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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


U.S. Marines Not Fully Vaccinated by Nov. 28, 2021 Will Be Dismissed

Marine saluting flag

After several tactics to encourage mass vaccination of U.S. troops, the Marine Corps has given its active duty members a strict order: refusal to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 28, 2021 will result in discharge.1

In August, the Pentagon announced mandatory COVID vaccinations for all active duty and reserve military members, including the National Guard.2 3 In October, the Pentagon announced mandatory COVID vaccinations for all civilians working for the Department of Defense.4

The Marine Administrative Message, referred to in the Marine Corps as a MARADMIN, was issued on Oct. 21 and reads:

Marines refusing the vaccination absent an approved administrative or medical exemption, religious accommodation or pending appeal, shall be processed for administrative separation.1

The MARADMIN also states that Marine officers declining to get fully vaccinated will be relieved of their command and those Marines refusing the COVID vaccine will not deploy; will have their promotions put on hold and/or not be promoted; will be involuntarily separated, and not be allowed to reenlist. Marines who are separated for refusing the COVID shot “will not be eligible for involuntary separation pay and will be subject to recoupment of any unearned special or incentive pays and advance educational assistance.”

Additionally, the MARADMIN states that Marine leaders will “retain authority to take any additional adverse administrative or disciplinary action they deem appropriate” in addition to administrative separation.

Those Marines who have not received the vaccine and are not pending exemption approval by the deadline will have “willfully disobeyed a lawful order from a superior commissioned officer.” Marines are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their final dose.1

No Religious Exemptions Have Been Approved Within Military

As of Oct. 20, no religious exemptions had been approved for the vaccine, despite Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stating earlier this year:

We take freedom of religion and worship seriously, in the military, it’s one of the things that we sign up to defend, and so it’s something that’s done very carefully.2

Marine Corps Vaccination Rate at 83 Percent

Since the COVID vaccine became available to military members, the Marine Corps vaccination rates have been lower than other military branches. In June, the Military Times reported that the Marine Corps’ vaccination rate with at least one dose of COVID vaccine was 58 percent, while the Navy was 77 percent, the Army was 70 percent, and the Air Force was 61 percent.5

Numbers of partially or fully vaccinated Marine Corps personnel have increased significantly since the Pentagon announced the COVID vaccine requirement in August 2021.6 As of Oct. 20, the Marine Corps said 83 percent of the active force had been fully vaccinated and 92 percent partially vaccinated.1

 According to Associated Press, active duty Navy personnel must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 28 and Navy Reserve by Dec. 28. By Nov. 2, the Air Force and Space Force personnel must be fully vaccinated and Reserves by Dec. 2. Army active duty soldiers must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 15, 2021 and Army Reserve and National Guard by June 30, 2022.7

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31 Responses

  1. Marines swore to fight enemies without and within. They are doing so and will continue whether still in active service or in another organization not yet in existence or named. Our government is forcing us to create another, third branch of government.

  2. My heart goes out to all the military who are here to defend us. But are being forced to take the jab. There will be some injured and even lose their lives because of this mandate.

  3. With all the so called ‘woke’ leaders in our military today it is a wonder we have any military at all. Wonder what would happen if the men and women that enlisted decided not to be experimented on and up and left the service. Where would we be then. Something to think about.

  4. Maybe those who prefer to leave will form the backbone of the “well regulated militia” required by the Constitution.

  5. And if America really is attacked will the non-injected be brought back? Or will it be decided that defeat is better than accepting the unwoke?

  6. The vaccine has been tested and it is safe. Donald Trump started the lie about vaccines not being safe, even though he and his family are vaccinated – after he nearly died from COVID. Stop acting silly. Stop spreading lies. Act like an adult – get the shot, it will not kill you.

    1. Actually, Gina, these shots can kill; in some instances they have proved deadly to the recipient.
      These so-called ‘vaccines’ are neither effective nor safe. Check out the VAERS website to see how many people have been maimed/died after receiving these toxic jabs. And, FYI, the numbers reported to VAERS are just the tip of the iceberg..

    2. Sure Gina, it’s totally safe! And so was DDT, DES, Thalidomide, PCB’s, the Sabin polio shot, oh until it killed or permanently maimed the recipients. Doctors endorsed CIGARETTES and said they were healthy and good for pregnant mothers to use (it’ll make baby smaller so they fit through the birth canal easier).

      Wake up and smell the agenda driven science! These people in the services are being railroaded! I’d rather take a dishonorable discharge than lose my life or be permanently screwed up or dead like all those “fully vaccinated” people who died of covid.. Take your death shot if you CHOOSE, Gina, but stay the HELL AWAY FROM ME. Shedding ‘vaxed’ people are spreading this biologically engineered nanotechnology all over the place!

    3. Four lies and a pitiful attempt at gaslighting and insulting at the same time.
      Pharma shills behave like that., its pathetic behavior.

    4. Because good adults are conformists, and question nothing. More Trump derangement syndrome.

      You can’t reach people like this with facts. This is yet another example of a fully propagandized individual. An automaton, at the kings command.

  7. I find this “mandate” absolute irony.
    These men and women are fighting for our “freedoms” in this country…& feel strongly enough in regards to this (supposedly… now!) freedom, to even risk life or limb.

    Where did our ACTUAL freedom go? Having government mandates on what USED to be (and still OUGHT to be!) our CHOICE as a “free people” is assed-backwards!

    I can only imagine how this will go down in history…if anyone survives this Sci-fi Horror movie we are calling “reality”

    I find this utter insanity. I have nothing but deep respect for those who choose NOT to get the “experimental jab” to save their OWN lives!

    1. Dear Evelyne,
      It is insanity. We have no freedoms, did anyone notice? Or are they too addicted to television propaganda and fluoride in the water supply? Try to wake people up and they just want to go back to watching the fifth remake of a movie that sucked when it came out originally.

  8. I want to see a day when unvaccinated and vaccinated in all of the military branches unite and walk out. So we could all witness a “real disease” aka “military dictators” to beg those people to come back and continue to serve this great country without being raped, tortured and being experimented upon. How our “protectors” can protect someone without protecting themselves first? Sending light and love to all regardless of the vaccine status ??

  9. I do believe in a mandate, if you wish employment in the military you live by their rules!!! You do have a choice, get the shot or leave the military!!! No one should be forced to get a shot, if you don’t want it, leave the military!!! AMEN.

    1. Me, I’d rather take a bullet than that “lethal injection”. Look what happened to Eric Clapton! And Hank Aaron. Oh, and Colin Powell was “fully ‘vaccinated'” too.

  10. It is a Disgrace that the Marine Corps would be Negligent with our Security of America over a shot that has NO safety record !!!! But I guess back at Camp Lejeune,NC from 1953- 1987 plus where the Marine Corps and Dept. of the Navy, Poisoned thousands of Marines and Navy personal and civilians with the worst water contamination in history was ok !!! I am one of those poisoned Marines,that is still alive because of their criminal negligence !!!

    1. Dear Stephen Abarno,
      Remember what Henry Kissinger said about the Military…. Sorry but taking an experimental mRNA modifying biologic “gene therapy” is NOT a lawful order! It’s never been road tested, except for now, and the Criminal Deceit Control has been doing acrobatics trying to conceal EVERYTHING. They’re blaming car crash deaths on covid! They’re letting people ‘amend’ previously deceased relatives (and will pay them off with $900) death certificate to say they ‘died of covid’. I wonder what the real numbers are.

      Like Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics!”

  11. It truly frightens me that anyone reading this newsletter still believes the Covid injections are “safe and effective “
    Where have you injection supporters been!?!
    These are DEADLY.
    Maybe you and yours were lucky the first go – but you will never be done. Once on their treadmill you cannot get off. And your luck will probably not hold out…

  12. The pilots are not taking it apparently, the second airline now has “weather cancellations”, oh what a coincidence! Nothing to do with pilots walking OFF THE JOB, OH NO! WE CAN TRUST OUR PROPAGANDA….

  13. Wow!! I tried to share on Pinterest via the link above & it said “unable because link may lead to inappropriate content”!!!! What the hell is wrong with this country right now?! It’s so sad that we can’t share facts but they can share BS. Thank you for having the site & maintaining the integrity

    1. Well I understand your position, but your notion of ‘not being allowed to share’ is incorrect. You have chosen to participate in systems of corporate control, such as major tech social networking. The only one surprised they are manipulating the users is you.

      Find ways around them or get a clue and participate with different sites like telegram, rumble, and many many others, to circumvent the censorship.

      Also you can break links up so that users can re assemble them, and this will fool the automatic censor tools. www dot nvic dot org, being just one example. There is not enough people on the planet to actually police and then censor all this content. Even just a site like youtube can take in hundreds of millions of new videos routinely, their per minute video upload stats are astounding.

      So the systems of censorship seek key words. Shadowbanning, outright denial, trigger style denials, it’s predominantly automated. Ifz Youz Justw Dzo Itz Diffzerently, Youcz can get AnyThingz Through. I’m sorry to inform you, using facebook and pintrest; doing it wrong.

      See NVIC and Vaccine Reaction developers, this is exactly what I’m talking about. You need to publish this in paper magazine form immediately. Publish or perish, the censorship will only get worse from this point forward. People want to share, and they need printed paper publications to be able to do that routinely. I would gift subscribe people this monthly mailer, if only it was in paper format. It’s entirely easier to hand off a magazine than it is to get people to digitally subscribe or even simply click in. It’s time to publish.

      Keep reading Heather, your time is much appreciated. Thank you for participating.

  14. Semper fi to all my husbands brave men and women. How dare they?? Or is this government just trying to empty the corps of the best of the best? That might actually be their plan. This is planned!! He died from agent orange parkinsons jan 21. For us. For me. And for FREEDOM. I’m so glad he is not here to see how embarrassing this woke ignorant temporary government is treating the 99% who really love this country. Those owners of “everything” and who now
    own these oppressive politicians are driving the demise and we need to stand up…stand together…and take this wonderful country back before they squash every good thing. Yes this jab is dangerous or do you only read the propaganda news over and over? Read the research that is suppressed. Listen to it all and then you will actually have learned something .

  15. These vaccines have not been tested on animals like all the other vaccines were. You are the experiment. They are not only unsafe but not effective. You can still catch the virus and transmit it. So why are they forcing this on people? Is it greed or control. Is the government going to start telling us we can’t teach our children at home next? Or something else? Look at the VAERS website if you think this shot is safe!

  16. It’s a very abusive system. All active duty and reserved military members deserve a very decent treatment since they have sacrificed for our country. Give them a choice. Knowing their vaccination status is just ridiculous. If they want to get vaccinated, that’s fine as long as they do the research first. But I’m not okay with mandatory vaccines at all. It’s unethically wrong.

  17. There are many ways to support this country and be a patriot outside of the armed forces.

    These heavy handed mandates effect all of us in every industry in a negative way.

    Good ideas do not require force. We opt out on principal.

    No means no. It does not mean anything else.

    One now questions the morality and authority of those whom stayed under these terms.

    Trust is not given, it is earned.

    The good guys walked away. They’re the patriots of our day. Redcoats stayed.

  18. The vaccine mandate will reduce our military, wepons, national guard.
    We don’t need a military to kill.
    We got COVID & COVID vaccine.

    Have a happy discharge retirement.

  19. A 19 year old Navy seal would have a higher chance of getting pericarditis, a heart inflammation from the COVID vaccine than going to the hospital from the virus.
    So you can’t have a one size fits all from the federal government.

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