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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Jonathan Emord, JD on the Corruption Within the FDA

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A significant minority of drugs that have been approved by the FDA have been approved over the FDA’s own medical reviewers’ objections on safety grounds. And the FDA’s whole system of drug review is bogus. It’s designed to protect and advance the interests of the drug industry. A lot of people don’t realize this but the FDA never tests the drugs it approves.

The FDA does no independent testing at all. It relies entirely on the testing done by the advocate, the proponent of the drug application that has a self-interest and a conflict of interest. That party is looked to for all of the drug testing. They do their own testing.

There have been multiple instances of corruption in this process where false information or negative information has been kept away from the FDA so that the FDA will approve the drug. … It’s that degree of influence and corruption that make it impossible for the American people to be protected.

— Jonathan Emord, JD, constitutional attorney

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100thMonkeyChannel. Jonathan Emord talks about corruption within the FDA. YouTube Sept. 23, 2014.

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7 Responses

  1. You have to be brain-dead to not believe — and now pretty much KNOW — that the FDA is CORRUPT.



  2. The FDA has become such an icon on the health scene that the sheeple public believes they know what they are doing. They are just another big cog in the wheel of over inflated government. The difference between them and the other departments is they can be dangerous because they affect people’s lives.

  3. It’s amazing prior to 1990 when the FDA was funded by taxpayers, the number of drugs that were found to be risky, they were immediately pulled from use. Now 30 years later the FDA is 65% funded by big pharma, amazing how few drugs have been proven to cause harm but never pulled from use, DID I SAY LOBBIST ?Also about 40% of medium paying jobs that individuals are working for the FDA, all of a sudden, retire, and picked up by Big Pharma as employees with BIG SALARIES. Like it or not, if you can’t link this to be a problem, THEN “COMMON SENSE ,AIN”T COMMON”!!

  4. Until 1990 taxpapers funded the FDA, now 65% of funding comes from BIG PHARMA, any wonder why they let Pfizer be removed from EUA. Also 40% of workers that work for the FDA at a fairly good wage, leave the FDA and are hired by BIG PHARMA. Does anyone see a connection why the FDA lets BIG PHARMA push these expensive vaccines versus a 45 cent pill like Ivermectin ?

  5. Oh I don’t trust the FDA for anything. Before I knew better 20 years ago, I personally suffered permanent side effects from a so called approved RX medication. Again, I didn’t know any better. Trusted my physician because that is what we did.
    I learned a hard lesson, but I learned. When you know you know. I’ll never use any chemical meds or FDA approved bs again. Money and greed. They don’t care about anyone’s health.

    During that time, taking FLU shots too. Always sick with Flu and other crazy things. Never ever ever again. Stop this madness and mandates should never happen.

  6. Read the book, “Side Effect: Death” by John Virapin. He was a big wig at the FDA.

    I’ve had to watch my loved ones suffer and die from trusting the pharmaceutical-medical industrial complex. I know the FDA are a bunch of frauds and bald-faced liars. And those are their good points!

    Anyone who refuses to use critical thinking will end up paying the price. And it’s a steep one to pay.

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