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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Senator Johnson Expert Panel on COVID Vaccine Injuries and Federal Vaccine Mandates

I suffered a life-altering reaction to my COVID vaccine on November 4, 2020, almost a year ago to the date. I suffered a cascade of neurological symptoms that persisted for months. And while my life has improved, I still feel I’m being electrocuted 24/7. For the first several months, I was totally alone. I kept my symptoms and my story completely to myself. I thought that this was an isolated incident. But in the spring, I started finding more and more like me, and before we knew it there were thousands of us. All of us unable to receive medical care, recognition… either from the drug companies, the CDC, the FDA. We all suffered the same constellation of symptoms, which is very strange… it’s a brand new disease, nobody knew anything about this.

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  1. My toes on both feet would go completely numb and this was alongside the neurological symptoms that I was dealing with. I still loose my sense of smell and taste from time to time.

  2. Please put these people directly before Fauci, Walensky, Woodard. Please keep up your work in this line. Thank you thank you thank you. May there please be some way to get these people in front of whatever court determines mandates.

  3. Thank you, all!

    I am so sorry to everyone who has suffered injury and heart breaking loss—Thank you for providing a forum for truth—and for telling the truth—even when it’s painful.

  4. I had tears in my eyes several times while listening. I’ve chosen not to be vaccinated because I was aware of the risks and talk to everyone who will listen about the risks. It is a crime that these people were informed.

  5. I don’t understand why people would put their trust in government officials, the media, the CDC, or pharmaceutical companies. It is like sheep putting their trust in a wolf or wolves, and then being surprised when they are harmed. Also, why does everyone assume that the governments of the world are trying to save lives? Why does everyone assume that the injuries and deaths from the vaccines are accidental? Doesn’t it occur to them that maybe the real purpose of the vaccines is to reduce the population and/or to control the population? Why are most government leaders following the same agenda? It is as if they are all taking orders from the same source. The fact that these shots are being given to pregnant women and to teenagers, and that now it is planned to give them to children 5 to 11, is evidence of malicious intent to harm and/or kill human beings.
    I read a book once by a woman who had been married for eight years to a sociopath. Although there was evidence throughout her marriage that her husband was a sociopath, she did not realize it until he tried to murder her. Even after that, she found it hard to face the truth. When will we, the public, wake up and realize that the government may not really be trying to save us, but may be doing the opposite?

  6. THANK YOU all for your riveting, passionate, and urgently significant testimony. You are all heroes in your courage and fortitude in confronting corruption. In my 45-year career as a clinical psychologist I have never experienced as much emotional, medical, social and economic instability as I have since March 2020. However, the crisis of corruption has awakened the masses who can be inspired by heroes like you to pay it forward in resisting illegal mandates, educating others, supporting platforms promoting health, and living with purpose to dethrone pathological, immoral individuals and entities.

    1. Pharmaceutical industries, cdc and others are aware of adverse reactions, but I totally agree with you they don’t give it a rip. Its a way of constructing big business model. And they want to protect vaccine program, not protecting health. Unfortunate but very true.

  7. Thank-you to everyone.
    My heart goes out to you.
    I had a horrific reaction almost 25 years ago to an SSRI.
    My subsequent research in a desperate need to understand what had happened showed me that indeed we have sociopaths running the show when it comes the lucrative health field.
    It’s beyond terrifying.
    I feel so sorry for people desperate not to die, to protect their children, to be free, and to get safe health care.
    Big pharma gets away with murder in collusion with the organizations meant to protect us.
    It’s so horrific that it’s hard to believe and thus most don’t.

  8. Senator Johnson,
    Thank you so much for organizing & sharing this. Our family knows people that also got adverse reactions along with losing of lives. We also have family members that lost their jobs from not getting the V. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone affected from the V & also praying our country turns around under God. ??
    I hope President Trump can receive this information & know the truth. I believe he cares about the good of this country but thinks the V are beneficial.
    Some of the natural doctors are suggesting different natural detox to help ppl that received the V
    Thank you again & God Bless you & God Bless America

  9. I shared this video at least 100 times on twitter. I sent it to Japan, England,Scotland news medias etc. Hopefully it will get watched over and over!! whats going on is a travesty and needs to be stopped!!!

  10. You should go VAERS. You can’t sue any vaccine manufacturer, for any reason…it’s a special law since the 1980’s

  11. Thank you for bringing awareness of adverse reactions to this therapeutic drug. I cried for these precious American’s as they told their stories. We are awake and listening. Keep fighting the fight and good will prevail. My prayers are with you all and may God Bless You All.

  12. I was about to finish watching this expert panel and YouTube has removed it stating it violated it’s terms of use! Censorship is real! What are they afraid of, the truth? I am shocked and outraged at what is going on in this country. They only keep videos that fit the narrative of “safe and effective”. I hope people were able to get this video out on other platforms. Please post a link if you know where this video can be found.

    Thank you.

  13. Sorry, it appears to be up and working on again on YouTube. I became alarmed when it I saw the message from YouTube…but it does seem to still be posted.

  14. I recently had my religious exemption pulled for not being sincere enough in my religion. My choice was to get the jab or get fired. I got the J and J and ended up in the hospital fighting paralysis from Guillain-Barre. Neurologist said it’s directly related. Regained function but my feet and hands constantly burn and tingle. My employer is a hospital ?

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