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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


COVID Vaccine Mandates Worsen Shortage of Health Care Workers in U.S.

fired health care worker

In early September 2021, Rick Pollack, the CEO of the American Hospital Association (AHA) said that the association supports COVID-19 vaccine mandates and has been trying to increase vaccination rates in hospitals and health systems. He added, “As a practical matter, this policy may result in exacerbating the severe workforce shortage problems that currently exist.”1

In preparation for significant shortage of healthcare workers, Pollack has asked the federal government to address the workforce issue through implementing aggressive strategies.2 In a letter to congressional leaders, the AHA asked Congress to use part of the pending $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package to address the labor shortages at hospitals and in the healthcare sector.3

New York Health Care Workers Terminated for Declining COVID-19 Vaccination

According to a mandate issued by former Governor Andrew Cuomo on Aug. 16, 2021, all healthcare workers in New York State, including staff at hospitals and long-term care facilities including nursing homes, adult care and other congregate care settings, were required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 27, 2021.4

As of Sept. 22, state data showed that 84 percent of New York’s 450,000 hospital workers and 83 percent of its 145,400 nursing home employees had been fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.5 As the Sept. 27 deadline approached, hospital administrators developed contingency plans that included scaling back on non-critical services and limiting admissions at nursing homes in preparation of shortages due to staff terminations and suspensions by those healthcare workers refusing to get the COVID vaccine.6

On Sept 27, New York hospitals began firing health workers for defying the state order to get the COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement for employment.7

A woman who has been a nurse for 20 years said that she was terminated from her job at South Shore Surgery Center at Mather Hospital because she refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She said:

For us, it’s not just about vaccines, it’s about human rights as well, for the people that wanted to take the vaccine and these people I think should have taken the vaccine. I’m not against the vaccine. I’m also against human rights (violations), and you have the right to choose to take it, and I should have the right to choose not to if I feel like it’s not good for me.8

Stephanie Touchet, a health care worker at Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group in New York, who is unvaccinated, said she plans on reporting to work until they forcefully make her leave. “I’m going to stand my ground,” Touchet said.9

New York To Use National Guard and Migrant Health Care Workers to Replace Unvaccinated Health Care Workers

In response to the health care worker shortage in New York, current Governor of New York Kathy Hochul released a plan outlining a plan to overcome health care worker shortages. Some of the options listed in the plan include allowing qualified nurses and other medical workers licensed in other states or countries, recent graduates, and retired workers to practice in New York.

Other options listed include deployment of medically trained National Guard, requesting federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) and working with the federal government to expedite international visa requests for medical professionals.10

North Carolina Hospital System Terminates 175 Employees for Non-Compliance

Novant Health, a North Carolina-based hospital system said that it has terminated 175 health care workers for failing to comply with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate required for employment by Sept. 15.11

Novant Health said that initially 375 of its 35,000-employee workforce was non-compliant with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Those individuals were placed on a five-day unpaid suspension. The 175 employees who remained non-compliant after the five-day suspension were terminated. Employees that were granted religious and medical exemptions are required to take a COVID-19 test on a weekly basis and wear N-195 masks and eye protection on work premises.12

Laura Rushing, a nurse who has worked for Novant for 16 years, said that she is looking for new employment after her religious exemption was denied by the hospital. “Who decided my religious exemption, the wording used, was not good enough? It wasn’t as good as someone else’s? That just feels like discrimination and I didn’t appreciate it,” Rushing said.13

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39 Responses

  1. It’s very heartbreaking to fire or terminate health care workers over declining experimental covid vaccine especially those who have been faithfully worked for a very long time. They have been very dedicated to care for sick patients yet they got fired abruptly. Covid vaccine mandate is immorally cruel. All health care workers deserve a decent treatment, period. Vaccination status is a discrimination in my opinion.

  2. I also work for a company that is mandating the vaccine. I am actively looking for different employment. I’m not going to be forced to do anything, specifically not a vaccine that has proven to be ineffective and harmful. My company had stooped to a large payment for those who would be coerced into taking it; that was disgusting enough, but I have now lost all respect. Their timing for this could not have been planned better (for them). This is all happening right before the holidays so they can try to guilt people into taking it. I just never thought they would sink this low. I’d love to know whose bank account is growing due to the government payouts for forcing the employees to do this.

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear. You have my support. I totally understand how you must feel since my client asked me if I was planning to get vaccinated. I flatly told my client “I can’t discuss it, sorry.” You’re not alone who is going through it. I’ve heard of the monetary bribes for employees who are forced to take the jab. It’s disgusting me as well. You may want to contact companies who are much more vaccine friendly. Hobby Lobby is one of them. I don’t know where you live, though.

    1. EXACTLY. Thousands have died and millions injured from these poison shots. Vaccination is an assault with a deadly weapon and a crime against humanity. RESIST.

  3. Every american has the human right to their health and the right to decide if covid shot is or is not good for them. They have the right to say No.

  4. This government will be to blame for the poor care patients receive..I’m a healthcare worker in the hospital laboratory of 16yrs & I put in my 2 week notice & will walk October 22 because my religious exemption was denied..I was told by my manager the government won’t pay the medical bill for Medicaid & Medicare patients if the staff isn’t fully staffed so the companies have chosen money over employees so they will see this mandate wasn’t a good idea

    1. I guess our “rights” are null and void?
      No choice? No freedom!!
      Good for you for standing up and refusing the shot! So much for “land of the free”, but you are definitely brave! People that got the ‘lethal injection’ are now dying of “covid” or getting sick from it. And who knows what the long term effects of the “DNA” changing inoculation will be? Plus NO ACCOUNTABILITY from these criminal pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Create the crisis (mandate the jab), amplify the crisis (remove or deny exemptions), then be praised for “fixing” the crisis (remove state licensing qualifications and hire out-of-state, out-of-country, and military). An executive order instantly creates hate and division, changes 2020 heroes to 2021 zeros.

    “we are not forcing anyone to get the [jab]. It is their choice. They get the [jab] or simply don’t work in health care.”

    Everyone: Boycott NY for health care jobs.

  6. all done on purpose so they can now say this winter look at how badly overrun the hospitals are (optics because there is a staff shortage now) and then of course it will be blamed on the un va x x e d they will be saying that it will be them that are the clogging up the hospitals (which will be lies) but also because those selfish staff have left them short…… it will be SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH narrative to get peoples backs up and to stir up hatred. The people behind the narrative don’t care about peoples health because they are secretly un v a x x e d themselves and why is it that are causing these shortages and forcing people to leave, people say it is because of the ‘pandemic’ funny i do not notice any virus pushing policies i see scummy politicians doing that.

  7. I was terminated October 7th for not taking the shot. I am a homecare Physical Therapist who worked throughout the pandemic with limited PPE or knowledge of C19. Like many in medicine, I recovered from COVID and believe my innate immunity is the best protection!!!

    1. I’m very sorry to hear you were terminated. Yes innate immunity is superior to vaccine. I’ve heard covid vaccine wanes over the time, no wonder why they have approved booster covid shot. Israel is receiving 4th booster shot, I believe. ??‍♀️?

  8. I am an ER Nurse in Ca. I have been serving my community in this role for nearly 23 years. My job was threatened by these monstrous mandates and I considered it a small miracle that my religious exemption was honored.
    I am sure Ca state senator Pan and his tyrannical cohort of miscreant politicians is already at work scheming how to deprive people like me of our constitutionally protected right to the free exercise of our religion. We cannot allow them to prevail. I am the main bread-winner fir my family of 5, but I was prepared to stand my ground and have my livelihood stolen rather than succumb to being injected with God only knows what and becoming a slave.

    Here’s a lovely and inspiring piece by Charles Eisenstein that frames our struggle and offers hope:

    Courage and Unity

    1. Michael are you able to share what you used for a religious exemption. The reason I am asking is in many places it is not accepted so if I am allowed to use it I want to know how to state it or what you said. I appreciate this and you can contact me back at [email protected]
      Thank you and many others who stood by us at the beginning of all of this and who are the ones who have the knowledge.

  9. Welcome to communist China, etc. Terrible stepping on human rights. I am vaccinated but respect those who choose not to receive it. The long term benefits and costs are unknown: and the short-term benefits and costs are debatable.

    Dwaine Umberger

  10. How heartbreaking to even think we’re at a time when we have to choose between our health and our livelihood. I also fought my employer on this, however I am not in the medical field. If you have a religious exemption, which anyone with a strongly held belief against the vaccine can get one, to not accept that exemption would be to go against title 7 in the civil rights act. All Americans are protected under that law. Please do your research and we can win this! Don’t take what the news says as truth, even what the president says. Check out

    1. Someone my friend knows said her kids were sent home with a “mandated” covid injection (this is in PA) from school. She called the school administration and told them that she 1) has a lawyer lined up that if they insist her kids get this shot that 2) she will start legal proceedings against the district.

      Never heard another peep about it!

  11. By now you have either had covid and survived, theu you now have great immunity, been exposed in some manner and developed natural immunity, have automatic immunty and that is why you never got sick, or have never been exposed and aren’t likely to after 20 months.

    The mRNA injections will never protect you from any disease…these monstrously horrid injections contain similar spike proteins that SARS CoV-2 contains. Furthermore, they cannot prove that there is a rise in covid because there is no accurate, proven testing method. The common PCR test has been shown to be mostly invalid.

    The people going into the hospital either have the regular flu (that they are calling covid without a shred of evidence), or have some other virus type issue or are sick from the mRNA injections. Those avoiding these injections are making the best choice and have my support.

  12. If anyone here is in or wants to move to Wilmington, NC — we need to hire several positions at our neurodevelopmental pediatric clinic as we are growing by leaps and bounds with special needs kids and neurotypical kids looking for a pediatrician who doesn’t push pharma agenda. RN or LPN (2 positions) and a staff and operations manager. Great pay and benefits. And we take discrimination and segregation seriously and would never consider hiring or firing a person based in thier medical choices. [email protected] if you’re interested! Stand tall brothers and sisters…we stand with you!

    1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the pharmaceutical products sales team is guiding public health policy, and has been for some time.

      Taking things away from people until they comply is not ‘choice’.

      This is the end result of excess corporatism, they seek monopolistic status so they can be governments to themselves. We opt out on principal, because they are using force.

      RICO, send them to jail! Break up all major corporations pushing vaccine mandates under monopoly rules. Dispose of all politicians, federal, and state officials whom have broke their oath of office by supporting vaccine mandates. Kick them out. Indite them. Form Grand Juries.

      Fines based on income may help.

  13. I recently walked away from a 20 yr career as a Respiratory Therapist due to the mandate and the travesty I have witnessed. I have worked in trauma, ICU and Covid units, so my words come heeding to be aware…it’s worse on the inside with limited staff and loss of critical thinking.The acuity of these patients turns on a dime. Those who are new to the medical field or returning ..have no clue how to manage this patient population. This disease is real, but the management of it is diabolical. The protocols that are being mandated are a death sentence. This Vax mandate has nothing to with patient safety and everything to do with shifting money and control to those that will fall into line . We, who busted our tails were the hero’s last year, working without a Vax on board and got through just fine. Never missed a day and most recovered if they got ill. This has everything to do with gaining control of the masses. Controlling who will be a willing participant in the roll out of “Death Star” healthcare system. Take care of yourself and loved ones, take control of your own health so you don’t fall prey…

    1. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

      It’s all so predictable. Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats, health care is entirely too expensive, entirely too centralized, policies managed not by physicians but rather insurance companies and investors. Many warned this day would come.

      Here, try my brand. Ron Paul Liberty Report. The voice of reason in these troubling times.

      Keep your eye on Montana, write letters in support of their anti discrimination based on vaccine status law, immediately as it’s being challenged right now. Push for similar measures in your state. First state of the union to offer this, and before they have time to let it work, watch what may be millions of Americans flood into the state and build them up, some are trying to strike this very important rule of law down. We were ready to staging to move there in the blind, until these challenges happened. Write letters today and support Montana’s newfound rule! This is truly the only piece of legislation we need to stop the covid vaccine mandate madness.

      Montana bill 702. Save the document, please share, promote, and write a supportive letter. If they let it stand, the state could become a safe haven where millions would flock to.

  14. I agree is human rights. I too am walking away from 20 years in occupational therapy as of Sept 7th due to it. I will be shifting careers as a result. There will be no lions left in healthcare, just sheep.

  15. I’m working in a school as a nurse-We were sending home dozens of kids before they closed the schools a day. We’ve been mandated to get the vaccine as teachers and nurses. I did not want it and held out for awhile. I got the J&J. I worry all the time of what I put in my body. Now they want the kids to all get it and parents are falling in line. It’s awful. But what’s been very interesting with my HS population of students is documenting that vaccinated students are becoming Covid + . It’s happening over and over .. mostly symptomatic and we are contact tracing due to this. Vaccines only diminish your symptoms-you can still transmit. This is a small population study but it’s proof none the less. Praying for all of us. Stand up for your health, your kids, and all of your loved ones. Let’s take back our lives.

    1. Dragonfly,

      Thought you would find this interesting: Someone my friend knows said her kids were sent home with a “mandated” covid injection (this is in PA) from school. She called the school administration and told them that she 1) has a lawyer lined up that if they insist her kids get this shot that 2) she will start legal proceedings against the district.

      Never heard another peep about it!

  16. Heartfelt thanks to all the true heros who worked on the front lines of the Corona virus, you laid down your lives for ours, and what do you get for that, kicked to the curb. Thank you for your service and I pray all of you will find other jobs.
    I am against the vaccines, I have several family and friends, who were fully vaccinated, and still got Covid, so don’t risk your life getting a vaccine that can cause serious nerve damage, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, etc, etc, and contrary to what they say the vaccines neither prevent the disease nor lessen the symptoms.

  17. In addition to the healthcare system losing healthcare workers who won’t go along with the genocidal vaccine program, there will be other healthcare workers who will drop out of the system due to adverse reactions from the vaccine, including death. This will eventually lead to a health care crisis, which is already unfolding, in that unvaccinated individuals are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain hospital care.


    1. That is so sad that you are all being forced out or forced to retire. Anyone who is a “critical thinker” is going to be ousted.
      And we are the “LAND OF THE FREE”?!?! NO. Not anymore!

      Fauci the Used Car Salesman of the Vaccine Industry is an unelected TYRANT. The guy sounds barely literate! He keeps reversing everything and the controlled media just reports it like the sock puppets they are.


  19. My heart goes out to all the brave health care workers who are refusing to get poisoned with any of the covid injections.

    I tragically succumbed to the pressure to get vaxed (Pfizer, in my case) and became extremely sick after I got the second shot on 4/19/2021, with an exhausting list of devastating symptoms. The level of physical pain I suffered during several of those weeks was so intense that I was suicidal. Six months later I am still sick, still have numerous symptoms, and have lasting injuries, mostly neurological. I either had untold numbers of microstrokes or else I suffered brain damage due to the extreme, systemic inflammation which raged throughout my entire body for weeks on end. (Probably both are true.)

    After what I’ve experienced as a result of the Pfizer poison injections, I refuse to go to a western medical doctor ever again. I hate the entire system with an indescribably fury. I consider the contemporary western medical establishment to be evil to its core. I would be thrilled to see it collapse completely, and for the masses to become aware of the value and efficacy of natural medicine, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, and other healing modalities which are considered to be useless and worthless by the medical establishment.

    I believe the covid “vaccines” are in fact bioweapons. I and everyone I know (we’re all vaxed) is aging at a highly accelerated pace. It’s plainly evident! We all look ten to twenty years older, within a few short months of being shot up with the covid poison injections. I’m absolutely sure my life has been dramatically shortened by having gotten vaxed. I can feel it, clearly. I feel that I have been poisoned. I’m continually nauseated. I’m also continually extremely thirsty, beyond the power of any amount of pure water to quench my thirst. I feel like I have a live electrical wire buzzing inside my head much of the time. (There’s a long list of further awful symptoms I experience which I can’t detail in this limited space.)

    Please, please, please, do not succumb to the overwhelmingly intense pressure to get any one of these satanic poisons injected into your body!

    1. I am so sorry for what you (and many others) are going through, I pray you can find a solution and detox from whatever nano technology they put into that shot!
      There is a website someplace where people are detailing the side effects (they’re horrible in some cases!) of the shot, but FB was caught deleting thousands of posts of people describing the side effects of their “lethal injection”. Gee, I’m SURE there is NO hidden agenda here. I mean, Bill Gates is a Eugenecist, that can’t be bad…..

  20. PLEASE stop using the word “mandate” in regards to these illegal requests from law breakers.

    The definition of mandate: A judicial command, order, or precept, written or oral FROM A COURT; a direction that a COURT has the authority to give and an individual is bound to obey.

    NONE of these illegal recommendations have been issued or approved by any court! Therefore: NO MANDATES.

  21. Did you see? Out of a 35,000 workforce only 175 did not get the vaccine. And the workers that were granted exemptions had to wear a N95 mask and be tested. So my question is what the F are the vaccinated people afraid of only 175 unvaccinated workers?!? Why couldn’t they be told the needed to be tested every week and to continue wearing a N95 mask. They would rather lose that skill base and hire outside help. This is friggin INSANE! My husband is going through the same thing and he works for a non medical company. And it is not food or public based company. My husband is refusing to be vaccinated because of medical issues and his doctor refused to sign a medical exemption form for him. Even though she agreed with him. Her response was ‘our Covid19 response team feels that every one should get the vaccine. So I feel you should get at least one of the two shot vaccines and see what happens’. We are seeking out a new doctor, one that isn’t afraid to stand behind their own decisions not their companies. Good luck everyone that is going through a mandate situation.

  22. If the media were not controlled by pharmaceutical advertising and instead the protective benefits of Vitamins C, D, E, A, zinc, querctin, n-acetyl cysteine, and methylene blue had been also reported and shown to protect against the virus…
    Would people be lining up for the mRNA vaccine?
    Would the government be promoting it having already known of its bad effects?
    Would the government be releasing the pharmaceutical companies from liability?
    Would vaccinated people be angry at non-vaccinated people?
    Would businesses, schools, churches and other services be shut down?
    Would health advocates be accused of murder because they warned of bad effects from the vaccination?
    The system is controlled and manipulated by the second wealthiest corporate sector.- the pharmaceutical sectors.

  23. Your doctor is a product of medical school. Unfortunately some of the brightest students enter medicine only to change into Marines of the pharmaceutical world.
    A majority of new medical students enter medicine with a good appreciation of nutrition. Upon graduation that number is reduced to a small minority. It is not surprising since during the whole medical training only approximately 2 and 1/2 hours are devoted to nutrition.
    The results are enhanced pride and attachment to their training of pharmaceutical drugs.
    It is a sad outcome and a waste of brilliant minds.

    1. Many doctors can’t see beyond their own noses. They’re unhealthy, overweight and have many health problems. But they’re going to tell ME how to stay healthy”? Give me a break!

      If I followed the USDA “My Plate” SAD advice, I’d be a total health wreck! Do the opposite that the goober ments in our country tell you too (WIC too) and you’ll stay healthy. Eat meat and fat from grass fed animals, not frankenburgers from Bill Gates’ depopulation darling “Beyond Meat” soy and chemical factory farmed fake foods.

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