Wednesday, June 19, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC Pressured to Track Breakthrough COVID Cases Among the Vaccinated

The CDC says of more than 159 million Americans who are fully vaccinated, about 5,000 have been hospitalized and about 1,000 have died. One piece of data missing, though, is how many breakthrough infections there’ve been in the U.S., not just those that result in severe disease. Studying this more could get to questions like how likely it is you can transmit COVID if you’re fully vaccinated? And that’s been leading to increasing pressure on the CDC…

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      1. The CDC is just an arm of big pharma. Just like the FDA. Both entities own patents and makes lots of money from them. I don’t trust either one with my health or my families health.

  1. The reluctance of the CDC to track everything in the vaccinated population is because they do not want to know. Once you know, then you have to commit resources to hide what you know. The CDC knows how the game is played. Better to not know as much as you can not know, so you can claim that whatever is in question is “not known”.

    See how easy it is. Why I could work for the CDC and lie with the best of them.

  2. CDC and the media have been very selective in the way it reports data – should anyone go agains the grain they WILL BE CENSORED and CANCELLED – shades of Hitler, and the other despots

  3. Since all of their numbers so far, have been inaccurate, why would we believe anything else from them?

  4. I wonder, how many deaths will it take until the population is where they want it? This is one of the major areas of control. Think of it, get people to fear death and then falsly reassure them with experimental vaccines and you have the makings of world domination/population control. Neighbor betrays neighbor out of the fear of a perceived catastrophe and then no one is free.

  5. And that is why people do not want to get the vaccination They can’t tell you what the long term is but they can Kentucky who died from the vaccine this is why people are scared to take it It’s time to quit lying and start doing what’s right and quit pushing her back scene and demanding just like pet medicine

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