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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Some Physicians Warn Against Warp Speed COVID Vaccinations for Children

little girl vaccinated for COVID

On Oct. 29, 2021 the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine by five- to 11-year-old children under federal Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) guidelines. As California became the first state to announce that COVID vaccine will be required for children to attend school, districts in several other states plan to follow suit.1

While mainstream news presents the decision for children to be vaccinated using novel mRNA technology as widely undisputed, some physician researchers are calling on experts and the public alike to “apply the brakes” on such a hastily made decision.2

Unknown Long-Term Complications a Real Threat to Children

Recently, three highly credentialed physician researchers, who pioneered vaccine and experimental cancer drug invention for over 30 years, wrote an opinion article for The Washington Times expressing concern about the fast-tracked use of COVID vaccines in young children. In their article, Dr. Larry Kwak, Dr. Steven T. Rosen and Dr. Idit Shachar urge public health officials and doctors, as well as the public, to practice patience and caution and to engage in open and honest public debate about the potential long-term complications of giving children COVID vaccines. They warned:

We must be transparent that the real threat to children is the unknown long-term complications.2

The researchers admit that even full FDA licensure of COVID vaccines does not guarantee safety for any population and that forging ahead with giving the vaccine to children, who are at minimal risk for COVID-19 complications to begin with, “makes minimal sense without longitudinal data to review.”2

Potential Threats Include Autoimmunity and Crossing of the Blood Brain Barrier

Many arguing in favor of mandating the vaccine for school aged children state that this is no different than other vaccine mandates implemented for children. The three pharmaceutical product researchers disagree, stating that this is an “apples to oranges” comparison since there is not a long enough data on long term safety of COVID vaccines. They cite concern for the potential of mRNA vaccines to trigger autoimmune disease, promote the release of pro-inflammatory factors, and the fact that none of the mRNA vaccines have a “built in ‘off’ switch to control where they travel in the body and how long they persist there.”2

In addition, animal studies show traces of the spike protein in the brain, heart, and vital organs, which leads them to be concerned about potential negative effects of the vaccines crossing the developing blood brain barrier in children.2

No Health Professional Can Say COVID Vaccines Are “Unequivocally Safe” for Every Child

The physician researchers called for more long-term safety studies and “a more precise scientific approach” tailored to the individual.” They added:

There is still a lot that we don’t know about the long-term safety of available COVID-19 vaccines. Bottom line, no health professional in good conscience can look a parent in the eye today and say that these vaccines are unequivocally safe. As medical students, we took the Hippocratic oath, a promise to… ‘do no harm.’ Let us patiently wait for the competition of long-term safety studies before we rush ahead blindly with blanket public health solutions that may cause unintentional and irreparable harm.2

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1 Kamanetz A. Should schools require the COVID vaccine? Many experts say it’s too soon. NPR Nov. 19, 2021.
2 Kwak L. Rosen S, Shachar I. Applying brakes on ‘warp speed’ COVID-19 vaccinations for children. The Washington Times Oct. 28, 2021.

8 Responses

  1. As if that’s new information, which it is not. The doctors whom have been long since censored have been warning of long term risks for over a year, as well as a great many individuals whom have been effectively banned from public speaking. At this point it is many younger persons informing their parents of the risks, as parents are audiences largely captured within propaganda networks.

    Add three more supposedly well qualified individuals whom will now be banned, forced to partake in socialism distancing and mandatory self censorship. Still though, one feels bad that they’re only coming around to this information now, this long after the fact. Those ‘highly credentialed physician researchers’ need better information sources. Fancy titles; not the end all solve all credential they may have dreamed of.

    When you finally realize it is the covid vaccines which perpetuate the outbreak, and without them we would all have effective natural immunity by now. We’d have been better off if the governments of the world did absolutely nothing.

    But you know, what’s new? Governments have been ineffective managers of complex systems for many many centuries, regardless of the specific structure of government. The invisible hand is currently working diligently through what is left of free market structures. Good ideas do not require force and the use of force is why these systems will fail.

    A man whom reads nothing is better informed than a man whom reads medical journals all day long. It is the very notion that health is found in a doctors office for otherwise healthy children which failed the logic test from the very beginning. The fact they subscribed to that ideology is why these groups and persons did not have quite as much credibility as they may have supposed.

    As the captured audiences of the world continue to repeat the phrases such as; ‘I believe in vaccines, just not this particular vaccine.’ Well geniuses, how do you think these companies failed so miserably with this one? How do you suppose this much incompetent safety testing and risk modeling could be this unreliable and systemically integrated? They have been engaging in systematic cover ups and product fraud for a very very long time, a legacy concern at this point. Finally someone bothered to recognize the issue, but we’re not even half way to the solution yet. Which is to recognize you can’t inject health.

    ‘Hey doc! Prescribe me some health! Just stick that health in my arm so I can get out of here, I’m a busy guy!’ Same thing for parents whom do not understand the dangers of toxic bio accumulation of chemicals and other environmental exposure concerns, even the possibility of spontaneous transmutagenic effects brought on by crispr based genetic modification. By consuming the propaganda they left themselves defenseless to protect their own children, and themselves. It was too much of a mental challenge and introspective effort for the parents to admit they too have long since been consuming a toxic slurry of chemicals, living in incredibly unsafe environments. It may be hard to think clearly when one basically lives inside a constantly active microwave, mainlining chemicals into their body on a regular basis.

    It is the NVIC group and actual anti vaxxers which hold the line for everyone on these matters. Some of us opted out on principal, and have been doing so for decades already. Until people learn to say no and stop extending blind trust to everyone whom may refer to themselves as an ‘expert’…

    Good ideas do not require force and things which benefit humanity are supposed to have a decreasing cost basis over time with more broadly held acceptance. Under the big pharma model, things like light bulbs, toilets, soap, clean water, all that should cost individuals billions of dollars by now. As if their effective nature can be patented and held ransom for payment, the moral and ethical responsibility to deliver them to society, a secondary issue behind corporate profits. Who’s still buying this for profit model and liability protection nonsense? Of course there are concealed issues and long term risk concerns with products companies of this nature bring to market. Obvious is obvious and it does not take a fancy credential to understand these basic principals. Repeat after me; Where is the ‘health risk benefit’?

  2. The headline “Some physicians ” in a sane world should be “All physicians ” .
    To our children ? For Gods sake !


    1. There is also the possibility this is a boondoggle of greed and incompetency, conflict of interest issues and for profit racketeering on an epic scale. Like an avalanche rolling downhill, so much potential energy, the energy at some point can only be dispersed, and not actually stopped immediately. The key action is to help disperse the energy and slow down the momentum.

      Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, sometimes a quagmire is just a boondoggle. One day the historians will reflect on covid responses as being the most substantial waste of manpower and energy in human history.

      All drugs are safe and effective when they are making billions of dollars. The real fear is that so much momentum was gained through either purposeful or accidental NIH policy mismanagement that covid now has legs and is walking on it’s own. Acceptance of emerging policies will merely perpetuate the continuance of the issue.

      My goal; Ignore this idiotic debacle and petty dictatorial mandates until it just goes away. Two years strong, never have been tested or traced one single time and we don’t wear masks neither. Still employed but on financial lockdown in preparation for an emergency move to a state which does not freely discriminate regarding vaccination status like mismanaged Colorado is attempting. We never wanted to leave, Colorado is our home. Vaccine passports, masks in schools, vaccine mandates, heavy handed dictatorial mandates from wreckless egotistically driven policy makers, clearly reflective of untenable engagements. Our school systems are ran by hypochondriacs, so are a great many other institutions and business bodies round here.

      Rule number one of the galaxy; Do not panic. The world is what we make of it. Plant the seeds of liberty everywhere you go.

  4. “this is no different than other vaccines mandated for children”
    I guess they mean they are going to use the same process.
    That doesn’t mean it is good or right or safe.

    We already know the vaccine is dangerous. And the expected risks > expected bennifit.
    10,000 reported suspect death from covid vaccines.
    630 deaths with covid age < 18 years.
    Expected effective 1 year at 90%.
    Does not stop transmission.


    They should investigate the over 10000 suspect covid vaccines deaths.
    Then they should look into natural treatment and prevention.
    Then they should contract Trace to find out how and where it is trasmitted.
    Then they should look at the DNA to find out what this bioengineered virus is made of. Then they can find out how to end this bioterrorist pandamic.

    The vaccines are not working.!
    More people under 40 are dieing with each varrant wave.
    The virus is getting stronger or we are getting weaker.

  5. If you review the FDA approval for the 16+ vaccine (Summary Basis for Regulatory Action), you will see at the end of the write-up a list of studies the vaccine maker promises to complete in the future (Post Marketing Requirements). These are long term safety studies that are, by definition, not yet completed at the time of approval, since the vaccine is new. The reports are due mostly in 2024 and 2025. Until then, they are flying blind.

  6. “A 19 year old Navy seal would have a higher chance of getting pericarditis, a ❤️ heart inflammation from the COVID vaccine than going to the hospital from the virus you can’t have a one size fits all recommendation from the federal government.”

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