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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Supreme Court Holds Special Session to Rule on Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Supreme Court

On Jan. 7,  2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hold a special session to hear oral arguments in a group of cases challenging the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employers with 100 or more employees and for healthcare workers who work in a facility that receives funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).1

The worker COVID vaccine mandate requires businesses with 100 or more employees to demonstrate that all workers be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or face termination and it forces employees who are exempt from vaccination to wear face masks and get tested for the coronavirus weekly. The mandate will be enforced by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).2 The health care worker mandate enforced by CMS also requires that all employees working at hospitals receiving Medicare or Medicaid be fully vaccinated or face termination.3

Court Will Decide Whether 80 Million Workers Will Face COVID Vaccine Mandates

The Supreme Court decided to take the cases on an emergency basis when appeals were made by both sides in the matter after a series of court decisions left the country in limbo as to whether the federal COVID vaccine mandates are enforceable. The most recent decision by the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the temporary stay on the workplace mandate, which was granted in November 2021 and affected 80 million workers.

The Justice Department and challengers to the COVID vaccine mandates reached out to Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito seeking their assistance in reversing Appellate Court orders that both stayed and reinstated the workplace mandates.4 While this legal back and forth has resulted in the mandates staying in place, the Biden administration has no plans to enforce the workers vaccine requirements until January 10 and,  as long as the employer “is exercising reasonable, good faith efforts to come into compliance with the standard,” OSHA will not enforce the weekly testing requirements prior to Feb. 10, 2022.5 6

The challengers to the workplace mandate include 27 states with Republican governors, religious groups, businesses and business groups such as the National Retail Federation, The American Trucking Associations and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.7 8

The Biden administration strongly defended the vaccine mandate with Marty Walsh, U.S. Labor Secretary, citing the “grave danger of COVID-19″:

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on workers, and we continue to see dangerous levels of cases. We must take action to implement this emergency temporary standard to contain the virus and protect people in the workplace against the grave danger of COVID-19.9

Businesses Anticipate Losing Large Number of Employees if SCOTUS Rules in Favor of COVID Vaccine Mandate

One of the challengers, the National Association of Convenience Stores, maintains that, while they are encouraging vaccination, they anticipate losing large numbers of employees should they be forced to mandate the vaccine as a condition of employment. Lyle Beckwith, senior vice president of government relations warned…

Our industry is facing a labor shortage and supply chain disruptions. The OSHA rule will make all of this worse, and everyday Americans will take the brunt of the problems it creates.10

Jordon Sekulow, one of the attorneys for the Heritage Foundation, a challenger to the vaccine mandate, argues:

This mandate not only impinges on the constitutional rights of employees but creates onerous burdens on employers, including enforcing the mandate, storing private medical information of all employees’ vaccine status, and conducting onsite weekly COVID testing. Quite simply, it is an unconstitutional federal power grab.11

Heritage Foundation president, Kevin Roberts, explained, “We stand to lose a lot. If the federal government is able to pierce that sacrosanct relationship between employer and employee.”12

Does OSHA Have the Legal Authority to Enforce the Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate?

At issue with the workplace mandates is whether OSHA has the legal authority to enforce the sweeping federal vaccine mandate through its emergency temporary standards. Of the nine emergency temporary standards OSHA has issued in the past, six were challenged in court and all but one was struck down. Legal analyst Dan Eaton points out, “Just when you’re looking at the odds, the fact is that the majority of emergency temporary standards have been struck down by the courts.”13

Opponents stress that such sweeping mandates should be enacted by Congress rather than OSHA, pointing out that the risks from exposure to COVID-19 are not limited to the workplace and that COVID is a universal threat in society with the potential for transmission anywhere from one’s home to a store to the workplace.14 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed with the challengers calling the vaccine mandate, “staggeringly overbroad” and stating that it “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority”.15

However, because the case before the Fifth Circuit court was only one of more than two dozen challenges to the mandate in federal court, the cases were consolidated, and a lottery was used to determine which court would ultimately decide the issue.16 17

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which was chosen to hear the consolidated cases, reinstated the workplace vaccine mandate in a 2-1 decision, putting an end to the temporary stay issued by the Fifth Circuit Court.18 The majority opinion found:

Given OSHA’s clear and exercised authority to regulate viruses, OSHA necessarily has the authority to regulate infectious diseases that are not unique to the workplace.19

The Fate of 10.3 million Health Care Workers Will Also Be Decided by SCOTUS

The Supreme Court of the United States will also hear arguments as to whether CMS can mandate COVID vaccine for all health care workers in a health care facility that receives funding from CMS. The U.S. District Court in Missouri struck down the vaccine mandate in 10 states, concluding that CMS lacked the constitutional authority to mandate a vaccine for 10.3 million health care workers, 2.4 million of which are unvaccinated.20 The COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers remains in effect in approximately half of the states.21 The Biden administration will not enforce the mandate until the legal challenges are concluded.22

The health care workers mandate is the first time that the federal government has attempted to mandate a vaccine for a significant portion of the U.S. population. Public health laws mandating vaccine use have historically been reserved for the states and, in 1905, the Supreme Court affirmed in Jacobson v Massachusetts that state legislatures had the constitutional authority to mandate (or not mandate) smallpox vaccine.23

Vaccines laws in the U.S. are primarily state laws and vary from state to state.24 In 2021, no state passed a law mandating universal COVID-19 vaccine use and a number of states, like Florida and Texas, passed legislation prohibiting COVID vaccine mandates.25

One of CMS’s stated justifications for the federal vaccine mandate is to enforce a uniform rule across the country, while opponents fear forcing use of the controversial COVID vaccine will result in a large exodus of health care workers at a time when they are needed the most. The current state of the COVID vaccine mandate is disjointed and allows health care workers in half the country to continue to work without being forced to get vaccinated, while the other half faces termination if they do not comply.

Even though a federal law should not be constitutional in half the country but not the other half, CMS plans to enforce the mandate in the states that it can. Workers who have not had their first dose of COVID vaccine by Jan. 27 will be terminated.26

In support of the federal COVID vaccine mandate for all health care workers working for facilities providing care to Medicare and Medicaid patients, the U.S. Solicitor General, Elizabeth Prelogar, said,

The Secretary of Health and Human Services exercised his express statutory authority to protect the health and safety of Medicare and Medicaid patients by requiring healthcare facilities that choose to participate in those programs to ensure that their staff are vaccinated.27

SCOTUS Ruling Will Decide if Vaccine Mandates Are Under State or Federal Control

Attorney Sean Marotta of Hogan Lovells said there is “a subset of judges who believe that administrative agencies have too much power” and he suggests looking towards Justices Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Chief Justice Roberts for the deciding votes.28

Attorney Aaron Siri managing partner at Siri & Glimstad LLP, who is challenging a number of COVID vaccine mandates in court, said, “The grounds on which the emergency rule is likely to be struck down is that CMS doesn’t have the statutory authority to adopt this regulation.”29

Among the issues is whether CMS required congressional authority to enact this sweeping federal vaccine mandate, their failure to provide for a public comment period, and whether CMS has the power to set conditions for medical facilities that receive federal funding. According to Case Western Reserve University law professor, Sharona Hoffman, CMS has the authority to enact these measures as “this is a matter of life and death.”30

Other attorneys feel the lack of a public comment period to solicit public input on the federal COVID vaccine mandate may be the deal breaker. Their argument is that, if this was such a clear emergency necessitating immediate action without waiting for public comment, the administration wouldn’t have waited so long to implement the rule creating the mandate.31

For now, all eyes are on the Supreme Court after it has made the highly unusual decision to hear the federal COVID vaccine mandate cases on an emergency basis.

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79 Responses

    1. They WILL hold people down and force injections, because it’s been done before, with children especially on vaccinations, and mental health “patients” with nasty filthy psych drugs.

      Praise Almighty God From Whom All Good Things Come!

        1. No they are not because when you have been indoctrinated with fear porn you can no longer think constructively. This is what they are counting on. I pray that RFK Jr; Tom Rense or Reiner Fulmich will be representing this case and Dr. Peter Mccullough and other independent scientists will be allowed to testify.
          Recently read that Justice Roberts was calling out Federal judges nation wide for ruling on cases they have a financial interest in . Whomever is prosecuting here needs to investigate the SCOTUS judge’s investments. Also Amy Coney Barrett is from a radical Catholic sect; so even though the Pope has endorsed vaccines made from & with aborted fetal cells [even though he condemns abortion?!?]; she may have something to say about that. The reasoning that it was one or two babies decades ago is a lie; HEK293 stands for Human Embryonic Kidney cells and was taken from still living kidneys of hundreds of aborted fetuses at 16 weeks by design before they got the procedure to work. Read: Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective by Pamela Acker, MS. She was interviewed on Life Site News as a vaccinologist who worked in the labs initially because she was part of the experiments to create vaccines from bananas or goats milk etc. When that failed and she learned how they were getting the different strains of fetal cells [ they are listed in the Vaccine Excipients Summary]; she had to quit as it was sacrilegious for her to participate in this; plus she said another prominent scientist has found evidence the foreign DNA is integrating into ours and causing breaks that harm our immune systems. Basically messing with what God gave us. Do you want Bill Gates & friends [all serial convicted felons BTW] “reWriting the software of your immune system”?? He can’t even get Microsoft to work right and now they are experimenting on all who submit.
          As for never holding us down; look at history. When SCOTUS Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes cast deciding vote to force sterilize in 1907 -1963, thousands of poor blacks, native americans, infirm, retarded and otherwise “undesireables”. Not to mention many who were and still are forced into mental institutions without representation. My father’s friend had his ex wife & 5 kids had him committed so they could steal all his money. Other people have been forced into shock therapy & psychotic meds for experiments by DARPA [the outfit handling Warp Speed and MKUltra]. So people need to wake up and come together fast or all their freedoms will be gone; guns or no guns.

        2. Yes it has been done before because good people did not fight back against it. See US Supreme Court case Buck vs. Bell. Absolutely evil decision by the Supreme Court. Just because something is immoral does not mean the Supreme Court would strike it down as illegal.

        3. Perhaps not over immunization, but this is an almost identical playbook to that used with the Spanish Flu in 1918 – right down to jailing those refusing to wear masks. Chicago and New York are usually the starting points for this garbage.

          New York tried it over the measles just a few years ago, and threatened to remove kids from parents who refused vaccination but the Jewish community pulled their kids from schools and stood up in court.

          We have been here to varying degress MANY times. I happen to be from the burbs of Chicago.

    2. Ditto here! I’ve already walked away from a nursing career I loved when CA mandated flu shots for nurses to keep working, I certainly won’t allow this possibly poison experiment in my veins! It is so far from the approved and customary approval process, they don’t even have nodding acquaintance with each other, let alone share any attributes!
      Anyone who thinks that they will change my mind had better be prepared to receive MY form of ‘shots’ in return. ‘Nuff said

    3. I won’t either, Jeff. This is a situation in which I think reasonable people would all answer the same way…NO mandates! Our Constitutional rights as individuals demand that we have freedom to choose.

    4. I agree!! If we don’t stand up for what is right, then we stand for wrong. I prefer to stand for right!

  1. “The devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12


    Praise Almighty God From Whom All Good Things Come!


  2. This is outrageously wrong!! To mandate an experimental jab that’s killing thousands. What’s wrong with people? Can’t they get what’s going on? I’ll not comply!! Never!!

    1. I am afraid you may be right they no longer rule on Constitutional law they have become politicized and/or compromised. Thomas and Alito are the only two that are actually upholding Constitutional law.

      1. Kavanaugh and Barrett have already show they can’t be trusted. They both have gone against how they represented themselves before being sworn in.
        Something is wrong with this picture. Either they are shills that planned with others to hide their agenda and lie to get installed or someone has evidence on them that allows for them to be controlled or face charges. I hope I’m wrong but this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Justice Robert’s comes to mind after the strange actions taken after the Epstein revelations.
        Just my opinion and I hope I’m completely wrong. I guess we’ll see very soon! Thank goodness millions are waking up to the corruption that’s going on now and all along for that matter.
        On another matter I saw there is a slush fund for Congress to pay for sexual abuse charges against them. 17 million dollars have been paid out so far. I would like to know if our tax dollars are being used in any way to facilitate these abusers and pedophiles by paying off the victims so they don’t face charges.

    2. I don’t trust this SCOTUS as a whole. Alito and Thomas, yes, the others, esp Robert’s are a horror show. We can pray they rule properly and constitutionally…and kick the bobblehead admin in the head with a cancellation of their totalitarian takeover. They pass this, the country is in a non-stop death spiral.
      Die on your feet or live on your knees.

  3. I will not be injected with an experimental vaccine. And I will not be injected with a vaccine that does not stop the inoculated from getting the Covid virus nor preventing the spread of the virus from one who is infected.

    1. Chris, that is why you should refer to this covid product as a ‘non-vaccine’. I mean, they had to change the long standing more than a century old definition of vaccination to fold this ridiculous non-vaccine product into their ‘vaccine line up’. Newspeak is here, but we can play the same game alongside.

      I’m not getting the covid non-vaccine. Because it’s not a real vaccine, it does not impart immunity and we don’t care if they changed the definition of what vaccination means. We have standards and require a vaccine to impart immunity or we turn to homeopathic and other solutions instead.

      I’m about to post some additional activist links for this vocal group. Please subscribe to AAPS which is the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. They are sending out routine emails regarding supporting our right to informed consent and individual choice. Then you’ve also got the petition to stop HR550 on building vaccination databases which our private vaccination status data can be shared with insurance companies and a wide range of other non medical entities. And support AFLD with Dr Simone Gold, Americas Front Line Doctors group. They are almost completely banned from mainstream but still populate the halls of alternative media with a substantial following. Then watch what may be the most important 3 hour watch in the past 2 years; ‘Joe Rogan episode #1757 with Dr Robert Malone’, a man more qualified than faucci whom worked alongside faucci and whom clearly explains why the uptick in ‘testing positives’ is a good thing which indicates the virus is losing efficacy and is burning out. They did not frame this interview as a major whistle blower event but trust me, it is. With ongoing censorship we’ll never know how many watched this video as it’s popping up and struck down like a moving target but it’s probably going to total hundreds of millions of views. Share that video!

      The more they censor, the closer we are corralled to the final solution. History repeats.

  4. Despite this vaccine mandate is against the Nuremberg Code, and is Unconstitutional, the vast number of medical injury and death caused by this vaccine is staggering. This is definitely NOT a Medical Emergency in America and therefore OSHA nor CMS have no business being involved in this.
    The economic fallout of a decision to uphold the Mandate is staggering, and will be a medical, emotional and financial disaster to America.

    1. Per the above referenced must watch video, Rogan #1757, one of the most well qualified virologists in the world explains this for us. The vast majority of deaths are attributable to medical malpractice. The things you will learn in this video, the betrayal of trust at the highest levels… It is as we hypothesized from the start; ‘You are watching Covid Theater’. Or as I keep referring to it; theater of the macabre.

      My dad called me the other day about all these people around him having had tested positive recently and he was gripped by fear. I was like, it’s not dangerous, just do not get tested, stay away from hospitals, and for heavens sake dad, turn off the television, you’ll be fine.

      For the love of god people, stop getting tested. We’ve gone this entire time without a single instance of ‘testing or tracing’ in this entire house and we’re much better off for it. Kill your television while you’re at it, you need to take the filth out of your living room and live your own life again. ‘In search of advertisement-free spaces…’ All covid news at this point is a commercial advertisement for three items; covid non vaccines, covid testing, and expanded government powers over your life. Stop listening to and stop subscribing to that message!

  5. I agree with Jeff wholeheartedly … NEVER will I EVER be injected, against my will, with anything as nefarious as these shots. Ronald Reagan famously said if you ever hear the words “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” you should run. WTH has happened to our country, land of the free, home of the brave??

    1. What has happened to our country? Well the millions who were in Reagan’s generation have passed on. Contrast the America of 1960 with the America of 2022. There’s your answer.

  6. No job or ANYTHING else is worth submitting to being poisoned!!!

    The criminals/authorities involved in this global catastrophe are doubling down because their criminality is soon to be exposed. It has been in plain sight all along but the hypnotized sheeple are only now starting to wake up.

    As they are waking up, they will realize what has been done to them and their children. It will be interesting to see how accountability will be assigned.

  7. I wont comply.. I live in south carolina.. I am in a State Licensed Profession.. I see it this way.. while I will lose my paycheck.. I wont be paying to a system that is a threat to my Freedom Liberty and Life.. as the vaccines are killing and injuring hundreds of thousands maybe millions around the world and its all covered up.. who wants to be a part of that system? Not me

  8. What’s the point of vaccine mandates if the vaxxed are still spreading Covid and getting it too? It doesn’t make sense. Aren’t any of these people reading the real science? Like the latest life insurance numbers?

  9. This particular shot is still in EUA. Shouldn’t part of the argument be that the mandates infringe on an individual’s right not to participate in an experiment? It also appears that this “experiment” is failing as more fully vaccinated individuals are still getting the virus.

    Another issue is the fact that this shot has already killed around 20,000 people and disabled about 2 million from severe reactions to the shot.

    How many do we sacrifice for the “greater good”? That question becomes pertinent when you look at the W.H.O. website that shows the virus is 99.98% survivable. Of those who get the virus only .15% are critical cases. World wide the virus, as of Dec 22, 2021 has killed about 5,385, 016 people but 253,413,655 people have survived. That’s a .02% death rate.

    Last, since other countries have used other methods to fight the virus and have a much lower death rate than America, mandates for this shot should be eliminated. Doctors should not have their hands tied by bureaucracy not allowing other methods of treatment but be allowed to try other medical treatments that have shown to be successful.

    I’m not a lawyer so I’m not sure how all these facts could be used in an argument but logic should rule in any court case. Sadly, we don’t always see that as the case.

    1. Irene. Dr Robert Malone disclosures; (per above Joe Rogan #1757); Many many more people have perished from this vaccine than statistics indicate. Double your estimate and add a zero to it…

      Watch this video. There is an annoying 4 min blip out but that’s probably due to copy repost copy repost as this is getting struck down and reposted at a record pace. 3 hours. Compelling disclosure.

      Sign this petition against HR550 on vaccine database building & sharing. (The petition link is located within this letter near the end.) Join this group on get on their mailing lists too. AAPS

      While you’re at it; ‘Stand for Health Freedom’;

      Support Americas Front Line Doctors group;

      Of course reference people to NVIC & CHD first, the two pioneers compared to the others, but everyone should have a voice here. Send links, share information, information is power and this is an information war. It’s important to understand and comprehend the scale of the rapid rise in censorship tools, including automated based tools. It’s important to revert back to a desktop or labtop and use high speed wired with a diverse set of high functioning privacy focused browsers. I’m on customized mozilla which helps. But I’ve already seen edge & others begin automatic blocking tactics. Gateway Pundit has an article just recently how verizon and sprint are fiddling with automatic blockers and you can bet if that technology becomes more broadly accepted by the public, it will be applied to all of your favorite sites and even to you yourself. If you’re getting news and information exclusively from a mobile or cellular device, you’re already behind and are likely unaware of how much content redirection and blocking you are subjected too.

      You’ll miss me when I’m gone so don’t take these well thought out informational suggestions for granted. It’s like I’m living in yesteryear or somehow woke up yesterday, I can’t go with the new totalitarian mindset. I’d rather die than live a life without liberty. These are not just slogans on a wall to be repeated with empty defiance for pointless self reassurance. My life is already emptying out with the loss of liberty all around me. I am already in despair due to the loss of others liberties even though mine are thankfully still intact. I have new understanding of why patriots and preachers formed together in the past and where a great many classic American slogans truly source from. Loss of others liberty all around us is just as staggering as a loss of your own. What does it matter if I’m the last one to never be tested and traced, when all of you have already complied? What does it matter that we never vaccinated and understood the fraud for the past decade, when all of you have already complied? What does it mean to be the last person standing, surrounded by the hounds of hell and petty tyrants on every turn, when all of you tune in to hear their messages willingly and applaud their works? That’s just the start of it and it won’t end here. Everyone on this board is going to have to learn to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Unsubscribe and uncouple yourself from a great many systems of control which you have adopted over the past 20 or more years. I still don’t have a cell phone… That will be a punishable offense soon too.

    2. Irene, your arithmetic is not correct. the death rate of 5,385,016 out of 253,413,655 is about 2%, not .02 %. That’s pretty high. But at least you cite some actual numbers, rather than just asserting “everybody knows,” as most of the comments do!

  10. We said no. We meant it. Corporations whom enforce vaccine mandates will be met with boycotts. We don’t want the vaccine. Neither do we want to deal with companies that force vaccines on others. What the judges rule is irrelevant. We The People have spoken. Without the principal of voluntarism, the bench is a joke kangaroo court anyways. Respect of these systems is earned not given. We will see how many judges are for sale to big pharma very soon indeed.

    Stop forgetting about Montana when mentioning protective laws. Montana has the best vaccine refusal law in this country, we’re quite possibly going to move there if vaccine mandates move forward. MB-702 / Colorado went to hell in a hand basket, as the majority of the populace cowers behind masks and a worthless dangerous non-vaccine like fearful hypochondriacs.

    The primary side effect of the covid non-vaccine is that it makes people stupid, very gullible, susceptible to propaganda like never before thought possible. How many SCOTUS judges are covid gene altered again? We should demand an unbiased panel, one which consists of a minimum of 1/2 persons whom have not received the covid non-vax. Otherwise they’ve already demonstrated bias towards the issue.

      1. Thank you Lisa. We must find our own compelling arguments rather than just parroting others. How can a group of subscribers to something be unbiased regarding other peoples reluctance to subscribe?

        People do not understand the mechanisms by which ‘questions are posed to the bench’. The supreme court is not deciding the question of our constitutional rights, but rather merely deciding if a certain few administrative departments within our governmental structure have a said authority or do not have a said authority. The question being considered is limited in scope and nature, further restricted by the terms of what is an ’emergency basis’ gathering. And when the ruling comes down there will be a continuation of the mass hysteria and continuation of the misunderstanding of where our rights comes from and ‘who grants them’. I suggest everyone go to hobby lobby and immediately order their own copy of the bill of rights, declaration of independence, and united states constitution. I keep mine on the wall in the garage where I spend most of my free time.

        Here; ‘try my brand’;
        For the past decade we have not had a cable or antenna source to our television in our living room but rather just use an xbox or hdmi to computer to watch our preferred content. We have a one a day commercial advertisement limit which although impossible to hold to is still a noble goal worth pursuing. We are not directed but rather direct ourselves. Every single night at dinner we watch The Liberty Report. A voice of reason in these trying times. Ron, Daniel, Chris. You know he would have been president and reportedly had the votes. Vote theft has been ongoing long before most even paid attention. Unlike a vote, what will come down from the halls of the highest court will not be formed by the will of the people, but rather will be yet another thinly veiled act of advocacy towards unelected bureaucrats preferred causes and commercialized brand subscriptions.

        Every major corporation in this country. Nearly every single retirement fund. Nearly every head of state and their vast networks of lessor heads, subsidiaries and beneficiaries. They all have stake in the massive profits the covid fraud has generated. You can shake a stick at them but you can not get their hands out of the cookie jars. As long as people continue to subscribe to the brands which have promoted this theater, the theater will continue to direct the questions, answers, and appointments from behind the scenes. It’s a grand event where self asking regulation will yet again be eventually confirmed. Further restrictions of markets and continued consolidation of conglomerates.

        It is a foregone conclusion, the zealots will eventually confirm their zealotry through a legal mechanism. Bastiat whom is otherwise renowned as the father of modern law wrote about this; “When plunder becomes a way of life for men living in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

        Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn and rend you. Faith in these systems is misplaced. The question of whether god or man grants us rights is the tantamount consideration of today. Authority is not granted, it is earned. “When a small group of men…” Personally I’m tired of the regurgitated religious slogans, backed by hollow personal choices. I am just as guilty but that does not mean I must also wear the same blinders. Where will these people be when truly against the wall? It is up to each of us individually to depart from babylon, nobody can do it for us. No reform will ever reach the entire world because that has already been done and the word previously laid out for our existence and choices to be considered today. Our salvation lies in faith and nowhere else. I just fished this out from a memory of a distant reference, seems relevant for today though. Cheers.

  11. It would be great if they televised these cases so all the public can hold them accountable for their decisions thrust on us..

  12. Where do we stand with mandatory testing when we are unvaccinated and employees in healthcare at a hospital in NJ ? Now they are even telling us we’re we need to test and doing a fluvid test .

    1. We faced a similar crisis. You need to file a religious and/or medical exemption to both the vaccine, the mask, and the testing. Then keep filing them relentlessly until you either pass or reach the end of the line.

      Michelle, there is a reason that nearly a million people left CA & NY and flooded to TX & FL in the past 1 year alone. That is just stats they can track between a few states, the mass migration of Americans is unbelievable multi multi millions and I fear will only grow in the coming years. They faced a similar question as you and now that vaccine mandates are on the table regardless of what courts rule as they juggle the issue yes/no back and forth again and again, the issue may not resolve. Change every brand in your life immediately and vote with your wallet. Soon I fear we all may also be required to vote with our feet. This is crimes against humanity to push vaccine mandates.

  13. I will never bend the knee. Hold the line. This is the fight of our life. Stand up
    for what is good and right no matter what degredation they throw at us. Always choose freedom over fear. Fight for the kind of country we want for our children and grandchildren. My warmest wishes to my fellow Americans brave enough to stand against tyranny.

  14. PLEASE stop calling it a “mandate”! You are giving it more power than it holds! A “mandate” is a court order requiring an individual or group to do or not do something. THERE IS NO COURT ORDER! This is an illegal measure, an illegal request NOT a mandate!

    The Constitution and Title 7 already gives us exemption from these illegal measures, we the people must be EDUCATED and INFORMED on the facts!

  15. I totally agree with their comments. I support Medicare and Medicaid butI also support health care workers who choose not to get vaccinated. As long as they’re not sick while working, I don’t see that concerns me whether or not they got vaccination.They should NOT choose between covid jab and job. It’s still unconstitutional. Too many deaths and damages from Covid injection. Get rid of Biden and Dr. Fauci. If they don’t feel safe to take jabs, then don’t do it. Defend yourself. It’s your decision and health. Ok? Don’t ever let them bully you. If I had more than 100 employees working under me, I would NOT ever impose on vaccine mandate!!!

  16. JoAnn: “. . . reasonable people would all answer the same way . . .” (??) Do you really believe that someone who disagrees with you on this is unreasonable?? Most of the other letter writers seem to agree with you. But really there are many many issues on which apparently reasonable people take different sides. Back in the 50s when polio was a scourge, the vaccine was applauded by many people, reviled by many too. But it did stop the epidemic.

  17. My job is on the line with regards to this decision. I have NO faith in these nine, unelected, unaccountable, gods-in-robes. I may very well lose my job, and may end up (worse case scenario) living in my car: Not a thrilling prospect at sub zero temperatures.

    1. Mine too Shadow. If you should find yourself in such a predicament of living in your car, at least drive to a warmer climate, i.e. Florida. By Friday, many millions of us may be facing the same prospect.

  18. What they are not telling people either is that they have already reached one million people who have already been injured from these covid vaccines and thousands already dead because of these covid vaccines and If I already know that and I’m from the UK with relatives in the US, why doesn’t these facts come out within this court case to mandate these vaccines to begin with, rather than allowing Big Pharma to hide all this vital information that would in truth, blow this mandated argument out of the water? Eventually even when they are trying to desperately hide and cover up all these facts to get what they want, their lie will been seen for what it truly is, a total and complete lie with millions more vaccine injured and dead

    1. Mrs Jane we are way beyond the point of hoping a court will save us. The courts are so corrupted and compromised, they have no autonomy, nor any desire to do the morally correct thing.

      I am saddened that I was never able to tour your beautiful country and meet special people such as yourself. I’m of Scottish extraction and have great love for the culture. Bless you and yours.

  19. This is war and if we are not willing to fight physically to defend ourselves from this physical attack, then we will perish at the hands of the Anti-Americans.

  20. Many people who have chosen to get the vaccines/boosters don’t know or are denying the truth about this killing juice and seem to not want you to tell them, because it would seem you are crazy for believing in such conspiracy nonsense. From the day I knew it was intentionally started in a lab, and governments were in on it, I didnt want to have anything to do with the so called vaccines they claim were going to develop to help people. There is plenty of information and proof out there by doctors, scientists, researchers and whistleblowers, who have chosen to come forward with the truth because they felt enough is enough with all this phony bull crap the pharmaceutical companies, the medical community and fauci-stein is trying to feed everyone. Nevermind the natural remedies proven to help you get over covid before it gets to the point you even need to go to a hospital. They made a point of taking those off the market and banning them, on purpose so that you would have no choice but to take their damn vaccines. Now that their obvious plan is not working, they are getting desperate and forcing people to lose their jobs, so that they cry uncle and give in. Those miserable pieces of crap can mandate til they are blue in the face. I am not having it.

  21. Alas, America! How the mighty have fallen! What a standing army could not force America to do, a treasonous medical coup led by unelected heads of “health” agencies and cowardly, American politicians and employers have done perpetrating the biggest psy-op, gaslighting scheme in world history. Just say “NO” people!

  22. Apart from being “thought provoking”, ALL the comments I’ve read from those against the jab are spot on! And let’s not forget our Heavenly Father is sovereign over ALL!!!

    1. Erma I appreciate and respect your belief in God. But as I look back on 6000 years of history, I don’t see God intervening much in the horrific atrocities of mankind.

      Jesus was taken to a mountain top by Satan and shown the governments of the world. He stated that it had all been “given to” him and he gave it to whom he chose. Governments are under the control of men appointed by Satan, if one accepts Biblical dogma. Spiritually, pray and give your heart to Christ. But in the natural, the here and now of Earth, be prepared.

      “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

  23. America, America.
    When corporate interests subverted your military and sent your children to die in dishonorable missions justified by gross and obvious lies, you were silent.
    When corporate interests subverted your government and allowed the bribery of politicians and officials to become protected “free speech,” you were silent.
    Now, at last, when corporate interests hover salivating over the lives and health of your children, you pretend to grow the gonads you have so plainly always lacked. Your bluster will prove false and your oaths will prove empty, because corporate interests own you and your country, lock, stock, and barrel, and you will do nothing, but nothing about it as the whip finally falls.

    1. Assumptions and generalities. And a reference to Citizens United, brilliant. Some of us continue to stand for liberty freedom and hope. Audit the fed. File RICO charges. Use Monopoly rules to break these corporations to the four winds.

      Perhaps it is time to revisit The Permanent Apportionment Act. That is after all, why the politicians are so easily bought off. The representative democracy structure under a republic setting was structured in such a way that bribery was more difficult and representatives were to be more accessible. I think we can agree at this point in time, that is not the case. By revisiting the Permanent Apportionment Act we could double the size of congress and the senate, diluting the power of such nefarious back channel deals. You know, stop dialing for dollars, all of that. Put that whip away son, you don’t know how to use it properly.

    2. People who have no knowledge of luck or consideration for luck must needs be cowards.
      Only the lucky can be brave for only the lucky can take chances. Real silver coins can be used to practice honest charity to cultivate your luck. Fake money from the pentagon baby killers child molesters serving the nato heroin mafia and the child molester dictatorshit of Saudi Arabia cannot be used to practice honest charity to cultivate ones luck. Worship of a deity is not an act of charity.
      Islam is not a religion because worshipping a child molester is not a religion.

  24. Be more concerned with this
    H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom. It would (among other things) implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election; go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place; and interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, secure the fairness and integrity of elections, and participate and speak freely in the political process.

  25. Reply to Irene above (Jan. 04 at 9:57). Irene, your arithmetic is not correct. the death rate of 5,385,016 out of 253,413,655 is about 2%, not .02 %. That’s pretty high. But at least you cite some actual numbers, rather than just asserting “everybody knows,” as most of the comments do!

  26. A. Don’t expect the Supreme Court to save you from the jab. The court has already ruled twice in favor of the government’s power. With the idiot Roberts on the bench, he is sure to side with the Democrats.

    B. This will end badly. What do you think is going to happen when 10 million armed Americans suddenly get told they will inject that death serum or lose their jobs, their insurance, their homes? Has there ever been a better case for “absolute despotism”?

    C. Do you think this Supreme Court would allow all those millions of people who have already been let go, OR forced to get the jab have legal standing to sue damn near every major corporation in America? No, they won’t. They will side with Biden and thus they will usher in a new Revolution that will cause absolute chaos across the nation.

    You better get your supplies now because this nation is headed for absolute collapse.

    1. Michael you are right on. The problem is “B”—who specifically is the enemy? Even if ‘they’ are removed—the system will simply replace them. The enemy is essentially amorphous. It’s always the same–there are more of us than them–but they control the levers of power.

      I have no idea of how this will end.

  27. If the mandates are passed it will then cause a war (the people against the government), with losing more and more of their military caused by not accepting the vax, it will require the government to allow another country to invade and martial law the citizens. Complete take over of the US, the price for all there pay offs, money, power, etc. Pretty sad if that is the only legacy you will be leaving. Courts should really think about this long and hard, as their are mountains of evidence everyday that the vax does not work and causes more harm. Pretty sad it has come to this. May God forgive them, for they know not what they do!!!

    1. Oh sweetie, they know exactly what they’re doing. The Supine Clerks are totally on-board with this genocide. Do not forgive them for they are participating in mass genocide.

  28. SCROTUM or the Supine Clerks will rule FOR the unconstitutional Death Jab. That’s a given.

    I have been resisting my company’s attempt to “coerce” me into completing their online Death Shot dossier where they ask employees to reveal their “vaccine status.” Most of my fellow coworker-sheeple foolishly took the jab without ANY hesitation!

    Once the gang at SCROTUM rule for the Death Jab on Friday, then NOTHING will stop the Govt from seizing your social security, bank accounts, welfare, property, licenses, etc. It’s coming friends. Count on it.

    They will sicken and kill millions with the Death Jab, then reduce millions to instant poverty and hunger once they’ve banned them from working or accessing their bank accounts.

    Call it Agenda 21, mass population reduction, genocide or the arrival of the anti-Christ system–but these mother#huckers want us dead.

    Most of the military complied and took the Death Jab. The Gov. will use them to establish roadblocks, confiscate firearms, set-up roadblocks and track down those who resist. They may even bring in Chinese troops to assist.

  29. Interesting. Americans will never protest anything. Just obey. Now, were are all those people who kept wondering why the Germans did not have the guts to stop the rise of the Nazi’s.???

  30. Well, CMS can ram the CoviiiDs up the rear end. I will never comply. I will not take clot shot. I will stand. Never to be caught on my knees. CMS how you like my BOOT? Feel a little pressure on your neck? You should… WE THE PEOPLE have SO much power! Keep pushing..

  31. Can someone, anyone get me to understand how taking these shots is supposed to protect me? If I can still get this virus with the shots…..and I can still get it without, if masking is still needed…..if the goal posts keep changing to include more shots and I can still get this…….then why is this being forced.


    I had CV. one day of 101 fever. I was tested and it said CV. 5 weeks later I am still walking around. So the 99.x chance of survival I took. We are doing all of this for at most a maybe 1.4 percent chance of death? or .014 death chance? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE…….Lets call the elephant out, where is the proof CV 19 exisists? Where is the purified isolated specimen? Why do the tests not mention that their base lines are with the common cold and not CV??

  32. The law is just an opinion at gunpoint. Try and vaccinate me you will find I am the law and I am very opinionated.

  33. I say good… For those who do not want to be testing weekly and do not want to get vaccine, quit and work for a company with less than 100 employees. And good LUCK!

  34. We’re Not Gonna Take It.
    Oh no, we ain’t gonna take it.
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore.

    We got the right to choose it.
    There ain’t no way will loose it.
    This is our life. …

    We’ll fight the powers that be, just
    Don’t pick our destiny . …
    We want nothing from you.
    If that’s your best your best won’t do.

    We’re not going take it.
    Oh no we’re not going to take it.
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore.
    No way.

    We’re right, yeah
    We’re free, yeah
    We’ll fight, yeah
    You’ll see.

    We’re not gonna take it
    Oh no, we ain’t gonna take it.
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore.

    And don’t you take it either.

  35. The judge ruled
    Employee don’t need to get COVID vaccine.
    Health care worker have to get COVID vaccine.
    I guess health care worker have less rights.
    It good that they can write their own medical exception.

    Is least the Cort got it 1/2 correct.
    50% is F.
    Didn’t they know about the report from CDC July 2021.
    COVID vaccine don’t stop the spread.
    Thats why they are wareing masks when all 9 are vaccinated.

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