Wednesday, June 19, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


‘Natural Immunity is 27 Times More Protective’

We’re a year and a half into this pandemic by now and what we should be focusing on is people’s level of immunity, however acquired… whether it’s by vaccines or by natural immunity. That’s the way out of it. It’s not by vaccinating people who don’t need to be vaccinated like me, forcing people who have health risks to get vaccinated just so that they can go to work or whatever, leaving in the hands of individual employers whether or not someone has a legitimate medical exemption. It’s just crazy. It’s crazy and it violates the Constitution. Your right to bodily autonomy and bodily integrity is not a matter of majority vote and it’s not a matter that we put up to suburban voters to determine whether somebody has a right to be free from an involuntary medical activity.

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9 Responses

  1. How would, we the people, be able to get the same medical exemption from a doctor that’s willing to sign off on the exemption for antibodies? Can you reply with your medical doctor or get us info on how to attain it?

    1. I think the reason they gave in is they don’t want to continue fighting during the trying time. It’s exhausting. But I refuse to give in. I’m more scared of covid vaccine than covid itself.

  2. The question we should be asking is :WHY DO WE GO ALONG WITH ABSURDE ORDERS from politician who cannot even remember how to finish a sentence?
    Think of what the end-goals are as exposed by Klaus Martin Schwab and you will understand why NOTHING makes sense to anyone with a brain and a hearth?

  3. This was never about the “virus” or “saving lives” or “health”. This is about TOTAL CONROL. Also shows the power of propaganda on unthinking individuals.
    Thanks, Stalin!

  4. I am 68, and I think I got this “coctail of flu viruses” in march 2020 (was never tested), and since then, I run around everywhere and have not gotten sick. I believe I have natural immunity

    1. The lady who works in the bakery department had covid last winter Dec 2020. She got it from her husband. She became very sick for a week and a half. She’s doing fine, never got sick again when her parents got covid after getting vaccinated. She was with her parents for the entire 3 days, she was tested negative. She said “ I was with my parents for the entire 3 days, I felt fine.”

      It’s very sad that the cdc especially Dr. Tony Fauci wouldn’t even acknowledge natural immunity. ? Dr. Fauci out!! He’s ass——.

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