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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Journal Article Questioning COVID Vaccination Protocols Retracted

censoring journal articles

A scholarly article published in a medical journal, in which authors concluded that a “lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy,” has been retracted less than two weeks after publication. The article entitled “The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy” was published by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) on June 24, 2021 and analyzed the information from international databases. The article was retracted on July 2.1

The article’s authors used a large Israeli field study that included approximately one million people to calculate the number of individuals needed to vaccinate in order to prevent one infection and death caused by COVID-19. They then extracted numbers of side effects reported to the Dutch National Register for the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines to calculate risk. Their findings indicated that “for three deaths prevented by vaccination, we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination… thus placing risks and benefits on the same order of magnitude.”1

Underplaying Adverse Reactions by National Authorities and Media Outlets

The article’s authors suggested that “perhaps it might be necessary to dampen the enthusiasm with sober facts,”1 stating the need for independent science case reviews of severe reactions, reconsideration of national policies, and evidence-based recommendations for vaccination on an individual case-by-case basis.

This stance is echoed in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion article, which criticizes the lack of media representation about the potential risks of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the politicization of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the vaccine. The authors state that public health authorities are risking the public’s trust by not being forthcoming about potential harms from the vaccine, and that “the battle to recover scientific honesty will be an uphill one in the U.S.”2

Researchers Resign Following Widespread Criticism and Article Retraction

The website Gizmodo was quick to publish an article entitled “Journal Retracts Terrible Study that Claimed Widespread Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths” two days following retraction of the journal article.3 The Gizmodo author states that the article was condemned as flawed and irresponsible by other scientists and that the well-respected researchers have since resigned from association with the journal. Following criticism, the journal article was retracted after the journal’s editors said they found “several errors that fundamentally affect the interpretation of the findings.”3

Mainstream Media Alleges VAERS is Source of “Misinformation”

Gizmodo reports that adverse reporting systems such as the one used by the researchers who published the retracted article are designed to report any health problem or death after using a new drug or vaccine, but that the reports don’t necessarily indicate the drug or vaccine caused the health problem or death. The Gizmodo article author states:

But caution should be warranted if someone starts making extraordinary claims about safety or lack thereof—especially if those claims are based on adverse event reporting systems.3

Vaccine adverse event reporting systems, which many people did not know existed prior to the dissemination of experimental COVID-19 vaccines under an emergency use authorization (EUA) granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2020,4 increasingly have been criticized by the media as the numbers of serious health problem have been reported following COVID-19 vaccinations. Despite being credited for identifying the blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine5 and myocarditis associated with the mRNA vaccines,6 many news outlets report that the U.S. based system VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is a tool used by those opposed to mandatory use of COVID-19 vaccine to emphasize vaccine risks and that the system is “ripe for abuse, misuse, and plain misunderstanding.”5

The CDC’s website describing VAERS clearly identifies limitations of using VAERS data to make conclusions about causal relationships between an adverse event report filed in VAERS and the vaccination(s) received. However, CDC officials also urge vaccine providers and recipients to report adverse events following vaccination to VAERS as required under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.7 There have been more adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS following COVID-19 vaccinations than for any other vaccine.8

Most mainstream media outlets promoting the use of COVID-19 vaccine are critical of VAERS and minimize the significance of adverse event reports filed in VAERS. As ABC News states: “Although VAERS contains millions of reports of injuries following vaccinations, the vast majority of those injuries are coincidental.”5

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19 Responses

  1. Gee whiz, what a shock. The truth is being well suppressed and eliminated. Your inevitable death from injection is not your concern.

  2. When the mortality/morbidity rates for COVID for those under 65yo are so low, WHY aren’t the powers that be concentrating on TREATMENTS for COVID? To restrict usage of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin when they have much better safety records than any “vaccine” is approaching criminal.

  3. Some days I just don’t even know what to think about my fellow human beings. It is like they have totally misplaced their minds and can’t think. There is no logic. There is no science. They just have rings in their noses and are all being pulled to slaughter. I have lost so much hope. It is good to have NVIC and ICAN and CHD and DrT and more docs and study groups that continue to think and work like real human beings. I just pray something can be done about all the vaccinated.

  4. The ‘powers that be’ also retracted a few articles/studies including JAMA (CO2 levels in children wearing masks). Any published study that contradicts the “official narrative” is being removed.

  5. The amount of pressure being put on any articles that do not reflect the mainstream opinion is absolutely amazing. I probably should not be surprised, however, just disappointed.

  6. It is becoming increasingly obvious the extent that Bill Gates and company have bought off the scientific/medical associations/journals, press and media, all to do their bidding. For example, very flimsy evidence that supports their cause immediately becomes sacrosanct and unquestionable. Strong evidence that goes against their goals is endlessly attacked and denigrated by a chorus of bought off careerists.

  7. Just follow the money and follow the anti-Americans leading the country to destruction. A few people said it above, i.e. evidence that goes against the ‘official narrative” is being removed, the researchers are attacked and denigrated by a chorus of bought-off careerists, MSM, and anyone who has received financial benefit. This is happening because of greed and money! And some billionaires think the world has too many inhabitants. Perhaps if those billionaires gave all their money to the poor and eliminate themselves on this planet (e.g. fly into outer space to find new worlds), we would have some progress on earth.

  8. Is it me but I have noticed a few friends who after their Jab a few months later contract cancer which spreads very quickly around their body?

    1. It’s not just you… I’ve lost both my uncle and great aunt to cancers that were so rapidly spreading that both died within 2 weeks of their diagnosis, and both had received the jab between just over a month prior to less than 3 months before their deaths. I’m constantly worrying about my little brother now, since he’s the only remaining family member who has been injected (no choice as a firefighter, unless he wanted early retirement) and it would kill me if we lost him, too.

  9. It’s interesting to note that while the public is manipulated into thinking that it is saving itself through a vaccine that is actually quite dangerous, It actually is saving itself (from a certain point view) by unwittingly depopulating itself.

  10. Attorney Thomas Renz reports a Whistleblower has come forward in sworn testimony with penalty of perjury, that the number of deaths from Covid19 ‘vaccines’ is substantially higher than what the VAERS and media are disclosing to the public. She says the accurate number is 45,000 deaths.

    Lawsuit filed:

    This 2007-2010 study on the VAERS system concluded “Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.”

  11. All these ‘mandatory’ injections etc., are part of the globalists plan to some day make humanoids (combining humans with animals or machines) through this experimental vaccination. I can’t believe how easily so many people are being manipulated.

  12. As Mercola ( has stated, “Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines put evolutionary pressure on viruses to speed up mutations and create more virulent and dangerous variants”. It is actually the vaccinated who are creating the more virulent strains, not the unvaccinated. It blows my mind how few people have questioned the insanity of all of this and bought into mainstream media’s lies! Glad to know there are still a few people out there who can think critically.

  13. We need truth tellers and other experts to speak out without being censored. Whether or not one CHOOSES to be injected is up to them. Being forced to be “vaccinated” raises many concerns for me especially when the rate of survival is so high if contracted.

  14. ” for every 3 death saved by vaccine 2 have been caused by vaccine”

    This was before the booster.
    So with the booster it would be
    “For every 3 lives saved by the vaccine 3 lives have been lost”

    If vitamin D3 would reduce the death by 80%
    It would be
    ” For every life saved by vaccine 5 people will die from vaccine”

    Add Zinc and vitamin C
    For every life saved by vaccine 30 will die”

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