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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


More Breakthrough Cases of COVID Ending in Hospitalization or Death

person in hospital bed

“Breakthrough cases” of people fully vaccinated for COVID-19 being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus continue to increase throughout the United States. In recent weeks, there have been reports of breakthrough cases “rising” or “accelerating” or “spiking” in numerous states. Even though these breakthrough cases are reportedly “rare,” given that 176 million Americans have been “fully” vaccinated for COVID-19 as of Aug. 3, 2021, which represents 53.6 percent of the U.S. population, there appears to be growing public concern about this phenomenon.1 2 3 4 5 6

Media headlines such as “Don’t Panic, But Breakthrough Cases May Be a Bigger Problem Than You’ve Been Told” and “Breakthrough COVID-19 cases are rising, and experts are trying to figure out exactly what that means” reflect the growing concern about people getting infected with SAR-CoV-2 despite being fully vaccinated.1 5

Part of the concern has to do with a sense that the country is flying blind when it comes to understanding the full breadth of the problem of breakthrough cases, given that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has chosen to only track a fraction of these cases. Since May 1, 2021, the agency has only accounted for and reported on breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death. In April, the CDC stated:

In the coming weeks, CDC will transition from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only vaccine breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.7

CDC Pressured to Count All Breakthrough Cases

This policy decision has lead to criticism by many public health experts and legislators who are now urging the CDC to “reverse its decision and collect comprehensive data on infections in vaccinated people.”8 In a recent article published by Politico, Adriane Casalotti, chief of public and government affairs at the National Association of County and City Health Officials, was quoted as saying:

Given what we know about Delta now—and more what we don’t know about Delta—having a fuller picture of breakthrough cases no matter what the level of symptoms is important to be able to decide what rules and mitigation strategies you need to put in place in your community.8

In a letter written to CDC director Rochelle Walensky, MD on July 23, U.S. Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts seemed to suggest that the CDC should reconsider its decision to only track hospitalizations and deaths among breakthrough cases in order to better understand the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. “Is the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines decreasing in light of these breakthrough cases?” Sen Markey wrote. Sen. Markey urged the CDC to “remain vigilant and transparent in its surveillance of breakthrough cases” and noted that public health and medical officials and health care providers must have “robust data and information to guide their decisions on public health measures.”9

The concern over the prevalence of breakthrough cases and the sense that these may not be as rare as the public has been lead to believe is reasonable, but it may soon be eclipsed by a more troubling problem—the growing number of breakthrough cases in the U.S. that lead to hospitalization or death. According to the CDC, as of Sept 7, 2021, there were more than 14,000 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died. Of those patients, 11,440 were hospitalized but were non-fatal cases. The remaining 2,674 cases were deaths.10

Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Vaccinated People Rising

It is unclear how accurate the CDC’s assessment of the breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization or death is and whether the public has been kept fully informed about how often fully vaccinated individuals are being infected with SAR-CoV-2 and dying despite being vaccinated. What seems to be clear is that these type of cases are on an upward trend in some parts of the country. It was recently reported, for example, that in the Southern Nevada Health District 105 fully vaccinated people have died since Aug. 26. Health officials in Massachusetts confirmed on Aug. 31 more than 3,700 breakthrough cases during the previous week and that 80 of those people were hospitalized and 13 died.11 12

In Virginia, breakthrough cases resulting in death reportedly more than doubled from mid-June through the end of July. In Los Angeles, breakthrough cases represented only five percent of those hospitalized for COVID in April but, by July, that number was up to 13 percent. Last month, Los Angeles Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH confirmed that the number of fully vaccinated Los Angelenos coming down with coronavirus and hospitalized for COVID had been rising for three months.13 14

In West Virginia, Governor Jim Justice announced on Aug. 23 that during the previous eight weeks there had been a 26 percent increase in new breakthrough cases, a 21 percent increase in breakthrough cases needing hospitalization and a 25 percent increase in the number of breakthrough cases resulting in deaths.15

Reports are coming in from around the U.S. that fully vaccinated people are not only becoming infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and developing symptoms of COVID-19 but are also, increasingly, being hospitalized with severe symptoms and dying. This development is creating a dilemma for those who argue that, although the COVID vaccines may not prevent coronavirus infection and transmission, at least they protect people from something worse. This may be why there is such a sudden rush to push a booster shot.

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24 Responses

  1. This is easily the most informative piece of information I’ve read about the scam in the last 18 months.

    mRNA injections are nearly 40 years old; it would be hard to call them “experimental”!

    The Vaxxinators know EXACTLY what to expect. Do you?

    Only certain, carefully-distributed batches contain the bioweapon: VAERS reports of deaths/injuries are usually linked to specific batches.

    Later on, other areas will be covered by the bioweapon-containing batches.

    ALL “vaccines” contain graphene oxide, which in itself makes people easy to track and the masses can be forced into certain moods through 5G and military-grade radars. Of course, the muzzle and the fraudulent tests also contain graphene oxide. And don’t forget about chemtrails.

    Those, who accepted a “test,” provided a genetic sample, or even had a blood test, have given away their DNA and as such, can be prepared for being targeted in person through 5G or 6G; the Russians had the technology already in 1971. The perpetrators can make you hear voices, obey commands, unless you want to feel excruciating pain, make you sick, or just drop you dead.

    Being prepared is the only “positive” thing one can do.

    And relying on miracle cures for a military-grade bioweapon attack doesn’t fare well. However, bioweapons, in my estimate, usually taper off after about three months, which is another reason why they need to be re-administers in “booster shots.” “Booster shots are also necessary, because only a fraction of the injections contain the genocidal poisons.

    1. I’ve heard of graphene oxide in experimental covid vaccine but wasn’t aware of other vaccines. I don’t trust big pharma would disclosure all ingredients in vaccines.

    2. Thanks for that link, Doghearty! I found this sentence pretty truthful, ” The idea of vaccines as a dispersal method to annihilate or debilitate millions of people unknowingly, with their consent, is a brilliant strategy of warfare. The very means with which should help eliminate a pandemic and save lives is instead used as a “kill” device.”

      Since when has the government really cared about the health of its citizens? I mean truly cared? Not lately!

    1. SERIAL CONVICTED FELONS ALL to be exact. Except Moderna; created to make chemotherapy,and funded 50% by Fauci & NAIAD,who was on the verge of bankruptcy after not producing a single FDA approved drug in 10 years and rich investors looking to lose their money. This is why they got put to the front of the line and they are the most secretive of the whole bunch about their “proprietary” formulas. Don’t forget Gates who is funding all these companies under the guise of philanthropy [and making obscene profits] is also A CONVICTED FELON FOR RACKETEERING AND MONOPOLY and of course we know know his connection to Epstein.

  2. I’m afraid that too many in government, corporate America and medicine are pushing people into vaccination without appropriate safety and efficacy studies. It is virtually insane and even malpractice to vaccinate people with a non-vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Making matters worse is the constant effort to silence anyone who is not convinced that we should be vaccinating people and now we are doing it 2 and 3 times.

    I will not take the vaccine. It is not proven safe and effective. And, it is reprehensible that people who refuse are being canceled. We are going to see a country out of control when people learn they have been played when it comes to masks, shutdowns and vaccination..
    All we ever asked for is truth. But then again when we are living in unethical times who would think moral people would be heard

  3. Oh boy, what can I say? ?‍♀️ Except I can say it’s very sad and unfortunate. I wish they would think twice and to do the research before getting vaccinated or not. When news media gives a false sense of hope to the public, it has huge consequences. As far as I recall, the news did NOT even tell the public it’s experimental one. Am I wrong?

  4. Why do you always slant the article to make it sound as if Covid vaccinations are more harmful than they are? By giving the wrong impression you cause fear of Covid vaccination which results in more deaths that are on your hands. As more people are vaccinated we would expect more breakthrough cases so this is not a weakness in the vaccine. You stated the total number of breakthrough cases resulting in death is 2,063 cases. You don’t mention that 87% of those deaths were people over 65 who, in most cases, had other conditions. Also, by comparison, a total of 2,063 breakthrough case deaths since LAST DECEMBER should be compared to the current 1,100 deaths PER DAY of unvaccinated covid deaths.

    1. Its a leaky shot – it does not impart immunity or prevent spread . Save it for this most at risk of dying from cover and utilize early intervention for the rest. And- for the love of Pete- leave people under thirty alone entirely .

    2. I woukd aopreciate seeing where yiu are getting your numbers.

      The VACCINE Adverse Reporting System. (VAERS) has the most alarming numbers I have seen to date.

      When 13,627 fesths feimthe vaccine have been reported and sadly anywhere between 1 & 10 percent are reportwd ifnthe massive other injuries/deaths/adverse events that are NOT being recorded whatbtiu are purporting does not hold sunstantive value agsisnt lives tragically ended and changed forever because of the debilitating effects of these vaccines.

      You have apparently miased the srudy fro Israel thst makes abundantly xkear that nsturally acquired immunity is 27 times more protective of getting COVID than rhe vaccines have been in their population . This is a stunning revelation. Immunity conferred by the vaccinebis therefore inferior!

    3. Jim, the statistics are manipulated, PCR tests were run at cycles that showed false positives, above the 30 cycle upper limit. Who dies from COVID is somewhat questionable. Before the vaccines received their Emergency Use Authorization, researchers Seneff with MIT and Nigh, published a well documented report on the research that went into the mRNA vaccines. The research pointed out many possible severe adverse reactions to this biologic treatment. One being blood clotting, and that has proven to be true and many deaths are attributed to this. It has been found that 62% of people that receive the vaccine experience blood clotting. Mostly is does not have immediate ill effects, but when the clotting happens in capillaries of vital organs, those organs ability to function becomes limited. They also stated that the spike protein in the vaccine could penetrate the blood brain barrier and cause Lewes in the brain, this is now becoming evident. they also predicted that the vaccine will make vaccinated individuals more susceptible to more severe illness from the COVID and this also is starting to happen.

      You state that 87% of the deaths in vaccinated people had other conditions, so did the vaccine help them, was COVID less severe for them, how much worse than death can the severity be? One of the problems is that many doctors do not start immediate treatments with known to be effective drugs, and just tell people to go home and wait until it gets severe. Those treatments have been banned by WHO, like Ivermectin. Ivermectin was being used in India very effectively. The WHO said it was not to be used. The death rate skyrocketed in India, it was being reported in the MSM that there was not enough oxygen etc and what a catastrophe. The issue was taken to the Indian supreme court and ivermectin was reinstated as a treatment and the death rate plummeted. India is not in the MSM any more, but the MSM has not covered the remarkable decrease in deaths in India. Why? Why ban a treatment that is proven? Why does the MSM not report the news properly? Please Jim answer those questions.

      My research, looking into the research that went into the making of the vaccine tells me that it is not a vaccine at all. It is a biologic and the more that you receive of it the higher the likelihood that you will have a severe adverse reaction, most likely leading to eventual death.

    4. Jim…how many of the deaths since Last December with the reported 1,100 deaths PER DAY were reported to have had underlying conditions or, as you said, or over the age of 65. A death is a death! I am 72 and I do not appreciate being categorized that just because I am 72 I am a greater risk. I am probably more healthy that half of the younger population! Why because I take care of myself. I don’t know all behind this campaign to, so called, vaccinate the entire American population, but if someone in your family died because of the SHOT, I suspect you would have a different opinion. But then, it would not be because of the SHOT, but because of a pre-existing condition, I am sure. It is time for the pharmaceutical and medical industry to stop instilling fear in the American public and speak the truth. Yes, people can and have died after receiving the SHOT, but then I guess they don’t matter to most of the American public. I cry when someone I know dies of COVID and I know two people, fully vaccinated, that are quite ill at this time. I also know a young girl in her late twenties with a two week old baby that died two days ago of COVID. I am not denying that people die from COVID, but we need to compare apples to apples, not apples to nuts. My hubby and I both had COVID early this summer and thanks be to our LORD, via a good doctor and my early on research…we survived without the SHOT!

    5. You’re so knowledgeable Jim. Can you do Covid mortality rates by age group and then make the case for the need of universal vaccination, especially the healthy, based on those numbers?

  5. Are you aware that if someone dies even one day before two weeks after their second injection, their demise is counted as an “unvaccinated” death? Add to this, the tens of thousands who have died or been horrifically injured within hours, days or weeks of having received these experimental injections, and you have a more realistic picture of what’s really happening.

  6. First of all we have all been lied to. Let’s discuss the induced fear that was put on people to believe that their lives were in danger if we didn’t wear masks and if we didn’t social distance and isolate ourselves from family and friends. They made us believe that asymptomatic people were contagious when that is far from the truth. By causing fear people were ready to roll their sleeves up to take an experimental drug that was tested on rats that died. Then impose their experiment even further on humans. Now, that people are fully vaccinated new variants are spreading. Common sense, they are the spreaders. This also shows that the vaccine does not work it’s not effective. More people died with this vaccine than all vaccines combined in a lifetime. You should ask yourself why is this vaccine still on the market. We are living in very scary times. One death is too many. These people have loved one’s and they don’t have a voice anymore and I am sure if they did, that would say “WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT GET THE JAB”



  8. My spouse and I know two couples who were fully vaccinated. Within several weeks of vaccination, one couple died, three weeks apart. Of the second couple, one had pulmonary issues which had been under control for years, only to experience severe lung inflammation and his wife, who was healthy, now has complete loss of bladder function and multiple tests, including CT scans and a brain MRI, are negative. The doctors are still trying to figure out the cause. I posit that she is inundated with spike proteins from this “vaccine”. She almost died a few days ago, and is now beginning to recover, minus the bladder issue. If she fully recovers from the other acute symptoms, she will still need occupational therapy and speech therapy, and will remain on a catheter. No correlation has been admitted between the jab and their sudden onset of symptoms, which occurred days apart.

  9. Harvard Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, who was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration said himself that the CDC has not provided good data on people who have died with Covid and people who have died from Covid. There is a big difference, but all deaths seems to be counted as Covid deaths these days. It is not so when your vaccinated! If your vaccinated, then they will say you died from something other than Covid or the vaccine. I grateful to god that I don’t know anyone who has died from Covid, but I do know at least 4 people who have suddenly died either shortly after or a couple months after vaccination. Most are having massive heart attacks or falling asleep and not waking up. If the vaccine is so safe and effective, why are we having to mandate them! If they are so great, then everyone would be lined up! But there is way to much data manipulation and lies. Fauci has been caught lying about gain of function research and it comes out that the US was funding the Wuhan lab…not a conspiracy theory anymore. But we all better shut up and be good little Nazi’s!!! Hail Dr. Fauci!

  10. Seems that the some of the people I know of who got the mRNA shot are now in the hospital with “covid”. These people just believe the tv, believe the tv….

    I wonder how they’ll justify that getting the “vaccine” protected them from covid, when they GOT IT FROM THE JAB? It’s amazing how easily people can cling to their myths.

  11. With Our Heads of States, and Our President, aligned with the likes of Gates, Fauci, Zuckerburgh, and all the other Criminal Accomplices,around the Globe, Only God can change this Course of Deception, Murder, Lies, and utter Greed for Power, Position, and Money….

    James E. Dubin,Jr.

  12. In new York covid vaccine effectiveness declined between May 30 to July 25.
    From 93% to 80% . Confirmed cases.
    While effectiveness remained 95% for hospitalizations.

    While break through Chicago.
    Recently reports
    20% effectiveness in confirmed cases.
    And 75% effectiveness in hosplised and death. This number is low because they didn’t correct for age.
    While illinois reports 22% of death were full vaccinated.
    With 61% of residence > 16 fully vaccinated,
    9% partuly vaccinated, and
    20% never jab ?.
    Vaccine 81% effective in preventing death.

    In Barnstaple Massachusetts.
    July 2021
    123 confirmed cases in not fully vaccinated.
    56 confirmed cases in Janssen fully vaccinated. 3 × per person not fully vaccinated.
    159 confirmed cases in Pfizer fully vaccinated 1.05 × per person not fully vaccinated.
    131 confirmed cases in Moderna fully vaccinated. 1.27 × per person not fully vaccinated.
    In Massachusetts the vaccine not effective. And stay away from the Janssen covid vaccine.

  13. Elijah has hit the nail on the head: Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the platform for this mRNA “vaccine”, warned the FDA about its dangers, and they ignored him. If you understand the mechanism of this thing, you will also understand why getting a second shot, and a booster, only increases your chances of being disabled or dying! Read the article on the site of The International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research ( with the title beginning “Worse than the Disease? …”

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