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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Existing Drugs Hold Promise for Treatment of COVID-19

other medications for COVID

Story Highlights

  • A group of Israeli researchers have studied close to 3,000 approved drugs to see if any could be repurposed to treat COVID-19.
  • They identified 18 that showed encouraging results in laboratory studies, in many cases completely protecting human cells despite infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Three drugs have been singled out for further study.
  • The scientists cautioned against relying on any one tool against the virus, such as a vaccine, pointing out that it puts us in a precarious position if that one solution should fail.

A group of Israeli researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have identified a group of 18 existing drugs shown to be effective against COVID-19 in laboratory studies. They are hopeful that, with further testing, existing drugs may provide valuable treatment options or potentially even a cure for those infected with the virus.1

Choosing to study previously approved drugs in order to streamline future regulatory steps (all of the study drugs have already been evaluated and approved for safety and toxicity issues), the researchers combed through more than 2,800 drugs already approved for use in a variety of disorders and selected 18 they believed held promise for use as a therapy to help combat the effects of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. To evaluate the efficacy of the drugs, the researchers, led by Shy Arkin, PhD, a professor of biochemistry at the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Science, combined human cells, SARS-CoV-2 cells and the test drugs in a laboratory setting.

Encouraging Data From Laboratory Studies

According to Dr. Arkin, several of the study drugs “exhibited remarkable potency against the whole virus in in vitro experiments.”2 After two days, results “showed that the drugs can protect cells from onslaught by the virus with close to 100 percent effectiveness, meaning that almost 100 percent of the cells lived despite being infected by the virus.”3 “By contrast,” he added, “in normal circumstances, around half the cells would have died after two days following contact with the virus.”

For their studies, Dr. Arkin and his team looked at antiviral medications that “exploit a weak link in many viruses—proteins called ion channels [,which] allow the virus to regulate the acidity and salinity of its internal and external environment. Blocking those channels makes it difficult for infections to spread.”4 They focused primarily on the 3a protein and the E (envelope) protein, which is “the most conserved of all virus proteins.” As clarified by Dr. Arkin for The Jerusalem Post, “while the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-1 (the 2003 coronavirus) are only about 75% identical, their E proteins are roughly 95% alike. This means the drugs would likely remain effective even when the virus mutates.”5

Ultimately the research is focusing on three drugs that tested well: Darapladib, which is used to treat atherosclerosis, a buildup of arterial plaques that can block blood flow; Flumanitib, which is used to treat blood cancer; and an HIV medication.6 Unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which target the spike protein, the envelope protein and the 3a protein targeted by these drugs are expected to stay the same regardless of viral mutation. For that reason, the drugs would be expected to remain active against variants of the virus.

The scientists are seeking a pharmaceutical partnership to help carry out further vitro and in vivo studies.

We Need More Than One Tool Against COVID-19

Arguing the importance of finding effective therapies against COVID-19, Dr. Arkin said:

The general feeling in Israel and around the world is that if there are vaccines, there is no reason to continue working on [treatments for] the virus because we have found a solution. Unfortunately, if we rely on one solution, the vaccine, we may find ourselves in a situation where a new variant [resists the vaccine]. We’re not there yet, but the variants around the world are a warning light.7

He also argued the importance of finding more than one weapon against COVID-19, saying, “We should never be in a situation where in our arsenal we only have one firearm. If we only have one and we rely solely on it, and then there comes a time that it fails, we will be in a very precarious situation.”8

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20 Responses

  1. I find myself in a dilemma over getting the vaccine. My wife and I were hesitant to got the vaccine due to the unknowns. We finally got the Moderna first shot. But out of caution we decided not to get the second. Now, in August, 2021, with the variant said to be more contagious and for my wife’s care I am considering it. She has a lot of issues: heart failure; heart pacemaker; aortic stenosis; borderline diabetes; high blood pressure; borderline kidney disease; esophageal acid reflux.
    I am disabled due to a brain tumor from 1992 which I was healed from in 1996.
    Our primary care physician seems leary of prophylactics such as Hydrochloraquin and Ivermectin but. has written an Rx anyway.

    1. He is leary because he knows the success it has had. I suggest that you think very carefully and cautiously about these gene therapy shots. You don’t need more problems than you already have. They are experimental! What does that tell you?

    2. I fully sympathize with your dilemma. It is not to be taken lightly – your health and the fear that the media and health orgs pump makes it very very difficult to work through. The bottom line is there are methods to prophylactically protect yourselves like your physician (though leary) prescribed. Hcq works in conjuction with zinc to block sars (or other virus) cells from replicating. Hcq and others like Quercitin (and a product I take from the biochemist who created it) Cellular Support (Meehan Formulations) act as a cell pathway opener otherwise the zinc doesn’t work as effectively at the cellular level. My 78yr old parents (dad with many issues) have been taking Cell Support and zinc every day since last month. They chose to not get v’d and it’s been so hard being the only of their peers to choose this. My sympathies. In the end you have to do what feels inherently right. Trust your inner voice!

  2. My husband and I both had covid and our doctor prescribed hydrocchloroquin zinc and vitamin D without which we are sure we would at least be hospitalized. With this program we got well and no lingering effects.

  3. Check out studies on XLear (xylitol/grape seed extract) against Covid. Small studies show it effectively kills SARS-COV-2. Northwestern U have done a study on the ingredients and confirm its effectiveness,

    Larger studies in vivo now being done in Miami. One to show effectiveness against the virus (prophylactic), one to show it is an effective treatment against early infection, one to test effectiveness against acute infection.

  4. The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care alliance (http://www.FLCCC.NET) has been publishing a Covid-19 protocol based upon existing drugs for over a year now. This is backed by dozens of studies that have proven the effectiveness.

    I think the NVIC should be posting every update by the FLCCC, I’m surprise not to have seen any.

  5. I had covid in March. Was prescribed ivermectin. Had no fever or cough and was very high risk due to high blood pressure, age, obesity, diabetic, high cholesterol. Other than my blood pressure rising from having covid I seem to be doing well and never went to hospital. I was recently exposed again to covid from my neighbor. Did not catch it.

  6. Everybody is safe from COVID-19, because it exist only in computer models and on TV.

    The miracle cures are probably as effective as peeing on a house fire.

    We are being microwaved alive. Add the spike proteins shed by the injected, and you get the full picture.

    Radiation by 5G and military radars cause insomnia, increased body heat, hardness of breathing, rapid and irregular heartbeat, and coughs. Sounds familiar? These are the so-called “COVID symptoms.”

    Lung and heart tissues will never regenerate, even if one stops the current inflammation.

  7. Two cheap PROVEN treatments are Hydroxychloroquine with zinc or Ivermectin with zinc. WHY DO DOCTORS NOT RECOGNIZE THIS? Are the so beholden to big Pharma they turn a blind eye to these therapies? It’s astounding to me. Nebulized Budesonide or Nebulized hydrogen peroxide are two more cures. Even l-lysine is recognized by the Dominican Republic as a cure.

  8. Thank you Julies for link! A lot of good info on Dr. Mercola’s website including an article on the nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

  9. I am reading that methylene blue is effective against covid(it is already used to treat/cure malaria).

  10. No thanks. I will stick with my tried and true vitamin C, high vitamins D levels, Oscillococcinum, Dr Schultz’s remedies.

  11. I got Ivermectin and take a low dose.
    My doctor takes a higher dose. Tall guy.
    So far, No COVID. Not much exposure to others in my life style.

  12. @Frank Obtuse, I am hearing the same thing from a nurse friend of mine from Germany. It is all fake, it is the 5G and what they are doing to the atmosphere. The geoengineering of the weather, the harmful stuff they are spraying in the air. It is all contributing. The virus is being used to promote the vaccine and depopulate the earth. This has nothing to do with a virus, it was all about scaring the people enough so that they would think the vaccine was their savior. Fauci and his croonies have been patenting the virus and now are making millions from the vaccine along with Bill Gates. This next flu season is going to see devastation as the vaccinated will probably suffer the same fate as all of the clinical trial animals over the decades……which is why they never were able to create a vaccine before for a coronavirus. People need to wake up before it is too late!

  13. To me, the censorship happening created my final decision regarding the vaccines. Once I was deemed by BG and big pharma as being an incompetent and ignorant individual, unable to read and make my own decisions, I became very skeptical of what they were promoting. I think it is imperative that we read, listen and research ALL sides and aspects of information available – we can then make the decision that is right for our own body and beliefs. When medical journals, Social Media sites and the like are being removed/censored as “misinformation”, and monetary bribery programs introduced to ‘encourage’ vaccinations, that was my big red flag factor indicating something very wrong is happening and I will not pursue the vaccines but will consider other avenues for my health.

  14. Just so delighted that so many of the comments here are from people well-informed and alert to the big hoax. Blessings on all of you. Keep the faith. We will win this battle against the pure evil of totalitarian governments. if you have received a first ‘shot’ please do not fall into the trap of a second…. especially if you have other health issues. Definitely NOT a good choice. There are so many different options to use against this so-called virus which has never been isolated. The 5G problem is affecting many the same way with the same symptoms. Bottom line?….Toss your cell phones and experience true liberation.

  15. It is heartwarming to see comments from informed people. And it is bewildering to witness the lack of critical thinking in millions lining up to be barbarically injected with unknown ingredients with unknown effects!!!

    The current jabs are NOT vaccines, NOT by medical definition, NOT by scientific definition, NOT by patent definition! The jabs do NOT prevent symptoms. The jabs do NOT prevent transmission. They are EXPERIMENTAL DNA-altering gene therapies!!! The only reason they are marketed under the vaccine umbrella is to avoid liability!!! When you volunteer to get the jab, you volunteer to be a lab rat in an experimental trial… and the 1st shot, the 2nd shot, 1st booster, 2nd booster, all are experiments giving the diabolical manufacturers data about dosing… how much causes this effect, how much causes that effect, how much causes death! And why can’t you go to your trusted primary care doc to get the jab???

    And, what about a control group? All ethical clinical trials have a control group that receives a placebo, an inert saline injection. Hmmm…. do they get a “vax passport”??? What if there is no control group? What kind of trial is that? Who is recording all the updates of effects, reactions, deaths??? VAERS captures maybe 1%! Many health professionals do NOT even know about VAERS. This is NOT a trial. This is genocide!!!

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