any organ. If this semen comes in contact with the delicate lining of the vagina of this unvaccinated woman, can this modifies spike protein enter her body through the vaginal lining and travel through her body reading havoc?
    Can it effect her ovaries and eggs?
    Could this make her sterile?
    If she does bear children, will this modified spike protein be passed along to her children?
    Something to think about! Studies definitely need to be done to answer these questions!

  3. This sounds like the havoc Gates released in Africa until it’s administrators got the whole reports on the Free Gates vaccines..they had dole in them that deliberately caused sterilization. Gates is part of the world population control and Margaret Sangers org. Who is Deliberately racist .,they wan to eliminate the..negroid populations from the earth. That’s a harsh truth it…and just think…it seems our own Federal agencies may have cooperated with the same ideals…for political reasons. Zero population has cross politics in it because it’s to appeal to individuals who want population to be decreased to a controllable level. Look it up online for yourselves for your proofs.

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