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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


New York Mandates COVID Passports, Dubbed ‘Key To NYC’

“Bill de Blasio announced that, beginning August 16th, anyone who wants to enjoy indoor entertainment, such as bars, restaurants or movie theaters, and anyone entering an indoor gym, must show proof of vaccination. He’s calling it the Key to New York City. After innumerous other attempts to entice people into vaccination, from $100 gift cards giveaways, free Krispy Kreme and tickets to various attractions, the city has now turned to what you used to be considered a conspiracy theory—vaccine passports.”

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  1. I predict a mass exodus from NY to states that aren’t controlled by communist dictators. I’ve never wanted to see that trash heap of a city, and this just cemented that for me.

    1. Good for you. I can attest that it is a septic tank as I have been there. They can keep their shots, passports and (keys to the city).

    2. i think you are right about the mass exodus but Its really a shame because it was once a beautiful place to see. So much hustle and bustle, historic monuments and sights, excitement and non stop fun. I live right over the river in NJ and I actually feel really sad that it’s turned into such a mess. It used to be a site to behold. A bunch of shitty leaders who destroyed an entire city and state. At this point I am truly really ready to just divide our nation.

  2. Free Krispy Kreme, Really! Have they not seen that many people who are re-infected are fully vaccinated?

  3. ” . . . . Key to New York City”. hahahaha I’ll pass. I have no desire to visit NYC, . . . . ever. Twice visiting a cesspool is enough for me.

  4. Hub and I wanted to visit NYC for several years. We thought last year would finally be the year but then came the CCP virus and all the hoopla. Now the place is a deadly crap hole and you’ve gotta alter your genetic functioning for the privilege of dodging the filth, the criminals, the homeless and the ridiculously high prices to see what’s left of a once proud, worthwhile city? Cram that! Good job, Wall Street! You’re not getting OUR dollars, ever! BTW, for those who want to fight back against the system that’s creating this, buy silver. Draining physical silver from the financial system is the one sure way to bring the whole rotten global banking system that’s doing this to us, down.

  5. To Louise, anything you Americans don’t like in your world you call communist”. How ignornnt can you get! Communism is a political system, not at all anti Democracy. Your system, is a lot worse with Neo-Libralism! Such an extreme form of Capitalsm,. Essentialy, it means “NoRules”. It means you can get away with anything that suits you , making a profit! Is that not what the big Pharma companies have done- bought off the politicians to have their own way!
    The female presenter above, said as much in her speech , of the problems associated with these passports.

    It is profit that concerns these pharma companies not health or human rights.

  6. Can’t believe this is happening in NYC. Trash governor and mayor have ruined this beautiful tourist city. But yes many will applaud it while others don’t. We were once free and now with Hitler in charge history is repeating itself. Many will stay but majority will leave and take their money elsewhere. I will be leaving too I’m done with this modern day segregation!

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