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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Sen. Ron Johnson With Families on Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine

Last week, The Wall Street Journal carried a column by two doctors—Dr. Joseph Ladapo and Dr. Harvey Risch. The Op-Ed was titled, “Are COVID Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised?” In that column, the doctors reported that, “The large clustering of certain adverse events immediately after vaccinating is concerning.” I would agree. And then there’s four that follow that pattern of clustering immediately after vaccination, and they’re listing low platelets, non-infectious myocarditis… that’s what you’re hearing about with the inflammation of the heart with generally younger men, deep vein thrombosis… the clotting, and death.

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  1. How can he say these things? Is everyone forgetting that they are CURRENTLY LAB RATS and they are now making our children LAB RATS also!!! Since when have we EVER accepted being subjected to human experimentation? We all remember the last time a large swath of humanity was experimented upon in this fashion don’t we? I do not know what hell happen to people’s ability for reason and logic but this whole situation is absurd, it’s like some type of mass denial and delusion!

  2. When the video (within the video) of testimonials started, I had to turn it off. It is too infuriating to know these people have been so thoroughly deceived. The vaccine industry is all a lie! All of it! All of Big Pharma is a lie! There are ZERO safe and effective ‘vaccines’! ZERO! Gene therapy is NOT a ‘vaccine’. The pandemic was CREATED in order to rig an election because those who are behind Big Pharma were about to be exposed. Well, they are exposing themselves and their own diabolical greed and corruption with this barbaric DNA-altering injection! They created so much propaganda/fear that people volunteer to line up for the experiment! It’s infuriating to see so much destruction and death, and it’s infuriating to know the level of collective brain-washing. Wake up people, to your divine design! Nothing was omitted that needs to be barbarically injected into you — by evil people, for profit, with ZERO liability!!

    Thank you NVIC and others who so diligently and tenaciously try to get the truth out.

  3. From my understanding of the research and the reports in regards to the repurposed safe medication Ivermectin, one of the ways it works in simple terms, is that it binds to the spike protein on the virus and thereby prevents the spike protein from docking onto the ACE2 receptors of the bodies cells which have that receptor, thereby preventing infection and multiplication – end of story. If this is the case my logic tells me that it may do the same to the spike protein produced by the cells when the mRNA information tells the cells to do so. That would mean that Ivermectin could possibly also prevent the vaccine generated spike protein, that is doing all the harm, from docking onto ACE2 receptors and so preventing it from doing the harm. So Ivermectin could help the body deal with the vaccine initiated adverse reactions. Has anyone tried this out?? Has anyone attempted to give the vaccine damaged people or those who have reactions after the vaccine the medication Ivermectin? Maybe some of these people could just try this out.

  4. There have always been adverse reactions to vaccinations throughout history, which is why the reporting system was created. Why is it so hard for these med professionals, politicians, and drug companies to believe these people? It’s ridiculous, it’s victim blaming, and it’s disgusting to hear the way these volunteers for the vaccine are now being treated. If you sign up to willingly take an experimental vaccine and your reaction, whether it be minor or devastating, is not normal you should be treated and above all else believed. If they weren’t pro vaccine why would they volunteer in the first place? It’s funny how some that are genuinely afraid of vaccinations (the ingredients, the side effects, the overall agenda) are labeled and vilified, but we wonder why they have the opinions they have? This is why. Why would the government agencies and doctors dismiss these people or misdiagnose them intentionally? Because they don’t want Americans to know the truth. The vaccine for covid 19 is not as safe as we think. 1200 young men are dead from this vaccine, over 2000 women impacted or dead from this vaccine and no one is talking about it. This senator should be proud that he stood behind these people, because more cases are going to come forward as long as the cdc and fda continue to deny that there is a problem. I could not believe what I was seeing on those charts, its outrageous. My children have always gotten all their vaccines at their check ups, but I’ll be damned if I allow any in my family to get this one. Especially since Adverse reactions to vaccines run in my family. I would rather wear a mask for the rest of my life then bury one of my kids. You might as well take away the air I breathe before I give any of my children something potentially dangerous. This is alarming and we need to start talking about it and getting these people the support they need before it’s too late. And we end up burying more people because of covid and everything related with it.

  5. Red Pill University posted a 1918 animated cartoon that’s about two minutes long. The subject was the swine flu epidemic. I was stunned by the similarities to the covid hoax. Yes, they were being hoaxed back then too. Same game.

  6. My aunt died the day after her second COVID shot from DVT and stroke. I warned her son, (my cousin) after he had put her in a home, to not let them give her the shots. He wouldn’t listen.

  7. Matthias, it’s interesting idea about Ivermectin and vaxxine adverse reaction. I know pine needle tea and fennel/anise extract can be used for the same purpose.

  8. I tried to share this on FB twice and it was instantly removed!!! It is still on my page but no where anyone can see it. We should all be very disturbed and need to try however we can to get this information out there. This is not propaganda or anti-vax! These are real people who want their lives back! This is horrifying!!! We are sheep being led to the slaughter!

  9. This guy is a CORPORATE CLONE. Bought and paid for. The only thing less honest than a politician is BIG PHARMA. A Nobel laureate Virologist has looked at the ‘shot’ ingredients and says: one shot or more…makes NO difference. You will be dead in two years. Exactly the same time the designated ‘testing period’ will finish. Coincidence???

  10. I would like to take Ivermectin as a prevention tool but I doubt I will be successful in finding a doctor who will prescribe it. Virtually all my family have had the jab and are coercing me to get it so we can visit without masks and my particulate respirator. I am good at resisting them.

    1. If your own doctor will not prescribe it, you can go to and scroll down to the “How Can I Get Medicine for COVID-19?” section & click on the link. They have licensed doctors, who through a telemedicine phone call consultation, will prescribe it for you. The cost is $90…it is NOT covered by insurance.

  11. Why do all these folks have to begin every testimonial with their expressed belief that they are pro-vaccine? Is this a religion and people have to swear their allegiance to the virgin Mary before they can begin to question the Pope? There is a lot of evidence that regular vaccines are not safe for many reasons, and that is science, because science is based on empirical evidence-not on professions of blind faith that we all must pronounce in unison or risk being declared heretics.

    1. Great question, Kirk! I thought the same thing. It actually is a religion. No doubt in my mind. I was perplexed by their opening statements. It’s almost as if they were forced to do that. Maybe they figured it was a strategy they had to use so Big Tech wouldn’t censor this video. Not sure but I sure wouldn’t have prefaced my testimony with that statement.

  12. Science has an interest in all data and is transparent.
    Science is amoral, it does not strive for objectives, it strives for understanding and truth, for example, it is not pro-life or pro-choice-abortion.
    A statement against Dr. Fauci is not a statement against science, science is not a person.
    Please stop muddying science by conflating it with vaccine manufacturer actions and reports and government reports and actions. It is the details that matter. These adverse events matter, the people matter more, and science is not being performed when these reports are ignored under the excuse that more people won’t get vaccinated. This is part of the reason I support medical freedom of choice. End all vaccine mandates. End all lock downs and mask mandates. Repeal laws indemnifying vaccine manufacturers.

  13. Everybody talks about science but not many people realize what the term even means. Science is data arrived at through the scientific method of investigation. The problem is that what comes next is layer after layer of fitting that data into different agendas. The Provax / Antivax debate would dwindle considerably if there was far more open discussion about it. At the end of the day any vaccine is a risk/reward proposition. The problem is that the risks and rewards are always so murky.

  14. I also thought it was interesting that most of them swore allegiance to the vaccine and science, the very things that put them into this situation.
    And then the senator put out the stats showing all of the other vaccine injuries comparing to C-19 shot. Vaccines DO injure and HAVE injured for over 30 years.
    I feel bad for the mom who now has to see her daughter suffer because she ALLOWED her daughter to get an experimental gene therapy shot never used before in humans. What is wrong with her???

  15. To bad these people did not listen to Vaxxed 1&2. Anti-Vax is not anti science. We have bodily autonomy rights that should never be condemned for the greater good? These tragic consequences are so needless. They drank the koolaid and fell for the propaganda that was being crammed down our throats. Wake up people!! This is a eugenics agenda.


  17. Unfortunately, these people that have adverse reactions will NEVER get better. They will live with the side-affects of the vaccine. This is not science….it’s a science experiment! You can not stop the reactions! It is so very sad that they haven’t figured this out yet.

  18. Folks keep prefacing their stories with how they believe in science…but it is real science or institutional science like Fauci preaches that they profess to believe in?

  19. That’s what I’m quite alarmed by the side effects of the experimental vaccine. Too many unknowns. And that’s very true it’s not science.

  20. This is only a few. I’ve seen so many and the victims are silenced and blocked! Why not look at the vaers report and that is only the ones reported, there are so many! Come on! Report and listen!

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