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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game

With the exception of Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001, Americans have not been attacked by an enemy on our own soil. Unlike countries in Europe during World War II, America has never been occupied by a military force or locked down under martial law. We have never seen soldiers in armored vehicles patrolling the streets, warning us to stay in our homes or face arrest… or worse. Beginning in 1776 when our freedom seeking Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence and stood their ground from Lexington and Concord to Saratoga and Valley Forge and then came together to create a constitutional republic dedicated to protecting individual and minority rights, the United States of America has defined and served as a beacon for liberty for people around the world.

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30 Responses

  1. This is excellent! Thanks, Barbara, for this illuminating, passionate statement about what is at stake and how we got here. Thanks also for your years of dedication to this cause!

  2. This is the greatest statement of our time. We must not succumb to this tyranny. We must resist with our every fiber of strength and muster all our courage to fight what this Evil is throwing at us. Our future, our children’s future and our children’s children’s future depend on what we do now.

  3. Barbara, you are My hero!! Thank you for your strength and articulation of what is happening.
    I have always admired you.
    God bless you and all of us!

  4. We have seen the military patrolling the streets and forcing people to stay indoors away from the windows……..remember the template…….the “practice run”……..the false flag of the Boston Bombing……during the search for the falsely identified patsies……this communist graduated takeover has been decades in the planning and execution. Somewhere back in the 1963 era Mr. Khrushchev (sp) in Russia, warned us they would take over without firing a shot…….kinda looks like now!!!!!!

  5. Thank you, Barbara, for your passion and inspiration and your years of dedicated service to mankind in this cause. Your speech should be required listening for all Americans!

  6. I became a US National. I am outside District of Columbia’s rule. If I lose my healthcare lic, I can “practice” without a lic.

  7. This is nothing new to me, right from the start. I was sickened to see Anthony Fauci appointed dictator of “Covid-19” as I recalled him in that same role during the HIV-AIDS hysteria during the 1980s. The parallels were lamentably undeniable and I knew this time it would be far greater than the AIDS hysteria and the pharmaceutical offerings even worse.

  8. Thankyou so much Barbara, for giving us the strength to fight on. American babies and children are already at the limit of what the human body can sustain without collapsing. In fact some are already collapsing and dying from vaccines . And the evil ones want us to give our kids more and more vaccines- new “vaccines” with unknown long term effects . One thing is clear- No matter how many get vaccinated , we will never get our freedom s back unless more Americans see this battle for what it is. .


    You all know what this means: Get and Stay God-Centered & do your personal, individual part!

  10. Bravo! Thank you for your well-researched, clear vocalization of what I have only been able to sputter in garbled outbursts of disbelief as each step of this well-scripted lie has unfolded. Being all too familiar with the adverse effects of even “properly” tested vaccines, my heart hurts for the ocean of pain caused by these obviously ill-advised mandates.

  11. Thank you Mrs Fisher for your continued hard work on this very important matter!
    We appreciate you and your team!

  12. We must come together to save our present world or we are lost. Bravo to you for the fight. Takes guts to do it. To speak the truth of what is happening to us. Wake up or lose your lives.

  13. Thank you Barbara for being such a passionate and fair voice of love and reason. I pray we can all be heard and undo these tyrannical methods.

  14. we haven’t defended our back yards because we were invading the rest of the world’s back yards and burning their homes to the ground and stealing their oil lithium rubber aluminum etc. we can’t defend freedom or democracy here or bring it to anyone else because we have been a fascist totalitarian big pharma, big oil controlled people for decades. ask Pres Jimmy Carter who calls the US an Oligarchy as was backed by a study of 47 major country’s governments Russia & China are not our enemy . Walls St Pentagon CIA, Pfizer, Moderna CDC FBI FAuci Gates etc are the enemy right her on our own soil. we are undergoing the Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep. Rockefeller is an American , not Russian or Chinese. and Rockefeller works with Rothchilds , the european

  15. Right on Barbara! You have made me realize that I’m not doing as much as I can to oppose vaccine passports unless I enter a restaurant or especially a public building supported with my tax dollars, unvaccinated, and refuse to leave. Let’s see what the brainwashed will do about it.

  16. An excellent video about a horrifying subject, a true wakeup call. I have been following Barbara for over 40 years, and know about the dangers of all vaccines. I have not been vaccinated for Covid and will not be unless they do it forcefully. I’m in Canada, where it is even worse. I have been marching in the streets at demonstrations, but it’s only getting worse at the moment. Thank you Barbara, for all you do.

  17. So … what if a person doesn’t feel “forced” to get the vaccine, and just wants to get it thinking it might provide some protection against potential negative effects if contracting Covid, vs taking their chances with enduring Covid infection naturally. Do you have anything to offer regarding “dangers” of the vaccine itself?

  18. To follow up on my last post, if that is true and the Pfizer EUA jab is being used in the US. It cannot be Mandated (according to the Nuremberg code) since it is experimental and under emergency use authorization. We need some lawsuits against any and all parties attempting to mandate an experimental vaccine, without proper informed consent.

  19. They waged this war on us. They want to push poison in our kids from decades ago. Pasteur was a fraud who caused countless illnesses of lactose intolerance to milk allergies by the destroying of important enzymes in milk. His germ theory is no differant then these times. We need to go after the “they” as if our life depends on it.

  20. Thank you for all you do. I read DPT: A Shot in the Dark many years ago & some of the case notes were like reading my diary. I used to buy 6 books at a time from the Birth & Life Bookstore in Seattle, to give to friends.
    I concur with George O’Connor – I shuddered at the name Fauci when this all started & I am way down south in the New Zealand. I seem to be the only one in NZ who remembers his treachery.

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